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"Cheers, ~Cattle-Spread'nLov'nInTheWorld-Bruiser~"

#1 [153505]
Yes indeed, not much war3 these days.

First comment is mine, all mine :)
#2 hidden[153507]
I'll just act like a local newb and say..
"I G0T T3H 1337 37H P0$TZ0RZZ"

I liked the tactic parts :) ... and... the.. report..
yes ...
#3 Lithium[153508]
Always like when you issue a report Augury. This one was no let down.
#4 Desert Demon[153509]
Hi Augury. Play something cool ;)
#5 [153510]
Oh btw Augury, about orc casters:

I used to think that we shouldn't go shamies vs. human, because spellsteal would end up messing up any bloodlusting - maybe I just don't use purge and lit shield enough :)
#6 [153511]

Okay, first off, my gripes (and they are few!)

1.) No pictures. I know, I know, a text-only, but I'm not asking for a massive, WWC3-caliber photoshop frenzy. A minimap here, a minimap there, and perhaps a humongous battle picture over here. Pretty much what Zergling suggested. They don't even have to have anything more than a simple border.

2.) Your color scheme was a bit off. At one point, you had green, orange and back text on a grey background, bordered with purple, on lighter grey. Quite a trip. Next time, use more contrast in your background colors -- Example: lighter grey on black -- and more contrast in your text and background. No greens and oranges on grey. Looks weird.

Okay, now for the good stuff:

1.) THE GAME IS AMAZING! Reading about a battle between the top players on a given server is very fun indeed. A back and forth game that uses nearly every trick in the War3 book, and makes me want to get on AIM and harass Zergling until he agrees to 2v2 with me.

2.) Writing is very good. Informative and captivating. The strategy elements were great, since you're at such a high level of play, and it helps us poor newblars out. A very nice style. Good stuff.

I'm gonna slap a solid 9 on this. Next time, throw in a couple minimap pictures or somesuch, (or get Ling or me or Dag or someone to edit them for you) and clean up the color contrast in your scheme and, well, if it's a really long, fantastic game, I will give you a 10.

For now, a 9. Great work.
#7 Augury[153512]
Whoops, fixed the replay link. It should be clickable now.

I think I got hit on my color choices on my last report too. Looks like I'll have to fall back on to the safe white-to-black-and-grey-in-between color tones. =)

Next report will have pictures, I promise. Grade A material from MS Paint.
#8 TheAngel[153513]
Boring text and the colors hurt my eyes. Tactics were kind of out-dated. 7?
#9 Some_God[153514]
I would read it... but I hate/don't understand WC3. :)
#10 [153515]
Wow, angel, you just outdid yourself in idiocy.

Anyway, Augury, thanks. And godspeed.
#11 TheAngel[153516]
Ah, expressing your opinion is "idiocy" these days. Never knew you were one to jump on the bandwagon of intolerance, you've managed to surprise me. Hating me doesn't make you cool, it doesn't even make you original. It just makes you a moron without his own opinion.

The report sucked, IN MY OPINION. You suck at Warcraft, I've seen you play, and I'm not surprised you think these tactics are "ground-breaking". In any case, good day.
#12 [153517]
Okay I don't think he ever mentioned them as being "ground-breaking". Nor do I agree that anyone who is level 36 suck.
#13 Desert Demon[153518]
Monochrome is the safest-and often one of the best looking, IMO-color schemes. Throw in some color though, maybe light grey on navy with some light blue borders or something. Or green. Or whatever.

The changed color gameplay tips would probably looked nicer in little subcontainers; often I didn't notice the color change at first, although it wasn't a big deal in terms of following what you were saying.

I agree that pics would be good. Heck, crop, throw on a border using CSS, and you're gold. But it worked without them, so no minus points :P

War3 leaves me confused, of course, but that's only because I have little knowledge about the game. The writing was good, so presumably someone who *does* know the game will be able to follow it ;P

Anyway, I'll agree with the 9.

*steps away from angry people in comments section*
#14 [153519]
I'd say this is a clear 8 in my opinion. Good text, good colour scheme, good format, but a lack of images really hurt you, especially since I don't know a whole lot about WC3.
#15 [153520]
btw Angel, if the report sucked you shouldn't have given it a 7.
#16 wakiki[153521]
Good. The colors didn't bother me that much. Nothing that really sets this apart; this is just solid.
#17 [153522]
Haha, angel. Nice. You really got me there.

Yes, expressing your opinion is idiocy. Shut up, get in line, and let the raters give out advice only.
#18 Raider[153534]
I liked the report, even though I don't like the game :)
#19 [153535]
That goes a little too far ee.
#20 endersshadow[153536]
I thought it was a great report. Not your best, but your analysis of each battle was well detailed and brought to warcraft a whole slew (=]) of strategy we don't normally see (your descriptions of the flanking tactics, for example, not unit combinations). Depending on how long these text onlys take you, I wouldn't mind seeing more. The lack of minimaps/pics didn't really bother me.
#21 [153537]
Dag, I was just strawmanning Angel. I wasn't being serious.
#22 Smeagol[153538]
Ahh the savior :P
Btw Angel pls dont try to say augury "sucks" at warcraft.
Hmm lets see Augury has been top 3 in 2v2 at and 3v3 MANY times over the past year... and u have achieved what???
he is also a pretty good solo player too, so pls if u hate him that much at least try to not make yourself seem like a complete fool by backing up why u think he "sucks" at warcraft.
Alright enough flaming great report Augury and pls pls write more reports, there hasnt been a decent one since dialtones last br (which was what 2 months ago?).
#23 mattzarella[153540]
he wasn't flaming augury
#24 Smeagol[153543]
"The report sucked, IN MY OPINION. You suck at Warcraft, I've seen you play, and I'm not surprised you think these tactics are "ground-breaking". In any case, good day."

#25 mattzarella[153547]
he was talking to eldritch
#26 mattzarella[153548]
as can be noted by the fact that he was talking to eldritch
#27 mattzarella[153549]
in a post about eldritch
#28 TheAngel[153552]
I disliked the report because the text really interest me and there were no pretty pictures. HOWEVER, I would give it a 7 or MAYBE even an 8 because the calibre of the players was obviously pretty high (that doesn't mean they used new and innovative tactics ;]) and the game was explained pretty well. Sorry I snapped at you EE, I'm just a sensitive little boy. ::sniff, sniff::

Smeagol: Read mattz's posts, he's obviously at a higher level of perception than you. -_-
#29 TheAngel[153553]
oops, the text *didn't* really interest...
#30 [153555]
That's better. See? An explanation of WHY you didn't like it is better than simply saying "this report sucked."

Also, mattz, I think we got it.
#31 Raider[153558]
aaah, and now let there be peace and harmony 70 virgins for each man.
#32 Smeagol[153571]
Still he was having a go at Augury for saying the report sucked which by the 3 9's u can quite obviously tell it didnt.
Btw 3 9's for a text only?? when was the last time that happened?? like 2 years!!
#33 [153581]
Nice report, had the usual problems (spelling, present/past tense mix) but it was good. The tactics descriptions were helpful through the game especially when you're using unfamiliar terms. Everything has pretty much been covered by the others so I'll just leave it at that.

I'd say 8-8.5, didn't quite feel like a 9 to me.

P.S. It would probably be best if you moved the map picture into your report center account. Next time there's a website overhaul at blizzard you never know where the picture might end up.
#34 ...[153632]
visual media without visuals
#35 Fenneth[153709]
I wanna take you two on ;)

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