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"Taking 12:00 was an ethically clean question. The zerg were going to get theirs as well. "

#1 .Praetor[153132]
I understood what resolution you wanted us to use. But text was way too small in 1028 x 768
#2 Red6[153134]
Oh my lord. This report is huge.
#3 FlyingSquirrel[153136]
I'm using 1240x1028 or whatever that one is, and it looks just find for me, and if text is ever too small just use ctrl+alt+mouse wheel.

Yea this is going to take awhile to read, though it looks great!
#4 goldrush945[153137]
.Praetor, it looks just fine. It's the same as his last report. Try setting the text size bigger (view -> text size)
#5 BlueRibbon[153138]
WOO 5th!
#6 PeaceableGhost[153139]
Yow. Quite a nice report. I had no text size problems - what was it, size 12 font? - but whatever.

Stayed interesting, but that growing French empire makes me hear ominous music in my head.

#7 wakiki[153141]
#8 Reverse[153142]
eh, 8th
#9 [153143]
Reading... This might take a while.

Good browsers allow you to change font size on the fly, woop!
#10 snowyday[153144]
10!! w00t!
#11 goldrush945[153145]
Damn good job. I just finished. Slightly better than Praetor's last report, so I'd give it a 9.4.
#12 [153147]


reading now
#13 endersshaow[153148]


I *love* you.
#14 endersshadow[153149]
You cause me to not even spell my name right. I have to tackle this thing later, but my God, it's looking good.
#15 [153150]
Oh my god. It was a Raider report.

And you know what? IT ROCKS.

Holy SMOKES. The one, ONE error I noticed was a spelling of "losing" as "loosing" but that was IT man. HOLY SMOKES.


#16 BlueRibbon[153151]
Well I caught one other error where you repeated Free Artisty twice, SO HA! 2 MISTAKES!

Well, hmmm ummm? How about instead of fumbling around with my words, I'll just say ten, and get it over with. : }

Genius. GENNNNNIUS. This makes me sick of nilla Civ 3, so I must go spend my life saving on Conquests. Great report. And <3 Calvary. GL whooping Joan of Ark (why the frig isn't it Napeoleon? Who cares about Joan of Ark?).

Isn't it a shame you can't give elevens?
#17 Desert Demon[153152]
I swear, there's some sort of conspiracy between you and Prae to suck up all my free time.

#18 [153153]
Nice catch, blue. I didn't notice that one.

So that's, what, 2 errors in thousands and thousands of words?
#19 [153156]
Actually he also used a random "I" somewhere - see if you can find it ;).

I thought it was an extremely great report, up there with your last. The writing was very good, the images were helpful - however, this did seem to get a little repetitive at times. I'd say a 9.4 at least, so I'm afraid I'll have to round to a 9.

Still very, very good.
#20 .Praetor[153158]
Internet Browsing > Me.

All that aside, this is clearly the best report on a turn-based strategy game on this site ever. It's a real dilemma whether to give you a 9 or a 10, becuase I wanted to see a little more comprehensive overview of your empire and oh, I don't know. I gave it a 10 because criticism doesn't really apply. And hey, I gave the first installment a 9 :).
#21 Raider[153159]
Wow can't believe so many of you finished this already. That fact alone tells me you guys liked it :) Glad you did. And if I had free reign, you guys wouldn't get a single minute of work done, mwhahahahaha!
#22 Raider[153161]
The truth is, I am in the same boat. I'm on .Praetor's report right now and can't...stop...reading.
#23 [153163]
Both of you guys are magnificent. Magnificent, I say.
#24 BlueRibbon[153164]
3-4 spelling errors in like 5-7,000 words is inspiring, to say the least.

If we cloned both of you and made your clones work on the next installment of the one you're currently working on, you could keep me up all night. Not sexually of course.
#25 Desert Demon[153165]
I'm so confused...

Not because of the report, but because I've been going through Prae's and your reports at the same time and it's all becoming one big jumbled Civ3 thing.

Anyway, it was rather awesome. I felt like something was missing idea what. It just didn't scream 10 at me. So 9.something I guess.

#26 Tripe[153168]
This report is ORGASMIC.
#27 Red6[153169]
Exceptional quality. Definitely a 10 in my opinion.
#28 Raider[153172]
BlueRibbon, this report is actually over 17,000 words :)
#29 BlackTerror[153173]
Heh, DD, I know what you mean. When I read part 2 of .Praetor's report I got confused because I had recently read Raider's. The similar names of these guys doesn't help.

Yep, I like this report. I think I prefer Raider's style, since he varies the amount of attention paid to individual turns. He combines turns wherein not much happens, or a lot of similar actions occur, and provides a lot of detail about particularly interesting turns. This report, the battle with Maya doesn't seem to hold my attention as much as the Persian war, but I'm not sure that this was entirely due to the report itself. In any case, I hope we get more Civilization reports on the site in the future.

Does this map have super happy crazy resources, or is Industrial Age being reached in the mid-first millenium, and Modern Age in the mid-second, really abnormal?
#30 Raider[153174]
This map is pretty much a normal civ3 map. Ages in civ3 come earlier than they did in the real world. It is not unusual to research the entire tech tree and complete a space ship by the mid-1800s.

As for the Mayan war versus the Persian war--not sure which one you mean my previous report or Preators, but in both cases those wars were much more intense. The war against the Mayas actually ended up being relatively easy since I had the entire world allied against them.
#31 smartbrain[153177]
so how much tech did u buy from them?
#32 goldrush945[153180]
Well, since Praetor didn't answer me, I'm going to have to ask you, Raider: How the bloody hell did you manage 20-30+ cities every single turn?
#33 mattzarella[153181]
"Even though I had a Right of Passage with them, they could still break it and declare war, which they would win because I of their technological lead and bigger military."

there's the random I, btw

sorry man, i'm still not getting into it. i'm just really not interested reading about trading for military capabilities and gold and pacts and treaties. basically, it's boring. i understand the difficulty trying to create an interesting atmosphere from a game which is supposed to be VERY long and excruciatingly tedious; however, i still don't see the 10 rating that others clearly feel isn't even enough.

as always, your writing is good and there really aren't any noticeable problems. some of your sentences were a little choppy, and i encourage the use of more commas and dashes and kinky stuff like that.

"The Persians declared war on the Mayas! I am serious. In the screenshot you can see Mayan troops moving through my territory. That is about 25% of the forces they were bringing in. A lot more troops were moving through in the west."

it's not flawed in a real sense, but it disrupts the flow a lot.

anyway, keep doing what you're doing - lots of people enjoy these reports =]
#34 Lithium[153186]
Mattzarella. Her's back and taking the comment section by storm. <3
#35 BlueRibbon[153188]
Holy shit!? 17,000..? I guess it seems like less with good writing. Jesus.
#36 Raider[153191]
goldrush, you don't have to manage every city every turn. You only need to do something when a city completes production and needs new orders, which happens every several turns...or when you need to reassign citizens, which also is not necessary every turn. You still have to deal with a number of cities each turn. It really does not take that long. In this particular game my city management only takes 2-4 minutes each turn--really not that long. What takes a lot of time is unit movement and diplomacy. In the later turns in the game when your units numbers are in the 100s and you are waging war, turns can take up to several hours. Not sure if this was the answer you were looking for...but basically it is not as hard as it sounds, though you do have to keep quite a number of things in mind.

mattz, no prob, to each his own. Do you not like the way report is written about civ3 or do you not like a report about civ3 in general?
#37 .Praetor[153193]
Goldrush - this is one of the reasons I play on standard-sized maps (7 opponents max). Fewer cities. Also, Raider's right, it's not like we look at every city every turn. If we did, we'd never have problems with those wack riots because we'd catch the unhappiness the turn before.
#38 LameJoker[153195]
Lesson learned: luxuries > all

Guns, germs and steel was a really good book too.

#39 Simply_Eugene[153196]
Finally read it - awesome report :-D
#40 mattzarella[153199]
like i said, i understand how difficult it is to make civ3 reports terribly interesting - but it'd be nice to have a change in perspective, perhaps to the third person and turn it into a historical story of sorts. i dunno, i'd just rather read a cool story to go along with a game rather than simply listen to someone talk about his gaming experience.

it's all about opinion =]

#41 [153201]
Boy do I have a lot of reading material for work this week!!!
#42 Raider[153203]
Hehe Johnny, I wish I could explain to my gf that she should not be doing work 100% of the time she is at work :O She recently got her Master and just started working...
#43 TwistedNecro[153207]

I am at my knees praisin the Lord (no I'm not _normally_ religious). An awesome report, even with the occasional spelling mistake. I can't believe someone can churn these things out so often!!! I'd get bored halfway through or something (I always do). Civ III sounds like such a fun game, curse you Raider lol I want that game like crazy!!! And Mattz, personally, I dig that whole "trade this research for that research, that map, and this much gold" thing. That just seems so awesome to me. :-D

A 10, easy.
#44 [153210]
#45 [153211]
I agree with Mattz with regards to the writing style, however the whole thing is still definitely worthy of its final rating.
#46 .Praetor[153218]
Well Raider, some jobs are deserving of working the whole time you're there. Jobs like mine now...
#47 maareek[153220]
Guess I won't be working on my next report for a while. Still have both of these new Civ3 reports to read and it'll probably take me a while.

I want everybody to know that I'm going to name my first son Praeider in honor of these reports. Of course, since the name I had planned before was shithead (pronounced shi-thead you perverts), that may not be quite as big a compliment as I thought...
#48 Raider[153222]
Of course there are jobs that you enjoy that you want to do when you are there, and you are lucky to have one like that.
#49 Raider[153223]
Oh and maareek, that has got to be the strangest compliment(?) I have ever seen :)
#50 Some_God[153224]
Nice report... a little more pics of the world would've helped.
#51 Convider[153229]
I agree with mattz on the writing... but 10 anyways.

Can someone explain the whole "shields" thing to me?
#52 Raider[153230]
Shields: shields are your industril output. You can think of them as minerals if it helps. Stack of wheet is your food unit, 1 gold is your money unit, one shield/mineral is your industrial output unit.
#53 kane[153236]
2 hours? what on earth?
#54 [153238]
IM sorry, i guess im a slow reader :(
#55 Civ3 Rocks[153240]
Raider--How did you set the game for 15 rivals? On Conquest I've only ever seen 7 as the max. Is your version different or am I missing the option box? thx
#56 [153242]
Linked this report from front page news!
#57 Berra[153243]
The number of opponents possible vary depending on the map size. Try the biggest baddest map and you'll be able to get more players.
#58 Raider[153246]
Cool Johnny, thanks for deleting the X's from the report page :)
#59 lol[153248]
Praetor report leads to Raiders report, haha
#60 goldrush945[153254]
Raider, have you ever considered reporting a game between you and someone else (Civ3)?
#61 Raider[153256]
goldrush, actually, yes I have. There were 3 basic ways I was considering. First, I could play on civ3 online service. Second, and the one I would prefer by far would be to get a few friends and play hotseat. Third is through email, but that would have to be a very small game in order for it to be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Right now, though, that I am back at college and have started playing Brood War again, it is unlikely to happen for some time. I want to finish this series and then have some Brood War reports planned. After that, who knows...

All that said, I am always open to suggestions, and you look like you have something in mind. So tell me what it is.
#62 zeon[153257]
we definitely need some more new well-written SC/BW reports on this site. not that these were bad reports.
#63 Some_God[153258]
I think he meant the succession (spell?) games on the civfanatics forums. Or we could do a BR between people on this website who play CivIII. :D
#64 goldrush945[153264]
#64, the latter part of your comment was almost exactly what I meant. All good people on this site who play Civ3 should get together one night to play some Civ3, with various people providing an account of their experience from their point of view.
#65 Some_God[153265]
Yep... thats what I was thinking. Like I would play one part and then Raider would play then next and be like: "WTF DUDE U DESTROYED ALL OF MY ACCOMPLISHEMENTS! ARGG!" :)
#66 Raider[153266]
hehe :)

you can actually play via email where each human player gets their own turn. The only problem is it takes forever...
#67 YRM[153268]
Very cool report, one of the first I've read, start to finish, in a while.
#68 Some_God[153269]
But I have vannila CivIII (the ORIGINAL).
#69 Desert Demon[153270]
YRM write a report!
#70 [153277]
I don't know much about Civ 3, but one of my best rl friends does. He read this and was very impressed by all aspects of it and he rated it a 9.

so 9 for u.

#71 Some_God[153285]
Wow... ummm. GG?
#72 none of your business[153351]
can atleast more of u guys make civ3 reports too
#73 [153367]
Why is this game under the starcraft category?

#74 Raider[153369]
cuz I forgot to switch it when submitting the report.
#75 maareek[153390]
Finally finished it, great report.

I had nearly the same problem as you about the Forbidden Palace. I had just finished off my last rival on my continent and was going to disband units to hurry along the process, then found out I couldn't switch, that really burns.

BTW, the little swords by your cities (the ones in the boxes like the harbor symbols) do they show that you are mobilized?

Oh, and none of your business-I'm working on it.
#76 Chris[153397]
Took me over a week to read it, but I read it all.

Worth every second.

9.5 for minor spelling mistakes and the like.
#77 Raider[153399]
Swords by the cities mean that that city has built a barracks. Similarly, and anchor means a port, and an airplane icon means an airport.
#78 maareek[153422]
Hmm, must be a conquests thing, my cities with barracks don't have swords (I'm on PTW, only way I could get Civ3 was with the Gold Edition bs).

Anway, it was a damn fine report worthy of a 10, despite a few spelling errors.
#79 .Praetor[153434]
About that Forbidden Palace... I noticed you put it on the coast, which seemed like a terrible place for it. (Same reason you wouldn't want a palace on the coast.) Why'd you choose that city?
#80 Great Report's[153436]
Hey its been 9 Days, get going on part 3 :)
#81 Raider[153438]
Because then all my other cities are between the Forbidden Palace and the real Palace. I know what you mean, however I have made it both ways, and since the way FP works has been tweaked in the recent patches, you actually reduce your corruption more if as many of your cities as possible fall between the real palace and the FP. I think the way they work is different in the original game, so you are probably right for that.
#82 smartbrian is BACK!!!![153528]
cant wiat to see what u can do with jets
#83 Timid[153826]
Excellent report.

I actually bought this game on ebay for like 8 bucks because of this report and praetor's.

Its a lot of fun, but easier then I imagined, as I have beat it on emperor already :)

#84 snowyday[153884]
When's part 3 coming? I've checked the report status page, but to no avail.
#85 Skippy[153962]
Awesome reports so far - had me lmao with this quote:

"I also captured 5 workers that were hiding in the city, some of them Russian slaves. The latter were overjoyed to see my troops enter the city, knowing that their cruel masters had fallen. I congratulated them and rewarded each with a new set of chains. The old ones were all worn down."

- Skippy
#86 smartbrain[153984]
just asking i took a city with 16 resisters ever happen to you?
#87 AJ Adoniz[153985]
Just found out about this site and I'm glad I looked at this report first because now I am hooked and can't wait for Part 3! I play Civ3 occasionally but don't like playing against computers becuase of the ease and it's also hard to find a good human player who will stay with it. Great job, Raider. 10 on Part I, 10 on Part II, Part III ? I smell perfect score.
#88 Raider[154063]
16 resisters, sure when you fight wars late game it's not uncommon to capture cities with 20+ resisters. If your culture is high enough, place more units than there are resisters in the city for one turn and most of them will stop resisting. Then move the army out of the city and leave 3-5 units there to defend. What resisters are left (if any) will be put down in another few turns.

You can also risk leaving the large army in the city for a while, but beware that if the city culture flips, your units will die.
#89 smartbrian[154142]
I just hate when my capital moves to a city on the border of my Empire. It's like saying "Hey, you can war me now and go right for the capital with ease".
#90 Still waiting[154165]
Still waiting, been checking almost every day for last month LOL

Since its been so long, ill have to reread the 2 earlier ones, 2 remember whats going on :)
#91 smartbrian[154253]
i know that there is school and school projects but you can get alot done on weekends.
#92 [154342]
Its October 11th already. Come on, plz play it lol.
#93 Raider[154413]
I am getting work done on part 3, despite what the progress page says. It's not moveing as fast as it did before because of college/water polo, which takes up a fair amount of time. But part 3 will come :)
#94 smartbrain agian[154477]
why did you put this under starcraft?
#95 [154511]
Does it matter? no

Hope you finish the 3rd part soon
#96 [154749]
November now, has it been 3 months yet? lol anyways, still waiting
No longer checking every day, but kinda waiting :)
#97 Raider[154790]
I am working on it, but since I have a lot of other committments right now, it's going somewhat slow.
#98 [154799]
Good 2 know ur working on it, could u give an estimate though?
#99 Ozar[154819]
Excellent read.
#100 el_sux0r[154962]
#101 Man[155134]
I was hoping ud get done with 3rd before Thanksgiving so i would have an extra thing to be thankful for.
#102 [155570]
I hate u, because of u i read this amazing br, and now u wont finish it, ur a sick sick man.
#103 Smartbrain[155886]
Damn how long has it been god damnmit
#104 Raider[155954]
Hehe yes it has been a while, but I am working on it as time allows. I won't give a deadline, but the report is over 2/3 done.
#105 THATinkjar[155971]
Superb read, Raider. I'm about 2/3rds through your second installament, so, fingers crossed, I'll finish with not so long before you release the third (and final?) installment.

I take it you're familiar with ? You should post this in the forums, people will enjoy it!
#106 [155993]
He already did post it there. Some people said they dont like
#107 BOBBY357[156059]
Amazing job! Sure there's a few grammatical and picture problems, but the epic scope and excitement of the game make up for any shortcomings. Good luck with report #3!!!!
#108 Raider[156076]
If you are having picture alignment problems, please make sure your resolution is set to 1024x768 and that you are using internet explorer. If you use Firefox, in a few places the images will overlap :)
#109 [156098]
Nice 2 see u post, hope the report gets posted soon 2 :)
#110 [157059]
Feb 26, Releace the 3rd part already LOL.
#111 BOBBY357[157062]
Cant wait to read the last installment! At this point, it looks like the game is heading into a WW1 style situation where these defensive alliances spread across the continents will erupt into an all out war. Cant wait to see how the game ends! Laterz.

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