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"Neither nor the writer of this report is responsible if you turn out to be like Iggy after reading this report, thank you."
- Testosterone

#1 .Praetor[153013]
Ok, I promised Iíd try to explain the difference between minimum-possible research with one scientist and one really low research.

You research Steam Power at 20%. The advisor tells you it will take 40 turns. Halfway through research (20 turns to go) you decide to buy Steam Power and get the research discount, paying 1000 gold. OR halfway through research you decide to double investment in science (to 40%), decreasing completion time to 10 turns.

You have only one scientist on researching Steam Power. The advisor tells you it will take 40 turns. Halfway through research (20 turns to go) you decide to buy Steam Power and donít get the research discount, paying 2000 gold. OR halfway through research you decide to raise investment in science to 40%... but completion will still take 19-20 turns.
#2 Tripe[153014]
=X I wanna read it.
#3 [153015]
*plants a little flag*

Off to read.
#4 Tripe[153016]
Read half of it, I'll read the rest tomorrow. I'm hooked so far though.
#5 [153017]

This took a fucking while.

Did you know there are around 18.000 words in this report?

About 270 paragraphs? 90.000 fucking characters? Well now you do.

My biggest qualm with this massively huge report is that most of the time, I was reading about granaries, hospitals and factories being completed. Which don't turn me on.

I am however, tickled by world politics and strategies. Which this report had in a slightly less degree than the first two.

#6 badme[153018]
6th, now to read.
#7 Desert Demon[153019]
You just have to post this right before I leave, right? :D

Damn it, I'll read it this afternoon.
#8 goldrush945[153020]
Damn, that's a fine report. Praetor, how the bloody hell do you micromanage 25 different cities?
#9 endersshadow[153021]
This is incredible. I've read about half of it but I'll have to finish it on Monday. Nice job Prae :o.
#10 hidden[153022]
so far, ive read all of the reports about civ3 ...
thanks tho these reports... I need the gaaame!!!
tho I havent read this one yet (skimmed it) I will sometime :p

Reading these kind of reports isnt very good for your mental health tho >< ... Not that I have mental health.. but still " >< "
#11 PeaceableGhost[153023]
AD is for Anno Dominari = Year of Our Lord, referring actually to the resurrection rather than death of Christ.

Of course, Bishop Ussher had to go and mess up his dates, so it doesn't quite work, but whatever.
#12 mattzarella[153024]
what is this bullshit? zZzzZzzZzzzZz

haha, seriously though.. i really tried reading it. i gave it a good honest effort and i did get about 1/10 the way through when i started using "page down" and looking at pictures. ok, so i didnt learn anything through the pictures either, but it WAS an effort.

please release a mattz friendly report with lots of size 20 text and big funky fonts and many gratuitious pictures
#13 PeaceableGhost[153025]
Gosh. Excellent as usual. But this one wasn't proofread as carefully as the others - and after a while, the sheer size of these reports begins to tell. This took me something like 35 minutes to read.

Not sure whether this is an 8 or 9.
#14 [153026]
looks amazing, will read it later :). GJ!
#15 [153029]
Wow, nice work.

A bit on the over-heavy side with useless details, though. Instead of giving us a rundown of which cities stopped producing x and started making y, you could just say "all my cities except z cancelled their stuff and made y." Saves a lot of space, and makes for a more engaging read.

The strategy and political details are magnificent, and it's a fun report to read. A bit more active and less bogged down next time, and it'll be fantastic.

Still, this is a 9.x for sure.
#16 snowyday[153030]
Just to let you know, AD stands for "Anne Domini" which means "Year of the Lord" in Latin.
#17 BlueRibbon[153031]
Yeah Snowyday, I was going to say that too. Then I realized I would look like a nerd so....

Wooo! Now that made my mouth dry (I tend to read outloud). Very good job. You once again explained things to me I was backwards on playing the game (such as the cancel signs next to the research, as I thought you NEEDED it to get to the next age, and you don't T_T). Anyways... MOREEEEE. GIVE ME MOREEEE. : } Can't Wait. Even though this was so serious I had no qualms about not laughing. Very interesting makes it so worthwhile.

#18 .Praetor[153032]
*sends angry note to elemenetary school teacher who taught me what AD meant*
#19 -=~Kadabra~=-[153033]
Not bad. A little wordy and overcrowded with info, but still put together nicely.

Only pussys play on island maps though :P
The horrible AI has no clue how to conduct an overseas invasion.
#20 wakiki[153034]
Heh, awesome. A few spelling errors in the middle[I remember one instance where you called the "Greeks" the "Geeks. :)]

Also, you said "stats" instead of "starts" fairly often - but this seemed to clear up towards the end. Just get someone to proofread(i.e. me!) next time. :)

Okay, with that out of the way, the report was simply awesome. Reading about the granaries doesn't bother me because out of that, I get an overall impression of how your empire is growing.

I can;t wait to see what happens in the last one :)

#21 Planetkilr[153035]
I agree with the above. More geo-political musings and fewer granary comments.

A very enjoyable report, however. I rate this a solid --.
#22 Mistears[153036]
these civ3 reports are GREAT.
#23 Desert Demon[153037]
Yeah I thought it was After Death too for the longest time. I don't know why they teach you that, whoever "they" was. I don't remember.

My face itches. Off to read.
#24 .Praetor[153038]
Yeah, I just couldn't stand the report anymore so I didn't edit it much. I just fixed the stats-starts thing. Didn't actually call the Greeks the Geeks. Your eyes are just playing tricks on you :).
#25 Dibbler[153039]
Bit long in explaining the building sequences, but read it all at once. Just hope the next part will have some more battles in it. Keep it up!
#26 Desert Demon[153040]
Hot damn.

I disagree with everyone about too much explanation. I loved it. I never got the hang of Civ3 and was sitting there taking in everything, noting that things you did just as basic stuff would never have occurred to me. Even economic talk was enough for me. I loved the sequences where you tried to incite world war.

I've got to go, but I say 10.

#27 Lithium[153041]
Bear my children. Please.
#28 Tripe[153042]
Finished it. >.> Yes, I posted second and took until 28th to actually finish. Anyway, kind of dull with details, but I like politics. Question: Do you use the governor to manage, or do you micro every city?
#29 -=~Kadabra~=-[153045]
Cities being controlled by the governor have the population box outlined in white. I saw non of that in his screenshots, so I'm guessing he managed every city himself.
#30 wakiki[153050]
A paragraph or two below the picture that had the text "Babylon needs more workers":

"But the Greek's won't give that Corinth easily, and conscription could keep the other civilizations from ever gathering enough units to defeat the Geek defense."

It didn't really bother me - I found it amusing actually, but it did distract a little from the report.

In any case, I don't know why Planetkilr said that he agreed with what I said, then said fewer granary comments. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I actually liked these comments. I liked every bit of it, basically refer to what DD said :)
#31 [153055]
Pk's hypocritical like that. =P

He didn't say explicitly that he agreed with you wakiki. He said he agreed with comments prior to his statement. Its just that pk was his usually vague self about what he meant by "above".
#32 wakiki[153082]
Heh, I see :)
#33 Luckylefty01[153084]
I liked it a lot, and since I've read a fair number of succession games on civIIIfanatics, I didn't mind the building change/MMing reports at all, and would have felt something was missing if they weren't there in some way or another, and would be more then happy to put up with more detailed ones. Was glad to see you explain how to trade for luxs and techs in at least some detail.

You make me want to go play civ III again, I think perchance I shall.

#34 [153086]
Oh, I suppose I should rate this maybe.

Yet another long, long report. As you said, a few errors due to less editing but that hardly matters. The explanations I didn't mind, but I was getting bored during the "This city built this and that. Next turn another city did the same." phase after the reasons were given. Its just a case of you can't please everyone I think. People who do play the game like the minutia while people who don't would like you to move on faster.

The explanations were good and the economics was interesting to read about. Pros and cons of trades, benefits of wonders (and mini-wonders), how a certain fact meant other things had been done, etc. were informative on what was happening in the game.

I'll give it a 9 also.
#35 .Praetor[153090]
Heh. text-searched for Geeks, not Geek. They're a scientific civ anyway...

As for city governors - I don't even know how to assign them. Never wanted to use them, never have. And of course I never ever set workers to automatic terrain improvements.

BTW - I thought it was a little heavy with details myself writing it. But I'd actually given the same level of detail in the previous reports. It's just that there were fewer cities, more wars interrputing the building, and no real prolonged effort to develop. When I was a quarter of the way through this one it seemed like a good idea not to deviate.
#36 -=~Kadabra~=-[153092]
Don't listen to all the assholes, your report was fine. Yes, it was a little wordy with all the turn by turn info, but this was the first time a civ3 br has been posted here. People needed the detail.

Now, if you decide to do another one, then you can cut back a bit. Maybe even fit it into 1 report :o
#37 comment[153096]
Good report. Two things.

First, AD does not mean after death. It means anno domini, "in the year of our lord."

Second: "Hiawatha sends me his offer. He wants me to pay fifteen gold per turn for furs. This might be a net gain for me if I can reduce my luxury allocation, but I tell him to go Cheney himself.** Veii builds a colosseum (allowing me to get rid of its entertainer) and starts a cathedral. Gewauga produces a harbor and starts a marketplace. I also notice that there are several locations on my main isle near my northern cities where I should have already planted forests to improve my tundra reasons. Whoops! I immediately dispatch idle workers to do so.

** -15 bonus points to any American 18 or over who doesn't get this. "

I'm sorry, but what's the bonus points thing for? It's fine to include the joke, but why act like it is especially important that Cheney made the comment he did? You can't possibly be insinuating that it actually means anything.
#38 corp[153109]
as a decent civIII player i love your reports, i agree with zerg though maybe just list the improvements finished that year for us civ addicts who know what they mean. Great work look foward to the conclussion.
#39 .Praetor[153115]
Comment - I am insinuating it means something. But don't worry, you don't get negative bonus points because it seems like you know what you're talking about.

P.S. Bonus points also refers to a running gag in WWC3 (and I think a few other reporters) reports.
#40 .Praetor[153116]
Thanks Kad :)
#41 [153119]
I give you ((9^2/3)+3)/5)+4
#42 BlackTerror[153127]
I haven't started reading, but I have a few comments about the introductory paragraph. AD doesn't stand for "After Death," it's short for "Anno Domini," latin. And thanks to centuries of missionary work, most of South America is very strongly Catholic.
#43 -=~Kadabra~=-[153130]
I like how all the dumbass's pointing out what AD means, totally ignored the other 12 posts already pointing that out.
#44 .Praetor[153131]
Heh. Further proof no one actually reads the comment section before commenting. And I was talking about the ancient history of South America - say aroiund 1 BCE
#45 -=~Kadabra~=-[153146]
Btw, do you have Conquests?
#46 BlackTerror[153154]
What the hell? Why would you think I'd read the comments regarding the report before the report itself (and which I said in that very post I had not)? I just wrote a couple comments about what I noticed right before I left.
#47 .Praetor[153155]
No, I don't have conquests, I have vanilla.
#48 You played wrong noob[153162]
For level of detail, it's much like a Starcraft battlereport, while you absolutely must write "the first overlord goes to 12", you don't keep it up with "the second OL to the bottom right island, third to 6 cliff, fourth and fifth over my mineral lines" etc, you just say you spread your 'lords.
Level of detail decreases as game gets larger.
#49 Raider[153171]
Man, this was awesome. Since I play Civ3, I really appreciated all the diplomacy details you described. And of course your writing was engaging as usual. Pictures, same as before--nothing flashy, but they were informative and well used. Beige background definitely makes it a lot more pleasant to look at.

I also loved your section headings. Not sure if you intended it that way, but they made me laugh quite a few times.

9.5 easy I'd say.
#50 Desert Demon[153178]
Bahahah I'm finally getting my copy of Civ3 back.

*prints out both Prae's and Raider's reports and highlights half of them*
#51 .Praetor[153192]
Glad to hear you laughed Raider. Some of the section headings are definitley my own little brand of dry humor.

As for noob - not in MY starcraft reports.
#52 You played wrong noob[153200]
#53 Dualism[153208]
Hey, .Praetor.

I don't suppose you've got the full version of the Phoenix Legion kicking it around anywhere, do you? I've wanted to read that, but haven't been able to find anything (except the version with Fred et al. here on

#54 .Praetor[153216]
Actually, no. I might have the original files on my old computer's hard drive (currently stored in a garage in Utah), but I don't have access to it right now.
#55 .Praetor[153217]
JV... yeah, that was close. *whew*
#56 maareek[153219]
Some people DO read the comments before the report...but only if it already has 50+ :).

Off to read.
#57 maareek[153221]
I got mentioned in a .Praetor report, I can lose happily now! Let this be a lesson, lose to him 15 or 20 times in ffa's and you can be famous too!

If I were you, I would edit the "After Death" so people come in here and don't know what the hell people are talking about...that is the 2 people who haven't read it yet :/.

And, on the outside chance that you do get those files of Phoenix Legion, just AIM 'em to me if you don't mind. :)
#58 [153241]
Linked this report from the front page news, nice work. Been so busy lately sorry.
#59 Civ3 Rocks[153249]
With everyone going out to buy Civ3 following these reports should get some referral dollars $$$
#60 maareek[153251]
Um, I'm sending mine into .Prae directly with some of it earmarked for Johnny. Blame him if you don't see it :).
#61 maareek[153252]
Yet another wonderful part to the story, can't wait for the finish.

You made me go buy Civ3...damn you and your gosu reporting skills :/.
#62 phYscHo[153260]
ive had civ3 for awhile and i love how your report made me realize what ive been doing differently (i.e trying to outtech the comp, attacking first, not using luxurys enough)
infact im much like the zulu!!
#63 phYscHo[153261]
erk i also meant to say that if someone could do a
Rise of Nations BR that would be great, it kind of mixes AoK 2 and Civ 3 together to make a awesome city based rts
#64 el_sux0r[153487]
Hahaha, .Praetor comes back to write a report and someone calls him a n00b.

As always, the writing is excellent.
#65 notsoskinnyguy[153542]
Hey cool report.

Also can anybody tell me how to take screenshots? Do i need some sort of software or something?
#66 maareek[153557]
I think, for civ3, you have to hit print screen then paste the image into a photo editing program. Have'nt gotten around to taking screenies yet, just finishing up my first game.

If you want more than one tech that an opponent has (say sanitation and communism for example) is it cheaper to negotiate seperate deals or to go after both at the same time?
#67 notsoskinnyguy[153562]
I had actually started a Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots report but cant get pictures saved. :
#68 iwas[153570]
great report

i love you
#69 Napoleic[154038]

the details were fine, consistancy beats brevity in my books
#70 BlackTerror[157649]
ATTN: good sir

when are you finished game
#71 Charbroil[158558]
Hey, great report. Just wondering, how do you get the historiograph to come up? I can never find that.

#72 Auz[161846]
you should finish this game buddy, you definetly got me into the game. To the above poster (should you ever check back here) just retire or hit the H in the controls to see the histograph
#73 .Praetor[163391]
Yes, I'm a flake. No, I can't ever finish it. Yes, I added a (very quick) summary of the rest of the game to the end of this report.
#74 [163397]
#75 [163398]
#76 Convider[163399]
#77 BeRzErKeR[163400]
#78 wakiki[163401]
Awww =(
#79 Raider[163402]
hahaha--the funniest part of this is that the added part was stilll fun as heck to read :)
#80 Augury[163403]
"If you don't vote for me in the U.N. elections, prepare for genocide."

Personally I always hated playing on diety level difficulty because a tech strategy isn't viable =[

Nice report, I remember I enjoyed reading it a year ago or something
#81 Decay[163408]
Tech strats are hardly even viable on Chieftain. So much easier to run min sci on backwards techs the AIs skip and buy the rest. =/ Lit is a great example. You can research Alphabet-writing-lit on min sci, still get it before the ais, and trade it around for every known tech. Or if you have a bunch of contacts by then, you can build the Great Library and take them all. Hurray for cheating the system!

I rarely come here anymore, but I did today, saw the news, remembered this report, and definitely had to check out this conclusion. Then, of course, I felt compelled to re-read the whole things. Damn you Praetor! I could have (and probably should have) used those ~3 hours to study! =)
#82 micro[163439]
decay! play some bw soon pls, people will probably be on tomorrow (frieday) night :O

mattz has been looking for you, he says "your love has gone away from him"? im sure i have no idea what that means
#83 BeRzErKeR[167045]
Just came back and read this whole report for the third time out of nostalgia. Now I have a burning desire to play Alpha Centauri.

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