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"Wow, a gold bengalaas even with my voting him a three!"

#1 AnonymousNolifeLoser[152683]
#2 Desert Demon[152684]
Coolness. LSN was fun.

The Greys seem really silly to me, especially the unit sprites. Compared to the other races, they seem laughable. Ah well.
#3 [152687]

Poor greys.

A few writing errors, but images were awesome with the mouseovers. Good stuff.

Solid 8.
#4 [152688]
Superb report, really a tremendous effort. Your explanations, coupled with the images, movies and generally cool writing made everything shine for me. 9.2 I'd say, rounded down to 9.
#5 Shuriken[152689]
good as always
#6 endersshadow[152690]
Hmm, I liked your second LSN report a little more than this, but that may be because I didn't really like the Greys. Oh well.

I thought you did a great job of running through the different strategies being employed, although Cranker doesn't sound too revolutionary in his tactics =]. The mouseovers and map layouts are still as sexy as ever. Overall a solid report, I might try LSN one of these days.

#7 Chris[152694]
Mouseovers facinate me.

#8 Planetkilr[152700]
Curious. You won a game?

Irregardless, this amused me. You get a -- since I can't rate.
#9 [152701]
rofl - "irregardless"
#10 Chris[152714]
Hello english language. I come to murder you.
#11 I_am_Nitros[152717]
"The boys are considering using extra large probes on the next alien they catch."


#12 [152726]
I just linked this from the news page. Really this report should be promoted at some Laser Squad fan sites, I think they'd get the biggest kick out of it.
#13 .Praetor[152732]
Good report. Nothing like a time limit to making running for your lives more worthwhile.
#14 Planetkilr[152743]
As you’ve noticed, I occasionally use grammar incorrectly. However, since you’ve chosen to comment, I will justify the usage. According to


Adv: regardless; a combination of irrespective and regardless sometimes used humorously”

I think this was apparent given the structure of my post. I am sure that you speak in jest, however, as the post-game comment section of is hardly the place for an English dissertation.

Besides, English needs to be murdered.
#15 choboPeon[152752]
lsn was amazing when i played it, awesome.
#16 ALL-FeAR[152758]
nice u still play this gem
#17 Who'sGotLag.IDO[152813]
Desert Demon:
When the Greys were first introduced they were mercilessly overpowered. Pretty much every new version has nerfed them to some extent and there's still some complaints about it now. Greys are more about stealth attacks than brute force encounters (unless you're using Saucers of course).

Basically when I talked about Crank I was really only mentioning basic tactics. Crank's innovations was more on Marine tactics, specifically Grenadiers. I wasn't around at the time but I think he caused a paradigm shift in Marine tactics best epitomized by his slogan, "Grunts spot. Grenadiers kill. The rest is filler." My opponent only had 1 Grenadiers and didn't really spread out so Gren. tactics didn't really apply to him.

LSN isn't really that new to Mark4 was the first to write a report on it about a year ago. I did 2 reports on it soon after, followed by a report by Wong Fei Hong soon after. Thanks for the frontpage hookup too. =)

=P You can't use your lag as a weapon in this game.

Yup there's nothing like a game that rewards you for fleeing in terror. =o

Those who tried it:
Yeah, I still play it. Glad those of you who enjoyed it had a good time.

Lastly, 3 latest comments in a row?
#18 Planetkilr[152817]
But thats my strongest weapon! =[
#19 [152820]
"LSN isn't really that new to Mark4 was the first to write a report on it about a year ago"

Damn I knew there was something familiar about that game!

Mark4 needs to get his ass back in this country. He's the heart and soul of this website.
#20 [152821]
erm last post was mine
#21 [152822]
Actually, LSN was also reported on by Who'sGotLag and others as well ;)
#22 [152823]
whoops, Lag said that already, tt
#23 Whoha[152827]
nice report. they added another side to LSN?
#24 Whoha[152828]
No, that can't be right, you just made that up zip.
#25 [152867]
Finally got to read the report in its entirety. Wow this was everything a battle report should be.

- Great "reporting" game, filled with tactics and strategy
- Excellent strategic talk interspersed with detailed descriptions of the battle
- VERY nice images overlayed with diagrams that showed troop movement, enhanced by mouse overs
- AVI movie (which I can't watch on this computer, but I'll try it at home)
- Nice LSN introduction to newbies of the game

In my opinion this was as close to a 10 as you can get. I was prepared to give it a 10, when the battle sort of abruptly ended (with your units fleeing in a space ship right?). A better ending and this would have been a clear 10, a perfect example of a excellence in battle reporting.

Given that one minor criticism this was very very well done. Nice work man!
#26 [152869]
Oh yeah, I gave it a 9. More like a 9.5 actually.
#27 [152895]
What a shame, only 27 (now 28) comments on this gem. I guess if people aren't familiar with a game they don't comment much?

I just hope people don't start emulating Praetor with the politics reports in hopes of comment whoring. acck!
#28 [152943]
Heh, I believe Praetor has opened a comment blackhole on his politics "report". Sorry WhosGotLag.IDO.

#29 .Praetor[153005]
I also secrety worship Satan, make sweet love to Karl Rove every full moon, and pass out nothing but Mike and Ike's (ew) on Halloween.
#30 .Praetor[153007]
I'll start. I actually agree with the majority of political scientists that things it's inevitable more and more countries will develop and produce nuclear weapon arsenals. They (like me) assume that virtually all countries act in their interests. The difference is that they can't imagine a country not wanting nukes for diplomatic and M.A.D. deterrence.

I think that it's possible for the world to create an enviornment that makes it in the economic and social interests of most (perhaps not all) countries to not develop nuclear weapons. To back up my position, I point to South Africa, which willingly gave up its nuclear weapons (and weapons program) after becoming a nuclear power during apartheid.

One counter point my South Africa argument was that the ability of other countries to destablize the S. African government through aiding the native opposition movement nullified the deterrence capabilities that cause paranoid governments to want nuclear weapons. I'd dispute this, but feel free to discuss...
#31 kane[153008]
this is dumb
#32 Raider[153095]
Wow, this was a great report. The game looks a lot of fun. Your report did a great job of describing the game. I loved the journal entries. Your pictures were quite amazing too.

9.5 I'd say
#33 Talafar[153126]
Brilliant stuff. I wish I was still playing LSN...but I just don't have the time to play it :(

Are you still playing Bloodbowl? A report on that could be really good.
#34 Desert Demon[153190]
Haha...Prae's redirection of discussion failed :)
#35 .Praetor[153227]
:( Longshot at best. I was genuinely hoping someone would answer me, though.
#36 Who'sGotLag.IDO[153239]
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

I've never played Bloodbowl myself. Don't even know if its still running.

Cleaned up the text somewhat. There was a lot more to clean up than I hoped there would be. =o
#37 Talafar[153259]
Wierd, I'm sure I saw you mention that your LSN user ID was purplechest in the report. (A LSN legend). I came across someone with the same alias while playing BB and he said he was the same guy.
So you're not purplechest then? :P

Great report anyway :)
#38 [153271]
Hmm, I don't think I mentioned Purplechest anywhere in the report. No, I'm not PC either. =) Glad you enjoyed it as well.

I just realized that BB is not a LSN player comp right? Its a minatures game? I do remember reading some about it in the Codo forums which is why I associated it I guess.
#39 [153291]
Oh that, Purplechest made the map and joegan's text credited him for it.

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