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"I'm baked and drunk right now, and happy off my rocker"

#1 badme[151654]
#2 2nd[151656]
#3 Sabotage[151657]
hey raider cant wait (this new rule is really gettin to me)
#4 [151658]
Wow looks like an awesome one. *Approved for viewing*
#5 The-Nut[151660]
longness -_-.. hey im 5th
#6 Sabotage[151662]
holy shit this is long asdf
must've been hell to report
I dont have time to read this but i will next week.
#7 maareek[151665]
I just got started, and I wanted to let you know how to put a report that uses CSS on site. You remove the html, title, head, and body tags. Then enclose your report in a table tag and give the table the class you attributed to the body (you can just name it .mybody or something). And poof, you have a CSS report on site with no assinine character limit filler or anything like that.

If you need help, just look at the source of my last report. Of course, this is all assuming that you externally linked it because it wouldn't work right on site. Otherwise, I just look like an ass ;). Looking forward to finishing it.

And yes, how could that bastard .Praetor do it!? ;p
#8 badme[151667]
Very cool. I read about half, will read the rest later.
#9 Some_God[151668]
Holy shit this is long... Ill read this later. :
#10 goldrush945[151671]
Here are some before-reading questions for a newbie at Civ3:

Exactly how far away is a good place to build cities? (I'm talking about in terms of the stupid little grid)
Many cities = good?
Are roads connecting cities essential?
How many workers can you live off of?
Is it a good idea to build a road along the path that your troops will travel?
#11 Raider[151672]
See how many questions you still have once you are done reading, and I'll answer two that I know I did not directly address.

Workers...I find that having 1.5-2 workers per city is about right. When your civ is industrious, since your workers work 50% faster, you obviously can get by with fewer.

City placement really depends on the situation. If you have a lot of room to work with, place your cities so that no more than 2 squares intercept. If you have less room, you might have to place the cities closer together to support the army you need to steal some more room.
#12 [151677]


Where to start?

Let's see. Writing. Fantastic. Funny, stylish, and engaging. You ROCK.

Images. Perfect. Not flashy, minimalist, super-descriptive.

Coding: Background was AMAZING, in fact, the only bad part was where one part of the text (one sentence, even) overlapped an image, but I DO NOT care.

The only other errors were minor typos. Strange instead of strong, stuff like that.

I can't get over this report. Simply amazingly good.

You've earned this ten, buddy. Awesome.
#13 goldrush945[151680]
Son of a bloody bitch. 39 pages on word just C&P the source. I'm guessing easily 35 with the html taken off.

Well, I'm done reading your report. After about half an hour of reading. But the fact that I bothered to slog through it all is a testament to your writing prowess. It's so very impressive that I can't find any major peeves to complain about. :o However, I just don't feel like it is the perfect report, you know? 9.6 from me.
#14 Decay[151681]
Holy asfd! This is incredibly long. I just read half of it, and that part was already worth that 10 you have sitting at the top! I'll finish it and post a more detailed comment later.
#15 Lithium[151683]
The only problem i had with this report at all was at the beginning you said the hardest difficulty was Diety, and then called it Demigod. So that means this was awesome. 9.5
#16 Raider[151684]
Hey, thanks guys!

When I was writing the report, I was playing a parallel game on Demigod, so in the beginning I got confused and wrote "demigod" instead of "deity" in the first half of the report. When I realized I messed up, I went back to fix them all, but apparently missed one. Well, it's fixed now. Thanks to this report being externally linked, I can correct the spelling errors I had. Btw I hope you guys don't mind my doing that from the standpoint that once report is posted, it should stay untouched. If you do, let me know and I will wait to edit the spelling errors until all the ratings are in.
#17 [151686]
Spelling errors and HTML goofs are fine to correct, just don't delete, say, an entire paragraph because you felt it didn't belong there.

Oh, and my final complaint was that is wasn't longer. =] Give me the next!
#18 pansito[151687]
Whoa, now I'm interestedi n Civ III.

Raider, you said that a typical game of Civ III can last for weeks. How long did it take you to play the game up to the point of your victory over the Persians?
#19 Some_God[151688]
Dammit... must not take out CivIII CD... ARGGG
#20 snowyday[151691]
That was easily worth the massive amount of time I spent reading it. You made a pretty complex game easy to follow, and I've haven't played Civ, since Civ2. Your descriptions made everything so easy and simple though, and this report doubles as a tutorial.

I noticed several typos (maybe 8), but considering you wrote a fucking book, it's all good. The pictures were perfect, especially the map ones. Your unit pictures managed to keep it from having the feeling of a bland text-only.

I can only hope that the other installments are half as good, and that you beat .Praetor to it ;)

I give it a 9.8. Excellent work.
#21 Raider[151692]
Pansito, to answer your question...Civ3 games tend to be top-heavy (ok, I just made this up). But what I mean to say is that the turns take progressively longer towards the end of the game because you have much more stuff to manage later on. You can probably play the first 20 turns in under 20 minutes. The last 20 turns can take a few hours though.

This particular game is a bad way to judge because I wrote the report as I played it. Normally to get this far in the game I would estimate that you'd need about 4-8 hours of play depending on how much attention you pay to various details. For example, it takes a lot longer if you check with every other civ before making a trade.
#22 TwistedNecro[151693]
Wow... Just wow... I'm speechless. I MUST BUY THIS GAME!

It sounds so cool... Wow. Very, very nice. A few, very small, insignifigant errors (demigod/deity) and stuff, but overall, a VERY nice report.

#23 OverTheUnder[151695]
:O......maybe tomorrow....automatic 9 just for having nothing better to do:D GW
#24 corp[151697]
#25 LameJoker[151699]
Very good job, a fine example of how to exploit trading to stay on (semi) technological parity with the gd cheating AI. I was suprised at how late you switched over to a gold-based economy. I find that if you develop your economy and expand sufficiently in the Ancient Era, you can switch back over to about 50% tech and stay in the tech race that way too.
#26 [151700]
Massive report. Interesting game. Great report layout (nice, large text and good background). Very descriptive pictures that are simple to look at. Solid writing throughout. Great learning experience for anyone playing Civ3.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this report - I wouldn't change a single thing.


PS: Part 2 status: 0%? That's something I hope to change very quickly :)
#27 [151705]
Holy cow what a large report. I'm gonna break this up into small readings so I don't get bored. I like what I see so far, I wish I had more time!
#28 Convider[151706]

You earned those 10's :)
#29 maareek[151707]
Did a search by 10 rating for the novelty of it. I'll finish this thing eventually.
#30 Some_God[151710]
Finished reading. This deserves the 10s it received. Written like the succession games on the Civ3 forums, this had the feel of a history book that I read. Some spelling errors were (around 10) annoying to see in a report of this caliber but they are irrelevant in a report this large. Good job and good luck on writing part II... I will be looking forward to it.

#31 Dibbler[151752]
Woot! Fan-tas-tic read. Just got civ3 after that first report. Now this one: reading it makes it too late to start playing now (1.40 am) but will so later. Keep 'm coming.
#32 polgas[151754]
Great read! This report has an excellent view on the other aspects of the game. Although the battle part didn't quite start until right at the end, your description of your diplomatic strategy was written interestingly enough that it held my attention throughout this huge report. Great pictures and descriptions. The scorecards of the civilizations are great. Only beef is the minor spelling mistakes. Still, a 10!
#33 Raider[151759]
I am glad everyone enjoyed this. Your enthusiasm made me start the work on part 2 earlier than I had intended :D
#34 Some_God[151761]
5% complete? But that is only the title and intro... The Intro must be long because if that only 5% well then... BLAH! :) Good luck man.
#35 .Praetor[151762]
This is a fantastic report, and it's better than mine. There's nothing wrong with it (besides 2 hidden paragraphs which don't count). But it didn't make me ooh, aah, and be generally amazed. And that's my requirements for a 10. So I gave it a 9.
#36 .Praetor[151763]
Except right at the beginning. Loaves of bread? WTF? Those are sheaves of wheat. I've never thought they looked like loaves of bread.
#37 Some_God[151764]
Booo... now its not a perfect 10 anymore. :(
#38 [151770]
What makes this a 10 in my book (as I just rated) is its a near perfect blend of strategy, writing, and informative images. Furthermore its on a game that is not often reported on, that I'd love to see more of. One great thing you did I thought was to include the game year throughout the report.

Back in the days of yore the original battle reports were part story and part strategy guide, and this was written in that same style.

Can't wait for the next one!
#39 maareek[151771]
I finally finished it. And while I was enthralled with it, and in awe in some spots (Raider's play and luck that is), I didn't think it was worth a 10. But it was DAMN close. Fix text-pic alignment next time, and bowl .Praetor over and you'll have a 10.
#40 I_am_Nitros[151775]
.Praetor made his on a water map which is <3. .Preator wins!
Sea combat is so much better =]
#41 Poor_lil_Newb[151776]
Which also means, .Praetor hurry up and get your next report out! Get magnetism and let's see some hot frigate on galleon action!
#42 OMGZERGRUSH[151778]
Meanwhile I'm playing a game on archipelago as we speak as england. At least Man-O-Wars are somewhat cost effective vs Ironclads if they are attacking =/. And they look so cool!
#43 BlueRibbon[151780]
One of my biggest erks at this game is in the very beginning when the closest computer decides to expand either right in the middle of my empire when there are obviously better places to expand, or make a backdoor city behind me. This usually turns me into a war mongering fiend as I instantly declare war on them. The other is the excessive amount of awful starting points that I get. I mean seriously, what moron decided he would only start you by a good production site about 1/10 of the time. Maybe thats just because I have Nilla Civ III and the very first version because I'm too lazy to upgrade.

ANNNNNNYWAY. Fantastic report. You just started reporting not so long ago, and you're all ready getting 10's. Very cool. Could have been explained a little more as I'm still a newb to this game and don't get a lot of things. I do agree a lot with what Eldritch said. Very few spelling errors that are barely noticeable. Funny, and Stylish. You do Rock. Congrats.

#44 I_am_Nitros[151781]
Don't worry, the gay starting points will always be there -.-
#45 Raider[151787]
I noticed a few of you mentioned text-picture alignment problems. Could you specify what exactly you mean by that and where in the report it happens?

I assumed it meant that text went over/under the images becoming invicible, so I went over the report twice but found nothing like that.

If you mean that there are a few since lines that wrap around the in-paragraph pictures, I am aware of those and that was a conscious choice to leave them that way.

Anyway, please specify what you are referring to and I will try to fix it.
#46 Raider[151788]
Oh and I just noticed that on the traditional report page, the 0's are gone. I assume that was you JV, thanks man, you are the best!
#47 StupidTourist[151790]
An excellent report my only complaint is that the pic for what happened in 290 AD is covering the text. I want to know what happens in 290 AD plz....also same with 490 AD.
No one else mentioned this so maybe its my IE6.0 ?

Patiently waiting for next installment
#48 Raider[151791]
Hum, I check the report just now in IE 6.0 and Netscape 7.0. There is no problem with the code.

Then I checked resolution. If you view the report at 800x600, those two paragraphs become hidden behind pictures. You really have to view this report at 1024x768 resolution as the intro suggests, otheriwise text/picture alighnment goes all outta whack around wide in-paragraph pictures. I apologize for the inconvenience.
#49 StupidTourist[151795]
Ah thank you, i can see now that the problem was with my brain not with your lovely report or microsoft.....Just busy living up to my name... :D
#50 [151799]
Yeah the report length requirement is only necessary upon submission. Afterwards I can edit.

I need to set it up so that if you externally link using FILEREAD you do not have a minimum report requirement.
#51 TwistedNecro[151813]
Curse you Johnny! #50 was supposed to be mine!!!

Oh well, still a sexy report POST MORE PLEASE!!
#52 LoZeR-X[151816]
Fantastic. It was long, but you ensured that the details of what you were doing and why you were doing it were clear.

At no point was I confused, as you would state your plan, then what you did to achive it, and your overall affluence. Even if I didnt understand all the ranking systems *its been a long time since I played civ2* it helped that you gave a rank.

Hey Prae I found your tag
#54 [151827]
gg me
#55 [151828]
Oh yeah and that was me, so no banning
#56 Raider[151831]
Didn't praetor already find his tag once....I was wondering why he stopped using it.
#57 PeaceableGhost[151834]
Dang it... that's a 10 report. All the way.
#58 TT[151837]
You know, someone needs to do a Medieval Total War campaign BR...
#59 maareek[151842]
Ok, I see what you mean about the resolution. In that case...I'll still just read it in the source code, I'm far too lazy to change resolution just to read a report. I didn't know before what it was that kept this from seeming like a 10 to me, but now I do. I thought a section or two needed more detail (specifics tomorrow, it's late now) as crazy as that sounds.

But it still kicked serious ass.

And... Raider has now passed JV on rookmark (and a few others) isn't that cool?
#60 .Praetor[151846]
yeah, I knew I had a tag around here somewhere. Used to be automatic due to my ip... oh well.
#61 I_am_Nitros[151856]
Stop commenting and show me gratuitous sea warfare Praetor >=[.
#62 Illgetdroped[151858]
civilization 2 is the best :/
#63 Raider[151863]
Hey dropped, been a while since I've seen you around. Normally I'd agree with you since I tend to think that original games are better than their successors, but in case of Civ3 I believe it's different. The new elements in the game, such as strategic resources, add enough to the game for me to pick civ3 over civ2 every time.
#64 [151892]
Oh shit.

Got Civ3 yesterday.

Played it 5 hours straight. Hmmm.

I'm doomed ;o
#65 Raider[151897]
Hehe ling, you are gone ;) "Just one more turn!"
#66 [151899]
ZerG~LinG shall I take you off the development team list now?

Civ 3 has you in its clutches now

*hand reaches for Civ 3 CD* Noooooo! must fight it, aaaaaaaaaaah
#67 .Praetor[151900]
#68 Raider[151901]
yeah .Praetor, you get to talk ;)
#69 [151912]
Ok I admit it I rated it a 10 with only reading half of it. But now I just finished it and still agree its a solid 10. Best report I've read in a long time!

We need more Civ 3 reports, the last 2 have been awesome.
#70 I_am_Nitros[151915]
If I had any br-ing skills whatsoever besides typing I'd do the game I'm doing right now, playing as england on deity locked in fierce naval combat with my neighbors. Must.. hold.. on.. to.. colonies..
#71 [151955]
gosh, I'm still only 1/3 through!
#72 [151960]
Yeah Dag its huge. I think it took me 1.5 hrs to read it. Stayed up late last night to finish. Worth it though, it was almost as fun as playing Civ 3.
#73 Raider[151965]
cool, thanks Johnny!
#74 I_am_Nitros[151969]
Has anyone else noticed on deity the computer builds armies of like 1400 units? Spain in my game has 1200 guerillas.
#75 Raider[151970]
Yeah, they can have a lot of shit, but then so can you. In another current game of mine I am playing as the Babyloneans, and I have about 1,300 total units, about the same as the top comps.
#76 I_am_Nitros[151972]
Yes well, I started alone on a puny little island capable of about 6 cities, so no I CAN'T have alot of shit =/. I conquered Mongolia for another puny island of 6 cities, so now my "empire" is 12 cities big and my army is 200 units =[
#77 I_am_Nitros[151973]
And they make pollution sound so scary...

"Pollution STRIKES London!"
#78 [151979]
I'm tempted to rate this down for that sentence "It's a wonder more of my cities did not desert."

However, staying up until 1 am to finish this pupppy has me convinced: this report rocks. What everyone says, plus cherries and siege tanks on top. Hurry production on your next report, I don't care how many lives it costs!

10ish ;)
#79 [151983]
Great report, I read it at last, only to discover Lucky rated it just before I could. Ugh. Lucky for you though, as I think the br was a solid 9.7 or so, if such a thing exists. I was a little thrown off by the overuse of "huge", the typos and minor grammatical errors. However, the length of the br and the extent to which it interested me ( enough to get civ3 ) definitely make it a 10 contender.

Best br of the year, probably. GW.
#80 Raider[151991]
I'm glad both of you liked the report (Dag & LN). I am actually working on the second br at this moment; took a fewminutes off to check for new comments and reports on the site.

By the way, lucky, what's wrong with that sentence? Grammar is correct, and I checked the dictionary for spelling of "desert," and it was right as well. So what's wrong with the sentence?

Oh and I am keeping track of "huge" in part 2 :)

To Nitros--haha yeah that pollution thing is funny. And if you are stuck with small islands, that changes things of course. Using the rogue state strat is just about your only way of taking down the stronger nations militarily.
#81 [151994]
'wonders' makes culture, right?

"it's a *wonder* more of my cities did not desert [due to culture]"

Pun probably not intended, but still must die. DIE! :)
#82 [151995]
'wonders makes' jesus christ gg me
#83 I_am_Nitros[152002]
Hm, while we're talking civ3 can anyone tell me one good use for the stealth fighter? That unit appears to be a fighter that doesn't intercept and can't bomb as well as bombers =/. Unless they fixed it too in conquests..
#84 Raider[152004]
scouting--you don't want your scouts shot down, and you need to scout to plan your attacks more effectively. You also need to scout to reveal the city if it is outside your vision. But yeah, it's not the most useful unit in the game.
#85 I_am_Nitros[152008]
But normal jet fighters just engage in a dogfight when they're intercepted and can take out enemy fighters. Idiotic Stealth Fighters get toasted.
#86 Raider[152016]
Yeah but stealth fighters only have 5% chance of getting detected as opposed to 50% for a jet. Plus in Conquests, stealth fighters do better in combat as they have attack and defense ratings now. But like I said, they are not the most useful unit in the game.
#87 I_am_Nitros[152031]
Must.. buy.. conquests.
#88 Raider[152036]
Yeah, that expansion was really cool. PTW was a big-time letdown though.
#89 .Praetor[152104]
I'm leary of Conquests because they apparently made some sort of screw up which makes the Forbidden Palace and Secret Police HQ suck, and sometimes cause even more corruption. Or so it woulds like on
#90 Raider[152176]
The issue with the Forbbidden Palace has been fixed in 1.15 or 1.20 patch, one of them. Basically, it's fine now.
#91 goldrush945[152205]
/me kicks Raider.

Hurry up now. Praetor's already finished his second part. :P
#92 Raider[152217]
hehe working on it
#93 snowyday[152219]
Seriously man, get your ass in gear. I'm impatient (in case you couldn't tell already). If you think past the rudeness though, it's really a tribute to your excellent first BR ;) This report coupled with .Praetor's has me seriously considering purchasing this game. But primarily yours,as it does a good job explaining everything to the n00bs. =)
#94 choboPeon[152223]
apex ltc: oh oh
apex ltc: i need food for this br
apex ltc: its fucking a novel
apex ltc: rofl ok i got 2 cans of sprite, a bagel and some american cheese
apex ltc: im ready for anything

lets hope it lives up to what i want :)
#95 Raider[152227]
Hehe, that's right bring food. And the BR is over half way done.
#96 choboPeon[152250]
i read it last night and didnt like it, but that appearently that was because i was cramming for a test at the same time.

i read it today and loved it.
#97 .Praetor[152290]
I've been following the report status page, nice updating :).
#98 Napoleic[152323]
very nice. Quite a few grammatical errors as a butt load of your nouns were missing prepositions or determinates, but maybe I only care because I'm supposed to be an english teacher now...

The game looks pretty fascinating... Perhaps the americans should be your next target?
#99 .Praetor[152351]
Don't worry about hurrying too much, we can wait until you settle in after your move :).
#100 [152356]
Eagerly awaiting part 2. And I'm #100, so you all can suck it. ;P
#101 wakiki[152362]
Okay, I'm gonna get Civ3.

This is the best battlereport I have ever read. This isn't the best peice of writing that I have read(my favorite is Dodging the Parabola Fish), but still, this is so amazing. I really can't wait for the second installment.
#102 smartbrain[152368]
Raider, are u almost done with that second one becuase i now waited too long.
#103 kane[152492]
how can anyone spend 90 minutes reading this? f-ing slow readers
#104 BOBBY357[156058]
Just read this report for like the 4th tim etoday. I just can't get enough of it! Awesome work, Raider!!!
#105 Bacon667[157817]
dude, u rock!!!

i need the ezpantion pack
anywaay i cant seem to get a tank. im the most powerful in the world and in the industrial ages. please help meee!!

ps awesome report!!!!!
#106 Raider[157821]
Bacon, you either have not researched then necessary technology or do not have access to one of the strategic resources required to build tanks (oil and rubber).
#107 [157958]
wonderful report!!!
it's amazing that you also covered all the fundamentals in this report. it could be a good commercial for civIII. :)
it's refreshing to read this after reading all those spoilers in gotm from
#108 Aro[159790]
I just read the story and I must say it is great...
I also enjoy explanation of many deeper aspects of the game, I see there is great area not covered by manual (or at least by my non-english manual)
If you're going to continue this, you may consider to use a bit more images, not whole screenshots but I was also interested in city management screen
#109 BrandonW[162473]
Hi Raider, you still play Starcraft too, right? :O
Very nice job on the report. Reminds me of the days when I used to play Civ 2 with my cousin, we would restart until our civ started with 2 settlers, and we both would found parallel but allied cultures (but as one civilization in the game). Good times :)
#110 Raider[163320]
Yep, Brandon, just started playing BW again :)

Hope I might get good again soon.

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