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"Don't question me, I'm like a walking Stephen Hawking."

#1 mattzarella[150984]
whew.. finally :]
#2 Lithium[150985]

Mazel tov bitches.
#3 [150986]
hi i am small: DOES IT WORK
hi i am small: *TENSE*
DagomarDeg: no!
hi i am small: wtf
DagomarDeg: just kidding
hi i am small: GRRRRRRRRAH
DagomarDeg: yes it does
DagomarDeg: rofl
hi i am small: adhgfjshg
hi i am small: I HATE YOU

rofl. Nice report. Very impressive, even if it was preposted 3x. The writing was great. It wasn't as funny as it would've been had you covered the pubbie reaction better, not to mention the games themselves. Still, I would give this an upper 8 in my opinion. So I'm rating up to a 9.

Great effort! Looking forward to our next ;).
#4 mattzarella[150987]
by the way, i think there are a few references to wang in "move, bitch, get out 'da way", but please don't hold that against me
#5 Tai.[150988]
5th and its already been rated, looks good

now to finish

#6 deathgod[150992]
my fave no.
#7 OverTheUnder[150994]
Massing queens is such a bitch;P And just as i promised.........I would like to tell everyone here that Mattz does indeed have a sturdy wang and to put any doubtful minds to is proof.

#8 OverTheUnder[150995]
#9 haha[150996]
#10 haha[150998]
#11 SpuniasauR[150999]
absolute gold.
#12 badme[151000]
The only reason everyone allies against me in FFAs is because you can't stand against the sheer powah of my patented 1 base nuke rush.

With that said, this is quite funny. 9.something
#13 Simply_Eugene[151001]
Beautiful :-D
#14 choboPeon[151002]
it's fucking matt.
#15 Crazster[151003]
I tired that in War3, too bad they all went wtf your dead :(
#16 [151004]
Nice work, mattz. Next time, much more detail about the actual games -- I kept asking myself, "what happened next?"

Ah, well. Cool stuff.

#17 Decay[151005]
<3 :D

Way to post it 52351 times though. ;]
#18 [151006]
I made this report use FILEREAD again. I know you tried using FILEREAD before but ran up against some CSS issues. I removed the html tag, and head tag, and body tag that you had in your report, and replaced it with a table. I then took the style you had for the "body" tag and assigned it to the table.
#19 [151011]
asdf, so much for my spot in the report ;)
#20 [151012]
And one more thing. How come none of your files in the report have file extensions? That really messed me up when I was editing this report. Not sure, that might mess up some web browsers/web servers.
#21 mattzarella[151013]
thanks a ton, jv, it makes the report look a hell of a lot nicer [=

i'm on a mac OS 9.1, which means my screenshots save in some funky format that nobody else can read - and the freeware graphics converter i use doesn't save with file extensions. i didn't add them in because it's worked fine with everyone i had test it, but if anyone has major problems, let me know and i'll just add them in

thx for comments too! post more about wang girth plz
#22 blitzkreig_[151014]
nice report mattz. loved the writing style. congratulations on making pretty pictures with a crappy graphics editor~
#23 PeaceableGhost[151017]
asdf, mattz, I sympathize with your screenshot quandry. OS X takes shots in pdf - PDF! - format, for heaven's sake!

Anyway, nice report, rminds me of Dref BGH strat of the week... lol

#24 [151018]
Heh, Peaceable / Mattz, for screenshots on a mac, use Snapz Pro X, available from the same dudes that made EV:N!

Anyway. Report was a riot to read. Actually considered slapping a 10 on it, but decided against it. 9.5 if it was possible :)
#25 [151019]
I can attest to Snapz Pro's excellentness, since I own it myself. However, if you are indeed unable to use it, simply open the .pdf screenshot in Preview and export it into .jpg format.
#26 PeaceableGhost[151020]
Ling - thanks.

EE - er, DOH! *slaps self on forehead* Thanks for the tip, one of those obvious things I tend to overlook...
#27 ProXy[cF][151021]
Very funny ^^
#28 badme[151022]
You got those kind of images off of a freeware program? Wow.

I'm thinking 9.5 now, just because I'm so impressed.
#29 TwistedNecro[151023]
Booga booga!

Muchos wang-o's= FUN FOR ALL!

;-) 9.
#30 TM[151024]
omg that was hilarious
#31 maareek[151027]
So, uh, I still haven't read it. But I'm commenting on it...screwy, ain't it?
#32 Jakob der Ludner[151028]
This is one of the few times I could say Lol and mean it. GJ man.
#33 maareek[151030]
A damn fine report. Sweetness. Next 1v1 I play vs badme I'm gonna use the world's best strat. Me so gosu.
#34 badme[151031]
GG me
#35 [151034]
hi i am small: vagina is gross
#36 Shuriken[151035]
damn matt awesome, funnyass report :D

one of the few that i actually read through

#37 badme[151036]
#36 is correct. :O
#38 LoZeR-X[151037]

chapter 10 redefined my life, thats my ffa strat from now on.
#39 badme[151038]
Fuck you :)
#40 kane[151039]
#10 is a moron

generally, those who dislike macs really have no idea how they use computers (playing counterstrike 6 hours a day does not count)
#41 [151043]
Reading this reminded me of CynicalMagician's "The Shared Base Manifesto of War," but without all the battlereporting. Oh, and I already told you on aim, the pictures were ugly (probably because mozilla wanted to make them a gif).

Some of these "chapters" would have made excellent br's in themselves, or at least seeing firebats own a terran so badly. Still, it was funny in its own way [nice writing btw].

Nice report,

#42 haha[151044]
shut the fuck up kane
#43 Pen0rtage[151068]
awesome mattz
i haven't played sc ina year so this was a real flashback sorta thing.
#44 PeaceableGhost[151076]
Probably my all-time favorite strategy is #8, mass wraiths. Chug out a few tanks to make him think you're going ground, then murder his base with the tinfoil constructions.

...Unfortunately, it only works against newbies. Newbies who don't turtle, that is. Ah well.
#45 sabotage[151085]
i love teh mattz :]
9 plz
#46 mattzarella[151087]
wraiths work just as well against experienced players as they do against newbies.. they're just not big frontal assault units :O
#47 Desert Demon[151091]
I played an entire game using almost entirely wraiths (got a nuke in at the end too) and almost won except for some rebuilding shiz (murderous glare at Ling) which lost me the game.

I stand by that :P
#48 PeaceableGhost[151092]
Yeah, mattz, but experienced players genrally think something's a little weird when you drive 5-6 tanks right into their base with no escort...

Of course, when you're playing a real newb, sometimes the tanks will win the game, which is even sadder.
#49 Dampiere[151093]
hails Matt..
laughed my ass off, stapled it back on.. started reading again and the staples collapsed under the strain... thanks a bunch you wanker!
please make more
#50 Dibbler[151120]
#51 [151188]
travis stuff like that tends to get you banned
#52 [151191]
banned 'travis' for posting a link to a virus page...

Unfortunately it looked like he was posting from L.A. airport.

How do these people know that I'm not a nut, and I dont track them down and put a hit out on them?

The new user account system will require a valid email address and site abuse will be less common hopefully.
#53 Nrj[DM][153988]
I agree, ffa´s sick. You dont learn anything darn it. And you, DT is not gay, their justa little bi. So dont go trashing my favorite unit! Anyway, nice documentation or br or wtf it is. Cant you make something like this about those who only like single play (yes, they exist).
#54 [167036]

Haven't read this in ages. One of the all time classics. Some of the linked replays are lost, damn it.

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