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"Nice, except for the fact that all you chess pansies are a bunch of map hackers."

#1 Drintr[150913]
Do enjoy.
#2 [150914]
Holy smokes, that final chat log is hilarious.

However, it is very late and I am very tired and I'll actually read it, and rate it, tomorrow morning.

But the chat log is hilarious.
#3 [150917]
I LOVE THE IMAGES - such awesome borders. I don't know why but that impressed the hell out of me.

The br was funny and just plain cool - not to mention good writing. Don't think it quite deserves a 9 but I'm definitely thinking 8.5.

Great work.
#4 Crazster[150918]
In Mozilla it is very wide, way too wide considering i'm using 1024 by 900something
#5 Shuriken[150919]
didnt read, but cool ass pics

#6 PeaceableGhost[150920]
7-8 report. 9 for the chat. Amusing game, good pics.
#7 .Praetor[150921]
That chat was great. Way to punish the unilateralist :). But enquiring minds must know... did you give him the win?
#8 LuckyNewbie:P[150923]
Nicely done, but less catapults less time.

#9 Drintr[150924]
Haha. Yes, yes, I gave him the win. I'm not *that* mean. =D
#10 EMS[150925]
WOW, that was totally awesome, the last chat ruled.
#11 Cas[150931]
fear is power
power is fear

#12 Cas[150932]
#13 [150933]
It was simple and amusing. An easy 8.

Gone back to your old tag Lucky?
#14 Smeagol[150935]
LOL man i remember your earlier brs of u in roc massing mercs with hu :P
Btw what are the chances of actually playing someone who is not completely retarded??? cause he seemed to have a vocabulary of more than 10 words and could actually spell... amazing...
#15 badme[150936]

#16 [150937]
Okay, I read it. Good writing! The only mistake that stood out was you termed LuckyMoney's Mountain King a Mountain Giant, whoops. But other than that, perfect.

Pictures were good, and those borders were awesome.

The game, however, was not so good. As much fun as it is to kill a newbie with nothing but raiders, catapults and heros -- it just doesn't make for that much fun of a read.

However, the end chat log is still hilarious.

#17 TwistedNecro[150939]
ROFL mmmmm brownies! ;-D Sounded like an interesting match, cept u broke you're own rules. =P

8 report, 9 for the chat logs.
#18 Lithium[150940]
Heh. Interesting to read. 8.
#19 Shuriken[150942]
five 8's looks so awesome :D
#20 [150944]
Wow, very nice report :D

I'd rate it... but omfg 5 ratings.


Well there you go, I woulda given you a 10.
#21 Raider[150945]
Wow that was awesome. Good pictures, good borders, good writing, good jokes, and the chat in the end was hilarious.

#22 Some_God[150947]
If only the site was revitalized before my previous report... OMFG 12 COMMENTS!??!?!?!
#23 Luckylefty01[150948]
you can ensnare peasants so they cant repair you know:P.
#24 Chris[150962]
I was wondering why you got a gold.

Then I saw the end.

#25 Smeagol[150967]
lol i checked ur aka and ur player stats... and it says the game went for 101 mins...
How long were u guys talking?????
#26 deathgod[150990]
they spent most of the time waiting for lucky to ready his debate materials
#27 LameJoker[151029]
#28 MinoTaur[151112]
hahaha...good game, funny i like the chat logs :) haha raiders/pults/fs/bm wow, i never seen that ^^, everytime i play its casters/tauran/wind riders/pults, but hah :) good br
#29 micromachine[151796]
10 for the zing spitting orc samurai
#30 I_am_Nitros[152006]
Minus the chat log 7, with it 9.
#31 aznNecro[152035]
hilarious game! good reporting.. 8.5
#32 World of Warcraft Fanatic[152255]
its cool i do defend unilateralism whatever it is

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