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"My troops were fighting the lurkers like endersshadow makes wall-ins. Not very well at all."
- ZerG~LinG's The Good Die Young

#1 [150256]
Hope you enjoy it!
#2 uberMatt[150258]
Cool :D
#3 endersshadow[150259]
I'll never understand how you make your reports so simple and yet so good. Just a very nice job, makes me feel like going out and playing frenzy right now.
#4 wwff[150260]
#5 Lithium[150261]
5th on a CB Report.
#6 Who'sGotLag.IDO[150262]
Oh what the hell.

#7 hidden[150263]
i did this for the top 10 :P
Now il read ^^
#8 Desert Demon[150264]
I can't say anything besides 7th. :D
#9 The-Nut[150265]
hey look i'm 9th
#10 Smeagol[150266]
This goes against everything i have ever believed in...
but OMFG 10TH ON A CB~ REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
#11 Smeagol[150267]
Seriously thou does ladder suck that hard that you guys play Footman Frenzy instead, or maybe ladder is just boring :P
Fun game i played it a fiar bit at the last lan i went too... mmm lvl 20 TC's....
#12 inoxx[150268]
Holy shit I creamed my pants just seeing your name up there.
#13 Who'sGotLag.IDO[150269]
Fun game. Dispel is good, especially against immune units such as vengeance spirits and animate dead.

I did have fun with an Orb of Static (700 damage) on a Dino Din against large hp summoned units though. I remember fighting against a team with a Pitlord with Doomguards and a Beastmaster. They were on the diagonal away from my team, but the money was so good (my army needed upgrading to compete) that I kept visiting them while they summoned new units during battles.
#14 endersshadow[150270]
I just had two questions about the actual game of frenzy, what's the function of the Shield of the Gods and the stats of the granite golem?
#15 Who'sGotLag.IDO[150272]
Off the top of my head:
Shield of Gods: adds 10 armor and 300 hp to hero
Granite Golem: 5-6k hp, ~100 chaos damage, high level shockwave, immolation, sorta magic immune (but accepts healing ward/holy light). It also gets your unit upgrades too I think, so it gets better as your army does.
#16 Red6[150273]
Funny, you say you don't like to abuse to win, then you trade headhunter abuse for paladin resurrect abuse...nice.

Other than that, the report was good, but the game really sucked. First off, anyone who's dumb enough to lose a golem to a headhunter surround is a retard; sad enough though that player, brown, was the best or second best in the game. Brown also used an altar inside his base, which is an interesting tactic, albit stupid. What I don't understand is how brown lost, considering all he had to do was use his breakers to block the entrance with a golem, blizzard a few times, stampede, then boom GG; but then again you had resurrect abuse, so who knows.
#17 [150274]
#18 TwistedNecro[150275]
Nice. All I can say. Simple and clean, baby, simple and clean.

Man I love that song, Kingdom Hearts=OWNZ J00R BONEZ!
#19 DredNicolson[150276]
I beat an Archmage/Golem/Altar player and his allies myself a couple days ago, with Dark Ranger lvl 6 Silence abuse :D.

His Golem got trapped in another team's base while attacking and I took the oppurtunity to off it with the help of a quickly bought Demolisher.

He grabbed an Altar after that but didn't have the troops to push anybody after he used it, giving me the time to collect up a group of grunts and rush his team's raxes, making liberal use of Silence to shut down their entire army.

Then my team lost to the winning team who'd gotten mad upgraded ballista, which since they are mechanical can't be silenced ><. Was a gg though, though the AM player did cuss me out about my "gay spell" :P.
#20 BlueRibbon[150277]
I don't even like WarCraft 3 (to the extent that I refuse to buy the expansion) but, this has changed my mind. The sheer enjoyment I got from this report makes me want to go out, pick up the expansion for my life savings of $50 and play footmen frenzy.

And now for the rating. This report deserves no less than a 10. I laughed at least once every paragraph (and even if this report wasn't well described or even well-written would be enough for me to earn you a gold), and it seemed as though you were not trying to be hilarious.

This sample, my favorite of all: "Life was an endless game of running into the center, dispelling some treants, and resurrecting twenty-four headhunters for the next round of battle with an undefeatable Granite Golem."

10. Keep reporting. We need it. And if any of you rookie reporters need alt-text filler, read a few of ~CB~'s reports, I'm sure you'll find something to your tastes.
#21 [150278]


#22 [150279]
Way to talk like an expert when you weren't in the game and didn't watch the replay.
#23 I_am_Nitros[150280]
Naked pics of your partner plz omg.
#24 FlyingSquirrel[150281]
Good writing, the game really sucked in my opinion.

#25 .Praetor[150293]
All I know is someone's going to get banned if I don't get my .0032 cents from the google ads!

Good report ~CB~. I'll be giving it an 8 or a 9, you kind of sold the game short with your constant bashing of the stupidity of the players :).

I agree with what someone else said though, these frenzy reports make me consider actually purchasing TFT.

#26 [150294]
Fox is the owner and creator of this game. All I did was write some triggers for him.
#27 [150295]
So much angst.

Thanks everyone for the comments. Glad you enjoyed the report!
#28 Lithium[150297]
Awesome report. I could keep up with everything that was going on in the game. <3

Just speculating here, but the reason the Paladin is so buffed up and awesome in the later levels is mostly because he's not horribly useful in the early levels. All he does is Divine Sheild, stay alive, and support the armies and/or heroes of his allies. Later on, it would make sense to have him be better because he's worse off in the beginning. Now, I don't really play footmen frenzy (don't have TFT), but from what I read of CB's report and general ROC knowledge, I think its at least educated speculation. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.
#29 [150298]
Lithium he's pretty strong, on we decided to make it a bit weaker. The resurrection in fact. It's been on our 2.2 updates for a while.... at least it should be there!

in any case you are pretty right about the idea behind it. we figured he was weak early game and wanted to make him rewarding if you leveld him up. But it is sorta over the top in most cases. But it has been modded already in the 2.2 version that hasnt' been released yet.

#30 [150299]

I wish people were around in clan nohu when I'm finally on ^^

9, btw.
#31 SCV~007[150300]
Might aswell do a zone control report.. blah.
#32 Lithium[150301]
Thanks for the info Fox. I played footmen frenzy at a friends house a couple days ago, and we lost to a lvl 18 pally. However, we were owning him when he was lvls 2-9. So maybe he is a little too strong.

Also, anyone know why I'm still getting this bad referrer message?
#33 [150302]
I'm not really sure, I think that if you enter a certain set of characters in the name field it tells you that... not really sure to be honest.

Pally will be modded a bit his resurrection cooldown will be increased so he just can't constantly do it.

#34 [150303]
Wow, what a work of art. Crisp and clean and not too bandwidth excessive. And on a new type of game type, 10!
#35 NoobYeah[150307]
Jo hey well the report is a masterpiece really i am playin Frenzy day in and out and right today a 3 pala Party finished me argh losing first time since 2 months butlife is goin on ...
Btw. i Would rather like to play with some of u perhaps more experienced m8s.
Fine i would be honored 4 a positive answer and btw KILL ALL AM :)))
Yepp thats all 4 now cya m8s
#36 Whoha[150308]
Paladins are hideously imbalanced. Early game I had an archmage partner in a game I was just in where I had a paladin. I was just sitting in the center invulnerable, and healing him every 2 seconds. Archmage tanking against cattlebruiser, his army, hatoup,etc.
#37 sabotage[150309]
yea whoha i agree wit that divine shield is gay
#38 shuriken[150310]
raters can't rate their own reports...can they?
#39 Dibbler[150333]
What an elegant report. Congratulations on your bookends, btw. If I were a rater, I'd rate it.
#40 LoZeR-X[150335]
Pictures made sense. 10 for doing the impossible and making warcraft sound fun.
#41 Reverse[150340]
#42 [150381]
EZ 9
#43 deathgod[150459]
it was funny...with self inflicted criticism on ur own team mates and setting to look gd when they actually sucks
sad to say the Demon hunter would have ruled had he gotten to higher levels
#44 aznNecro[152037]
just another pub game with bad teams and discs etc.
very easy to read, i would give 9
#45 TheAngel[153209]
#46 Sadley_Stupid[157706]
Holy Shit.. Nice game
#47 unown name[162613]
hey will u e-mail the frenzied frenzy to me at plz and ty(plz=please and ty=thank you) just incase u didnt know that
#48 unown name is me/wh0flungp00[162614]
im wh0flungp00 on warcraft or xx_duck_xx or whoflungpoo just so u no
#49 unowh0flungp00 wn name[162615]
im bored and i wanted to make it to 15 so hi how r u ppl later i guess any 1 wanna be my freind┐
#50 Herohunter[163752]
footy rox and jaood id da best hero eva
#51 Hidden[164337]
Currently the last comment on currently the last CB report ...
Heh ... I actually made 7th on this report ... Damn ... I've been lurking here longer than I thought ...

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