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"I'm baked and drunk right now, and happy off my rocker"

#1 maareek[150042]
Hope y'all enjoy.
#2 Convider[150043]
neat. 7.
#3 uberMatt[150044]
Nice BR
#4 PeaceableGhost[150045]
Amazing game, nice report. There's a reason I don't like playing zerg - my micro is terrible.

#5 Desert Demon[150048]
Yay nice!! The pic strings were better, but a couple were still too long o_O Otherwise, good.

#6 Decay[150049]
Good report, but I did get confused every once and a while when you would just say "the lings" or "the spore colony" and I had no idea which ones you meant. Looking at the pics fixed that though. Nice job taking a fairly short game and making a lengthy report out of it, lots of nice details. =]
#7 maareek[150050]
Thanks for the comments everybody. Yeah, I have a tendency to not be overly specific when I'm talking about something. I'll try to proofread better, or at all, next time.

I'm glad I only had to twist your arm for you to comment DD ;).
#8 BlueRibbon[150052]
Nice report. But I hate ZvZ. Its no fun to watch walking blobs of puke make each other period (can period be used as a verb?) all over the place. TvP, and PvP are more fun : }.

Anyways, I'd say 7 is fair. If you really don't want all that alt-text, just collage your pictures instead of posting them as singles.

So, 7.
#9 RexRox[150053]
Nice. ZvZ aren't the best match-ups though. The fact that both players were good players made up for it though.

I agree with Ribbon, make collages if you don't like alt-text.

#10 wakiki[150054]
#11 wakiki[150055]
Good report, nice and easy to follow :)

#12 maareek[150056]
The alt text thing isn't really serious. In addition, I've tried collages, but they won't upload to the report center for some reason, so I do without. If I really hated alt text, I would'nt use it ;p

Thanks for the comments, everybody.
#13 mick[150057]
a collage is just a jpg file the same as any other, should work
#14 OverTheUnder[150058]
Nice report...i would like to note that 90 percent of the alt text in this report was pulled out of some ases last night and i would like to say that those asses are now very sore:/ AND YES, I did loose to and observer><!!
#15 TwistedNecro[150069]
Fav quote:
"Overtheunder: Well, nvm then, I'm not letting it be told that I lost to an obs in a 1v1"
=D Sorry bout your sore rump, try some... Uhhh, nvm.

"The remaining 7 split up, with 3 brownies giving chase."
Brownies... Mmmmm...
#16 [150075]
not a bad report. Problem is I could get all this AND more from watching the replay. If you want to improve your scores next time you have to do more then just a standard report of a game. What can you give me that's not in a replay?

Perhaps show more of the players talking. In this case you couldn't obviously. But get a game with many obs and you can post a lot of there comments which would add to the excitement. It's a good report, but you'll just get 7-8s until you can add more to it that I wouldn't get out of a replay.

#17 SuingForDamages[150103]
nice report.... as for ZvZ it really depends on caliber of the player....
PS...Mick, you would make my day if you wrote another report.
#18 013[150159]
Agree with Fox, he rate good.
#19 wakiki[150186]
Heh, I just reread it, using Mozilla, so the pics and alt-text worked this time!

The thing is, I was able to follow it perfectly the first time without the pics, so, cool :)


And believe me, I get some WEIRD looks when I say it too.
#20 Dibbler[150217]
Hey, Maareek, you're really getting into this br-ing thing, eh?
Very interesting report, since you got into so much detail and strategic pondering.
BTW: your alt-text sucks, like in your previous reports ;)
#21 maareek[150306]

So, uh, how many more months before you get your br done? ;) Me wanna read, me wanna read! I've just always liked to write, and this way I have to think up less of a story.

Thanks Fox, I will keep that in mind.

May be a while before I get another one out, my modem at home is shot so I'm on my sis's comp and can't do my reports here.

#22 Dibbler[150424]
approx. 7 months. And when in hell are you ever on bw? Been back for a week now from Ankh Morpork and haven't seen you around.
#23 maareek[150556]
Speed up the process dibb. By the time you get #1 out I'll have over 10 at this rate and that's just wrong.

I'll be back on bw when I get the internet back at my house. Which should take a while :( Working on a report though so never fear suckage is near.
#24 maareek[154153]
So, umm,'s the progress on the report going? And don't blame the baby.
#25 maareek[155077]
After all this time, Dibb finally released his report and it was tres gosu btw. And, this report is still pretty good in its own way. Not that I would blow my own horn or anything.

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