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"You don't have to be korean to beat your protoss, because you collapse under heavy metal like an old woman with a broken hip."

#1 Blarg[150002]
btw I notice that someone has been uploading replays under the name Blarg. that is not me. I am the battlereporting Blarg who wrote all that crap below this report on the search page. The only replays I've ever uploaded to this site don't even show up when you search replays. :)
#2 S.TatiC-X[150003]
It's late.
I liked the pictures.
I just scrolled down.
#3 Lithium[150004]
Good report. Good pictures. Amusing game. 7 or 8. Keep it up.
#4 DerNeger[150005]
WTF just happened? I actually enjoyed a warcraft 3 battle report :)
#5 FlyingSquirrel[150006]
w00t a War III report, looks great so far, lemme read it now.
#6 FlyingSquirrel[150007]
Great game, good writing, only got confused a couple of times.

#7 RubiksCube[150008]
Nicely done. 8 imho
#8 Blarg[150009]
proofread... it's LORE that made the giants, not WAR. they rhyme. sorry. I miss fileread. thx for comments.
#9 PeaceableGhost[150013]
Um... nice report. Not sure who's who, but whatever. WarIII is just funny to read about.
#10 EldritchEvil[150014]
Not half bad. A little more work on the pictures and a better game and you'll hit 9s.

As for this one, I give it an 8.
#11 TwistedNecro[150017]
D00d, wtf? You actually made WC3 seem... Fun?!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!!!

;-) Nice BR, I especially liked it when red attacked pink's main with his own. =D
#12 Poor_lil_Newb[150025]
Rofl, Ten ^^. Well maybe 8.5.. ssh..
#13 Smeagol[150030]
Bleh stfu wc3 haters :)
By the way u said "field of knives" instead of "fan of knives" and a few other mistakes that made it seem like u didnt know the game well or u just cant spell :P
Great report thou and i cant remember the last time had 2 gold 8+ brs in a row... im so happy :D
Btw Blarg u play on west or east??? im possumo and creamcake on west and pwnagethx on east.
Whats ur aka? Blarg??
#14 Smeagol[150031]
Meh that was the only mistake i could see, the rest comes with experience i think, Great Br!!!!
#15 Wong Fei Hong[150033]
Some pics of minimap during the game woulda been nice. Like when they both built expos at same time, it created an interesting minimap, show us what it looked like! also, i was confused with what was happening sometimes because it seemed like a base was destroyed, then wasnt, so minimap would be helpful ^_^ good report and pics though. i wont give you a rating because im not a rater!
#16 choboPeon[150034]

#17 Blarg[150035]
Smeagol, I play as Potiphar or NotEvenFunny on Azeroth. And I got TFT recently so I'm still not sure on some of the new stuff. :)
#18 [150036]
Blarg returns!

Love the pictures, nice framing and good quality. I have to turn everything down in-game because my comp is too slow, really ruins it.

Great game, very amusing ^_^

Gave it a 9, I'm in a great mood today.
#19 Smeagol[150038]
Meh i get like 50 worst ping on east :P (i live in australia btw) but sure i might see u on east, and maybe u could own me :D
I just got unlimited (256/64 k only though) after having 56 k for 2 years!!!
dwnld for por... i mean music and... stuff is so awsome.
#20 endersshadow[150046]
"Warcraft 3 Hax Report" will always be my favorite ;)

Nice report there.
#21 Dibbler[150216]
Great, interesting game, pictures taken at the right moment. I liked it.... a lot.
#22 joseluis "Dosan"[156369]
Excellent report , i like it a lot , it is funny and detailed , and the pictures gives more idea of the situation , thanks , very good.

Rate 9
#23 is this like vac ?[163437]
is this a anty cheat or something ? for wc3 and wc3ft

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