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#1 ~CattleBruiser~[149944]
Nice report. There are some great new changes coming out in 2.1 in the next few days, including less Agility abuse, an experience cap for techers, weaker towers, new skills for Undead and Night Elf, and loads of balance changes.

You should talk to Fox (HatoUP) about getting some of your spreadsheets posted at his site as Frenzy articles.

Footmen Frenzy is so much more fun and addicting to play than standard Warcraft.
#2 ~CattleBruiser~[149945]
I rated it because I DO still play this game.

9 for the great "Intro to Frenzy" article and the well written commentary. Would have been nice if the game didn't become so one-sided (and who techs with a Dark Ranger?), but that's the nature of slow discers.
#3 endersshadow[149946]
This was great, the level of detail you bring to your reports is just amazing =]. I couldn't see the mouseover pictures though, has that happened to anyone else?
#4 [149947]
Hit counter: 5 Woo

One-sided, yes, but still a nice read. Only played a few frenzy games (2.0 beta I think) so the I read all of the introduction, which was nice. Your javascript mouseovers failed horribly for me, but I can live with that, was still an enjoyable read.

#5 Who'sGotLag.IDO[149948]
Apologies to everyone who read this prior to this post. No, it wasn't just you, the mouseovers didn't work because of bad coding. We all know who to blame.

Someone else.

P.S. Thanks for ratings. =)
#6 [149949]
very nice, it was fun. But it's gayer cuz you used Jaood.

#7 PeaceableGhost[149950]
Interesting report. Was a little surprised the Duo held out so long - I was expecting everybody basically to run them over. But then, I'm no good at these games anyway.
#8 Lithium[149951]
Hit number 6!

I love FF, and this report was really great. It was one-sided, but most games are now-a-days.
#9 ~CattleBruiser~[149952]
Good mouseovers -- it's more fun to see those effects in real games but these give readers a good taste of carnage.
#10 Desert Demon[149954]
Good read, 30 hits now :O

Come back to the light that is starcraft ^_^
#11 ~CattleBruiser~[149955]
There aren't any parentheses in your title.
#12 EldritchEvil[149957]
That was way cool.

#13 PeaceableGhost[149958]
Having re-read it, one q - why is "Lady_Sun" referred to as "he"?
#14 .Praetor[149959]
That was a great report. I especially liked the shockwave mouseover picture (and other mouseover pictures). You could have included a few more sentences for people unfamiliar with Frenzy, such as the what the skills you picked for Jaood did.

But in any case, great report!
#15 Dibbler[149962]
Never heard of this before. Great report, well told and good pics.
#16 Chris[149964]
I like this.

#17 Epoch[149965]
Well done. Makes me wish my disc weren't broken; Warcraft has some great UMSes. =]
#18 [149966]
Just got down to playing some frenzy.

Jaood is gay ^_^

Dino Din absolutely raped heroes once fireball got decent, I think hero stun was about 30 seconds ;o
#19 Who'sGotLag.IDO[149967]
To: Fox^1

As to the charge of Jaood usage I plead Random Hero. This actually was my first time using him in a game.

To: PeaceableGhost

When all else fails, I just assume that all players are male. Some of the ingame chat with Lady_SuN also gave me that impression.

To: .Praetor

After doing the hero spreadsheet which covered all of that, I was too lazy to do it ingame as well. If you look at the hero spreadsheet you can see the spells/abilities and mouseover them for descriptions.
#20 Who'sGotLag.IDO[149968]
You should've seen Dino Din when he had Divine Shield Zerg~Ling. Imagine him doing that too, but anywhere he wanted including the middle of your base.

Right now I like Falcon the best I think because of the Shockwave and Bash which allows it to be both a good Unit and Hero Killer. If it had a Stormbolt-type attack or Divine Shield it would be an insane death machine with its Avatar.
#21 Who'sGotLag.IDO[149969]
As for Jaood its good but I find some of his abilities to be contradictory in actual usage. A player with good micro can easily negate the effects of 2 spells used at the same time.

Mirror Image (MI) is my main case in point. Bloodlust can't really be used with MI, because its easy to tell which is the real hero (the bloodlusted one). Using bloodlust before and then mirror imaging is pointless because MI erases the spell.

MI and Wind Walk (WW) also has a similar problem. If you MI and then WW, its easy to tell who the real hero is if the enemy has Truesight. If the enemy doesn't have Truesight, why bother with MI in the first place? Sure its a distraction, but if you're going to WW away you probably did't have much hp anyway. Also, like Bloodlust, casting WW first then MI is pointless because you lose the WW.

Bloodlust and WW can be used together however so that's not a problem, but its not normally useful either.

Uh oh, typing too much.
#22 TwistedNecro[149970]
Agreed, typing too much. ;-P Anyway, nice report! You went into extreme detail, and I liked that. I suck at these types of games, so it was nice to read about one.

#23 PeaceableGhost[149972]
Well, ditto, but with a name like Lady_Sun, I would assume an, um, female. Not necessarily a lady, what with the way it is.
#24 Whoha[149976]
Nice report.
#25 Smeagol[149985]
Omfg cb~ and fox.... wtf?? they jsut suddenly turn up???
Oh and btw...
Nice to get a decent wc3 report after like 4 months of nothing :P
#26 uberMatt[149990]
Wow, I'm pretty sure you did the impossible. You made a footmen frenzy game with 12 players not confusing!
#27 halpmeh[149996]
some of the item stats were off

periapt gives 400 life, pendant of mana i htink is 400 too

tooltips are wrong

nice intro tho
#28 FlyingSquirrel[149997]
This report made me get a new video card so I can play warcraft III again. My stupid geforce4 ti4200 fried itself, because the fan stopped spinning. So once my new radeon XT9600 comes in this week I'm hoping on War III and playing frenzy, and all its other wonderful custom games.

But I need an idea for an account name, any ideas?

The report was great, 9.5ish
#29 Smeagol[150041]
Flying_Squirrel??? i dont think that will be taken :p
and dont mention that u are getting a new videocard that is actually good... people are liable to get jealous and maybe steal it from u :O
#30 LOTR22[157366]

A.K.A. Captain FatAss.

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