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"for the love of all things good and holy, please, please, please enjoy the report, because I have extremely low self esteem and desperately need the approval of you, the wonderful person on the other end of my internet connection."

#1 EldritchEvil[148792]

I feel bad about using Filler Text. But I did what I had to do to get this out there.
#2 Some_God[148793]
Haha... 2nd. :)
#3 -=~Kadabra~=-[148794]
Nicely done.

Too bad the Terran was so shitty.
#4 Desert Demon[148795]
4th! Much love for Eldritch ;o
#5 EldritchEvil[148797]
The second game is way better.

You'll like it. I'm five paragraphs in.
#6 analprobe[148800]
ooooooooooo, nice...
#7 dartmouth06[148801]
7th, good report.
#8 OverTheUnder[148802]
..WOOHOOOO finally another report:D!!! nothin much to say cept GG? and its a 7:P Now on to the important stuff, first of all i feel stupid cause i read the filler...(thinking it was the report) until i got to here
<<<<<Apparently even this isn't enough. I will now copy and past things from random websites. If you value sanity, READ MY REPORT BY CLICKING THE IMAGE AT THE TOP OF THIS FILLER.>>>>>
i liked the second flash picture:D "i hope i dont have to clean this up" "get back to work" "curses" that would piss me off 2 if a drunk marine was telling me what to do-.- Also i am hoping u could upload a replay? thx gtg later
#9 endersshadow[148803]
Guess I'm off the top of the gold listing now. Good job I guess =[/=]. But mostly =[.

Whatever you're doing in Colorado, keep the SC reports coming.
#10 endersshadow[148806]
"What follows is one of the bloodiest battles I have ever witnessed in a game of StarCraft."

Haha, who doesn't have one of these sentences in their reports? We're all so dramatic ^^;;
#11 EldritchEvil[148807]
A Battlereporter is, above all else, a dramatist.
#12 wakiki[148808]
The match seemeda little one-sided. However, nice report. More clearly written than most of the others I have read :)
#13 BlueRibbon[148813]
As a Starcraft reporter I liked it overall, but it was kind of.. eh. One sided. Oh well no big deal. Hope your next one comes out soon. The lack of reports currently can be sumed up in two word, "Bullshitty gritty." :{

#14 Shadow0fDeath[148818]
Nice report, okay game...

dartmouth06 - Do you remember a kid who was in your dorm last year? His name was David Blinn, his account El-Cid. If so, i'm his brother.
#15 Fred[148820]
Nice report, although it seemed that both sides were a bit passive. Although... what reporter can turn down ultralisks?

The text was high quality, even if we all rooted for the game to become more competitive. The pictures included were also quality. And (this seems to be the exception these days) some of them showed some of the action rather than just a closely-cropped explosion or blood-splat. Others... it would be nice to see where the lurkers were places rather than just marine corpses. Everyone's seen marine corpses before. It's the foolish player's bad positioning that makes it ownage.
#16 Fred[148821]
P.S. 8
#17 [148823]
Heh, well I already gave my thoughts on teh preview you handed me, I think it has definetly improved now :D

Have an 8.
#18 EldritchEvil[148824]
Fred: Okay, good advice. Thanks.
#19 Convider[148827]
#20 goldrush945[148829]
Pretty good report, but if you see some damn Lurkers, get some Tanks... If your name ain't Boxer, don't try going M&M micro versus Lurkers.
#21 ProXy[cF][148831]
Kakarotto[cF] no more...He just chose WGT's FK. over [cF], so he was booted/left. He's Fk.Kakarotto now.
Good report btw.
#22 ProXy[cF][148832]
Chaos FACTORS, not Faction btw...
Sry =]
#23 ProXy[cF][148833]
(spamming) Now actually finishing read the WHOLE thing...i'm surprised. Borame is one of the best players i've ever watched...but then again, so is Kakarotto. I've seen Borame ANNIHALATE ultra/ling with his gosu 200APMness. Guess we need a rematch? =]
#24 c.m.o.t. dibbler[148836]
Allways love to see a new BR. Liked the writing about a seemingly boring game. About the filler-text: never thought you had it in you to write: starcraft haiku's.
#25 BlueRibbon[148837]
Suprisingly I have a friend that hits 300 apm a lot, and isnt pro. You probably know him Proxy. G()|)|y^Rice-

#26 EldritchEvil[148838]
Proxy: Whoops! What errors! I apologise, and will correct these immediately. And if you could, even, set up a rematch... :O

I'd be in your debt forever and ever.

c.m.o.t: I didn't write them, the site I linked to did. I just copy and pasted. :D
#27 TwistedNecro[148839]
"c.m.o.t: I didn't write them, the site I linked to did. I just copy and pasted. :D"

#28 livingexception[148841]
"Kakarotto[cf] promptly queues up another 26 Ultralisks."

That's all I have to say about that.

#29 c[148842]
nub t losing 12312321 scv and rines to lurkers
losing pivotal fight as he damn well should
then dying to ultras

great game selection
#30 Slotham[148843]
Yeah, same as everyone else. Very well written but shitty game. Oh so one sided and Kakarotto just massed and smashed in the end. The few drops at the end gave a glimmer of competition but this was snuffed out quickly. Can't wait for the next which I assume is a lot closer?
#31 ProXy[cF][148844]
Jesus guys, yes we need a re. All i'm saying is that i'd like to see every single one of you who called Borame newb to play him. Kakarotto just screwed him over with harrassment that game, he really is one of the top 10 players i've ever played/watched.
"Newb Terran..." lol...
#32 OverTheUnder[148845]
plz upload replay:D
#33 Der Fuhrer[148849]
Good report. Alot better than I will ever be able to produce, or is it? But who gives a shit... good job.
#34 maareek[148855]
I also wrote a report about Kakarotto and he is one of the top players that i have observed. I've noticed he has a tendency to lean towards end-game dramatics i.e. expanding and harassing until being able to amass a huge army of his strongest units then demolishing his opponent. Makes for a good ending. :)
#35 Some_guy[149021]
I like it. StarCraft lives!

Do you realize that all your other reports (except for part one of your EV:N br, this br, and your emerald legion chronicals) have some sort of error that prevents us from seeing them anymore? I'm just wondering if you know, cause if you do, then you could put up the old ones on the warsmith again. (I like reading the old ones anyway, especially the first one with Lord ZOD! in it.)
#36 EldritchEvil[149078]
Some_guy: I'm not sure why that is, either. Just copy+paste the link provided by the error.

Also, you know you're desperate for a newspost when you link this one. :)

Thanks, Vegas.
#37 el_sux0r[149112]
That was hot. 9.

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