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"templars are the definition of LOVE and PEACE"

#1 Razoriel[145756]
1ST SOMEHOW!!!!!!!!!
#2 Razoriel[145757]
Ok, I read it, and the report reminds me of EE's, only better (seriously). Maybe it's because I, too, prefer Starbridge's to Valkyrie's, or it's because EE hasn't been around for a VERY LONG TIME.

I can't think of anything to improve in it, except for alt text and/or more picture and more writing. 10 easy.
#3 Slotham[145758]
Great work Dag, nice writing, appropriate humour and some interesting choices in spacecraft. If only this game was multiplayer then I could shove that starbridge into my cargo bay and then sell it for a tidy sexual connotations intended.

:D :D :D
#4 Some_God[145759]
4th... =D
#5 kidonfire[145760]
5th... yayayay
#6 goldrush945[145761]
6th... :P I actually read it too.
#7 GC[145762]
nice work :)
#8 endersshadow[145763]
#9 Shuriken[145764]
That was the best formatted EV:N report ever.

gj dag

#10 badme[145766]
Still needs MORE ME

#11 BlueRiBBon[145767]
This made me want to touch my special place.

Anyways, I want to make a report on this game, but I feel like it is a foolhardy idea unless I register (which we all know will never happen). Plus this pretty much took the cake for anything I would have done. BTW BUY A CAPITAL SHIP AND MAKE IT INTO A CARRIER NEXT TIME : ]

#12 LuckyNewbie:P[145769]
10 for having my name two dozen times
-1 for being canadian

Whats that come to? How the hell should I know, I'm a product of the American Educational System.
#13 B0YSETSF1Re[145770]
i opened it, and saw white text =/ dunno why.... nice report tho
#14 [145772]
maybe you should have waited for the black background to load :P.

Thanks for your comments and thanks to Mehdi :]
#15 TheAngel[145774]
#16 Chris[145775]
One of the only good EVN reports.
#17 Triped[145776]
is that real-time combat?
#18 celix[145777]
first time i read one of these reports and found it an excellent read

10 10 10101010101010010
rate urself and give it a 10 :D
#19 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[145778]
Could use some work. Poorly orginized. Don't get discouraged though, dag, eventually you'll be as good as me. You need to spellcheck more too; the grammar and spelling is pathetic.
#20 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[145779]
Could use some work. Poorly orginized. Don't get discouraged though, dag, eventually you'll be as good as me. You need to spellcheck more too; the grammar and spelling is pathetic.

#21 [145780]
owned by double post.
#22 [145781]
btw, *organized
#23 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[145782]
Curses, it appears my super foe as unleashed a super bot that double posts my posts and makes me misspel words that I know! RATS! He's done it again!
#24 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[145783]
Curses, it appears my super foe as unleashed a super bot that double posts my posts and makes me misspel words that I know! RATS! He's done it again!!
#25 LuckyNewbie:P[145784]
Let's just inflate dags comment section by double posting all our comment and make his ego feel so much better
#26 LuckyNewbie:P[145785]
Let's just inflate dags comment section by double posting all our comment and make his ego feel so much better !
#27 mattzarella[145786]
this game sounds nifty, i'm going to go download it :]

i'm surprised you didn't name the Disgustingly Ugly after me
#28 Timid[145788]
So good, once it touches your lips, its so go....whoops.

#29 Pr0be[145791]
By the way, it's me with the Starbridge in my report, not Eldritch. He has a Valk.
#30 [145793]
that's what I said :)
#31 Kazebari[145795]
Fex. I am currently br'ing the WG storyline.

Thanks for bombing my reporting career, Dag. :|
#32 Kazebari[145797]
But other than that, a job well done. Your report owns.
#33 [145799]
Well I'd really like to see your next report, and I'm one of the people who'll be rating it :D.
#34 livingexception[145800]
#7 GC = who I think it is?

Wow, this seriously kicked some ass. Except for the fact that you blew the wild geese SL for me...

but I'm not bitter :)

#35 Keanu_Reaver[145802]
who do you think it is le? gamerchickie?
#36 Keanu_Reaver[145803]
oh, and awesome report dag, glad i could help you with it :)

i'd give it a 10... ;)
#37 corpus[145804]
Neato. GG
#38 Convider[145805]
go daggy, go daggy... I finally figured out whos daggy and whose keanu =/
Great BR. 8.
#39 Asmodues[145806]
Great report. Funny, long, and well written.
#40 [145807]

Great report, rivalling the great eldritch evil ;O

Only thing I have against these EV:N reports is those dialogue whatever boxes with insanely small text. They're actually quite well written but more often than not I just skip them.


Raters own indeed.

9, sorry for taking so long :)
#41 LameJoker[145808]
If Im not mistaken, the mod starbridge is the best ship you can get in the demo.....
#42 [145809]
You're very mistaken
#43 Sabotage[145811]
HOw is this possible?
#44 JakobderLudner[145813]
VERY nice report (then agian, who expects less from Dagomar?). Actually, in the middle of that, I left for a drink, and when I came back, I forgot what I was reading, and actually thought it was an Eldritch report! It wasn't until I scrolled up and saw your name that I was like "whoa!"
#45 LuckyNewbie:P[145814]
#9 Shuriken[145764]
That was the best formatted EV:N report ever.

#46 livingexception[145817]
I wonder if that is her, just randomly popping in.

#47 Dialtone[145818]
#48 Keanu_Reaver[145820]
maybe, i doubt it though :P
#49 Razoriel[145821]
How long do you think it will take for your next report?
#50 [145822]
I'm guessing 14 months, give or take a few days.
#51 [145823]
Oh, my little love sign messed up the forum, but MUCH WUB mehdi :]
#52 Keanu_Reaver[145824]
tee hee
#53 livingexception[145826]
14 months?

Hey dude, you gotta record to break! We're talking something on the scale of Barry Bonds an Hammerin' Hank!

#54 cmot dibbler[145830]
Not bad for a semi-dutchi Dag. Probably rates in the top 5 EVN reports (easily)
#55 Convider[145831]
c.m.o.t. Dibbler? Someone's been reading too much discworld...
#56 IcE-Inforcer[145832]
The game looks amazing, how does the game engine work?

Good humor LOLZ. "This shit is so fun I won't need my midget porn for a long, long time."

I'm thinking of introducing Uplink to the comunity, what do you think Dagomarius? Have you played it yet?

#57 thr3e[145835]
Although I'm not Dagomarius or a rater at that, I have played some Half Life games. It does seem like a good idea but how would you write a BR for an online 1st person shooter? It might be interesting to see (of couse so would a Worms: Armageddon report).

Did anyone here that!? WORMS!!! Do it now fools!!

Oh sorry. That was just one of my moments.
#58 livingexception[145836]
A few people have managed to crack out reports on Counterstrike; they weren't that bad. In fact, someone (JV maybe?) wrote a battle report on a paintball outing.

The possibilities are, literally, endless

#59 LuckyNewbie:P[145837]
lead the way with that one, thr3e
#60 [145838]
#61 LuckyNewbie:P[145839]
DagomarDeg: check the comment section again
#62 [145840]
luckynewb: i r fun-knee

luckynewb: i wonder how you recruit teenage girls for porno
#63 Keanu_Reaver[145842]
bob had a great cs report
#64 Razoriel[145845]
I laughed when I saw 14 months, because I thought it was a joke. PLEASE let it be a joke!
#65 Some_God[145852]
thats 14 months to look at my beutiful (spelled wrong) BRs. :D

#66 Smeagol[145865]
best EV:N br hands down
#67 thesoby[145872]
excuse me u promised me ud put me in ur next report...
#68 SandTrap[145874]
"wtf 10 min no rush" lol ;P

Please bare my children. *Bends over*
#69 Some_God[145875]
Last 10/1/03.

#70 [145888]
Nice work Dag!
#71 Some_God[145890]
Argggg. You will never get last!
#72 [145891]
shit it's JV :D

#73 Thesoby[145906]
last 10/2/03
#74 livingexception[145916]
It's a tad early to be claiming last.
#75 Chris[145922]
And a tad idiotic too.
#76 rigbieys[145941]
no im last duuuuuuudes!!!!
#77 Razoriel[145942]
This is turning into a messege fest, and this is getting out of hand...
#78 Some_God[145944]
Is it me or is Makr kinda late with the news post?


#79 Some_God[145950]
Mark4 =D
#80 Mark4[145951]
Am I late with your banning little mortal? MWUHAHAHAHAHA
#81 Some_God[145955]
Dont make me send you another proofreading email Mark... DONT MAKE ME DO IT! I'm a crazy mofo cuz I once poped a cop cuz he wasnt looking at me the right way, you know what I'm sayin'?

#82 badme[145978]
#83 EldritchEvil[145993]
Excellent, more motivation for me.

Seriously, kickass report. Owns mine by a factor of ten.

Also, as for Uplink, I don't think it would make a good BRing game... Actually, yes it would.
#84 livingexception[145995]
Don't be modest EE, it doesn't suit you. Kick ass instead

#85 [145996]
cmon eldritch, br the vellos storyline ;D

easy 10 gogo
#86 Razoriel[145997]
I see EE has returned. I sure hope that the next part of his report will come out soon...
#87 EldritchEvil[146002]
Well, EV:N seems to have broken itself over my absense. Time to troubleshoot. The manly way.

*advances on EV:N with pliers*
#88 el_sux0r[146004]
Okay . . . I have advanced my own story line up to and through planetary domination, but I was relying on Sabo for the pics, and he couldn't handle 1,000 screenshots :(

Well done.
#89 EldritchEvil[146141]
Hurry up, dag. :D
#90 [146142]

I have to leave for a week tomorrow . . . I'll try and get the report out before then but if I can't, gogo part 2 of your series :D
#91 IAmWhoeverYouSayIAm[147035]
ok this just sucked
#92 IAmWhoeverYouSayIAm[147037]
In the papers the news, everyday I am whoever you say I am.

Eminem ownz joo
#93 [147980]
im last! haha i beat you all
#94 ben[148881]
cool stroy did this actually happen to you

suggestion:get pirate carrier and disable and take polaris ships they kick ass!!!
#95 ben[148882]
how far have you gottn since this? i play vell-os story line and have an arrow it's a lot o fun get huge group my disabling and taking ships get full escorts!
#96 vell-os lover[148883]
#97 mo dizzle fo shizzle[162606]
hey sweet job on it bro i need to use this shit on the game

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