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#1 [145009]
I bet this battle would have turned out much differently if sWoop had chosen Night Elf. Thanks to these guys for a well-mannered, well-played match.

#2 Jaood[145010]
#3 Ravage[145011]
#4 Ravage[145012]
gj ^^ 9
#5 I_am_Nitros[145013]
4th =/
#6 I_am_Nitros[145014]

6th and 5th
#7 ground[145015]
#8 TheAngel[145016]

#9 EldritchEvil[145017]

#10 endersshadow[145018]
The game was 8 hours ago? And you turn out a battlereport that gets a 9?

We're not worthy.
#11 Jaood[145019]
Anyone, guess I'll leave some commentary here.

Watch the replay. Like 3 seconds into the game these guys were like "aren't you from" Kinda funny.

Anyway, yes these guys were very mannered about the game, no trash talk, no rude commentary, no hide the farm (although I threatened to on the basis that we'd lose ;o).

I think they outplayed us, while we just took advantage by creep jacking them. Although, if you look at their records online the one player who choose Orc is really a NE player with high winning rate, so why would he choose Orc, a race he doesn't really play? Maybe that would explain why he went wyvern vs CB's mass crypt, and raiders are just ugh.

But they played really well none the less! At begining of the game I was praying to face a level 1 team and goes and gives us a team with a 6 level difference from us ;0
#12 kidonfire[145020]
#13 rigbieys[145024]
#14 Chris[145025]
I like it.
#15 Pr0be[145027]
Top 100 on a CB Report! OMG OMG!!!!!111oneone
#16 Phoenix[145028]
Will we ever find out what mnr mnr hrt hrt stands for?

Good report.
#17 The-Nut[145029]
very swell.. hehhehe
#18 Shuriken[145030]
#19 Luckylefty01[145031]
good report, i liked it.
#20 Mark4[145032]
I think you owe them a link to the mnr mnr song CB =].
#21 [145033]
Click on the picture, fools. :D
#22 Jaood[145034]
I know I did!
#23 Jaood[145035]
mnr mnr hrt hrt.mp3 sung by our very own goatzilla, btw
#24 B0YSETSF1Re[145037]
ehh i see CB is from northern va as well... Well its good to see another NoVa native around these parts
#25 Jaood[145039]
hey fu, cb and i were in same city
#26 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[145040]
gogogogo clan halp!
#27 [145041]
this is fun
#28 Smeagol[145042]
omfg ur not dead again!
i thought u'd fuxed off again but i guess u were just playing FT like everyone else :p
sick report as always and report again soon plz
#29 gamp[145043]
very nice :D:D:D:
#30 Sabotage[145044]
A br to break the silence!
this report was very blue, the bg and the headers.
what else..
-this owns everyone
-this confirms that z~ling is cb's son (both do gosu wc3 reports, but they cattle is still greater)
-Its 10 am and i just woke up
-this owns
-the game was good, and good players to go along with it
-er, i'll shutup now k thanks gg no re :o
#31 Convider[145046]
#32 nf-Stealth[145049]
haha my worst suspisions came true :P

gg guys, was quite pomp, swoop plays orc 'cause playing ne only is crap boring, so he tries different stuff in 2-2.. u guys played well, a couple of mad creep jumps gave us plumes, nice work with the shades... as for the wyvs vs the spiders, i would go into an in game quote of swoop "np wyvs pomp spiders" :P

needless to say this statement has been revoked

anyway swettish BR, we must organization a rematch of d00m, but we host since our ping is like 532523523 to useast from south africa -_-

#33 [145050]

Sweet, 9.
#34 dartmouth06[145052]
#35 CaughtNaked[145053]
jaood, tip for your site.

(font face="verdana") (/font)
#36 BlueRiBBon[145055]
On Jaood's site, under Jaood-Jitsu, I could have swore I saw a guy jumping from tree to tree in that Nature Picture...
#37 Jaood[145057]
Yeah, how about no, CN?
#38 Web Standards[145058]
CN, tip for you.

Dont use fucking deprecated tags pathetic human.
#39 [145060]
Hmm, when I validate, it says that Germany is deprecated.

#40 ZeaL[145061]
=D nice
#41 [145065]
Germany sucks :(
#42 Berra[145067]
yo, It's "22nd" not "22st"

now to read...
#43 IcE-Inforcer[145068]
Hmm very good as always, the HALP "website" as some put it for no apparent reason, really sucks =D. The report was awesome, germany rules.

#44 [145077]
Always a pleasure to read your reports. 9.
#45 Asmodues[145080]
Finally, a report! The silence has been deafening.
#46 Asmodues[145082]
BTW, ~CB~'s site kicks ass. Check it out.
#47 Mr.Puddles[145083]
Wow Dag actually sounds like a normal human being on =D.
#48 Resist[145120]
Ho hum :P Another good report from from a legend. :)
I enjoyed it, as usual. But doesnt ne1 think that theese reports r getting a little predictable where its a br reporter vs some gosu and the br reporter pulls off an upset? Maybe its just me, but i like when the reports are written about games that dont include the reporter, allowing for an unpredictable game and an unbiased veiw in the report.
#49 I like pants.[145131]
Pants are grey.
#50 celix[145237]
finally read it, very nice
#51 happens to know[145249]
get a fucking life
#52 [145330]
Who rated the 8?
#53 Keanu_Reaver[145338]
#54 [145787]

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comments are cool
#55 conrasith[153401]
wait, they had two expansions for 2 thirds of the game and u still beat them? This defies my religion

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