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"Don't really get the game and this monitor is darker than my dog's ass (if you need to ask...) but I'd still give it a 9 on account of the high writing quality."

#1 [143019]

I'm a little out of practice, but I hope you enjoy!

#2 Crazsdter[143020]
1st non-author OMG
2nd On a Cb report Yay
#3 Crazster[143021]
gRRR typed my name wrong, i'll come in with comments when i've read it :)
#4 livingexception[143022]
I have good timing: I get bronze medal yes?

#5 livingexception[143023]
#6 willwinforfood[143024]
#7 The-nut[143026]
#8 Jaood[143027]
Let me just clear this up, as CB forgot to mention:

George Foreman (left) - Easy creep.
Jaood (right) - Hard creep.

I'm suing Halp Halp Productions, btw, for the unwarranted usage of my stolen picture.
#9 Priest[143028]
this was an ok battler eport, iguve it a 6
#10 Crazster[143029]
Man CB what was that? I know it was ok, but your lifetime rating of 9.3 deserves way better then that. I hope you make another one which is so long it['s like 9 games in one.
On the whole good but one sided game.. i give it a 65 on a scale of 1 to 100
#11 Psyonic_Reaver[143030]
I was wondering what happened to you CB.

Good stuff all around......Now I just need to find HurtnTime so we can have another friendly match for you to BR. ^^

#12 LurkerBurger7[143031]
12th on CB br!

well...not as sophisticated as some of ur earlier brs but still very solid.

gj 8.5
#13 Luckylefty01[143032]
fairly nice report CB, however some reports i can see alt text by mouseing over, and some i cant, and this is one i cant, so i have to go into the source cose to look at it, anybody know why? im using camino with OS X 10.2.X
#14 malygos[143033]
14th woot woot
#15 [143034]
me likes! me likes!

haven't seen a classic BR with style for quite a long time.
#16 LuckyNewbie:P[143035]
Cool as ice.

Oh, and now that I have cable, I finally got to view The Warcraft Report. Very cool. Somebody please tell Drefsab to delete a quote and add the tower-presence thing.
#17 I_am_Nitros[143036]
"(Town Portal scrolls in Frozen Throne now require five minutes to activate, during which time the hero cannot be targeted)."

5 seconds me thinks.. t.t


9.5 =/ Tens are given out too freely. We need 'The Warcraft Report:2"
#18 Psychochild[143037]
It seems like 5 minutes t.t

Great report, I love the line in the beginning comparing you and Zergling's reports ^^.
#19 Psychochild[143038]
Oh, and that entire 1.11 thing allowing units to be ejected prematurely... PLEASE TELL ME THAT'S TRUE!! I want to SO abuse this with NE..

*Four minutes into the game, red's base is under attack by 15 archers and a KoTG*

#20 BlueRibbon[143039]
OoOoOoO.... ~CB~ ;]

#21 Napoleic[143040]
funny writing, very nice
#22 CMOT_dibbler[143041]
Hey, nice BR! Legible screenshots, good read
#23 Mr.Puddles[143042]
I like the smell of this one. I think I'll read it ^_^.
#24 Mr.Puddles[143043]
Nice. 9 for effort ;].
#25 endersshadow[143044]
This is what I enjoy waking up to ;)

#26 Desert Demon[143045]
#27 Convider[143047]
hey you're not dead!
#28 LameJoker[143048]
#29 Convider[143049]
This wasn't really deserving of a 10...
10's, when you see them, you KNOW that they're 10s. Sorry, but this just didn't make me feel that.
#30 Timid[143050]
Good report.
Humorous, good explanations of gameplay, close game.
#31 Dino Din[143051]
pedantic? oh please

#32 sabotage[143052]
er 32 cool
#33 2g.Av[143055]
Welcome Back
#34 [143056]
"One last ride on the Crypt Lord's massive spike"
I can't help it :(

Sexy stuff, good to see the top bovine molester back!

I admire some of the nice screenshots you got, I should start putting more time into actually getting some nice shots and not just improving in photoshop -.-
#35 [143057]
"One last ride on the Crypt Lord's massive spike"
I can't help it :(

Sexy stuff, good to see the top bovine molester back!

I admire some of the nice screenshots you got, I should start putting more time into actually getting some nice shots and not just improving in photoshop -.-

And whoever couldnt see the alt text: I can't either. It's because you and me use good browsers (safari/camino/mozilla), that work the way they should work and not whatever microsoft made when they were high on money-making.

Alt-text means Alternative Text, text that shows up if the pic doesn't. The right way to do it would be with a title attribute:
<img src="nicecow.jpg" title="Roxor my boxor">
#36 BeeF_JerkY prev known as BiGRooStEr[143058]
nice report. i liked it much.... lol i just got the game a few days ago after not playing classic for 5 months.... so some of this is new to me.
#37 [143059]
Thanks for the ratings folks!

Ling, I did use TITLE. Put that in your standards pipe and smoke it :D

#38 EldritchEvil[143060]
Thanks for using Title tags.

#39 AHintOfLemon[143063]
"What's a Nerubian?"


Anyone who works Chasing Amy jokes into a BR deserves a 10 in my opinion.

Great job CB. Despite the fact I was in the beta, this report felt really fresh. Can't wait to get the expansion.

#40 Smeagol[143064]
omfg sex sex sex
hes not dead after 8 fucking months hes back and he gets a fucking 10 too.
this is the greatest day at since the day CB's~ last report canme out
so cool
now that ur back CB~ will u not piss off and leave us lying in a pile of shit br's and craploads of spam that we have had since u left
#41 Luckylefty01[143065]
Thx for changeing the tags CB, its now about a 9.2-9.5 in my book,(i feel that only really over the top efforts like the wc report should get full 10s myself, but that could be just me) good work, and i hope to see more soon, ive missed reports like yours.
Btw ling(or anyone for that matter), do you use safari? ive been thinking about checking it out, i started with camino(which i like quite a lot except for a few quirks) back when all i had was 10.1(which wont run safari) and i was wondering how good safari was and if it's worth switching to, maybe i'll dl it and try it out.
#42 [143066]
BTW, my browser of choice is Netscape 7.02. And the reason most people use ALT is because it predates TITLE if I'm not mistaken.
#43 Minatour[143067]
WOW, My first CB report i ever seen omg that i wonderfully of jully...well a/w i think 9.6 and GRGRRGRGR.....i wanna get adobe photoshop but i dont want to pay that much and i want to learn to make br's(with html and stuff) YAYAEFAFAEWFA.. i like dit
#44 Jaood[143068]
CB'sAIM: asdf
Autoresponse from Jaood: something
CB'sAIM: 2 10s

I'd have to agree. I'm surprised this got any 10s. Warcraft report took hours upon hours and was ridiculously huge and magnificent compared to this. Just seems strange, as these "quick" CB reports usually get 8-9 range, but whatever, still good.
#45 LuckyNewbie:P[143069]
Jaood, let's put it this way. CB gave brood wars a 4.5.

SO to CB, In the words of gold member: there ish no pleeeeashing you :)
#46 LuckyNewbie:P[143070]
I wasn't done with that comment but somehow it was posted.

Anyways, it depends on who's rating it. CB wouldn't have given it full tens, neither would you, and I have to agree as well. But none of us rated it, and i'm in no position to judge, so leave it as that.
#47 iNsOm[143071]
it got boring part way wasn't a good report, you bored me with all your talking about changes of tft...and your description of where they started wasn't accurate enough. oh yeah and your pics were bad too :P
#48 Mostly-Harmless[143072]
I have been wondering where CB has been all this time =-O hope he writes more now that TFT has come out
#49 kidonfire[143073]
a nice round 50
#50 Crazster[143074]
#51 [143075]
Old-time reporters should just get their lifetime rating frozen and have future reports marked as "read and enjoy only". I'd still write without ratings.
#52 MrPimp[143079]
if u posted this under a different name it woulda been an 8
#53 Triped[143080]
So Jaood, have you sent him the money yet?
#54 [143081]
Triped, check out post 653194 on the forum.
#55 Man_of_Socks[143082]
55 comments already? Sheesh Cattle, it scares me to know how much power you have over the massess
#56 Man_of_Socks[143083]
O ya and anyway awsome report. Its been a long time sinse Iv had a good read.
#57 Redemption6[143084]
Crazster, the game wasn't one sided. Roaddog had the lead early on, and was only eventually beaten at the end because of his poor decisions as to what to do after he beat the undead forces. As for your 65/100 rating, if you used your brain you could figure out that that is a 6.5/ you couldve just said 6.5?

Anyways this report was good. Not a 10, as I agree with Convider, but reasonably good for a comeback report nonetheless. I think 8.5-9 would be fair for this.
#58 HurtnTime[143085]
Nice report and humor.
#59 Chris[143086]
10.0 as usual. For all the good reasons.
#60 JakobderLudner[143087]
Gah *bangs head on wall* If I played WC3 I would have enjoyed that report to the fullest *mumbles about not buying WC3 at Costco yesterday*. But it was pretty cool w/o my understanding of WC3. I think I'm gonna buy it now *walks off*
#61 Minatour[143089]
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
dam good
#62 scn[143090]
if thats the roaddog from nh he is gay.
#63 [143092]
I hate Warcraft III reports :(

Looks cool though if everything was changed to Broodwar
#64 Minatour[143098]
<font size="2" color="blue">
#65 LuckyNewbie:P[143100]
Ban. Please ban.
#66 scn[143101]
wow minatour fucking kill yourself

well it didnt work the first time, maybe if i try the exact same tag 18 more times it will work! hyuk fucking SUIUCDSIUICE
#67 Dino Din[143103]
gw minatour keep fighting the good fight!
#68 Redemption6[143105]
Minatour, you get the retard of the year award.
#69 dartmouth06[143107]
...I wonder who Redemption6 is.

#70 BOBBY357[143108]
Awesome as always, CattleBruiser :).
#71 Jaood[143109]
#72 Minatour[143110]
well yes i am trying to get retard of the year award and how come someone got pictures in the comment section??? HUH so go screw urself BIIIAAATTCHES. :)
#73 Triped[143111]
shut up

and I forgot CB was disqualified from the start. nice to know there's still time for me to take the black man's money.
#74 Chris[143115]
Can we ban this cunt? Thanks.
#75 Dino Din[143117]
kjs cb, kjs
#76 [143120]
#77 Roaddog[143147]
nice br

SCN - hi there, you're a flaming homosexual
#78 [143162]
CB: Dammit, you're right about the tag -.-
I just switched to Safari, and blinded my the extreme goodness of everything else Mac, I neglected the fact that Safari doesnt show title text properly. Oh well.

Oh yeah, my standards pipe could certainly use some table-less setup and the disposal of font tags, but thats okay ;)
#79 [143203]
Yeah well, I'm too much a neat-code guy to like importing stylesheets inside a table, and style tags are just plain ugly.
#80 [143213]
ban the guy who posted the #88 comment...
#81 missiz[143584]
sween report, ~CB~ is back!
#82 HurtnTime[150329]
in case noone knows, fatalblow is Aether-X

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