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"Wang micros like a drunken goose"

#1 BlueRibbon[142948]
Took quite awhile with this one, thought it turned out well.

Enjoy lots~
#2 mick[142950]
not bad ;]
#3 tempus007[142951]
Well, it's... Veni, Vidi,Vici, Julius. Good effort, probably better that mine. U came, saw, and conquered. Ill leave the rating to the vets, though.
#4 Timid[142953]
I liked it.
You are able to speak your mind rather well.

What's up with all you east war3x(tft) players?
I'm on west all alone.
#5 DexT[142954]
eww starcraft!!
#6 livingexception[142955]
It's about three in the morning and I just bagged about +300 telephone books and loaded them into my car, so I'll be brief. Didn't read it all, but I did notice two things in your writing: overusage of quotation marks, and you used hypens inappropriately. Either "8-10," "eight to ten," or "8 to 10." Your picture style appears unpolished (all those boxes and straight lines), but you look like you know how to get creative, just play around with your software and learn what it can do for you. Thanks for the Starcraft though. I needed to see some again

#7 SandTrap[142957]
Got tired of the one-sidedness of the game pretty quickly. Saying "This is the last expansion I would need" kinda spoils the ending and any hopes for a comeback or something. =/

Pretty good, the pics were OK, and the game was ok as well. Probably a 6-7.
#8 Crazster[142959]
I was pissed when you told me the ending 1/4 of the way through! Well anyway it was quite good, and really nice witht he lines, really allowed me to see what is happening. On another note the dfensive matrix does have a zerg counter, plauge and darkswarm and spawn broodlings, or in on word queens.

Ok finally, finally, a starcraft report. This is so finally here. I mean in warcraft 3 comebacks are, well opponent mistakes. When i kill my opponents army i romp up and take all there expansions and game over, gg.

In starcraft if one base is taken you can have a chance of holding the assaukt, that and quickly replenishable armies.
#9 [142960]
Not too bad, lots of unnecessary pictures though and a lot of time was spent on unnecessary information at the beginning. Get to the action :)

It was a pretty decent game (even though you spoiled the ending) and it was definitely nice to see a quality SC report for a change. 8.
#10 Psychochild[142961]
Decent report, a hot chick, and it's starcraft.

My only beef is that you should have proofread it more. You know you did a shit job on proofreading when I notice it. =)

#11 LameJoker[142962]
nice job
#12 BlueRibbon[142963]
Sorry for spoiling ending... I just re-read it and I noticed it was kind of a spolier. : /

Thanks for all support, and Mark4 for headlines ;]
#13 EldritchEvil[142964]
Okay, rwo things:

One: The "Hot chixorz" at the end thing? It was old before it began.

Two: Please, use <title> tags instead of <alt> tags for your alt-text, please!
#14 Psyonic_Reaver[142966]
Yeah. I killed the hot chick's at the end thing. So you cant do it anymore. Sorry. =(

Liked the report except for aboved mentioned things.
#15 [142967]

I can do without the pics of morphing hatches, thank you :)

Learn the difference between "Their" and "There" as well :) Only real errors i caught.

Otherwise no big probs, 'cept for the forseable game etc. There was some nice turnovers in the beginning that were quite nice.

Thanks for a SC report!

#16 livingexception[142968]
Forgive for being the grammar Nazi (and spamming your comments section), but Holy Mother of God! Your grammar stinks worse than a carton of eggs left out on the back porch under a warming lamp for three months.

Know what a comma splice is? When you seperate the subject from the verb with a single comma, you create a comma splice. I pulled five (!@%($I%N) from your report:
"...I think the best rivalry, is Terran vs Zerg..."
"The Marine defending, even survived..."
" Medic, went to twelve..."
"...the several newly produced Hydralisks, would disrupt..."
"...the enraged Marines of six that HAD Medics, moved North..."
#17 livingexception[142969]
I know college professors who take fifteen points OFF THE TOP of papers for every comma splice. Yes, that much. Plus, you also had a slew of other comma errors in addition to various syntax problems. Honestly, my junior english teacher would croak if she read this. I'm not going to detail everything you did wrong, but if you want help, AIM me at ExceptiontoDrule. I fear for your future writing skills.

#18 BlueRibbon[142970]
Living :]. I'm not in college so I'll worry about commas when I'm in college, or possibly when I'm actually writing papers for school. Otherwise, I comma everything 2053295-239520 times to many and I know :P.

Its k Psy, no more hot chicks :[

Thanks for another 8 ling :P
#19 Some_God[142971]
Wow. This got a front page link? GJ.

#20 cgoboPeon[142972]

Ok, great report, except for one HUGE thing.

The quote is
"Okay, the answer to your question is.. enter through the butt. Wait, I'm sorry I forgot what we were talking about"

-The Ladies Man

=] Good report, just don't make that mistake again =]
#21 Convider[142973]
Good job...
#22 Man_of_Socks[142974]
Pretty good but not spectacular. I have to be honest though, the only thing that kept me going was the Pimp Battalion. Genius pure genius.
#23 LameJoker[142975]
plz quote the medics thingy
#24 Smeagol[142977]
cool a starcraft report ^_^
#25 FearTheFrog[142979]
Good report, but one-sided after zerg's rush failed.

Biggest error I saw was running those lurkers after your troops, he should have gone for your expansions' miners and cripple your economy while you were off fightning.

Keep them coming.

#26 LameJoker[142980]
oh yes, I thought the little strategy line arrow minimap things were cool.
#27 Minatour[142982]
i liked dis report on starcraft gj its was fun to read
#28 Convider[142983]
#29 el_sux0r[142987]
Three cheers for the man with the medic fetish. I think this would have been a 9 if not for repeated small grammar and spelling errors.

Kudos for a hilarious report.
#30 BlueRibbon[142988]
Thanks to all for the positive comments or the constructive critism or the flames or whatever. Whether you liked my report or not I thank you for reading :]. Next one will be on its way soon. Not sure what it will be though...
#31 Yayyyyy[143002]
I give it a 9, because yes, ZvT = 1337, but not a 10 because the zerg lost to the EvIL Terran >:-O.
#32 sabotage[143053]
a zero!
#33 ZeaL[143113]
Gjgjgj, 8.5 thx
#34 DeathAwaits[143135]
GJ man.
Loved the Report..

Feels good having some more SC Reports around.

But, is it me, or did that zerg look like a newbie =p

I give it a 9
#35 Sabotage[143236]
Wow what a nice, long, juicy, zergy, mushy, delicious, nicetitle, awesome, goodrating, classy, ownage, pwnage, phonage, excellent, magnificent, sexy, sleek, blue on white, kinky, well put together, beutiful, hot, turnonthetvandeatchipsanddrinksoda, smoking, savory sourcreamn'onionpotatoechip, swell report!
#36 Your Fellow[143268]
By request of LivingException, here is a review of BlueRibbon's latest report. Having read LE's comments on this report, I assume he is looking for back-up for his criticism regarding grammar. I also believe he thinks me to be something of a teacher.

From the beginning of this report, I was able to appreciate a distinct personal twist, a style which tastefully came directly from BlueRibbon's personality. He has a very unique sense of humor which, while at times crude, had me laughing fit to burst (that's a lie, I never laugh out loud while reading things on the net, but nevertheless I found it extremely funny).

Yes, the report was a little detached and hard to follow. Yes, there were abundant grammatical errors. And yes, commas were placed randomly and horrendously. Due to technology, the grammatical trouble can be remedied with a nice spellcheck (I recommend Microsoft Word), and the detached inconsistencies can be fixed with practice. Same with the commas.

#37 Your Fellow[143269]
(continued, due to the ever-aggravating character limit)

Overall, the report was engaging, the game balanced and the girl hot. This is what is important in a report, and what I look for in enjoying them (well, excluding the girl. maybe.). The eight it was given may be a little generous, however I dont dispute the Gold rating one bit. Congratulations on a report well done.

Hope this satisfies, LE

#38 JoeUser[143310]


Recipie for TvZ


Nice Try But No Cigar LuX =-(
#39 BlueRibbon[143348]
Sabotage :P, I liked that post :]

YourFellow :P holy fuck, long comment, but overall thanks :P. Not to sound like a fool, but I did use the SpellChecker, maybe I just skipped the sentence structure errors and just fixed the spelling. Oh well, will fix them next time :p.

#40 livingexception[147047]
Now, I thought this report was bad, but...

"Outgoing people who love to talk and make new friends, often burn out because of the rejection they experience and their inability to close sales from not listening."

I got this off an article where some guy was talking about what it took to be successful in sales. The sad part is that this isn't his only subject-verb comma splice.

Apparently, salesmen don't need to know correct English.


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