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#1 katome[139587]
score! nj^^
#2 LameJoker[139590]
when it rains, it pours.

yay again.
#3 DarkNess[139591]
Well done again, gj.
#4 [139592]
I really liked this. The minimap popup windows are a neat idea. I also liked the screenshot choice. Only complaints are the writing is a bit dry and protoss vs. protoss is a bloodless matchup which takes away from the pictures imo... ;)

Anyway, gj. 9.
#5 LameJoker[139595]
That sure is a shitload O' storm...
#6 Sabotage[139596]
This is the goods... this is definately the good.
#7 endersshadow[139597]
awesome report, but I felt that the first one was better. grammar is just as important as spelling- there were many accounts of run-on sentences in this report that made it difficult to follow.

if you included the replay of the games you report i see no reason why you shouldn't recieve a 10 every time.
#8 corpus[139598]
solid report, supurb pics.
#9 ZerG~LinG[139600]
Damn I waited for another one of these sexy Elated reports.
Only complaint so far is that you may have overdone it with some of the pics. It looks like you took a dark and light brush (or dodge/burn tool) and just randomly stroked the pic. I remember the first was quite a bit better than this.

Writing started out particularly dry, but improved a little, and was certainly helped by the brilliant battles and storm fun :)

Good work man, I guess a 9 but I dunno how this coulda been done much better... 9.5 I guess :)
#10 Sorbent[139603]
Wow, I preferred this to your last one, there was so much in your last one that I think I missed it some bits, but this was awesome. I think with some funny alt-tab text (whatever it's clled), this would have been a 10 easily, but each to his own.


P.S. Amazing game to report, do you have the replay?
#11 BiGRooStEr[139609]
Wow... very very nice report, good ideas you got going.. i say its a 9.5 i liked it all the way thru
#12 casper...[139610]
good report of a better replay
#13 Awe6[139611]
Good game, and the best writing I've seen in a long time.
#14 Furious[139612]
Would have been a 10 for me but id already watched the replay many many times :P
Excellent work!
#15 Timid[139613]

I haven't played starcraft for a year, but now I want to reinstall it lol.

Excellent report.

#16 SiG.[139614]
Excellent =]
The only thing I'll point out is that it was only my love for the game that kept me reading.. It's just bland, man. You write well, but you dont keep me entertained..(but that's just me, I'm sure others were well taken care of)
The last paragraph was a bit much, also :P

Good stuff, though!
#17 Mentalsniper720[139617]
gj..this is my first time i read one of ur "reports" but i have a feeling it won't be my last..=] gj..
#18 mick[139618]
#19 Elated[139619]
Thanks for the front page mention Mark4. =)

#9: Actually it's just another layer at 15% opacity. Last report lots of people complained about the shading, so I thought I'd experiment with it a bit.
#16: I guess I'll have to work on the writing... this is my first time reporting a game I didn't play in, so I'm still trying to work on a writing style.

Thanks for the comments / criticism everyone.
#20 DarkNess[139625]
Now where would you be without my moral support?!?

I was only mentioned twice?! This is an outrage... I poured my heart and soul into this...
#21 Convider[139626]
wow. too bad no bloody zerg.
the pwn.
#22 Psyonic_Reaver[139628]
Excellent. Excellent. I need two copies of those.

#23 2Cautious[139630]
Whoah... the pictures actually loaded! Yay! Anyway, great job.

#24 Dialtone[139647]
Well laid and formmated but i think you went a ltad bit overboeard on the effects. A very good report.
#25 Timid[139654]
Where can I get the replay of this game?
#26 KepowOb[139659]
Nice. Nice to see a good SC report :). I lurk around here now, but since I don't really like war3, it's hard to find BRs that are worth reading. I liked this one, but as others have already said, with the amount of detail you went into, it could have used a bit of humour here and there to lighten to mood a little and keep the interest up.

Great game though, and I barely looked at the pictures anyway, so I won't complain about them. I thought the effect was neat, but as I said, I didn't look at them much. Finding a good/simple way to format your pictures makes them so much more sexy. Actually, I just clicked back and looked at them again and can see why people are a bit picky about them. I still liked them though ;).

Nice report, hope to see more like this one :).
#27 iNsOm[139667]
you repeatedly talked about people building their bases at the bottom left base and crap like that. that's the sort of crap that makes it hard to understand what base you're talking about.
#28 iNsOm[139668]
what i meant was, the bottom left MAIN wasn't the one you were talking about, because that was Grrrr...'s base. And i meant to sat bottom left main in my last comment, not bottom left base
#29 striz[139669]
nothin better. cool flash/minimaps.

easy 10. better than pretty much everything I've seen in a good many...days.

#30 Elated[139671]
#28/29: I found a couple of times where I accidently put in bottom left instead of bottom right. Corrected now. Thanks for catching those.
#31 NotJim[139675]
Awesome stuff Elated. Keep it coming. 9.5 like the others said.
#32 Berra[139729]
A suggestion if I may? (or two)
If you're gonna continue to include minimaps like you do (and I think you should), it would be nice if you atleast doubled the size. Also, if you center them on the screen, they would... fit in.

Keep it up!
#33 Cpt.Chronic[139741]
One of the best br's I've seen in a long, long time. And one of the better games too. I really liked how after every 'incident' you included a mini-map. My only complaint is that there's no refference to hookers or smack....what's up with that?
#34 el_sux0r[139856]
I am having none of it. ;)

Good report.
#35 w00t, good TRUE battlereport!!! Not like ones from Fuzzy Bunny, by far[139900]
#36 ZeaL[139903]
This, people, is how you do a real report. 1. it kicked ASS 2. ITS SC

Elated you rule!

#37 iLohcin[139990]
I really enjoyed the report (don't listen to the poor people with 56k modems) the pics were good, anyways keep up the goodness.
P.S. Where can I get the replay of that game?
#38 Chris[140008]
I'm impressed. 10.0

This is the best report I've ever seen, and it deserved a 10.

Great everything, plus the neat popup things were exciting.

Loved every bit of it.
#39 NotJim[140039]
One point:
He spent a few months making this.
We average ppl spend a... errr week.
The better BRer is the one who spends the most time over it.
Flame me. I don't care :P
#40 Kinly[140042]
yeah #40

10.0 awsome report
#41 Elated[140059]
#39: lol, I didn't spend a few months on it. Where did you get that? :o

It took a week of off and on work to make, and then I procrastinated for two months before spell-checking and touching it up. Nowhere near a few months.

Thanks for the comments everyone.
#42 Redemption6[140095]
Nice job, solid report. I would say mid 9 to 10 range.
#43 IcE-Inforcer[140103]
All good stuff except pvp is just, well, bloodless as afore mentionned. Illusion is the shit :P

#44 Casper...[140120]
you people are strange.
the report is ok.
the actual replay is 100 times better.

there is a reason i haven't reported since 1.08 came out.
#45 Elated[140137]
Write more! Your reports were > replays. =/
#46 Casper...[140163]
no they weren't.

the only reason to make a report now is to describe the tactical situations in the game and go through the click by click maneuvers. basically, try to get into the player's minds and explain THAT.

which is a huge waste of time since sc is pretty obvious tactically.

look at the q3 and cs scenes. name one battlereport made.

demos and replays are superior to everything.
#47 Elated[140166]
To be honest, I think on a majority of the old good reports, the replay would be significantly less interesting than the report itself. You're trying to entertain people, not just make a list of the actions of different units.

I think Bob the Newt made a CS br a while ago.
#48 k2o4[140230]
holy shit, i just scanned it and it looks awesome. we'll see how the writing holds up when i get time to read it, but the pics look great and the layout is very nice.

#49 VeryChewyHamster[140348]
Great Report...

Just try to add a little more humour... It would moisten up the report a great deal... Less dry...

Good job, definately a 8.5, probally a 9...

#50 The Wise One[140384]
Gosu vs Gosu, good writing, what more can a person ask for? 9.5
#51 Mayday116[140897]
Very good writing.
#52 the^nut^[142254]
THIS DESERVES A 9999999999999999999.74 5T457297228FUGSDJFS
#53 JoeUser[143406]
I want the rep too. Your writing didn't really grab me, but the
great battle more than made up for it.
Q(.Q) Gg~
#54 Bravo[149514]
Totally awesome report. I've read alot of reports and this is probably the very best one I have read

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