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"Vegas, who will henceforth be called bunker boy"

#1 [o]Devil[139173]
omfg! SEXY!!!!!


#2 BiGROoSTeR[139175]
Looks good to me... only skimmed
#3 2e722[139176]
woot 3rd. nice game, expansion is nice
#4 endersshadow[139179]
one of the easiest reports to follow i have ever read with your mini maps, screen shots were excellent, 9-9.5
#5 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[139180]
9 is way to high, its good but 9 is like, super good.

#6 IBashar[139182]
I don't think so. The pics were great, the explanations were great, the humor was great ...

At least 9 !

Very very good job. I don't see what you could do better.
#7 Sorbent[139185]
This was like... good, I've never read one of your reports b4 and I'm like amazed, 8.5-9 I reckon, very impressed

Liked your bit with the shadow hunter "get back in the circle"

Some of the jokes didn't do it for me tho, best new report I've read for ages...

Think I'll read your others now

#8 Timid[139189]
Excellent Excellent Excellent report.

#9 EldritchEvil[139193]
Ten. No contest. Awesome.
#10 LurkerBurger7[139204]
a very well designed br

#11 ZerG~LinG[139210]
Long and constant high quality throughout the report.
I for one aren't big on all the minimaps. To me it's all useless information, how they moved, where they moved bleh bleh bleh. IMO such things are best kept in the writing. And about the size of the report: 9 megs is huge. Too huge. I checked one of the first minmaps which was a little over 100kb. That is just way too much for a minimap. Which quality setting do you use? 9? 10? 11? I used 10 myself a few report back, but realized that a setting of 8 wil drastically cut filesize without any visible change, fact!

My usual rants aside, very nice report. 8.5 - 9
#12 LameJoker[139212]
best FT report so far. Sorry Ling.
#13 2Cautious[139220]
I liked. A lot.

8, @ least.
#14 UnnewbieishNewbie[139250]
Very very very very nice. Most organized I've read so far!!!
#15 ColdRazor[139261]
Best battle report I've read in a looong time. *Adds this site to the warcraft links*
#16 ZerG~LinG[139390]
Fuck man, why so few comments on this :O
Think you need to start spamming you own comments IDO :)
#17 [139417]
Nice work!
#18 Random)Hero[139428]
Not bad. Some nice pictures, but try using a sans serif font.
Also a background would be nice...
#19 Who'sGotLag.IDO[139640]
I suppose I should stop being lazy and respond to a few comments.

Thanks for all the comments up to now though. =)

This was a FT BR so I said "Why not?" when upping the pic quality. It's not like they could watch the replay and see it anyway was my reasoning. I suppose I could have dropped it some.

I (for some reason) like Times New Roman font and black backgrounds because they are simple. You can manually change the font if you desire...
#20 Kinly[139820]
yeah # 21

overall i'd rate this an 8.5
#21 NotJim[139897]
Holy moley! Didn't have time to read this :)
Very very good, 9 it deserves :)
#22 FURY_Hellscream[140757]
nice! pretty well made man. this is up there like a 9.5 good job and keep them coming

merry christmas to you too

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