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"...if king is a 1200 protoss i'm a bearded alligator. "

#1 EldritchEvil[138112]
#2 AvaiL[138113]
First non-author
#3 Manius[138114]
#4 Notjim[138117]
YAY 4th aka 3rd non-author now ot read
#5 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[138120]
OMG 5th non second author timeslot megaframe! PWNED
#6 EldritchEvil[138124]
Blast! I had No_Avail assure me that it would work with 800x600. What resolution/browser are you using? It looks fine on my 800x600.
#7 EldritchEvil[138136]
Thanks, Manius. Any constructive critisism? I.e length, humor, layout, descriptions, anything. I must improve.
#8 AvaiL[138137]
kek, jim probably using 10x 20 lol :P
my res is fine yo, unless the "toooooooo wide" you talk about only takes up the navigation bar, then you are obviously mistaken...

Future staff !! (hopefully)
ViSiT iT
#9 AvaiL[138138]
constructive criticism** learn to spell eld :P

i really dont see how a game like this can be battlereported.. there is really no end to it.. you can basically keep doing missions until asia is conquered by da elephants..
#10 EldritchEvil[138140]
That's the best part. Games like WC3 and SC end when the game is over - but this goes on and on! I will, however, probably end it when the Federation Storyline is complete.
#11 AvaiL[138143]
thought uwent to sleep ..

"Most missions' Avail% depend on Combat Rating and Legal Status."

love how you incorporated my name into the report :o)
#12 Psyonic_Reaver[138149]
I want this game. Coming out for PC anytime soon? If so. Buy it and send it to me. Thanks.

#13 Smeagol[138153]
Guys u wouldnt happen to know where cattlebruiser is would u? we need more CB~ goodness
and more war3 battlereports p:
#14 Gimpler[138154]
Nice... Only spelling error I could see was the 10,00 when you used the 100 Raven Rockets. (should be 10,000)... I think the Report was very very well done.
#15 BlueRibbon[138159]
I want this game. Looks cool, and broodwar is getting boring, (hard to say that after 3 1/2 years :O) but its the truth. GJ eld, I think you made everyone turn back into that 8 year old, "I want to be luke skywalker in the X-Wing" phase after reading this

#16 AvaiL[138167]
what about

AvaiL: You're the greatest !! We're gonna let you post news for the warsmith!!
#17 mapsidontlike[138168]
Excellent Report.
I loved the style/flow.
#18 Convider[138169]
teh pwn
#19 endersshadow[138170]
a little hard to follow since I'm too damn lazy to check out all those links :/ well written, not too dry and some nice humor.

overall i would say 8? 9? GJ
#20 EldritchEvil[138173]
Thanks everyone, and, Avail, we're never going to let you post. To do so would cause Warsmith to die.
#21 Notjim[138176]
viewed it on home, nice. 8.5
#22 Notjim[138177]
viewed it on home, nice, not too wide. If this is a double post, sorry. 8.5
#23 AvaiL[138180]
see told ya notjim
#24 Dialtone[138184]
This is a sexy report. :O
#25 Ender[138191]
i very much liked it and is waiting for the next one.. one problem though was the gaps between pics i think.. or just gaps in the report in general...
#26 EldritchEvil[138204]
Gaps between the pics? What do you mean? The text should be to the side on all the pictures.
#27 [138214]
Score. Very cool man, great writing. Front page hookup.
#28 EldritchEvil[138215]
Wow, cool. Thanks, Mark4.
#29 ThePalisade[138222]
EE, GREAT REPORT. MAC POWER! When I didn't have SC, I dl'ed the original Escape Velocity off of AOL Games. I played hours upon hours and finally conquered about 1/4 of the Galaxy. I downloaded Nova about 6 months ago and it was fun as well but nothing compared to the original or Galactica vs 1.2 ^^. Anyway, amazing report. I really enjoyed it and it had that mmm flavor. Didn't bore me at all. Definite 8.

#30 SiX5532ONE[138227]
(Head is spinning)...Incredibly detailed - Only wish I knew the game better, but it looks very cool. Tasteful graphics, well written.
#31 ZerG~LinG[138248]
Nice eld :)
Anyone interested in doing real charity work can send me a Mac right now.
#32 AvaiL[138260]
Ling i told ya, pay me $500 and i'll send you an OS X laptop
#33 Notjimmy[138296]
You beat me there AvaiL :)
#34 Psyonic_Reaver[138315]
Thanks for the link EE! Major <3 goes out to you.
#35 .Heeroyuy.[138363]
where do you t this game tell me plz!!!!!!
#36 EldritchEvil[138399]
Take a look at the beginning of the report. Click on the link that says, "Escape Velocity:NOVA"
#37 Gojky[138426]
Nice, heh.
#38 EldritchEvil[138732]
ALL my endings are rather abrupt. I lack the ability to make a good ending.
#39 Razoriel[138872]
I can't wait until this comes to the PC. I've been waiting for it since I read your last BR. RIP Lord ZOD!.
Anyway, is there a demo for the PC yet?
#40 valek[138911]
gee, what is the auto-recharger?
#41 Furious[138986]
Really really nice report man -
Loved it heaps-

Keep em coming :)
#42 froggy[139413]
Just so you know, crew complements only figure in capturing ships. Combet rating points are determined by strength ratings of different ships. I can't remember whether this error was in the first of second report, but it was in there. Good job, all the same.
#43 EldritchEvil[139607]
Argh, you are correct. I was thinking of the original EV when I wrote that.
#44 [157257]

This report is terrible! It would get fives from me, now.
#45 Convider[163175]
Don't be so hard on yourself, it would get at least a 7.

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