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"I have been frequently referred to as one of the "gayest" players ever to grace the barren lands of the Starcraft universe, though I believe that title was hefted upon me by a eternally hopeful Dagomar."
- mattzarella's Good Old Fashioned Fun

#1 endersshadow[134550]

Just skimmed it, but none of the pics loaded for me :(
#2 All-FeAr[134551]
well hopefully u like , tell me what u think , how do u get rid of damn barr at top??

#3 All-FeAr[134552]
u have slow connection ?? well let it load
#4 TheKinslayer[134556]
doenst have to do with slow connection, none pics will load, even on cable...
#5 DarkRider[134558]
Old school game.

Way 2 easy though.just get sheilds every round until u can afford the micro missles and sell everything else untill u get the autotracker and gg
#6 Chris[134561]
Very good. An interesting read well worth the time of anybody.

It was a little short, but it was meant to be, right?

#7 badme[134562]
7th, now to read.
#8 All-FeAr[134569]
so no pics load , iv had a few say yes a few no .. plz confirm
#9 blizzar89[134570]
It worked for me. All pics loaded.

This was a pretty good report. The only problem I had was that at the end it seemed all you had to do was get the Death Ray thing and that was it. Kinda anti-climactic don't ya think?

Anyways, the report was good and should get a gold. Nice job!

#10 All-FeAr[134571]
eyes hurt , dude ino , there may be more in series , but i shouldve included some pics of me dieing , ur right thx for insite
#11 jimmy[134575]
Actually quite interesting, really!

#12 2e722[134580]
the qoute was nice :D
#13 Convider[134582]
RAPTOR!!!!!! KICKASS GAME!!!!!!!!!
its kind of easy to beat that tho, you just keep shooting...
#14 [134584]
Not bad. Decent report. I'd have given an eight if I didn't have to figure out where to dload it myself.
#15 Sliver of Shadow[134585]
very nicely done. i remember playing that game a few years back. though i didnt stick with it long it was fun for a little while.

the end of your report saddened me though. im a canadian you see and....ow.
#16 ComicGenius[134591]
never heard of it, sounds like Colony Wars.
#17 All-FeAr[134595]
#18 pop_killer[134597]
strange game
#19 Sorbent[134602]
I used to play that game, I remember that on the right date, (one of the writers birthdays), there are lots of weird monsters, dinosaurs and stuff, lots more fun than normal... but can't remember the date
#20 mattzarella[134603]
#21 SlaveOne[134605]
lol #20
#22 [134623]
oh man I remember Raptor. I agree its really easy, and I loved the auto trackers. You basically stock up on sheilds and hoard money until you can get the minigun autotracker and then just race around holding down the fire button dodging everything. Then you just have to get the laser autotracker and then you can do whatever the hell you want with your money.
#23 andris[134625]
ur qoutes sucked ass, go die and dont qoute me on this u motherfucking geek.
#24 All-FeAr[134630]

1. any things u say in public and can / will b used in any comedic materical I see fit
2 . what u gonna do knife me?
3 . fu
#25 Random Poster[134639]
No pics here either, on Explorer 6.0
#26 ComicGenius[134647]
He just might FeAr, there are strange people in this neck of the woods.

ANYWAY, I downloaded the game, pretty sweet, I was addicted to this type of game when I was about 6-7 years old. But I'm stuck. Wtf can you do against the boss on bravo sector wave 5 (subterranian guy, comes out of the ground, sprays little orange balls fuckin everywhere)?
#27 endersshadow[134652]
#28 James[134655]
I used to have raptor as well

I compleated it quite a few times
It was fun to play but kinda easy
nice report
#29 All-FeAr[134666]
#26 ez use a scanner and use green (anti ground ) missilse
they take him down ez , or what u shouldve done ( what i do ) is keep restarting the dumfire mission and sell them till u have enuf for cannnon or autotrack , gl , but u shoudlve keps green anti ground missle from vll 3
#30 I_am_Nitros[134671]
Omg I LOVED THAT GAME! :D. Thor Autotrack > All >:)
#31 Regnar[134677]
Raptor is such a cool game! I remember being 7 and 8 years old and playing it. i never heard of any lasers tho?!? only the auto tracker and phase cannon for me t.t....the auto tracker owns the crep out of the phaser though................

if you'd plugged in a link for download it woudl'vbe been 9 for the nostalgia bu i give it 8 tho im not w a rater and that's kinda 2 bad=( t.t..................special guest rater any1`? anyway, raptor needs a sequel............................................................................................................................ Im not that big u know
#32 LameJoker[134682]
I know I know, I figured it out.

Dumbfire=jack shit
#33 LameJoker[134691]
hmmmm good game (finished the shareware) but my biggest complaint is that once you get the autotracker=gg.

Whats better, the micro missles or the missle pod?
#34 All-Fear[134692]
you can have micro auto equiped , and missle pod at same time :)
but i dont really see the damage difference between miss pod and norm rockets , might as well get cannon or lazers if u got the cash
#35 Darth Sidious[134705]
It doesn't have to be easy..

Just don't start on the easiest mode, and tell yoursellf not to buy any of those shields

The auto tracking thing sucks ass by the way, it targets way to slow just use all the permanently equiped stuff, the green anti ground rockets and the anti air rocket thing that costs 204k.

If you want you can buy the 750k thing, so you dont have to swich between air and ground rockets. I don't like it for the big mess it creates on the screen though. (when using it i always lose track of my opponents rockets)
#36 Illgetdroped[134727]
haha omg I GOT THIS GAME, great game, report writen nicely, though ....... making those icon pictures smaller and making a table would have saved so much loading, space and would look .. better, otherwise nice.
#37 corpus[134951]
haha i love that game
#38 [134988]
This was okay but really needs to be proofread, as the text is really hard to wade through. Also, screen dumps for the intro to the game took up more space than the actual report -- if you want to go that in-depth on the game, the report part should be at least as long. 6.5 - 7.0.

#39 jimmy[135154]


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