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"Bob sux. Nuff said"

#1 [132086]
Sorry it took so long to get this one out the door. Hope you enjoy it!

After reading it, let me know which you prefer in my reports -- present tense or past tense. I took a gamble with this one and used the latter.

#2 Lieutenant[132087]
omfg, first nonauthor on CB report.
#3 Kane[132089]
lucky thirds
#4 [132090]
Both styles are good, IMHO - good writing can cover any tense.

small typo at the very bottom, should be repressed.

otherwise, enjoyable as always. =)
#5 hi im 5th[132094]
nice report
#6 .HeeroYuy.[132095]
Wished I coulda obsed with you. :] But I understand you didnt want the pics to have my chat in. Nice br too.
#7 .HeeroYuy.[132097]
Said the man who never reported anything in his meaningless existance, and has the audacity to criticize CB.

You must not be well liked.

He should get a 9 or 10 for he rapping alone. :]
#8 .HeeroYuy.[132098]
#9 [132100]
Top 10 on a CB report go me!
#10 Furious[132101]
I posted that above :P
#11 --v[132102]
why the fuck doesnt anyone get ten's anymore. IF any report deserves a ten it would be this one.
#12 BOBBY357[132103]
Great report! Even though your rapping is hideous, CB, the games were excellent, as usual.
#13 endersshadow[132104]
#14! I havn't read it yet, but if the universe is at all correct it will be good. One thing though, how do insert a background? I went on the links in FAQ's for HTML, and what was shown didn't work for me. Could someone plz clear this up for me? It would be greatly appreciated. Now to read...
#14 [132105]
I hardly ever give 10's.. 10 to me means something ground breaking, like YRM's WW3 FFA reports, etc. There's no shame in a 9, and this is a good 9. =P
#15 endersshadow[132106]
lol CB you got some problems. Your little bat was funny, but stranding a defenseless pig? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!? animals have feelings too you know. Even though it was pretty funny....
#16 Aquabat[132107]
Nice report sir.
GG kids.
#17 Jaood[132108]
mmmmm, chauked full of CattleBruisingliciousness....
#18 MistaSparkle[132109]
Wow, I got a boner reading that.
#19 MistaSparkle[132110]
#20 endersshadow[132111]
could someone please help me with how to set a background?
i have no f***ing idea whats goin no, <body bgcolor="#(whatever numbers)"> isnt workin too well :' (.
#21 alphaq[132112]
Thanks for mentioning my quote in the alt-text before the obs abuse. However, I am still offended, that was very rude of you to put down the occupation of observing, it requires MAD SKILLZ YO, and your rapping needs MAD TRAININ' YO.
Fo shizzle ma nizzle your Breportizzle wuz mad goodizzle fo shizzle. No, that wasn't an example of my rapping, but just me applying Snoop Dogg's theories. o.O
I would give it a 9 as well, very nicely done, but for the part where you showed who was what race, you had TheAngel over the AM and Aquabat over the KotG, so I was confused for all of 3 seconds until I read below what races the players were. ;o
HALP HALP productions is thx y0
#22 I_am_Nitros[132115]
Hey! As a member of D.U.M.B I find that report highly offensive! :P
#23 kalarm[132116]
"or two dinosaur sock puppets growing weed"


I loved the report and I will download the map right after this.

#24 Decay[132117]
Either reporters are getting better screens lately or I'm actually starting to understand war3.

Nice report CB, as always. :)

#25 Otokonoko[132119]
As usual, this report is a sweet way to kill about 10 minutes.

9 or 10 -- great report.
#26 XF_illuZion[132122]
Kinda funny.. cuz just today i started playing AT with hate :p
#27 Blackhawk[132123]
I was not criticizeing cb I find this report good and very well done I simply said I thought it was a soild 8 and I hope you will not insult me just because I did not find this worthy of a 9 or 10 but an 8 is a very good score so I say good job CB.
#28 Lieutenant[132125]
after an unexplicable eight hour situation of insanity I finished reading. It was nice but the alt-text was more abrasive than I was expecting :o
#29 I_am_Nitros[132126]
Well, this wasn't....cbesque.. I've come to expect perfection from you cb.. and this...uh..wasn't... but it was certainly better than I could ever do ^_^. 8.5 :)
#30 ZerG~LinG[132129]
Only skimmed it so far, will read in a sex.
I really like your SS, and how you take time to set up nice camera angles, always getting crips shots and almost avoiding the classic top-down shot. I wish I had the patience to do that ;)
Also, like you minimap thing in the beginning, reminded me of Breezes 3D trickery with LT. Damn that was some fine shit. I suspect you SS'ed the whole area and copy paste it bang bang you got a map, or is there some leet program to that?
Great writing too, good work on getting alt-text :)
#31 [132133]
Correct me if I'm wrong CB, but I think you can get those kind of screenshots from the world editor by zooming in/out etc.
#32 [132134]
Thanks for the comments and rating, folks. Here are my secrets to clear non-game screenshots:

- PrintScreen works in the Map Editor.
- Right-drag moves map.
- Ctrl-Right-drag rotate moves.
- MidWheel / Shift-Right-drag zooms.
- You can set the Sky and Time of Day in Preferences.
- You can use View menu to turn off various aspects.
- *** Ctrl-MidWheel removes Fog of War ***

Getting an obliquely angled screenshot just involves a careful mix of move, rotate-move, and zoom, usually with Sky on and Fog completely burned away. It takes some effort to get the angle you want, but it becomes easier to estimate as you do it more.

Happy pic'ing,
#33 hidden[132135]
was it just me or isnt there any TIME comment in this report ?
The comments where so peacefull dont u think?

#34 ZeaL[132136]
hey your right! Great report, btw
9 at least
#35 Orion[132138]
It was fun playing 14 games for you cb til we found a good one =) It was well worth it in the end beautiful report! GG's Angel and =)
#36 FlaMinG_DeaTH[132139]
10. I like the lawnmower joke and the map. Can I have some map making advice? How large should I start it? 128x128?
#37 UltimateFire[132141]
Gj, more please.
#38 [132142]

#39 [132144]
im giving this a 10, funniest one of these yet

that badtz joke omfg haahaha maru :o
#40 Rubilacx[132145]
#38, 160 by 160 with default shrouded borders can be deemed a standard size for a 4 player map, since those are the dimensions of Lost Temple.

Make good use of the precreation preferences to save yourself some work. Decide beforehand what terrain texture/cliff height/water level you think most of the map will have and it will set that for you automatically if you tell it to.

Placing the start positions first can help balance the start spots distance and size wise. Setting the map grid to large and counting squares is a simple way to measure distances.

Until you feel you have the confidence (and TIME) to start a map from scratch, you can open up a blizzard map or a user-made map you've downloaded and try making a map based on its design to get a feel for how its built from the ground up and what player's usually expect maps to have.

Rubilacx, the sword of King Arthur's dyslexic brother.
#41 pop_killer[132152]
those warcraft III reports are pissing me off. :(
#42 jebus[132153]
need more sc reports
#43 jimmy[132155]
Yeah, WC3 is being overrated in quality. SC >>>> War3!!!!!

- NOTJimmy

PS. Excellent BR. 9.0.
#44 jimmy[132156]
Oh and I prefer present tense.

#45 Valek[132157]
I LOVED that deere advertisement! I still can't stop laughing over it!
#46 haniblecter[132160]
Alot of the jokes were nice and witty, loved the pics angle...but frankly it was kinda confusing. I followed it sure, but it took more effort (it should take none) than i wanted to give.

I know im goign to piss some peeps off, but TIME's latest report was easy to follow and funny. Ruff sure, but it did the two things i look for in reports: make me laugh, light reading for further paper writing procrastination.
#47 AHintOfLemon[132163]
Two thumbs up for CB.

You really need to write a report with me in it though. Careful, or I might start writing my own, and then you'll be sorry. :P
#48 obsidian[132188]
I have to agree with #48; the other HalpHalp reports were a lot easier to follow than this one, at least for me. I'm thinking this is probably just due to the two teams instead of a 1v1 setup .. at times it was hard to understand who was doing what and where. It was still good though, and I'd give it an 8.5-9.
#49 haniblecter[132191]
Yah, i find that 1v1 are really easy to follow when compared to 2v2's.
#50 [132195]
That's why I stopped reporting on team games. In order of complexity I'd say it goes 1v1, 3FFA, 2v2, other team/FFAs. It's even worse in War3 when allies are off doing their own thing.

It takes twice as many words to describe a 2v2 as a 1v1, but all of those words are "in-place updates" that don't further the action. Each of these games was only 15 to 20 minutes long -- surprising when put next to the text of HurtnTime/Psy hour-long game.

This report came about after no one would agree to 1v1 for BR. Someone said "stop making 1v1 maps and do a 2v2 and I'll play" and everyone agreed.

#51 pop_killer[132199]
die warcraft 3, die warcraft 3, warcraft 3 is a starcraft popularity stealer. fucking warcraft 3.

warcraft 3's ass looks like that ( ).( )
#52 Servius[132201]
Is there a channel where all these matches and stuff happens for battlereports I would sure like to hang out with you guys because battlereports has gotten me to be alot better at wc3 :)
#53 HaTE84[132214]
next time report a better game ^_^ should have let orion go back to ne and we rematch again. both those games were kinda sucky :P GG aqua and angel, tich me 2v2 ~
#54 Cowboy_bebop[132250]
pics are thx


btw nice

See you space cowboy........
#55 Cowboy_bebop[132251]
Servius gogo channel: clan ~nohunters on useast kk

See you space cowboy.......
#56 [132254]
hey, I did a 1v1 for a BR with you watching. Not my fault I made it a lopsided game. ;)
#57 IdiotSaysHALPHALP[132256]
wtf is it with u geeks and HALP HALP, get a life losers
#58 HurtnTime[132265]
nice br ~cb~.
u got mad rapping skillz :)
#59 Joe.Smurf[132279]
nice ^^
#60 endersshadow[132289]
pop_killer, if you hate war3 so much, why dont you write your own sc report instead of bitching about there being too much war3 on this site
#61 TM[132294]
Hahaa, this report would have been worth reading with just the alt text...
#62 pop_killer[132296]
I want to see warcraft 3 die.
#63 parade[132299]
good report, but i stopped reading when you started the rapping. you should never rap again. it made my brain hurt.
#64 SCV~007[132323]
Wow battlereports bore the hell out of me these days. Browsed through the alt texts though.. gj :P
#65 LameJoker[132401]
Rubilacx, why do you need TIME to make a map? How would he help you?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAahahahaheheheheheeeeeeeeee......


"Masturbation is like procrastination. It feels good, but eventually you realize your just screwing yourself."
- A Sorta Friend of Mine

#48- This quote is for you.
#66 pop_killer[132408]
die warcraft 3.
#67 Cod[132423]
the scintillating shittiness of the report was ALMOST made up for by the gosu picture of the DL & steam tank. i must admit that was pure genius. other than that, it sucked. you suck. your maps suck. 3.5 / 10

<3 Cod
#68 Cod[132424]
oh btw wtf is alt text

im dum zoz
#69 Convider[132667]
Who dares to doubt the ~CB~ goodness just oozing from this br?
oh. you.
#70 Flint79[132674]
Great report. read is very late last night and watched the replays. You put a lot of effort in that map..and it shows
#71 Dino Din[132755]
you need to stop doing reports on your crappy maps
#72 ins@ne[132958]
Good god.TIME is posing as Alacrity.
#73 THe fag[133381]
:) sweet
#74 striz[133765]
bw > wc3
#75 small engine[134042]
I totaly despise anyone who takes the time to make such a report. You all seem to bow down to this guy but me on the other hand, i just dont no y this is funny/good.

Keep up writing crazy shit cb!

% Lake Controler %
#76 [134723]
#77 N[e]wBIe[135281]
stupid ass queers bw>wc3 ... ha yea right, since when is a game with no strategy, mass units till you have so many that you cant control them, and just blow out an attack with no micro and win or lose depending on who expanded better? wc3 = lots of micro, bw = mass units, yea bw is much easier for noobs, thats why you like it. ok stfu thx
#78 RYAN PRESTO[138881]

#79 Kinly[140110]
yeah #71

15.0 out of 10.0
#80 Smeagol[141116]
Yay CB ownageness but where the fuck is he now
btw zerg~ling has become a rater
there is a god :p
#81 sir skum[160868]

hahahahaahhaaaaaaa i must be a geek

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