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"Kicking ass and taking names"

#1 Jaood[129587]
Just a little something. Every once in awhile I get the erge to BR. Comment. Probably plenty of grammatical errors, but I don't really care at the moment. It's 4:37 am, going to bed.
#2 UraniumAnchor[129590]
Well at least we know that they won't have to deal with any goober shit reports for a day or two. :D

Nicely done.
#3 Awe6[129594]
Grammer monger NO SEE ERRORS...
but it be 2:15 am, so me am giving leeway all round 0__o

Excellent report, and excellent heads-up for all orc players out there who can't stand the fact they cant destroy mass melee with mass spellcasters anymore >=O

#4 Augury[129596]
Fun read. I was pleasantly surprised at the color scheme you chose - most people seem to go with a white on black or black on white. It's interesting to see some of the new effects and strategies as a result of v1.03, but then that's coming from someone that hasn't gamed warcraft3 since v1.02.

4th? =)
#5 2e722[129597]
Nice read, but i didnt really get the game...perhapes im a little slow? anyways...the pics were nice.. and were gargs ground attack seige in the previous version???

#6 erad[129600]
who the hell are these people
#7 mick[129601]
vanilla coke? ewwwww
#8 SiG.[129603]
Vanilla Coke sucks.
The report, however, :O
and is that actually you in that pitcher?
#9 EldritchEvil[129604]
#10 malygos[129605]
now to read
#11 chobo[129606]
i wish i could find lvl 13 players as bad as him :)

loved the report, keep up the good work.
#12 stonecoldnewbie[129608]
Hello, I am Jaood. I talk in monotone!

#13 JawaAvenger[129609]
exists/entrances is the only spelling error I found...and most professional writers have more than one mistake for that many words of trollish goodness, so let me put your fears at rest.

Oh...and nice report =)
#14 [129613]
I didn't really read much of it... I don't play w3, so it was sorta boring :P, but i can give you some tips on aesthetics.

bright yellow on that green = ugly :o. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard to read, but it was unappealing. hmm, this point doesn't have much merit, since that's subjective. whatever

your images looked good, simple and stylish, with the consistent yellow border. one tip i'd give you is to learn the hspace= and vspace= properties of IMG tags in html. at some points when the text flowed around the images, some larger margins would've looked nice.

and another completely subjective point: I hate times new roman. i am sure there are some people that love it, but i vaguely recall a number of people finding it ugly.

anyways, nice report, from what i got out of it :)
#15 [129616]
I like it
#16 Some_God[129617]
I dont like BG color that much... but other than that its good

#17 Jaood[129619]
#5 No, gargs did not have siege attack in the previous patches, I was just kidding :D. My point was that he kept using gargs against the towers as if they did have siege ;)

#7&8 You can both go to hell, vanilla coke is my substitute for water -_-. And yes, that is me in that picture.

And CB, the black text on netscape is your own fault for using such a dirty browser! :P
#18 HurtnTime[129623]
good report jaood!
#19 ZeaL[129629]
#20 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[129630]
Good work on the report.
#21 Cowboy_bebop[129631]
looks like Jaood isnt the black person on warcraft 3 ^^

See you space cowboy.........
#22 ZerG~LinG[129637]
"looks like Jaood isnt the black person on warcraft 3 ^^"
I'd say that fact was proved with the beatiful proof of why digital cameras are the work of the devil.

Nice report, good writing and clean pics. Colour scheme was a bit bad tho :p

And yeah, Times New Roman sucks :(
#23 TIME =)[129644]
Honestly, what was the point of the middle finger at the end? Cmon, I wanna know!
#24 [129649]
Are they questioning your blackitude?
#25 ZerG~LinG[129652]
And btw mozilla doesnt like this at all :(
#26 badtz maru[129656]
heheh eh eh eh ehheheh eheh ehh eh ehhe he
#27 DarkRider[129660]
Excellent Report.

I agree with the previous comment on the color's of text vs background though.

#28 Anathema[129663]
must have some merit if i even opened it
#29 Some_God[129664]
YO! WTF! I cant get into my BR account!!!! It keeps saying "Bad referrer!" ... Does that mean I am banned or something? WTF I NEED ANSWERS!
#30 [129665]
GOOD! No one wants to see any more shit reports from u, gbye
#31 CHJ - Rater[129666]
Just email and explain your problem, Some_God. The admins rarely read the comment sections of these reports.

Whatever you do, do not respond to #31's trolling and spam up this comment section. That would be a disservice to the battlereporter. :(

To the report, I didn't mind the layout. It's nice to see something different every once in awhile.

A very solid report. 8.5 looks appropriate, so I will abstain from rating it.

#32 Some_God[129667]
HAHAHA tahts what u think my next report is going to be? OMFG STFU U N00b! I will own u with my next BR!
#33 Some_God[129668]
Ooops ... I posted #33 right after u posted urs =
#34 CHJ - Rater[129669]
Yeah, we posted at about the exact same time. It's cool.

From my perspective as a battlereporter, it just sucks when someone messes with your comment section. It's just showing disrespect to someone who worked hard in putting forth the report.

When html was enabled here, Proto put a meta tag in my best report that sent everyone to comp-u-geek. That just drove me nuts. :(

Granted, the clutter with comments unrelated to the battlereport isn't nearly as shitty as that, but it's still not really wanted.

#35 ZerG~LinG[129675]
Look! More ppl with those image names.
Time, Die.
#36 TSUNAMI[129701]
wOw TIME actually played Grim Fandango...or did he just see that image on the internet? I LOVE VANILLA COKE!!! I want to be unbanned.
#37 TIME is not on YOUR SIDE[129709]
DUDE! Grim Fandango ownz, i beat it in like 2 months, really great game. ^^
#38 [129710]
stop talking to yourself time, or Mr.
#39 [129721]
umm, there both using to unban themselves.... eh, but I think Tsunami just posed as TIME
#40 Chris[129764]
Some_God will come out with another report?
I hope he learned something from all of his other ones.
Like not doing another report maybe.
I can't decide which is more annoying. His reports or his comments?

This was good game, but I don't think that that guy shoulda been lvl 13 in the first place. T.T

Jaood, have you ever uttered the phrase, "Nigga please!"
#41 Chris[129765]
By the way... you look... white...
#42 juicius_ex[129812]
I really liked this report, it wasn't as good as others I have seen, but it was a solid report nonetheless.

Jaood is ok, his reports are ok, it inspires me to make a report of my own. I am going to start work on one, it will be great and filled with "Juice", oh, and expect spelling errors.

By the way has anyone heard of the new ABRs (Audio Battle Reports)?
#43 Blarg[129871]
You can't post to when viewing through anonymizers afaik. At least I can't.
#44 Jaood[129895]
The Juice is loose.

AIM: ja00d, you bastard.
#45 Blast.Aiai[130013]
I liked it all the way up until the end with the picture of you giving us the finger.


Take an original photo.
#46 endersshaodow[130580]
gj with the report, i agree with some other people that that guy shouldnt ave been lvl 13, but im lvl 7, so wtf do i no? good pics though, and i liked different background/text colors
at least a 9

P.S. ARE U BLACK OR WHITE!!!!??? i gotta know!!!
#47 endersshadow[133894]
had to round it to 50 ;D
#48 BlueRibbon[139138]
Jaood, that was nice. Everyone else is wrong, Vanilla Coke is good ;D. Your 7way FFA report is funny ;p.

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