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#1 Dist[128295]
Pretty pictures....
#2 Ender[128296]
NO!!!! so close
#3 Marko12[128297]
3rd woot
#4 Pathogenesis[128298]
maybe 4th
#5 [128299]
Nice work. The writing is pretty solid and the game was fun, if not super. The main thing you should work on is your picture editing and selection. Full screens are usually not necessary, and many of the pictures just duplicated your text without adding any value. Use a photo-editor to adjust the gamma on night-time pics and watch the replay at a different resolution to avoid blur when resizing. 8.0 - 8.5.

#6 MuLepton[128300]
Whoa, I go away for an hour after uploading and this thing is gold....thanks CB :)

I never thought of adjusting the gamma on night-time pics... I also noticed that the big picture came out blurry, i'll have to look at the original GiMP file, I think it was okay there.
#7 Ender[128303]
very nice report.. easy to follow just some minor errors (you just scouted LL? but your main IS LL =/ )

nothing else wrong i could find

#8 ZeaL[128304]
#9 EldritchEvil[128306]
Nice. Take ~CB~'s advice, he is king.
#10 ZerG~LinG[128313]
Looks ok at first glance, lemme just read it and I'll get back to ya :o
#11 DarkRider[128314]
Nice report, nice flow
#12 Augury[128319]
Nicely done. Seeing as this is your first report the pictures are forgivable, but your writing and game matched up well.
#13 DarkLord[128331]
for your fisrt time, this was incrdieble, good writing, pics were blurry (thought i didn't have my glasses on when i really did) gw

#14 TSUNAMI[128335]
I liked it a lot. Wow, TIME paid a complement.
#15 kaby[128339]
i have to say this is a very good report. the writing was good. pics could need a little editing. try to make pictures more clear and maybe some zoom/angle shots.
#16 Redemption6[128341]
Nicely done, clear writing, great game. 9.
#17 ZeaL[128352]
JUst read it, GG, nice first report! Great pics
I had about 15 broken pics, i just hit show pic nad they worked
r u sure i can have a refund for my smoking 56K?
#18 IcE-Inforcer[128358]
AAAHHH. My fucking modem! Where's my refund you bastard?

Jk. Extremely good for first! The writing was excellent, although I just read about 1/4 of it :(. The pics werea bove average so we can't complain bout that.. except for what CB said. Overall I would say 8-9. Good Work amigo. Write more!

#19 Agent_of_Sol[128359]

Loved it!

More! More! More!
#20 UraniumAnchor[128369]
Masonry improves the HP and armor of tanks?

You sure?

*goes off to check*
#21 UraniumAnchor[128372]
Didn't think so.

Iron/Steel/Mithril Plating gets armor, but that's it.
#22 2e722[128387]
Nice game, nice writing, but the pictures could be improved...?
At first i thought that you did not know how to edit pictures but when i saw the other pictures, you had edited them. So whats up with the other *non-edited* pictures?

Good work though, NIce read :)

#23 Raxor[128390]
#21 #22

... Except for tanks wich has fortified armour...

hmm.. maybe thay don't have armour upgrades have to check that but they are (or atleast where) affected by masonry as all buildings
#24 Rincewind[128391]
Checked the tanks in v1.00 and there they didn't get any bonus from masonary...
#25 [128394]
writing is solid and easy to follow
#26 HeXetic[128399]
Grea report, I just have two requests, plz:

1. LESS ACRONYMS! Not only were there the usual glut of Blizzard acronyms for spells and units (I can barely read a Diablo II guide nowadays without pulling out a complete list of skills, classes, enemies, and items!), but you also used acronyms for locations and one of the players! Acronyms just made the whole thing that much harder to read. Sometimes you just used an acronym only once or twice; would it really have been that hard to write it out?

2. Player names: using an acronym for a player's name is a bad idea, I think. I kept thinking there was some kind of spell or something called WIH that I'd never heard of. You should just abbreviate to a word that couldn't be a spell and also change the text colour & size for a player's name. Eg, use <em></em> to make player names bold and also colour them the appropriate colour so we can line them up on the minimap.

Otherwise, good report.
#27 OmegaX[128433]
pretty good
#28 Some_God[128434]
WOW reading this comment section I noticed TIME has responded... It is strange that this is the only surviving comment made by him.

Ok now for my reply to him:
"TIME your fag, you couldnt make a report like me for shit. And even if you could people would give it a 1 because you treated them like shit and thats what you get in return. TIME if you dont like me blow me!"


#29 Blackhawk[128437]
You just the feel the love and the homosexaul feeling between some_god and time.

Prez of JV fan club
#30 ChaosDemigod[128445]
This is exactly what i should have done, linked my report.
#31 Solarbreeze[128446]


#32 funnymarx[128447]
People who are dead buy expensive cars???


"It's no fun keeping him after class."
#33 Razoriel[128448]
If I were a rater, I'd give it 10.5, but I'm not.
#34 Flash of Death[128457]
bleh,couldnt you put this into the night elf view....
#35 MuLepton[128463]
Wow, I got frontpage hookup....go me! ;)

Thanks for all the positive feedback; I'll try to keep your tips in mind when writing my next BR.

#18, #19 the disclaimer specifically states that there will be no refunds for burned-out modems, sorry.

#21 Improved masonry adds to the armour of tanks, I'm 99% sure of that. HP is another question, probably not.

#28 Agreed, I should have been at least consistent with the acronyms...although I stated somewhere that I would refer to war as WIH at some point. But I'll try to cut down on them next time.
#36 vincible[128494]
Nice. I like your name too--nerdy names appeal to me.
#37 LaZyScV[128541]
Good first time report, prolly one of the best 1st timers.
#38 Penance[128660]
Yeah good for a 1st try. Needs some work on layout. Big ass text size isn't necessary maybe drop it a couple points. Graphics were alright but classier text overlays instead of photoshop madness would be better. Good color coding. I'd use miniupdates in a table or something every now and what everyone has in their army, resources, expansions, activity, etc. And stick all your abreviations at the start, then use full names 2 or 3 times followed by abbreviations in parens then just the abrevs. ie: UltimateWarrior (UW) started well, UltimateWarrior(UW) rocked on...UW kept on winning!
#39 [128672]
Great BR, that's all I can say. I hope you will write other BR soon.
#40 SiG.[128687]
If this was your first BR, then is in for a bunch of incredible reports from you.
I look forward to them.
Excellent work.
#41 Pop_killer[129673]
How did you play that?? Warcraft 3 sucks, and I understand nothing about it
#42 Rehtom[132143]
Me like :D

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