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"I saw all of that dark swarm and wet my pants...I'm gonna have nightmares dammit"

#1 [121625]
#2 [121627]


Lots of hidden text

actually, -1 for not mentioning me -_-
#3 Zealso~Valor[121628]
#4 Patton[121629]
Wow, I got 4th on a newbie report. Gj newbie, you are a god among BRers.
#5 Patton[121630]
Ooooh, subliminal messages. GW, you proprieter of propoganda.
#6 LuckyNewbie:p[121631]
hopefully i fixed the white background issue with mac users
i used the td tag as follows

<td bgcolor="black" background="blahblahblah/blackdot.bmp"<

if that doesnt work, someone good in html plz help
#7 ground-LOBP-[121632]
dude no fucking wonder, mac ie doesn't even display bmps unless you manually load them

and netscape blows
#8 [121633]
if you ended the tag with >, it might work ;O. Good thing i'm no mac user
#9 [121634]
+20 for
-11 for mentioning thesoby in any form, shape, or function.

Amazing br ;). Thanks for saving me from the evil of silver and bronze . . .

#10 DeltaFlyer13[121635]
#11 Sexy^Orangutang[121636]
if i read any more of these, i might just havta go out and buy war 3 :(
#12 DarkRider[121637]
#13 Drintr[121638]
Pure ownage! Great writing, good pics, and just... pure ownage! Although, towards the end of the game it seemed you kind of lost heart, making a new hero and mortars. What's with that? Anways, post more, much more!

Peace and Love,
#14 corpus[121639]
What not a paragraph by some luckynewbie pretender mumbling about shit? Like I'm going to read this! : P
#15 EldritchEvil[121640]

Pwnz report.

BM is the best hero. :]
#16 Copus[121642]
$60 dollars for the game. Blah you didn't even get the collecters addition. With pretty posters, artwork and such.
#17 Blarg[121643]
Nice BR :) The game sounded... interesting due to the "starcraft mindset" of thinking your opponent is the most important thing once you discover him, but you remarked on that and educated everyone so that's really great. :)
#18 User14[121644]
i have a stronge urge to punch satan in the face.... but since he owns the site i'll prolly get banned... again.
#19 User14[121645]
yes i know i spelled strong wrong.
#20 ZerG~LinG[121646]
Ace report, even though half my time with it was spent on looking for hidden text :~)
And as blarg said, nice educational report, I need something like this after I lost to a orc tower rush *cries*.

9 I guess.
#21 mattzarella[121647]
a few mistakes relating to grammar punctuation etc which brought this down from a ten to a nine

proofread :/
#22 mick[121648]
you are very cute LN ;p
#23 Fryhtan[121649]
#22!! Lol. Anyways...

I really enjoyed your report!! I hope that once I get WC3 I can play you and we can suck together!! ^_^ Oh and don't forgot about poor old Starcraft!! But, even though I only played Warcraft III for 10 minutes (at a gamming store it costs $5 an hour and I played something else...*sadness*) I pretty much know what is going on due to all the battle reports I have read ^_^ (I really like that "face"!!) I really already have WC3 but my computer sucks and I can't play it...but once the computer is upgraded it will be running all night with the mighty humans on my side!! Good battle report I think it deserved a 10...stupid thing with grammer...

"What ever creams your twinkie" - TastyCake

TastyCake is one of the best people online that I "know"!! Who else would dress up in a pig suit and get arrested for who knows what!!?

Good luck and I hope you make more battle reports in the future, I know I am doing that on my first game...
#24 Fryhtan (again)[121650]
I could have sworen that I was #22 when I started my"comment" (more like a frikken letter). Damn you mick!!!!! Oh well, #23!!!!

TastyCake still rules!!
#25 binjured[121651]
Nice report Lucky, what programs did u use and in what format? The pics are pretty degraded, I used Photoshop 6 to do effects and scale but saved as high-quality-optimized JPG, which made them a lot bigger but also made them not look like ass :)

9 for all the extra junk :)
#26 KepowOb[121654]
Nice report :] I haven't read one in awhile, so this was a nice one to read first. I would have read Dags by now, but its put into two parts, meaning it must be long, meaning I'll put it off till the weekend...

binjured: There is no point at saving them a the highest quality, it just makes the size a lot bigger than it needs to be. In photoshop you might as well save them at 80%, the size difference in the file is well worth the minor quality loss.
#27 LuckyNewbie:P[121656]
my main paint program was paint shop pro 7.02 trial version (cracked)

as for grammer and spelling mistakes, point out examples. i had two apes (pengy and aznsunboy) read it before i submitted, and I can always correct it now
#28 Decay[121670]
Dittos to #11. Damn lack of money/life/will to do anything but sit here. ;P
#29 [121674]
I noticed more stuff, I just didn't wanna nitpick ;O
#30 Redemption6[121678]
Fluent writing, a fairly good game. not bad.
#31 Redemption6[121679]
Actually, very good. Easy 9.
#32 Arsenic[121686]
"Do you recall what Clemenceau once said about war? "I surrender?" (sounds french)

"He said war was too...

Very strange use of quotes. It had me quite confused. other than that. good job!

#33 striz[121694]
wow, this was REALLY cool to read, even though I don't have the game. if I wasn't so poor, and about to lose my internet, I'd probably buy the game. maybe sometime in the near future.

1 question, are the other WC versions necessary (either for system or experience)?
#34 [121700]
They are absolutely not necessary
#35 Puma5000[121701]
#33 do you mean War1 and 2?
Yes you must go out and buy both! If you don't a horrible plague will befall upon you for not owning those games at least once in your life! Boils and spores will erupt from you skin while crazed locusts feed...on...your...shit I gotta stop watching kids in the hall. NE-way...
They were the best when they came out. The first time I ever ordered a footman to kill a grunt was unforgettable. But other than that they're only good for a collection(lolz, always wanted to say that -Puma * life = 0 -)

Oh and very nice report fofl
Well done in pics and actual reporting. Keep up the good work or I'll sik the Blizzard gestapo on you (all I got to say is operation CWAL)
#36 YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS (GUY)[121707]
epoch you are just one sexy bitch since war iii came out
#37 guy[121708]
wait a second you're not epoch
#38 Joe.Smurf[121716]
nice report newbie :) make more please

#39 Argonaut[121718]
great report. friendly to people who don't know thing 1 about the game and entertaining for the rest of us. informative too. i mean, holy shit, those are House Frames!?! i thought they were arrows :/
#40 Blarg[121725]
Bladestorm!! We may have both exagerrated its properties. I tried using it against the furbolg in moonglade during a throwaway bnet game (first time my blademaster wasn't surrounded when I set it off :)) and it looked like the spell only damaged units very very close to the blademaster. The animation itself looks larger than the attack! Noooooo!
#41 Rei[121728]
SWEET ass report. Everyone already sums up pros/cons.

Write more plz thx.

... : ]

#42 Sargaras[121737]
i was about to submit my comment b4 i was rudely interrupted yesterday

damn you!!! =p

(*goes back to desktop and reworks on his upcoming BR)
#43 Dampiere[121745]
good work newbie, my comp keeps freezing my war3 game, so i am gonna have to wait a while to cruise onto that. in the meantime, does anyone play cs in NoHunters anymore?
May the Terrans Prosper
#44 Raging~Kozak[121750]
Sweet report Lucky. I can't wait to get my new computer and so I can start playing Warcraft. Oh well, should be this weekend and my internet gets hooked up on Wednesday. See you guys in nohunters or wherever you hand out now.
#45 Erad[121802]
cs > war3
#46 Mr.Tribble[121816]
I loved the report it definetly earns a 9! I liked the hidden text! The quotes in between were something to look at. On the other hand Satan'sCookies obviously has mental issues. The KKK SUCK BALLS!! Good report again. How do the damn ratings work???
#47 -zX-Ravage-[121820]
Frost's SAT score = GG

lol ._.;;
#48 Dr.3vil[121865]
Excellent report, just didn't teach me anything about War3 I didn't already know: I once won a game where both me and my ally had no expansions for more than 10 seconds, but I teched upgrades and he teched Bloodlust which > everything.

Well, screw all that because it was funny as hell and that's what counts (especially the hidden text). I haven't had this many laughs from a BR in years, I'd seriously say it's Drefsab-quality (or at least Mark4-quality). Consider that high praise.
#49 [121866]
roofles "Drefsab-quality (or at least Mark4-quality)."

#50 SiG.[121868]
more ;D
#51 badme[121874]
Keep up the excellent work Newbie
#52 ~CattleBruiser~[121877]
Nice work, Newbie. I'd rate it if I could remember the password.
#53 Squad[121881]
more. <3
#54 Flare[121890]
GW newbie, you made me want to go out and buy war3.
Awesome report.
9 + 1 for hidden text.
#55 Anti-Progress[121894]
You just made footmen the whole game? Shame shame. I don't know much about War3, but as far as any game like this goes, the farther you get into tech the better your units should become. I can see Satans using grunts because of all those upgrades (berzerker...mmmmm) but plain old 1/1 footmen=suck.

Great report though, I really enjoyed it ^^
#56 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[121941]
A quote with titans name in it (barf).
#57 Terran+Force[121953]
Good BR. It's given me some pretty good insight.
#58 CaughtNaked[121954]
l337 broken pics
#59 Blarg[121955]
Hahahahahah. looks like Blizzard got pissed at you direct linking the pics. :)
#60 ZerG~LinG[121973]
Laming of geocities proportions.
#61 LuckyNewbie:[121993]
the pictures arent broken for me? T_T
#62 LuckyNewbie:P[121994]
the pictures arent broken for me? T_T
#63 LuckyNewbie:P[121995]
double post rules
#64 RandomPhantom[122000]
Nice report there heh. Just 3 things:
1. Footmen make for lousy melee. They are only good against ranged.
2. You forgot sorceresses!!!
3. Shamans RULE!
Hope to see more of these comic reports

#65 Horn[122010]
You did'nt mention it in your report, so I'd thought I'd add a little something here.
When you are out creeping with your hero, you dont just gain experience, but also gold, the little yellow numbers above the creeps heads when they die, are cash earned.
Wich makes creeping hard almost as good as an expansion :/

Live and Learn :]
#66 me[122024]
The best lost game ever reported
#67 Zw4n[122037]
Did i miss the link for the replay or arent there any replays on this page?
#68 LuckyNewbie:P[122045]
read the report less :[
#69 Maltara[122072]
Kick-ass report. I fall into the poor category, so I don't yet have War3. That makes this extra-good. Write more!!
#70 Valek[122169]
Replay was nice... but I want to watch the replay....
#71 Valek[122170]
* Report was nice

(2:00am here, must be tired :/ )
#72 Jim_Nasium[122180]
Good freakin report!
i think i saw that movie where the army general is convinced that commies are contaminating the water supply. I now only drink vodka.
#73 [122312]
Great job
#74 goldrush945[122315]
I don't have Warcraft 3 because I'm so poor :( (That and my parents took away my allowance, and I don't have a job). Does Mirror Image create images that do damage?

P.S. Great report :P
#75 [122322]
this was nice, 9

#76 MeTh[122323]
Great one indeed. 10
#77 DarknessRS[122399]
Hehe, another newb bites the dust.
#78 Von Doom[122507]

A nine for sure!

Reason: Not too many, nor too few images.
Great writing.
Actual contents, not just "he attacked, I attacked, I won."

/End Comment
#79 I_beat_luckynewbie:P_in_war3[122524]
yo you are right man war3 is so not starcraft so I think u should go back too playing it.

cauze u suck
#80 man-that-is-shit[122527]
lucky is it true u lost too him?
#81 Vigilant[122598]
Lucky's succinct, accurate title captivates me.
#82 Phobos_ColZ[122712]
I wish my computer could run War3 halp. Really nice report, 9.
#83 illidanDark[122856]
Hehehe, cool report. best one i've read.
#84 el_sux0r[122892]
A nice, but not great, report. While the pics were definitely good, and the report was long, the English was somewhat lacking. Still, it's clear that plenty of effort was put into it.
#85 ZerG~LinG[122970]
#86 [NoThx]GG[123106]
Without doubt, one of the least funny articles I have ever taken 3 minutes to scan over.
#87 plo[koon][123220]
nice job on the ap exam man
#88 spoonie luv[123512]
sweet strat nice job
#89 CuteyMunchkin[123553]
I love this report! Make more; you're a good writer. Heheh. You love dwarves
#90 silk_worm[123736]
Nice work, was fun to read. Waiting for the next.
#91 BosnianSoldier[123948]
Nice dude really nice
funny,interesting,apeling good job
sorry it ''took'' you 15 hours to write it
i think that's a lot but I'm glad u did
#92 Abugabuga[124670]
Very good report. YOu should make more about warcraft 3.This report is very interesting so you should make lots more.
#93 demon_blade3[125116]
#94 [141903]
#95 LuckyNewbie:P[143829]
Now i have teh cable
#96 [150648]
#97 [150684]
#98 shuriken[150692]

yea awesome br
#99 PeaceableGhost[150847]
Good report... and I get comment 99, and I'm a lamer to be reading this report 2 years after it came out, but yeah, whatever.
#100 Smeagol[150866]
Sup #100 :P
Damn this # shit is lame... :D
Classic report nubie, i remember reading that br before the game came out and ... shitting myself in anticipation of how much wc3 would fucking own :)
And i wasnt dissapointed ^_^

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