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"Haha I got 100th comment! I look down upon all you single and double digit people."

#1 [121234]
A few notes about the br:

A) The names are not colour coded. I think it's very easy to follow along without constantly being reminded of the player's colour, and it makes the text flow better visually.

B) Apologies to Mattzarella for not mentioning him ;). I was going to post a pic of moeb and frost but ended up not doing so.

C) I will not be doing a Starcraft BR in a very long time, if ever. I may change my mind if I get involved in a VERY good 1v1 and the planets are aligned yet. Unlikely. I will be posting stories and the like, however.

D) I view this as probably my best report yet, but I know there's plenty of room for criticism. Dagomar-bash away :D
#2 John[121235]
1st non-author
#3 Kane[121236]
#4 Mep[121243]

#5 Presto[121244]
i wanted 1 of 1st posts.. didnt bother reading too long
#6 Psychochild[121249]
"He seems to be very gm - perhaps a little overly so - and actually destroyed his scvs, floating his CC away over the nearest sea. Meanwhile I opted to scv dance round the closest geyser...."

#7 Blarg.Elfkiller[121254]
damn good BR. I'll have to try and make my future war3 escapades sound this exciting. :)
#8 corpus[121256]
Meh its starcraft and Dag smells, but it was enjoyable. Try Warcraft its muy bien.
#9 [121257]
#10 [121258]
Not too bad i dont know most of the players though.... Weird clan... Nice report! ;)
#11 random_digit[121264]
gw kak

btw im in fzn

let me in lolz i am fzn)lolz it is funny lol zoz kek sukkokpee
#12 Keanu_Reaver[121272]
ohhhh, loved it :D did a very good job making it sound like we knew what we were doing ;) writing was excellent as was the pics, definatelly one of the better reports of this year :)

#13 IBashar[121273]
Very GJ, Dag. So sad you stop BRing.
I liked those games, come back ASAP pliiiz !
#14 mick[121279]
#15 Sync[121293]
"Casey, you there?!" wtf it's a rl acquaintanc looking for me =[
#16 NFT[121294]
My pic=thx
#17 fatalblow[121295]
"However, when Reaver realizes just how close he is to actually destroying the hatchery, he darts back in and rapidly blows it to the ground, just as Deon casts a swarm upon the structure!"

i thought swarm didn't protect structures at all? so it wouldn't have mattered even if he got the swarm off before the mutas returned right?

oh btw, nice report :o
#18 ZerG~LinG[121296]
Definetly worth the wait :]
I only miss the alt-text, otherwise the br was everything I woulda hoped for :D
Pure gosu writing, maybe not the "TROUPLED" text in the pic in the first part, but eh?
They should include 9.5 as a "giveable" rating :o
#19 ZerG~LinG[121297]
I have some criticism:

1)Get a better comp.
2)Get War3
woot :o
#20 mattzarella[121298]
gay as always

#21 CaughtNaked[121302]
thanks as always for not posting the rep. and why do u always reports games that i sucked in? thx neways, gw gg 10~!~!!!!11 lolZ RoFLZ daG geT A 10?!14 loLZ?!
#22 [121306]
Mattz, way to flame me online for not adding your pic ;[.

I'll send you some porn if it'll make you feel better :P
#23 NFT[121308]
I was under the impression that swarm stopped ranged attacks from doing damage, no matter at what they're targetted at. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
#24 mattzarella[121309]
i'm not the one who uses shitty pickup lines to online men :)
#25 loooooser[121322]
damn confusing!!
#26 EldritchEvil[121323]
Another nice Dag report.


#27 [121333]
25, nice name tt
#28 striz[121339]
gj dag, liked it a lot. blue borders are the shizz.

#29 IcE-Inforcer[121340]
Woa.. that was long. Too bad the pics didn't all load. Who cares tho, Dag is an amazing writer.
I found a few mistakes tho, like:
"volleys of acrilite fire"
Of course the report rocked, and I read the entire thing, which is very rare for a report of such dimensions!
Sob... why u stopping? I'm gonna miss ur brs dag...

Btw nice shirt. At least you're not a lyer (lier?)
"as many of you know, I'm an absolute idiot"
Very, very nice 9.5-10

Peace -IcE-
#30 IcE-Inforcer[121341]
Btw u gonna post replays? I wanna see the one from the 1st game :P, looks awesome.
#31 [121343]
Alright, will do :]
#32 mattzarella[121363]
dag is moving in with me therefore he will be bound to the bed and unable to write battlereports
#33 badme[121370]
Awesome BRing Dag, as usual!
#34 adrenaling[121372]
AWESOME! FINALLY, A STARCRAFT BR! :) nice job dag... as usual. thx for starcraft and its reports :)
#35 mick[121409]
ice, it's liar : ]
#36 IcE-Inforcer[121446]
Lol 32.

Mick... U NO WOT? I... If you dont hapollogise I'll... uh... umm... I'll say your gay! Aha! Take that!

#37 IcE-Inforcer[121447]
Oh btw, MICK IS GAY!!!

Just kidding.. sry for spam dag :)
#38 LuckyNewbie:P[121498]
still no rating? wtf
#39 Wedge 88[121532]
Lucky, don't you forget who made you!!!1!!11
#40 LuckyNewbie:P[121541]
omfg i dont believe it!
wedge :O
#41 Mojo[121554]
"Central army group south"... :)
#42 Wedge 88[121557]
Yeah, I just lurk these days.

Anyway, pretty nice report Dag. Glad you decided to use some minimaps in the second part.
#43 badme[121661]
Why hasn't dag been inducted in the hall of fame yet? :-D
#44 who cares anyway?[121813]
the first part kinda sucked compared to your other reports, the second part was way cooler!!!
#45 [121814]
Dag for HOF.
#46 badme[121876]
Great games, too bad you lost your game dag :-(
#47 gosu_Gizmo[122645]
#48 Notger[123129]
Nice report. I enjoyed reading it, although I expected any second, that the luck of war would change ... I was very eager to find out, how you managed to turn things round, but well, you didn't. :)
Good story.
#49 faticehead3515[123413]
insanely good. one of the best i have ever read.

#50 Otemoc[123559]
Pretty funny. Liked the graphics.
I bet if I watched the replay
it would have been incredibly boring,
but your report made it sound
like a championship game.
#51 <b>doobiesnacks</b>[124679]
<font color="hotpink">damn secksi</font>
#52 /marquee plax[125075]
#53 NeWb_oVeRLoRd[128392]

i loved your detailed replay with the pictures and graphics it was a real treat to read

please do more

#54 POOP[145380]

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