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"My troops were fighting the lurkers like endersshadow makes wall-ins. Not very well at all."
- ZerG~LinG's The Good Die Young

#1 John[121233]
#2 Holy Shit![121238]
#2 on a Dag report!
#3 Psyonic_Reaver[121239]
3rd. =(
#4 LuckyNewbie:P[121245]
owned zvt style :O
#5 OmegaPoint[121248]
#6 Argonaut[121250]
now this is what i was expecting when u promised a BR on zerg~lings report.
#7 Black_Abyss[121251]
#8 Black_Abyss[121252]
No alt-text? :(

On to part two...
#9 [121253]
alt text is for pussies :)
#10 LuckyNewbie:P[121260]
quit refreshing the comments section, dag
#11 NFT[121285]
Dag check the Monix vs Lurk positions. You got them switched around in your opening paragraph for that game. Also, MORE MINIMAPS DAMMIT.
#12 [121288]
excessive minimaps on lt are overrated :p
#13 CaughtNaked[121301]
omfg, i was so owning u early game u lier/hacker/homo/lagger bitch
#14 IcE-Inforcer[121338]
Not bad... not bad at all...

On to part 2
#15 Lieutenant[121345]
Strom/Storm pics? Excuse me while I change my shorts ;D
#16 SFI-CBPye[121427]
THAT's Dagomar? LOL. Looks so... average!
#17 chiken[121592]
go view sykasyka's report
#18 [151279]
yeah had to replace that horrible, horrible picture of me at 16.

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