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"blah blah 9 blah blah"

#1 goldrush945[119810]
#2 Kane[119811]
This is short. Sorry. =[
#3 goldrush945[119812]
I got confused... =/
#4 Kane[119813]
Must have, if you read it that fast.
#5 RockForce[119816]
2nd non-author =P
#6 Dees[119817]
Yeah...bit short...but still good....3rd non-author..hopefully
#7 DarkMaelstrom[119818]
awesome man, your series rocks, the intertwining plots really make it exciting. can't wait to read the next one.
#8 [119824]
et tu, brutus?

best line ever.

Anyway, I absolutely love these. You have me hooked. I'm going to start giving these higher ratings. Since your last couple have gotten 8s, this will receive a 9 from me, though it's short and doesn't contain as much action.

I really loved the discussion about historical events. That was cool. btw Brutus was like a son to Ceasar, making it even more tragic.
#9 [119826]
er, best line that is, from Shakespeare's Ceasar . . . it doesn't really sound right for me to say it's the best line ever as Ceasar might have originally said it.
#10 titans-thesoby[119828]
this was awsome.
#11 kidonfire[119833]
#12 Moebius[G][119834]
I have yet to read a single one of kane's stories ^_^. Is it worth it? Will it fufill that deep yearning I have deep down?
#13 Black_Abyss[119835]
Yes it will Moebius. OH GOD YES IT WILL!@!
#14 Kane[119836]
9.0? Yay!
#15 adrenaling[119845]
kane! ur rookmark is finally higher than 8.0000000!

er, anyways, astounding piece of work. loved it.
#16 Kane[119850]
Yeah, now it's 8.10000000 =p
#17 zidane57[119853]
FYI dont ban observers
#18 Kane[119856]
Only if they lag, Zidane
#19 mattzarella[119860]
hard for an unappreciating crab like myself to find mistakes in your fanfics, kane

yes moe, kane's writing is orgasmic. you're guranteed to ejaculate on the first paragraph.
#20 ZerG~LinG[119865]
Another CKane story!
Just can't wait.
#21 someone[119872]
more plase.
#22 moonsprochet[119873]
Fuck fictional story's
#23 Kane[119875]
Moonsprochet, i hear "Goosebumps" are good for someone of your reading level
#24 IcE-Dark_Lord[119883]
And make sure you leave us all wanting more....then make a come back story to finalize it all.
#25 moonsprochet[119884]
What the fuck does me saying and i quote "Fuck fictional story's" have to do with my reading level. So maybe if you wern't busy jackin off you would make a reasonable thesis on my comment you cunt. Goosebumps kicked ass when i used to read the stories in my elementary levels of education and were way better then these little half ass fan fics or fictional stories to be politically correct. I personally have no problem at all with people expressing there creativity in short chronciles of fic's but i come to this site to read "BATTLE REPORTS". So fuck you Kane and oh ya original name u fuckin dumbass your not even smart enough or creative enough to come up with an original identity.
#26 Kane[119885]
Well, you can't spell, and you can't form coherent setences. Says a lot about your reading level.

I couldn't understand your last comment, so I kinda skipped it. Hope you don't mind.
#27 TheyAre[119889]
Not like "moonsprochet" is very creative or very good... Kane I likey I likey but your HTML on new paragraphs... Either put a space in between paragraphs or indent a new paragraph, it feels like I'm reading some newbie's BR rather than Kane's The Journey ^^.

As for "I COME TO THIS SITE TO READ BR'S I'M 133t AND YOU SUXX0R CUZ U WRITE BR'S KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE" shut the fuck up. Fanfic's are way better than BR's I think, even the best BR's gets beat out by the best fanfics, there's things you can do in Fanfics (just about everything) that can't be done in SC and hence can't be done in a BR.

#28 Moonsprochet[119891]
Im sorry you made me see the light can you find in your ankle's to forgive me?

#29 [119892]
moons, nobody gives a shit what you come to this site for or what you enjoy. You are meaningless here. Plz, return to the homosexual void from whence you came, and shut the fuck up.

#30 Redemption6[119894]
where is chj?
#31 moonsprochet[119895]
sorry lagomar
#32 Redemption6[119897]
hmm, i say you guys stop this :D:D:D lagomar? i mean...err..c'mon think of a betta comeback then that. ;) and fanfics are good. If you don't like them, dont read them. If you insist on reading them, THEN SHUT UP.
#33 Planetkilr[119898]
moonsprochet, even if you only visit this site for battle reports, no one forces you to read stories. Moreover, if you have no interest in stories, why do you feel the need to post shit like that?

I don't know why I bothered to post this. Your comments prove that you aren't worth the effort.
#34 Kane[119915]
Yeah, fanfics can be good. Of course, I DONT WRITE FANFICS AS:DFJDS:LFJSD:LKJF
#35 TheyAre[119938]
Yeah that's right! AS:DFJDS:LFJSD:LKJF. No idea what that means, but right on, Kane!

As for being a "cunt," your idiotic use of a rather vulgar term proves your ignorance, and in the end, your flaming homosexuality (most homosexuality, even flaming, is okay, but yours... it just defies belief).
#36 Kane[119951]
Wait, i'm a cunt now?
#37 Rowdy[120000]
*sigh* Flame wars.

I just spent two hours...ish reading this entire series, and it's 3:52 AM. Wow. I want to be a writer. :[ How did you write this?

Hmm, can't wait for more.
#38 Anti-Progress[120013]
This isn't a fanfic, it's not about a game at all. It's a fictional story, and a good one at that. I've read only this one, but I think that it'll be worth it to go back and read the others. Great work Kane.

BTW: moonsprochet, you're a dumbass. If you don't want to read the story, don't do it. But don't flame HIM because YOU don't like to read.
#39 Cpt._Insano[120029]
Kane... i just got to let you know... this fan fic is awsome... i just cant wait to find out what happens next , dont take to long.. ya? Moonsprochet your a retard... if you hate these things then why waste your time leaving comments that are only going to make people mad at you and prove the fact that you take it in the ass from donkeys...
#40 Squad[120045]

hurry up and finish. good lord. takes forever. you kill me as i wait.

also i want to know who the guy is who writes the intro and stuff. i bet it's some plot twist. like it's the guy who tags along with gerard. see? i dont even remember his name! that's how insignificant he seems. :O

#41 zidane57[120053]
Never mind on my comment for some reason i thought u were someone else...
#42 ZerG~LinG[120066]
For once, Kane missed his next release date -.-
#43 Kane[120077]
Yeah, traveled 400 miles to Southern California for a piano convention.
#44 UltimateFire[120078]
Bet that sucks with the end of the world in 3 weeks or whatnot.
#45 Rowdy[120128]
#46 IcE-Dark_Lord[120130]
moonsprochet = gay, fagget who sux his asshole, and takes pleasure sucking his 1 testicle out his ass with a toilet plunger.
correct me if im wrong : FanFic = Fantasy / Fiction. so since kans story is fiction and is fantasy, would it not be a FanFic?
just asking.
#47 Kane[120150]

Fanfic = Fan fiction (duhh)
written by people who are such big fans of something they just have to write about it

this story is entirely made up (except for one legend i'm borrowing from mythology that the reader hasn't come across yet) so it's not a fanfic of anything, just a random fantasy/scifi story
#48 triped[120280]
Kane, my apologies, this has been a great series to read.

However, I believe it's customary to hold off on ratings until the story is done, you rookmark inflater. :P
#49 Kane[120282]
No it isnt
#50 StriderBlack[125647]
Kane likes men O_O

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