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"It's really a historical moment in my life, this game; I feel strongly that it has altered the course of my intelligence flow for good. Brooke, who is the aforementioned village idiot, took her first turn with pride. She placed down three letters - A, W, T, following an N, which spells 'NAWT.'"

#1 EldritchEvil[117664]
Good, it should work with 800 x 600 resolutions now.



P.S: Admins, please delete ALL my prior BRs.
#2 Kane[117665]
ever heard of fileread?
#3 EldritchEvil[117667]
What's that? Could it be useful in a situation like this?

#4 Kane[117670]
#5 lebman[117671]
I guess I'll take 1st since no one seems to feel like calling it :)
#6 vincible[117672]
"2nd" then.

Thanks for changing the table width. It came out pretty nicely.

Is the game as a whole mainly a trading game, with a little combat? Or is there more to it than that?
#7 EldritchEvil[117676]
#4: TY, and I apologize for posting. ^^ I'll use fileread from now on. I assume I write the HTML in a text file, them upload that, or what?

#7: Oh, heck yes. I've covered aproxomatly 1/100th of the game's scope. You have combat up to here (Bounty Hunting Missions, for example), you have 6 (six) main storylines, all with about 32 long missions, and yes, there is way more to it than trading and combat. I urge everyone who has a mac to buy this game - for a small fee of $30 - before it has finished downloading.

-Double E
#8 CrackHeadJeb - Rater[117712]
"...headed to the shipyards where my beloved I Will Devour Your Soul I is docked..."


This whole report shows great attention to detail. I'm going to give it an 8, and I am looking forward to more adventures of Lord Zod. ;)

#9 Pol[117722]
Omg, a nova br :)

Anyone who's lucky enough to own a mac, buy the damn thing, and if you don't own one, you can wait 6 months for it to be ported :)

Looking forward to more nova br's. Do a Polaris one ;)
#10 Kane[117744]
You can create a text file w/ Report Manager, then copy-paste it in there.

Look at it in IE before you post ;o
#11 Epoch[117752]
Wow, this was good!
Almost makes me want to buy a mac. ^^
#12 EldritchEvil[117753]
#12: Thanks, I'll do that.

#13: You should buy a mac. *waves hand* You... WILL... buy a mac...

#13 Epoch[117754]
"What do you think you are, waving you're hand around like that, some kind of Jedi? Mind tricks dont work on me..."
I prefer PCs. IIRC, PCs have more games for them.
#14 Sexy^Orangutang[117762]
the geeks in my computers class play that looks weird, cause when you shoot all the bullets/lazers/missles/etc... go out in every direction, and sometimes i just watch them fill the screen with purple lightning.
#15 EldritchEvil[117765]
#15: Yes, but Macs are STILL > PCs.

#16 The purple lighting would be the Polaron Cannon. It's like a Space Tesla. :)

#16 Epoch[117798]
Anywho I don't have enough money to buy a mac. But I might, if I could.
#17 ground-LOBP-[117830]
the PC port was recently announced anyway.
#18 Daggoth[117837]
Finally, an EV report!
This is great so far, all it needs is some 'Escape Velocity Haikus' and possibly some dirty jokes about Capt'n Hector. =D
Terrific job so far!
#19 [117844]
very nice, very original. This seemed like a hard game to br but you did it well. 8.
#20 EldritchEvil[117845]
#20: Hey, good idea! Escape Velocity Haikus! *digs out his old Escape Velocity game*

#21 Thanks, Dag. It actually is easier to BR than SC, because you can do it on your own time. (I realize this is true with replays, but you only have yourself to keep track of.)

-Double E
#21 Elven-Pr0be[118006]
I like it, but why did you have to ruin it for me by telling me that Nova is for Mac?!
#22 EldritchEvil[118060]
Because otherwise you would find out yourself?

It's being ported. You'll only have to wait 6 months.

#23 .HeeroYuy.[118080]
really nice report long live Lord ZOD!
lol make more plz or i give bob and iggy you address@!!
#24 [118081]
nicely done plz keep on makin more
#25 LuckyNewbie:P[118198]
MOOOORE MOOOOORE. it was entertaining, if the alt text and the part about the monkeys didnt make sence. As i said: more!
#26 EldritchEvil[118204]
Thanks all, and LuckyNewbie:P, it wasn't SUPPOSED to make sense.

My computer was needing of repair the last 3 days, and now I'm getting back to work on Lord ZOD!'s adventures.
#27 CDRCoyote[119704]
Loved ur BR its just not as good as playing the real thing though. :)
#28 Razoriel[121130]
I can't wait for it 2 be ported 2 PC, as your review made me search 4 it straight after I finished. BTW, how long untill the next report and 4 the port 2 be done? 6 months 4 the port still?
if anyone could let me know thier license code is and name so i can try the full version of escape velocity theni i will buy it for myself if i like the whole thing
thank you very much
my email adress is and i will delete the user name and password or license code whne i buy my own soon
thank alots guys
like if you have an old one or something
#30 EldritchEvil[122163]

You can download the full version from Ambrosia's site. But you'll get an annoying shareware reminder, nothing bad.
#31 ben[126923]
yeah, but you can't access most of the ships and mission strings Im 14, and EVN is a grat game, but my dad is to stingy to afford $30 to pay for the registration. Does anyone know how to get one?
#32 EldritchEvil[127799]
Get a job?
#33 Lord Lucifer[131054]
It's a pretty steap price for a shareware game. in fact it's crippleware. I'd love to se the rest of it though, if you don't mind parting with your license code, then e-mail me at please say "in regard to EVN" I get a lot o' junk mail. Danke
#34 Apocalypse[132709]
I also need a license coede as i live in Australia and am not willing to fork out 50+ dollars even for a shereware game, not even for EVN. So please anyone out there, mail me at

#35 [134293]
I need a license code and name for EVN too because i would very much like to see the full game and then i might by one for myself
but I can't afford the $30 and i'm too young to get a job.
Please someone mail it to

PS I'll delete the name and license coda as soon as I get my own
#36 Sere[138324]
Egad, the 'me too' phenomina hits again!
Wankers, either go make your own game, or pay for the bloody thing. If shareware didn't make money, we whouldn't have fun things like Spiderware Software around.
#37 BlueRibbon[138762]
I enjoyed your Part 2 and, 3 so i decided i would check out your 1, and I am glad that i did, GJ ;D

#38 WindMinstrel[139362]
Goddamn pirates, You deserve to die.
#39 froggy[139414]
Ambrosia's passcode protection is airtight. Give it up. Pirated codes don't work. Do you think they don't keep track of codes? Don't you think it would be a little odd for the same code to come in 20 times?
#40 EldritchEvil[139606]
Wow, coming back to this, I can't believe it got an 8. Ha ha, fun.

Also: Death to pirates! Spiderweb and Ambrosia own!

P.S: Oooh! An Exile: Ruined World TC for NOVA would be cool!
#41 NotJim[140032]
Hehe EE, GJ :)
#42 [144411]

I need a license code and name for EVN too because i would very much.
Please someone mail it to " "

I'll delete the name and license coda as soon as I get my own
#43 nemesis2223[145765]
I need a license code and name for EVN too because i would very much.
Please someone mail it to ""

I'll delete the name and license coda as soon as I get my own
#44 pokerfrk88[149467]
Can some1 send me a license code and name to i REALLY need one
#45 pokerfrk88[149469]
What is wrong with this lord ZOD guy? Im a little confused
#46 Sharky[150029]
idk about you guys, but the first EV was the best, and its just $20! Even if you don't pay... all ya get is Cap'n Hector attacking you sometimes (very mosquito esque). Btw, you guys ever use ResEdit to do some funky things with the game? I got myself into the alien ships with that nice little editor.
#47 [151141]
holy shit this owns so hard.
#48 [157253]
Jesus CHRIST, this report SUCKS.

But in my defense, I was like... Twelve or something when I wrote it.

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