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"~LeLa~ and I_Hate_Medics aren't the same person. They live in the same town. It is called a very good ISP. "

#1 [117197]
I hope this works now ;). Pity about the previous comments!

If it doesn't work, I will spazz. It's bad enough I classed it as an SC rather than Other br!
#2 CrackHeadJeb[117199]
looks fine now. It's important to cater to us users of MicroShaft products because Bill Gates has already brainwashed us. ;)
#3 Epoch[117200]
Wow, great br... It made me wnna go paly Homeworld, so I spent about 30 minutes looking for the demo. I finally found an expo for the demo.

I think I'll rate this:

Pictures: 9
Writing: 10
Funny Dialogue: 8
Layout: 9

Overall: 9 =D
#4 Ender[117202]
wtf DOES gamei stand for?
#5 John[117204]
#6 Black_Abyss[117205]

Vertical scroll > horizontal scroll, glad you fixed it. :D

Although I'm a little sad because i got 3rd comment on the horizontal one. =/
#7 SiG.[117206]
Most of Dags non-SC reports make you want to play those games.

I want to play Homeworld.
I wanted to play Empire Earth.. but it fucking sucks.. (who wrote that BR again?)
#8 I-LoveStarCraft[117213]
Crome all pics!!!!!!!!

10 10 10 10
#9 Kane[117214]
That's odd, the last one worked on IE. At least it did on MAC IE... =p

dag use fucking fileread next time
#10 Kane[117215]
nifty pictures btw

makes me want to go watch The Matrix o_O
#11 Who'sGotLag.IDO[117217]
Ahh, I see... All pic br = PITA to fix text.
#12 NotDefault[117219]
Gah, I keep losing my comment due to my stupidity :).

2 things.

Easy 9, game was good, it made me want to play Homeworld, good descriptive text, etc. etc.

Having an all-pic BR was unnecessary because you just use text on a repetative background most of the time anyway. A traditionally coded BR would work better.

#13 someone[117220]
kushan ships look like shit. and heavy cruisers > salvage 'vettes, sadly =[.
#14 Joe.Smurf[117223]
writing was good, ( actually i didnt read any of this report ) but I didnt understand any of the pictures. :(

#15 plus2longsword[117224]
This BR SUCKS...i give it a 9

Where did you get pics/drawings?
#16 Kulkusa[117226]
aww all the nice things I said are gone :P
#17 Kodiak8[117227]
Not bad...

Do the br on the expansion. It has a few new and quite interesting elements.

#18 Ezikel[117228]
Salvage corvettes own... if yuo do it right, you can beat anyone with Multi/Heavy, some minelayer and salvage vettes....

what most people tend not to notice is the space under them... they just roll over, ive kept 20 salvage 'vettes under someone before, then stolen nearly their entire fleet... havnt played in a while though
#19 Ezikel[117229]
OH, yeah... 9, purely because its homeworld and the pics rock :P
#20 Chobo~Penguine[117230]
kik ass report. 9. how dod u do the textured background i have tried a billion times and always failed. i would like to know for my next br
#21 the()vermind[117239]
great report dag, considering you're the only active rater, i doubt that this will be rated soon, unless mark gets to it
#22 titans-thesoby[117240]
GJ is WIlliamWC3 here to stay?? Gj Dag
#23 ZerG~LinG[117247]
Dref might rate it, or T_Mac -.-
Anyway, the all-pic format was the biggest fault with this br. Since most of the br was in text, you might as well coulda wrote it traditionally. Infact, it only added to the loading time. (GIF format didn't make it better)
The gosu background could easily have been done as a normal one.(In the table tag)
Other than that, it was all good.

#24 ZerG~LinG[117248]
THe pics were sex
forgot that
#25 CaughtNaked[117253]
i refuse to read unless im in it:}
#26 SFI_CBPye[117254]
Dag, if I had to load this on my dial-up, I would have been PISSED. You could have easily done that background using the table tag, as previously mentioned. It looked nice, though. How'd you do the pics? does the game actually look like that?

I kinda wanna play this Homeworld game...

I'd give it a 6. It looks cool, and it's great BR, but this is just an inconvenience for the people on dial-ups (and in America, there are more people on dial-up than broadband. shame on you :P ).
#27 HarvKilljoy[117255]
Dag, AWESOME STUFF! Ok, ok, maybe it wasn't THAT great, but it was something other than Starcraft, and I've played Cataclysm myself, love the game but the multiplayer isn't that great, sadly. My vid card isn't handling the good stuff from Cataclysm, either =( but hey, it was a cool read and nice pics! I too want to go play some Homeworld(Cataclysm) now too. Sadly, I am at the end of my lunchbreak, and other duties beckon.
#28 BeHe[117256]
Nice report Dag.

Love the pic effects, makes it look kinda comic book.

Next time you play Homeworld try my fav tactic of sneaking a bunch of minelayers behind his fleet by having them guarded by 3-4 cloak vessel thingys (i forget their name) with a bit of micro you can move them across the whole map cloaked, as one cloak vessel thing (i forget their name) runs low on power you can switch to another.

Nice to see a BIG capitol ship fleet fall to some mine layers and a bit of craftiness.. mhua :)

PS. please do the cataclysm report!!
#29 MaELStRoM[117262]
Nicely done.

8-9 i'd say
#30 Adrenaling[117263]
another nice report dagomar!

8-9 is definete
#31 Redemption6[117264]
Yea this made me want to play homeworld too. It doesn't seem to have many units tho, from what you described theyre both the same race and the units are limited to workers, mothership, destroyers, ion frigates?, repair frigates, heavy cruisers, interceptors, and bombers. and....that was about it. That is like how many ground units terran has. The game seems limited. You didn't tell the diff between asteroids and gas, are they like the same kind of mineral or two different kinds? I'd say 8-9, proly 8 tho cuz it was kinda short. Then not a rater am i :). And #26, to give something a 6 based on the fact that it takes a long time for it to load on dialup is crap, get some more money and get dsl or something.
#32 [117266]
I'll answer some questions later, but as for all those complaining about dialups, I really don't care.

This didn't take any longer to load than a typical ffa report. Also, I enjoyed making it all pic format and think it improved the overall look of the br ( though there still are some major rough edges that I'll have to fix ). As for the pictures, I tried to clarify them by including a description on each one ;).

Thanks all :)
#33 Epoch[117268]
I played the Cataclysm demo...

It roxs...

I was up till midnight last night playing it, then got up early to play it, and I played it for 2 hours after school.

I AM BUYING THAT! (After, of course, I get Warcraft 3)
#34 masterrace[117270]
homeworld, a good game, nice idea
#35 Twip[117271]
This loaded faster than a typical FFA report.

Anyway, it actually held my attention. BR the next game too.
#36 UltimateFire[117283]
Whee post the one for the x-pac please.
#37 adsf[117291]
is this sc?
#38 CrackHeadJeb[117295]
eee, no (refers adsf to comment #1)

If War3 turns out to be complete ass, I'm going to buy Homeworld because of this br. :O!


#39 Chacmool[117298]
Great report, I use dial-up and it still loaded quite quickly. This BR really makes me wanna get that game, lol. GJ
#40 LuckyNewbie:P[117299]
very cool. How'd you get those pictures like that? or is that how homeworld saves them?
#41 Ender[117300]
you mock us by putting the br under starcraft and reporting it about homeworld DAMN YOU!!!
#42 Ling-erie[117301]
when was this posted? i never noticed =o

prolly rubbish tho, look who wrote it

i'll read tomorrow ;)
#43 (...BlaZe...)[117309]
I LOVE YOU DAG!! (gw br, very sexy) Now go make that ffa br, gayest ever -_-
#44 NotDefault[117310]
Well, it's not only dial-ups you should be concerned about really (and frankly, I'm not even concerned about dial-ups, sorry you people who are still using them). I'm worried all pic BRs like this suck huge bandwidth from As others have pointed out, it's also a lot easier to fix mistakes if the BR isn't done with pictures.

As for the actual pictures in this BR, I liked them even if they gave no indication of what was going on. They just felt illustrated, and that was enough for some reason.

It's also a very big pro that I wanted to play the game after this BR, especially since I've played the demo and hated it. :)

#45 (...BlaZe...)[117311]
I like homeworld too, used to play it, but got tired to an excent. Did you know zileas was on the beta team, and also did some designing / balancing with it?

I really fell for those pictures, very niCe dag;)

And gogo, make that ffa, man that's gonna get all 10's. If you want me to, I'll be happy to give you a hand or two on it.
#46 (...BlaZe...)[117312]
Was this all pictures? I didn't notice untill i read it somewhere;)
#47 Maddocks[117315]
I have a horrible dial-up connection...this loaded faster than some "typical" BR's.

Only had to hit refresh once :)
#48 Ling-erie[117320]
i used to have homeworld, but it looked nothing like that, those pics sucked from how i remember the game to have been =[

i think i musta had a different game, asdf.

#49 [117323]
lol Ling, either you're stupid or bm ;)

thanks to mark for front page plug :)
#50 Amoeba_Boy[117327]
I like how you explained what all the ships do, you didn't do that in the other space combat BR (damn, I forgot its name) and I was pretty confused for most of it.

I hereby proclaim this BR, to be dead sexy
#51 ncBones[117328]
great game, makes me want to dig out my homeworld game :)
#52 LuckyNewbie:P[117378]
answer questions you bum
#53 NotDefault[117387]
#51, Freespace. Godly game.
#54 AlienSpatula[117388]
Good ol' dialup. The first time I tried to load this, my ISP went down. Seriously. A ~100 square mile area was without access for 2 hours. Of course, it's probably just coincidence...

The report itself was wonderful. I had never even heard of this game (and thought the br was about a game on the sc map Homeworld, which would've owned too) until this br, so descriptions were extremely informative. More importantly, you managed to keep the outcome uncertain until the end, which made me cheer for the Kushan like I did for the rebel alliance in that one space movie. Anyway, great report, more plz, thx.

#55 ThePalisade[117408]
The big FFA BR is now in |]agomar's mail box. Any further delays are entirely his fault. =]
#56 DMage[117463]
Heh, Dag should get some money for all the "advertising" he's doing. :)
#57 Razoriel[145909]
This made me actually reach for Homeworld, and I almost screamed out loud for losing it until I remembered my friend had it. Do another Space Combat report, they are so cool (Freespace, Homeworld, BOTF [Not sure if you will on that one]), otherwise I'll have to do one on FS 2 single player (If I learn how to make a decent report...).
#58 RabidMurloc[155762]
I am buying Homeworld because of this report. Technicly its Homeworld 2, which is very good. The demo is very good, too. HW2 is slightly different. You build stikecraft (fighters and corvettes) in squadrons. Fighters come five for a dollar, while corvettes (and scouts) come in threes. There are also slightly altered corvettes (ion beam=ownage) and you build "facilities" instead of researching certain technologies to get access to ships. Ex. fighter facility for fighters, corvette facility for corvettes. It's very good. It will arrive tommorow when I get home from school!


Ahem. I can't wait! Please do the Cataclysm BR. I feel that the Relic website doesn't really cover it properly and I'd like too what the Beast ships do in the field. I'm sure Gunner bitched throughout the whole thing. (hehehe) Hope to see more good reports from the Daginnator!

The Dagginator? O_o SHOOT ME NOW!

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