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"When in doubt, make more Science Vessels! "

#1 StriderBlack[116961]
Who's Your Daddy?!? Kane is your daddy!
Ownage man. Great job.
#2 Kane[116962]
#3 Black_Abyss[116963]
God I love it!


I can't wait for part 5!
#4 vincible[116964]
Nice. I like the random Madeline L'Engle reference.

Biggest problem: Gerard takes the gun from Jon then throws it away. A couple lines later, Jon drops the gun that he no longer has. Very bad.

I like how you manage to maintain an air of mystery about all this. Kind of like the X-files, back when it was good. Of course if you go another two months without any resolution I'll start getting irritated. :=)
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[116965]
Your pic that says Cit-Kane is the final boss from "Crono Trigger" (That game rules all)
#6 Mistears[116968]
ur final picture is great.
chrono trigger was my most enjoyable rpg ever,
even if ff3 was better gamewise.

#7 vincible[116969]
Wow, you wrote chess battlereports! Cool idea.

I also think that you're recycling too much. When the magician stumbled like that, I thought, "Hmm, that's like the submersile technician. And the spaceship technician. And the reporter. And practically everyone who's not Gerard..."
#8 CrackHeadJeb[116975]

Okay, I finally had to read this series. (since I glanced over this one and thought, 'wtf is going on?'. and I didn't want to have to start reading when you had the 10th installment out)

I can't wait until the next installment. I rarely say that about a fanfic. ;)

#9 User14[116979]
Another good one, vincible doesn't know what he's talkin about ;[
#10 UltimateFire[116985]
put more into each segment ;[. this one didnt answer nearly enough questions. I MUST KNOW!!!
#11 Jekpo![116989]
When does part 5 come :D
#12 ZerG~LinG[116997]
#13 Kane[116998]
Thanks all for your comments.

#4: I'll correct that sometime later today =p
#14 Redemption6[117003]
Great fanfic as usual, itz not as good as the first few though, the suspense wasnt as good. Notice the word as. It was still really good.
#15 SiG.[117015]
I like your story, Kane.. ownage.

BTW, Lavos's final form is a BITCH to kill (last pic)
Even if I totally own at CT, it was hard as hell.
#16 Kane[117023]
Lavos is so powerful, it's almost unfair. But I kicked his ass in the end o_O
#17 [117080]
Dammit I wish I could rate an 8.5, this was very good :D. Plz INCLUDE THAT MOOSE HUNT THO ;(
#18 Kane[117081]
I don't think a moose hunt will happen, as the plot is headed nowhere near Canada. Sorry =[
#19 IcE-Inforcer[117113]
Wow... everyone likes it.
Ima gonna start readin' this.
#20 Kane[117216]
YESSSS I got the front page hookup again!

I WUB YOU MARK4 (or JV, or Fox1, or YRM... If it was YRM, he should stop fooling with the front page and WRITE SOME DAMN REPORTS T.T)
#21 [117231]
dude, I even signed the post
#22 Kane[117245]
wow, hak
#23 SarcasticSage[117434]
What can I say, I enjoy this series and have been hooked for a while. Pls write more SOON! Else you'll force me to unleash my sarcasm on you. OoooOOooo Scary O.o

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