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"stop living"-

#1 Ender[116142]
#2 Adhosive[116144]
3rd YAY
#3 [116145]
1st in spirit
#4 ZerG~LinG[116148]
#5 Kane[116149]
Dag, how about you give this a 10 and say it's an 8 in spirit
#6 [116154]
No, this is an 8 with distinct inklings towards the realm of 9s. If the title of your next one is "The Journey: Part 4. A moose hunt in Canada" I'll slap it a 9.
#7 LoZeR-X[116156]
I know where this is headed, a ffa between the magician, a ninja, greg and gerald on lost temple.
#8 Adrenaling[116157]
hiho kane. another good chunk of fiction. =]
#9 Redemption6[116158]
#8 everyone knows that gerald would win....
#10 vincible[116159]
Pretty good, though I liked the first two parts better. Your intro paragraph, I did not like. "Questions, you have."
#11 Same Random Reader[116160]
First two seemed better, but this is still good.
#12 Kane[116163]
When I was revising this, I made a mental note to change the "Questions, you have" thing, but I forgot about it >.<
#13 MaNiAcMarInE[116178]
Great story, I like the idea about the Canadian MoOse.
#14 User14[116201]
awesome keep em coming, i thought gerald was good, well i hoped i could tell he was bad tho
#15 Puma5000[116225]
He's not necessarily bad, he just might not have the same morals as us. IMO he's gonna unzip his clothes and pop out as reefer(or is that Rufus?) from Bill and Ted's Excellet Journey
#16 whatever[116236]
I think the third installment was the best so far, or maybe I'm just getting accustomed to your pacing.
#17 plus2longsword[116358]
I'm definetely going to read this some day
#18 Kane[116406]
only 18 comments? =[
#19 Kane[116407]
well 20 now

thanks all for reading and commenting. I am currently 2-and-a-half installments ahead, so you won't be seeing any delays anytime soon =p

to #8, #10, and #15, it's GERARD, not GERALD. "Gerald" is just an unsexy name. "Gerard", however, is nice and manly.

Is he really evil? You'll find out soon enough =]
#20 Zumbooruk[116678]
Very good, I'm looking forward to the rest.

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