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"...if king is a 1200 protoss i'm a bearded alligator. "

#1 CrackHeadJeb[114302]
#2 Mr.Mediocre[114304]
Nice guys, very much enjoyed it. Next time, though, be more agressive in your image compression ; ).
#3 CrackHeadJeb[114308]
Interesting format, nice looking report. gj having the balls to post after Mediocre, you guys prevented a host of battlereporters whining about how they can't release their report after a Mediocre report ;)

#4 AbsoluteGeneus[114309]
Wow. Wowie wow wow.

~nuff said
#5 Black_Abyss[114311]
Awsome, 2 incredibly kick-ass reports in a row, I love it. Great pics, and nice writing.

#6 [114312]
This was -extremely- good, although the game was a bit 1-sided. I'll slap a 9 down on this one ;).
#7 Adrenaling[114315]
crap reports owned by cool reports. =]
#8 KepowOb[114318]
All I have to say is thanks for all the positive comments from everybody!

Killawful wanted me to wait longer to post in here, but I couldn't... sorry for the 3.5mb of pics : I'll try compressing them a tab more next time.

I didn't even realize Mr. Mediocre had posted before this one, but since you all like it, it's all good.

Thanks again for the positve feedback.
#9 Killawful[114319]
Medio-who? lol jk, that was a good report :)

And Dagomar, speak for yourself, the game wasn't one sided, I could have killed him a few times :P
#10 Apollo[l][114320]
the pics were awsome
#11 stonecoldnewbie[114322]
kinda a weak game, but hey still was cool, gogo make more ^_^ 8-9
#12 Eradicate~Me[114323]
omfg, you put the stats on a seperate page just so people couldn't see how blatently one-sided this game was.
#13 Mistears[114326]
very good report

9 if the game was better/longer
#14 Adhosive[114329]

#15 Jekpo![114330]
Wow....amazing report! 9
#16 CorpusChrist[114335]
Very Very Well Done. Just Beautiful. 9+
#17 [114347]
you rated this higher than mrmed?
#18 IcE-Inforcer[114365]
Lovely! Nice pics, good writing, good theme.
9, 10 if it would be longer. Thank god I'm on uncle Dan's DSL right now, 3.5mb woa...
I'm about to submit my 3rd br and it's got the same style for pics, background images etc :(.
Oh well, liked it gj.
#19 Joe.Smurf[114369]
Dags ratings are starting to confuse me Anyway very good report prolly does deserve the 9 , but mr medicore deserved ten :(

#20 SOFA_KING_HIGH[114370]
hmm the game was 36 minutes long. not to much action for it. btw bw suxors =) gogo vanilla
#21 reaqu[114374]
nice report cool pics too:O i gotta give this a 9 due to its length=P
nice work=)
#22 KepowOb[114385]
Thanks for the positive feedback again. The game wasn't as one sided as the final score makes it seem, and that's not why I put it on a seperate page. I put it on a different page because the picture was ugly, I made it last minute and figured it might as well go there since it didnt look good compared to the other pictures...

As for the length of the BR, I guess it might be a little short, and we'll work on that for next time. I'll also try a bit more compression on the pics :].
#23 ..DisturbeD[114388]
I read the first round, then skimmed through, looked at the pics that loaded. The writing didn't really catch my interest at all. I liked the boxing theme and how you listed the stats at each intermission.
#24 Amoeba_Boy[114393]
I know those quotes are funny. But use your own alt-text, dont steal quotes that all of us have already read hundreds of times
#25 killawful[114420]

manner game

#26 IcE-Inforcer[114451]
In the ''Keystroke Help'' menu it says alt+r for ranking mode or whatever but i dont work for me. Some1 clear this up 4 me plz thanx.
I bet this is just another stupid question with a stupid simple answer again... o well...
#27 TifKonika[114457]
Ok yea.

Where's Mike Tyson? The pinnacle of boxing? He's 1 tough nigger, and he'd run everyone to the ground, even your mother's.
#28 {DD}Fatboy[114492]
little thing i found wrong with the strategies, seems like the templar were storming multiple times on the same spot. I kno this doesn't help, and only wastes mana.
#29 KepowOb[114501]
Fatboy: sometimes if your in a panic, you just select multipul temps to storm one place, and it does help if the unit has enough energy to survive one storm, but its true that it doesnt hurt as many units... We're not exactly, as you may have noticed, elite players, so don't expect some godly micro from us.

Ice-Inforcer: what are you talking about?

Tif: I didn't chose pictures by who was in them, I just went to a boxing site that had pictures and took ones that suited my purpose...

Amoeba_Boy: Sorry if you didn't like the alt-text, we thought it would be a good idea, we'll come up with our own next time. Thanks for the input.
#30 IcE-Inforcer[114509]
K KepowOb, check in keystroke help. It says: Alt+R= ranking mode on, or somfin like that. I thought that maybe you used that to include the scores at every round.

Wow... im confusing myself.
#31 ZerG~LinG[114510]
Woah! Truly amazing report, the pics were massive and cool, although that green colous makes my eyes bleed.
Another thing, plz don't use the qoutes, seiously, i've seen all of them a 100 times, just like all other regulars.

(They're still funny though :)

Next time, if u love me, use a slight darker colour. :]

9 btw, noone should bitch about Dag ratings, as for a long time he was the only active rater..
#32 KepowOb[114519]

Ice: For the ratings at each round we played the replay on (only works on, not single player), and when it got to 6 and 20 minutes, we ended the game, giving us the score up to that point.

Zerg~Ling: Alright, well, sorry for the bright font, Ill make sure to pick a better one next time :. As for the alt-text, we'll make sure to come up with our own, and thanks for liking it :].
#33 [114557]
I didn't mind the font at all, it was a rather welcome get away from the everyday. :). Especially for a jungle br thing.
#34 IcE-Inforcer[114582]
Ok that works too, but I still don't get the Alt+r thingy in keystroke help. Hehhe. nM
#35 KepowOb[114612]
Dag, thanks for appretiated my choice in font :]

Ice, if I could help you I would, but I still don't know what your talking about :P
#36 ZerG~LinG[114670]
Kepow, i think its about how u got the scores in mid game.

overview and minerals and such, which u normally get when the game is over.

You coulda done this in two ways, first by exiting the replay at the correct time, showing scores up to that far.

Or, look somewhere in the keystroke help, and u can get the scores to show up while playing (i think)

Once again 'grats for a well earned 9 :)
Oh, and btw this isn't the first joint br. As you said, Nobody, Fox and Bane did one, and i believe LuckyNewb and erad did one too.
Fox and Aldogrez also did a funny thjing once where they report the same game from different angels. (Worth a look)
#37 Tavernology[114722]
Nice BR, good for a change of color for the text, but flourescent green = evil.
Nice Pics, but Strega has better girlie pics in his BR's.
8 or 9, but I've just been reading CHJ's Br's, so I'm spoiled. =)
#38 Redemption6[114729]
Clever job with the writing, you made it look like the game was even and you did an okay job at it. However after the game I looked at the stats and it looked kinda onesided seeing as how the zerg had almost twice the amount of minerals the toss had. (i think it was toss.....:))
#39 KepowOb[114769]
Thanks again Zerg~ling. I already knew that there were a few joint brs, but Killawful didn't, being the relative newbie here. (I've been lurking here since the original site).

Thanks for the positive coments from everyone else :], and thanks for the feedback, we'll do our best to use it next time around.

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