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"Warning: There are two types of people reading this report. The first kind is already off staring blankly at my pretty pictures. The second are the ones reading this warning because none of the pictures are loading. The reason for this is one of the following: Bill Gates is the devil; Netscape Navigator was programmed by a bunch of monkeys; a butterfly flapped its wings in Hong Kong (or one of its near by suburbs); you are actually trying to download this through a phone line (be serious people); or Bill Gates is the devil."

#1 ZerG~LinG[112554]
I apologize for the double post, this is the real deal, i have no idea ho the other one got there :(
Plz read this ;)
#2 [112558]
Ok, here we go again, 1st non-author
#3 ZerG~LinG[112559]
Congrats T.T.Boy ;)
#4 Patton[112563]
Pflash was good. Pics were purty. Text was ownage.
Has everyone forgotten about our old friend, alt-text???
#5 IcE-Inforcer[112566]
Some good shit, nice pics etc,good writing= 9
#6 MatriX[112568]
I actually didnt think this was that great.. pics were ok but with some gay effects (i.e. the swirly purple, that was sooo unhetero).. and i caught a lot of typos and i thought this was unclear in some parts.

#7 CrackHeadJeb[112570]
aesthetically pleasing
#8 ZerG~LinG[112571]
And now im left wondering over wtf "aesthetically pleasing" means :(
The word pleaasing was in it, so it has to be either positive, sarcastic, or downright retarted
#9 triped[112574]
#10 Eradicate~Me[112577]
ya im not gonna spend 5 minutes loading this
#11 Mr.Mediocre[112578]
phun reed.
#12 ZerG~LinG[112579]
I'm gonna have to kill the next guy i can't understand, first CHJ, now Medio with his "Phun reed"
English is harder than i thought T.T
#13 -the o_0-[112581]
It's good... uh... the flash wasn't very good, though. :P Writing/pics are good. ...whee~
#14 Eradicate~Me[112583]
ok I loaded it. My main complaint is that you try too hard to be funny. i.e: you're still acting like "ownz j00!" painted in a purple and pink fashion (why?) all over your pics is funny or something. It's not ;[. Also if you're going to make an attempt at wrapping the text, at least wrap the text around the picture so it's appealing to the eye. Overall I'd give this an 8 because there's a lot of room for improvement.

#15 Eradicate~Me[112584]
And for christs sake get some different music for the flash.

#16 ZerG~LinG[112585]
Ok, i now the pics were total crap, to much text in them.
but dont bitch about the music :O
#17 Adrenaling[112586]
#18 Amoeba_Boy[112595]
Seeing how Kronborg is making Goliath, I decide to go with the obvious counter; Battlecruisers!

LOL, great line

I personally dont like collages, it ends up all in one big mess. I cant understand whats going in each indidvidual pic and it hurts my eyes. I found a LOT of typos, mostly things that didnt make sense when you say them out loud.

About twice you talked about 1 tank and you said tanks, lots of other stuff. And if your gonna make collages PLZ dont write on them, makes it even harder to understand

Overall great report
#19 Katome[112598]
Please steal more flash intro features :|

Seriously (no pun intended) if you are going to steal stuff don't be so obvious. The flash intro was really a waste of energy, it looked really bad, music seemed chosen just for the sake of having music in it; quite anti-climactic. I didn't read after seeing that.
#20 Eradicate~Me[112599]
are you talking about breeze's flash?
#21 Psychochild[112605]
Not as many broken links would be nice. After the pick of the "Chobo Lurker" I got many a Red X. The pics I saw were really nice (Hell, anything is nicer than paint...) And the writing was better than mine, which can mean alot of things, so I'll just back out now before I end up contradicting myself.
Over all, 7 for so many broken links, but as always, must be my P.O.S. comp. Damn thing.
#22 CrackHeadJeb[112606]
keep refreshing, Psychochild ;)

Comments #7,8,11,12 should be a quote. ^_^

#23 SiG.[112608]
ASDF.. I dont know how I missed those 4-5 typos..
Remember, I checked the words first, and read over the report after.. I guess I missed some of the conjugation errors (1 tanl=tanks and such)
Sorry LinG... I figured Cer1dan would be able to make it perfect..

But in my defense I DID fix about 50-60 errors..
i liked it..
#24 CrackHeadJeb[112616]
ZerG~LinG is the coolest person from Denmark that I know.

#25 Adrenaling[112619]
now ive realized you can do many more things with photoshop than with paintshop pro. or i havent just figured everything out yet. i think ill go try photoshop now.
#26 Patton[112621]
Zerg~Ling is the ONLY person from Denmark I know.
#27 Breeze[112634]
Yeah when one has seen Serious' flash it's a bit annoying to see that one, some elements were absolutely the same :P.

Other than that I thought your pics were interesting, far from what I consider aesthetic, but kinda funky nevertheless.

It's always nice to see someone spending a lot of time and effort on a report, thank you :)
#28 BigD[112635]
Decent flash, good report. Too bad you lost tho. And it was LT. Still, this'll be gold.
#29 Cer1dan[112636]
I never got to proof read because nobody sent me the damn report *glares at Ling and SiG :)* but i offered, i get to do the next one *sticks tounge out at sig :)*

Nice report ling


#30 Who'sGotLag.IDO[112637]
Yes, nice report. Tried a little too hard in the humor though. Noticed the informative little message you left in the source code. =o

I'd say 7, but the pics might push it up more. Would have said it was a definite 8 if the text were formatted a little better. Say using paragraph tags [p] instead of [br] (you get the idea since html = nono). But that's just an english speaker arguing about minor format preferences so whatever.

PS. too many collages, made the report feel cluttered/cramped. A nice simple picture is good periodically.

PPS. couldn't you get the screenshots' notices out of the pics? Didn't u take pics from the replay?
#31 Who'sGotLag.IDO[112638]
Also, didn't like the washed out effect on the minimaps. Just made them harder to see and didn't really go with the rest of the pics in the collage (I think).
#32 NotDefault[112642]
Hm. The report was well-done, but the game seemed kind of lacking. It was never really even close. First it was a 2v2 and you were losing, then it was a 2v1 and you were losing. Ah well, still a gold report, but it lacks that certain special something that makes a report great IMO.


#33 Puma[112643]
That was ace. Nice report

9 =)
#34 NotDefault[112644]
Those who said that the flash intro was basically copied, could you please identify the one you think is similar? I viewed both of Serious's flashes, and neither of them seemed to be very similar to this one. The only shared element I could find is the crosshair from the Shrapmetal report, but that's only one element out of a whole flash.

#35 GoZuLu[112650]
Hej ZL.
Total iorden BR. Nu med flash, lyd og korrektionslęsning.

Nice report. 9 for sure. I didn't see any typo's, but thats just me. Keep down the use of pink and special effects .....

The other dane - GoZuLu
#36 HailCaesar[112661]
Aesthetic means "Appreciative of the beautiful" Learned that in honors english, can u believe it?
#37 KepowOb[112674]
Isn't it fun to start playing with adobe photoshop?? If you just keep messing around with it, you'll find some really cool stuff you can do :].

About the report, I liked it, Mikkle reminded me of one of my friends... Good game.

#38 stonecoldnewbie[112675]
hi, pretty nice job, its obvious you put a lot of time into this which is a change nowadays..

if the flash is going to suck that much though, just leave it out :) pisses off the 56kers ^^ good pics and decent writing though, and overall cool report.. 8
#39 ZerG~LinG[112676]
So, alot of obivous mistakes littered this report imo, but wtf it got an 8 which is my target score (lol yeah right)
"ZerG~LinG is the coolest person from Denmark that I know."
And the only ^_^ Except for GoZuLu ;)
I promise my next report will be more "polished", al“so, if you spot any typos, i recommend you copy/paste them a 100 times and send them off to SiG. That'll teach 'im.

#40 ZerG~LinG[112677]
And btw stonecold, the only 56k'er thats gonna be pissed is myself :( Can't think of anyone else thats got a modem, maybe Strefa or whatever his name is
#41 Amoeba_Boy[112679]
I have a modem

And that flash made my computer slower then a 0 legged cow
#42 sig.[112680]
#43 Anti-Progress[112684]
I enjoyed the report, I liked the flash, didn't think the pics were too cluttered with words, and I also enjoyed the humor in it. What's wrong with me? Does it mean that I have no sense of what's good and what's bad? or does it mean that all of you have no idea what you're talking about?

Either way, I enjoyed it. GJ ZerG~LinG
#44 matrix[112694]
or it could mean people have different opinions

#45 reaqu[112696]
Nice report Ling, u sure know the perfect counter for gols=]

#46 [112697]
This was so freakin good 10 10 10 10 10
#47 Joe.Smurf[112698]
anti progress your name is well suited i seriously hope u didnt mean that response to be taken wih any amount of thought. obviously u had nothing better to write then some retarted ignorant shit, eximplifing how stupid u can be. I really dont think you are that stupid though since you seem to acknowledge what u are doing to the human race by spreading your low intelligence by your choice of screen name "anti progress" if u want to be an idiot ? on purpose.. at least say something funny..

#48 Peace_Keeper[112720]
Haha, great report in my opinion, written in a fun way ^^... Typos yes, some pics weren't to clear but I liked most o them and intro wasn't too bad... GJ Ling...
#49 ToasTeR[112739]
hehe mu english is worst then Zerg Ling's, so I did not care about the english :)
I really liked this rapport... somehow It find it funny, and the pics/collage where adequate, i think
#50 CorpusChrist[112742]
Nice report, Nice idea with flash but..... At least an 8. Can anyone report on anything but temple theres not even been a hunters one. God even a bgh's would be a relief, eh well maybe not.
#51 i dont know anyone here[112750]
#52 Dopey[112752]
#53 a non-cool hater[112760]
i'm sure you put lots of great work into this report, but frankly, i feel offended that you would want to share such a bland game with us in such a thick fashion.

i'd hate to imagine anyone would read this report for entertainment. sure, it makes fun of a couple stupid things that happened ... okay. it also has some colors and sounds and uh ... okay, it's just not an interesting game. i'd rather have a straightforward useful look at a meaningful game. i'm sorry.

that being said, i also am shocked that something with so much "room for improvement" gets an 8 just because so much work went into it. the real value of a battle report, to me, is what can be learned from it, or what is geniuinely amusing about the game it reports on (not the manner in which it is reported). given the overuse of media, i would feel sinful giving this report higher than a 3.
#54 ZerG~LinG[112790]
To non-cool-hater: Everyone's entitled to their opinion.
Tnx for the front page thing, made me smile :D
and btw mark4, you made me even more confused when u typed "veritable cornucopia".
#55 KRONBORG[112804]
Nice report, but the game sucked T_T
#56 ZerG~LinG[112850]
KRONBORG: KAKAKA atleast u won ^_^
#57 ResEvil[112894]

9 gw thx
#58 [112913]
lol, a non-cool hater, lighten up buddy. There's no reason for you to feel offended, you tart - Zergling went through a hell of a lot of work to create this, for no reason other than to provide the people who visit this site with entertainment. Be grateful, even if this wasn't quite up to your gloriously high standards. After all, having made exactly 0 battlereports, you should be the ideal person to say exactly what a br should be like.

Also, you feeling shocked by a rating of 8 given to a br for hard work is somewhat . . . scary.

Thumbs up to Zergling on the gm response :). You get an 8 from me!
#59 Wolfs16[113026]
The report was awesome! I think you did a great job on the pictures, and you get I high score from me! Keep up the good work.

P.S. Good battle too;)
#60 CrackHeadJeb[113040]
eh, it shouldn't be thrown into a non-cool hater's face that he's written 0 battlereports. It's all nice and well to please battlereporters with a battlereport, but the majority of people here are not battlereporters. If you're only writing to an audience of 20, what's the point? We all hold fervent beliefs about things we aren't experts on, anyways, so whatever. It's not like hater is spamming the forum in protest.

#61 TeMpLaR:)[113371]
Apparantley if you dont write corny fan fics like Dag then your not welcome to read a BR way to take away from an awesome Report Dag ....
#62 Oblivion_Soul[113716]
The flash was okay while the story didn't have enough details in it but all together it was great! Glad i read it but you better improve this to; make it more longer and funnier ya know!
#63 Oblivion_Soul[113717]
It sure was great but always look ar what youre writing make it more detail so the reader understands it but it was great!


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