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"The pen is mightier than the sword (but not mightier than the arclite siege cannon). "
-t.t boy

#1 Ling-erie[112300]
you suck
#2 [112301]
Nice. Front page.
#3 Ling-erie[112302]
stop camping your own site =]
#4 [112303]
Die chobofucker!

Hey, this is the first time I hit the reports page in days =]. I was rating all the crappy and one or two not so crappy fan fics when you posted this sucker.
#5 Ling-erie[112304]
In that case...: moderate site less thx gw
#6 Ling-erie[112305]
wtf, stop giving the second part of my name a capital... so bm
#7 ..DisturbeD[112307]
Comments whore. Funniest shit was the quotes from the protect the ink section. "Ling your ass is mine!" Haha
#8 Ling-erie[112308]
#7, warned on AIM
#9 BigD[112309]
SCV rush to nuke rush? I thought the two were mutuall exclusive, but you almost pulled it off.
Unally button > fate. 9.5
#10 John[112310]
#11 Mr.Syco[112311]
Nice report, gj!
#12 [112312]
Suffer with it ling-Erie!
#13 Adrenaling[112313]
#14 IcE-Inforcer[112314]
Nice, Muta/Cruiser/Carier battle owned.
Maked my stuff look like shit :]
#15 IcE-Inforcer[112315]
Maked??? That's why people flocking complain about my spelling.
#16 Adrenaling[112316]
one pic didnt work for me. really nice report though. up to your usual standards (maybe better).

btw, probes have 20 HP, not 40 HP. They got 20 shields WITH the 20 HP. =o

#17 Blinding_Shadow[112317]
Isn't it spelled 'non-heterosexuality'?
#18 ZerG~LinG[112318]
dis gosu am!

#19 Ling-erie[112319]
fuck, i mis-spelled the title, and it's the only thing i CAN'T change =[
#20 [112320]
#21 I-LoveStarCraft[112321]
If you want to give us something to do "while the report loads" make that Theseus vs Minotaur open in a NEW WINDOW!!

Otherwise, great job as always, keep em comin'
#22 |]agomar[112323]
The foremost lesson in non-heterosexuality:

Don't read a report by Ling.

Guess I'll have to break that one.
#23 |]agomar[112324]
erase the "Don't" in the above post. ASF fuckin F.
#24 |]agomar[112325]
erase the "Don't" in the above post. ASD fuckin F.
#25 |]agomar[112326]
wtf is this, Dagomar self own comment section? I should give this a 1 so nobody reads the comments :(.
#26 |]agomar[112327]
btw, Roar is the same guy as Mac~Daddy, who is the same guy as Spinal
#27 vincible[112328]
I like the arrogance of the person who wrote up the "Theseus and the Minotaur" thing. "When [not if] you finally decide to give up", "it may be that no one will solve it", etc.

It was a fun puzzle though. Thanks.

Oh yeah, nice br too.
#28 |]agomar[112329]
After I read this, I can say that even your errors were funky. "Inkmeister getting given." oan.

#29 Lochron[112330]
This report is very thxx!


2-Where can I get "protect the inkmeister"?

3-Do I have to get an authentic inkmeister for it to work? Can we get him mail-order?
#30 Ling-erie[112331]
dag u fuck, gimme a 10

thx for repairing my illiteracy Mark4 =]

erm, i don't know how to respond to everyone else, you all scare me.
#31 |]agomar[112332]
F U Ling, don't I scare you :(.
#32 Keanu_Reaver[112333]
#33 Masterrace[112334]
I used to think the concept of "gay ffas" was kind of silly, but this site could fill a gay parade in sanfran with the ammount of "gay ffas" submitted. Move on people..

#34 |]agomar[112337]
Masterrace, for those of you who don't yet know, is a qualified idiot.
#35 Masterrace[112338]
you post 1-10 comments for each report submitted at this site dag not to mention every forum post. Even if I were an idiot, which im not, you should probably look at yourself before you say shit about anyone else you ugly bucktoothed faggot, get a fucking life
#36 |]ag Is Cool[112339]
Adrenaling is quick.
#37 Amoeba_Boy[112340]
Add Comment button > Dag
#38 Keanu_Reaver[112342]
always funny hearing someone on a site like tell someone else on the site to "get a life"

kinda like two guys in the gay pride parade and one calls the other a faggot
#39 WTH[112344]
That maze thing wasnt too hard it only took me 45 minutes to figure out.....I think I need to learn to let things go.
#40 Uncle~Jam[112345]
Why must I be embarrased in every BR I'm in? Sigh T.T
#41 |]agomar[112346]
lol Masterrace, thanks for proving my assertion that you were an idiot!
#42 ncBones[112349]
Post the relpay please.
#43 [112350]
I have no idea how masterraces comments are connected. It almost made sense for a second, but then I realized I'd just dropped a few hits of acid and what really made sense was the way his comments were the same primary color.
#44 CrackHeadJeb[112351]
Hrm, sounds like it's time for me to report on another gay ffa with rainbow backgrounds for effect.

Oh, this report? It was pretty cool I think it deserves a log 1000000000


#45 Ling-erie[112353]
wow, a 10 off've someone =o

anyway, the rep looks kinda lame cos it'a ll spread across a big amp and so on. I don't like posting them cos ppl start telling me what i missed in the report, and u lose the feel for the setting, so no you can't have it.

thx jebby and random other ppl,. sorry jam and masterrace, your name looks lik mass terrace to me, sorry =]
#46 random_digit[112354]



btw if you want directions ask.
#47 Adrenaling[112355]
the picture with the alt-text "asdf =[" doesn't work for me. asdf =[
#48 Ling-erie[112356]
=47 you probably have javascript disabled on your comp.. or something

i'll look
#49 Ling-erie[112357]
sorry adrenaling, it should work, it's not a map either. try right-click and show picture, otherwise i'm not sure
#50 masterrace[112358]
??mark4 my second comment was a reply to dag's comment....

Ling, this is a high quality report and it deserves good scores, I just dont enjoy gay ffas much anymore, i didnt mean offense towards you

and dag you're nothing, shut up
#51 ban[112359]

#52 badtz maru[112360]
i liked
#53 |]agomar[112362]
lol Masterrace, if I'm nothing, what are you?
#54 Mjotnar[112363]
This report was lacking. 5, if you're lucky.

#55 Adrenaling[112364]
Masterrace: if dags nothing, how the hell did he become a rater. i mean u gotta be smart and litterate to become a rater. (or there are other ways we normal ppl dont know of...)

Ling-erie: its ok. show picture thingy aint working either. =[ it was still a good report with out it too.
#56 Puma[112366]
Top report... Erm, and as for the banter... Great!
#57 slinger[112367]
#58 InkMeister[112369]
If any of you people play "Protect The InkMeister", please do a better job of protecting me than my friends did. They all sucked hardcore. Did you see the way I got mangled by those ultras? That sucked. GG.
#59 Mjotnar[112371]
Is broodlinging InkMeister an effective strategy for keeping him safe?????
#60 Ling-erie[112377]
you can't broodling inkmeister, believe me i've tried ^^
#61 ..DisturbeD[112378]
Backstabber. Your traitorous british ass should be drug out and shot. The nerve. Inkmeister should be cherished not abused! Trying to broodling your master. Sigh. What do they teach you brits nowadays? It certainly sucks in comparison to our GREAT EDUCATION WE GET HERE IN AMERICA YESSIREE WE ARE GOD THX

#62 reaqu[112381]
I gotta admit, ffa's dont get gayer than this=O

btw, 10=0
#63 Patton[112383]
Is this s'posed to be alt-text?If so, it no work for me =[ I like the report, of course. Mouse-over is cool, text good, etc etc continuous ass kissing.
#64 Eradicate~Me[112385]
good, but not 10 quality.
#65 KepowOb[112394]
"I have no idea how masterraces comments are connected. It almost made sense for a second, but then I realized I'd just dropped a few hits of acid and what really made sense was the way his comments were the same primary color."

funniest thing I've read in awhile =]
#66 Mr.Mediocre[112396]
10 Super Swank Points.
#67 Raider[112399]
OMG best report I have read in a while. Great job ling.

#68 Ling-erie[112400]
#69 hitokiri-ray[112405]
I agree with Keanu_reaver at #38

btw Nice report Ling
9.9 -___-
#70 hitokiri-ray[112406]
I agree with Keanu_Reaver at #38

btw Nice report Ling
9.9 -___-
#71 Breeze[112417]

#72 Ling-erie[112422]
hi breeze =]

#73 InkMeister[112443]
<3 to ..Disturbed. Rock on man.
#74 AngelicWizard[112444]
Protect the Inkmeister is my creation, bwahahhaha~~ <3
#75 Me[112446]
Dammit!! how do you do the "Theseus and the Minotaur" puzzle?!?! AarRgGhH!!!! someone tell me plz =(
#76 Me[112447]
and give this a 10
#77 NotDefault[112453]

I'd say 10 but that the alliance of 3 at the end stayed together; that's not the way it's supposed to work. Even if they allied to kill Fate at the end, they still should've turned on eachother afterwards.

#78 reaqu[112457]
After reading the title who else thought of T_Mac??
#79 triped[112459]
anyone who was around when T_Mac was and/or jumped on the T_Mac bandwagon (shadow), trying to fit in

then again, some of us just plain don't pay attention to titles :O
#80 reaqu[112490]
Someone *cough* triped *cough* takes things much 2 seriosly and needs 2 lighten up=P
It was meant as a joke not as a sign of bein in the T_Mac bandwagon or however u put it=P
#81 livingexception[112517]
Just what I needed before doing my physics lab report. Muy bueno with the mouse-picture tricks. I only wish I could see the game

I hate viruses.

#82 DeltaFlyer13[112520]

Overuse of the word 'gay'.
#83 triped[112525]
answering rhetoric/joke questions with a serious, preferably biting reply is an excellent way to stifle a party atmosphere
#84 KissBlade[112528]
Post More PTQ reports. That one was WAY too good =D
#85 |]agomar[112562]
reaqu, you should have been reminded of Mark4.
#86 reaqu[112614]
Hmm, who ever knew some ppl would make such a big deal about flamin T_Mac? Oh and triped, i wasnt tryin 2 ruin the party atmosphere but since ur so intent on doing so, STFU
#87 Keanu_Reaver[112629]
or maybe reminded of Ling-erie, such a fucking faggot :(

but my favorite faggot :)
#88 Not important . . .[112633]
. . . but the solution to problem is this:

#89 AlexanderYoshi[112784]
Nice puzzle. I saw that one a few months ago.

Yes, I beat it, but who really cares.

ICQ: 3866475
#90 TrOgYLDitE[115967]
Nice goddamn report, i admit i am a broodwar geek that finds amusement in hand drawing replays while listening to my damn gay US history teacher blab about gettin ass raped in Montana. Hand drawn replays are fun to make, you get all the action to yourself! Crazy damn report!!
what do bm and lmao mean??
#91 [132284]
where is the pic of the maze

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