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"I truly am the master....comedian.....of protoss air"

#1 Snake[111623]
lol first! i hope 7-8 on the report for the comedy elements good job
#2 KepowOb[111625]
It was an interesting idea, and pretty funny, but it was pretty short and I donno, wasn't your best report :. Maybe if it was longer, or, I don't know, it just didn't catch my fancy.
#3 Kobane[111626]
im at a loss for words.. so ill just say "3rd non auther!"
#4 CroNo[111627]
"Speaking of gas, I had better get some of my own. This was easier said then done..."

I actually started laughing when I saw the picture below this sentence in your report. I never actually laugh at the humor in reports i read. GJ 8-9!
#5 SiG.[111629]
Mick is my favorite battlereporter now, he = comedy.

I dont know how, but newbies seem to be attracted to him..
#6 Manius[111630]
lol...good report. Needed some funniness. gj, 7-8
#7 Manius[111631]
BTW...when I said needed some funniness I meant that I needed some humor, not your report. =D
#8 Oddity[111633]
feed your own ego more plz thx
#9 -the o_0-[111635]
LOL, all of yer reports are great. and they come at a great speed.
#10 LoZeR-X[111637]
Lol. 'queens are good for ZvZ'
#11 ZerG~LinG[111639]

#12 Patton1944[111642]
#13 Snufalufaguis[111643]
OMG....can i plz have my 3 minutes back. I just wasted all that time ready what was not only unredemming but also plainly stupid as well. I'll take u out 1 on 1 anyday. Just plz try not to be gay to newbs. You were like that once to.

#14 [111644]
Not bad, try the medic circle of love next time.

#15 Zeratul[111645]
funny report :) i don't know why the newbie who had never played sc before just rushed into the best way is to try the campaign first; i learned all of the basics from there :) oh well who cares...

#16 LuckyNewbie:P[111648]
"teach me play" would be better
#17 NotDefault[111649]
I don't think it's funny as much as sad... somehow he got onto B.Net, got a money map, learned the meaning of nr 10 and yet had no idea what to build as Zerg.

#18 Ling-erie[111650]

man, i love these =]
#19 badtz maru[111651]
you're mean.
#20 |||l||||ll|||||[111653]
maybe you should play my friends

next time you get on msg me so i can benefit from the idiot-drawing or idiot-picking talent you seem to have
#21 Serious[111655]
I can see the attempt at humor, but it didn't really work for me :) newbie bashes are only fun if the newbie isn't too newbiesh
#22 |]agomar[111656]
lol, 7 in my book
#23 Sexy^Orangutang[111659]
this was a good idea, but i was kinda left hanging at the end. I know its kinda hard to have another game because these "teach me to play" arent always there, but i still feel like there could have been more.
prolly a 7 due to some humor
#24 triped[111674]
You have original and humerous ideas, but you don't follow through well with your presentation.
#25 Adrenaling[111680]
teach me to play, too. :(

this was funny... kind of. gg.
#26 BluBBas[111683]
"Mick is my favorite battlereporter now, he = comedy.

I dont know how, but newbies seem to be attracted to him.. "
so u be n00b!
i even got his website in favorites:)
#27 Dino Din[111707]
man how do you kill the table appearance. Looks so nifty w/o it.
#28 BigD[111716]
This guy is severely twisted. But it's funny.
#29 [111724]
needed humor big time.
#30 Hopper[111778]
Attaboy Mick!! Now just put that scene in the next "Brood War High"...
#31 DeltaFlyer13[112253]
Heh, that guy was halarious.
#32 Sabotage[143585]
That ending was so funny!

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