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"Lesbians own."

#1 KepowOb[110129]
Hope you like it :]

#2 killawful[110130]
biased report! ill get you! *runs off to write his OWN report*

id give it a seven though

good report and nice pics :)
#3 Serious[110131]
Noooooooo your pics are better than mine! Blast you.

Well.. not really. you're Canadian too, so I'll give you some slack.

Tell you what, I'll read it, and then list off how this report sucked compared to mine.

Just kidding! n.-
#4 KepowOb[110132]
It's not biased, its how I saw the game :]

I even offered you to put your thoughts in it at certain points, but you didn't want to...
#5 Jekpo![110134]

Well at least you admit he kicks your ass.
#6 SiG.[110135]
Blah, Canadians suck, eh?
You had quite a few typos, but other than that it was a pretty good report.. Pics were delicious.
#7 KepowOb[110137]
Thanks. I think those typos are becoming my trade mark. I guess I need to get better proof-readers...
Also, some of it may be canadian spelling, like centre instead of the american center...
#8 Serious[110138]
Canadians don't suck c.c I'm Canadian n_n;

A few typos, okay attempt at humor. Pics were pretty (damn you! x.x ). Hm.. The game was pretty neat, but I still don't understand how you got into his base with your counter (the first one).. You never really detailed his forces at the ramp. It was like 'I attacked the rax to let my goons through' and then 'oh, the rax is dead now'.

All in all.. I'd say easy 8-9
#9 KepowOb[110139]
Well, from what I saw, all he had was three tanks in there, and, by talking to him on the phone just now, he said he didn't have much more than that, since he was going to drop me.

As for the humour, it isn't my best skill, but I felt I needed to try.
#10 stonecoldnewbie[110141]
hhehe pretty good but:
bad grammar
not funny
for more detailed reports try one of those "replay" thingie mabobs :O

and: heres a thought: it is possible to lose quite often when your opponent knows exactly what youll do and how youll do it, especially if you arent pulling it off extremely well :) (you said "the zealots i always make" etc, so)

anyways gj gg gl hf id say 7-8
#11 BigD[110143]
Canada > US (j/k. Please don't hurt me)

Nicely done. This'll be gold, easily, even if the writing was far from perfect. Good pictures.
#12 NotDefault[110145]
It was a nice report (the pictures were pretty) but somehow the game didn't seem quality to me. I dunno... just the little things that make you wonder, like the constant trickle of units onto the upper left island, finishing him off because he moved his Barracks for some unknown reason, stuff like that.

Anyway, probably 7. The effort that was put into it makes it a gold automatically, IMO, but remember, a 9 rating is only one less than a 10 rating, and since 10 is max, it is rare to get a 10. This means that 9 reports are top quality reports. 8 is only one less than a 9 and that means that 8 reports are the reports that barely couldn't make a 9. That's why this report is a 7 to me.

BTW, I'm Canadian, and there were spelling mistakes not accounted for by legitimate cultural differences :).

#13 funnymarx[110148]
From the Oxford English Dictionary

"impeccable (adj.): Definition 2. Of things: Faultless, unerring."

Does Canada have an alternate meaning for this word?

Other than that, fine report :)


"You gotta usa the Sherlocka-Holmesa method..."
#14 |||l||||ll|||||[110149]
7, good pics, good format, bad game kind of
#15 [SM]Strega~F[110152]
Sure, we could go on and on about the Canada-US rivalry, and which nation is better etc.
The truth is, though, that Australia is far superior in every aspect. Obviously.

#16 RubiksCube[110153]
horray for boobies
#17 c4t[110154]
Yes, three cheers for b00bies! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
#18 triped[110158]
I fucking loved this report! Don't ask me why.
#19 Ling-erie[110160]
Great report.

what image editor did u use?
#20 SiG.[110168]
OK pplz, now every time I write a damn report I'll say that I'm Canadian, cuz obviously all the raters and stuff here are Canadian! So maybe I'll get a 'lil biased sympathy :)
#21 ZerG~LinG[110178]
My god! I really liked this :]
The pics were monster nice, photoshop perhaps? I cant figure out that program :(
The text was semi-gosu, more humor is nice, fuck the details ;)

#22 shampoo[110183]
very nice

#23 |]agomar[110197]
gr. Canadians suck?!

#24 Amoeba_Boy[110205]
Good job

couple of typos, 1st its lose, not loose, unless thats the canadien spelling, and the center/centre thing but you already explained that

Also, just a tip, don't let SC get you all stressed out like that, you'll make errors like when my freind got really mad that I kept psi storming his gaurdians

Boy, run on sentences own
#25 killaw'ful[110210]
how can he not get stressed with me constantly doing my 'gay tactics' and btw since when is a drop considered gay?
#26 KepowOb[110211]
Thanks for the positive comments everyone :].

I'll spend a bit more time on the text next time, and find more people to proof read it.

For the pictures I used adobe photoshop 6.0.
#27 WTH[110212]
Nice report, but you said you were going to throw a few curve balls at him and it seemed you only through one curve ball at him getting dragoons quicker. If he thinks your gonna go speedy zealots and counter it with bats then I would have teched to reavers. Hell I'm not great so I don't know why I'm giving you strategy tips. Great report though.
#28 katome[110216]
bonus points:

kick ass pictures


blue had a l33t wallin

pics look great, no time to read now but will later.
#29 Gryphon[110219]
Nice report.. loved the pictures. Haven't beaten kill myself... yet... tho i'm getting there :P
#30 [110224]
good job i give you a 8
#31 blitzkreig_[110226]
good report, pics especially

so-so game

#32 KepowOb[110232]
WTH, my initial plan was to not use my normal strats, therefor the quick goons. After that I was pretty stressed and reverted back to my normal tactics more or less. I normally have A LOT more templar.

blitz: thanks, the game probably could have been better, but I was so excited that i finally beat him, and knowing it wasn't a bad game, I had to BR it.
#33 Patton1944[110246]
*breaks into 'Blame Canada' from southpark movie*
Anyway, I liked it alot(the report,that is). A few grammar and/or spelling errors, but who really cares? The pics were purty. And Firebat drops > all.

USA, sweepin the gold away from canada in Snowboarding.
#34 Twip[110254]
Canadian Bacon is a great movie. ^^
#35 [110263]
then decided to build a pylon in Killawful's base to increase my range of vision in there without sacrificing my probe. I couldn't see to much even with the extra vision, but I could see a few minerals in his natural, so if he expanded I would be able to notice.

lol now to keep reading...
#36 [110264]
According to my friend who was at my house watching me play, at this point my neck was completely red along with my face. He asked me if I was okay and I said yes, putting a hand to my neck when he told me why he asked. My neck was burning hot, while my hands were freezing hold. I was stressing out a lot right now, really not wanting to loose this game. I think that I forgot to breath for awhile, and that's why my neck and face were going funky on me.

lol #2, and dear god i hope ur kidding..

keep reading..
#37 [110265]
lol i actually really liked this, and I'd love to see you do a report of high-level players going at it

8.5 - 9
#38 Adrenaling[110275]
#39 znzf[110281]
wow, harsh rater. at least an 8
#40 Gecko[110285]
Good report.

I have to agree with KillAw'ful, though, since when do drops = cheese?

#41 KepowOb[110294]
His drops = cheese :P
I just got frustrated with him at one point and declared all his tactics gay. Those times are over now since I can beat him again :].

Thanks for the positive comments everyone, it's really appretiated (sp?).

#36, I wasn't kidding, i got stressed. Normally im not like that during a SC game, or any game... it was weird.
#42 -the o_0-[110301]
Canadians 0wn.

Uh... good report. Nice pics 'n' writin', and a good game, IMNO. ( In My n00b Opinion ;< )

The pix are l33t.

#43 :P[110438]
nice pics, but the game kinda sucked :( 6
#44 JACE SLANEY![110506]
OMFG, you two are so fucking hilarious! Totally, anally, retarded, but hilarious none-the-less!

Oh, yeah, Killaw'ful msged me on MSN while I was reading the latest SW book, asked me to look at both of your reports.

Why can't you put this effort into your RPGs?! Both the writing and the sheer willpower to succeed....BOTH OF YOU!

Americans kick ass.
#45 KepowOb[110543]
I could put this type of effort into an RPG post except for the fact that this took me about a week to post. I don't have that sorta time for RPGs :P.
Maybe one day, if someone makes such an amazing RPG that gives me the inspiration to write like this I will, but so far the only thing thats ever done that is Starcraft...
#46 Flaming_Snowman[133695]
ur all wrong england is the best ,but im living in canada right now though soooo...

Dam those yanks

#47 Huh?eh?[148850]
Y'all suck canadian asses, eh?
blah, I mean I rock, huh?
#48 CatsAreCool[150352]
I loved how you did the pictures and talked abot the what you were thinking, Also Canada is cool. I want to go there some day!

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