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"Early game is so last paragraph."
- ZerG~LinG's The Frozen Fantastic

#1 (...Blaze...)[99846]
Hope you like it, now running to the city after feeding dog:)

may be slight disfunction in netscape, IE owns anyway:)
#2 |]agomar[99847]
Big-arse piece of serious ownage. The writing is absolutely great, esp if English is not your first language, and the images were very nicely done. I'd suggest making the black divisions between images in your collages a little wider, but otherwise it was better than a wombat. Oh, and I'd also suggest colouring the names of the players within the text, but that also doesn't take away from the overall exceptional quality of this br.

The games seemed very nice as well - in my mind, this is a solid 9.
#3 WilliamWC3[99848]
huk huk^^

very nice.
I really like your style.
#4 JudgeFlood[99849]
dag makes his name as a rater known. gj on br.
#5 the()vermind[99853]
great job, must finish report before additional good reports come out. Damn flash, it's alot harder to make stuff then you think
#6 Ling-erie[99856]
this is really great stuff man, and OMG IT WASN'T TEMPLE YAYAYAY!!!!!

gj =]
#7 (...Blaze...)[99857]
Wow, thats quick. It was rated after 5 min:) Dag, you do anything else than pressing 'f5' on Also, I tested both the wider divisions thing, and the colored names thing, I just...didnt like it. The colored name thing made the text look "messed", thats why I went with bold instead.

WilliamWC3: Woha, comming from you, that's about the best I can get:)

Ling: I despise temple, die die die ugly map
#8 [99858]
Even quicker:M4 on the front page post.
#9 joe[99861]
im quick to

no , really

nice report, solid 9 and 3 quarters.

#10 Cadrach[99862]
Really awesome work. You give a great sense of action and tension to the br. Work on your English, though.
Please write your Blazing stories in an easier to read color. Can't wait to know what happens with your rodent friends. And could you please give me the number of the chick from the video store???. I, for one, would like to have femenine friends so open minded. After all, there must be something besides Starcraft, right?
#11 (...Blaze...)[99863]
Front page yea yea!!! I loooooove you mark4, you are my all-time hero, and did I tell you I love you??

Thanks for positive coments everybody, and Cadrach, since I live in Norway, that should explain my lack of english expertise.. I'll give you the number a lil later, to lazy to pick up my cellular right now:) If blazing stories is hard to read, maybe your monitor is a bit dark??
#12 Dampiere[99865]
you turned down sex?
oh well, if she was that willing she prolly had a "gift" to give you or something, so go Blaze!
oh yeah, nice BRs.
where do you get the time?
and your girls a model?
Blaze > Dampiere
only one thing left to do...
*prepares noose*
waitaminnit, i'm only up to game 3......
*puts down rope*
ok Blaze, i'm waiting... hit me with those reports!
#13 Katome[99867]
The Alt text alone on this was ownage, and the report even more so proportionate to that :) Nicely done.
#14 Cadrach[99868]
Hey!! No fair!! You used the old Hit-The-Brightness-Lever-Up-Sucker trick on me!!
I can't believe I fell for that one. Shame on me. Grrrrr.
Now I have nothing to complain and flame you about except.... Where is game 4?????? Arf, arf.
Need ... my ... SC BR dose now!!!
Coolness, man. You rock. So quit sleeping already and finish more reports!!
#15 Crack[99870]
I was hoping for more "pics" but their was only one. But the report was good.
#16 Killians[99871]
These are great Blaze. I'd like to see a win/loss update at the end though. I didn't see one on this one. Not sure who's leading the series. If I missed it, my apologies.
#17 Killians[99872]
Oh, also maybe the up the font one size. It's kind of small. Great job. Enjoyable reading.
#18 Killah![99875]
good work, good pictures, good night

serious ownage to the nth degree. I am seriously awaiting the final match. I think people should do more mutli battle brs
#19 Eradicate~Me[99876]
everything was great except the collages sucked, reminiscent of ms paint
#20 TerranNavel[99877]
this woulda been a 10 if it had porno.
#21 John[99879]
awesome report I wanna see number 4 badly now
#22 (...Blaze...)[99880]
Dampiere: Ofcoz, since gf=model, I won't risk her for sex, you can get sex anytime, but model gf's are rare:) Maybe 15 hours on this, not that much..

Crack: Sorry, there were more "pics" in here, but I removed them to reduce the already high download time...:(

Killians: There actually are a status update, at the end of each game. Moon is in lead 2-1 by now...

Erad: sorry, me no photoshop user:(

Porr is not allowed on I think, I removed some titties as well:) Thanks for positive comments, it's the only revard a battlereporter gets (xcept rating t.t).

#23 (...Blaze...)[99881]
Btw, question, should I keep the same style for next game? I wonder if one style gets boring, e.g this looks and feels much like game 1...what do you guys think??
#24 Crack[99882]
more pics=higher rating
#25 |]agomar[99883]
Blaze, I'd suggest you continue to make improvements on the collages - like panormaic views, and I'd STILL suggest slightly larger borders ( ;] ) . . . but with some slight modifications this is the base style that you could use for a 10.

And more pics most definately do not equal a higher rating =O.
#26 WarLeaderJustin[99885]
Holy smokes, that picture of the blonde is in itself worth a 10.
#27 someone[99887]
hey where do you get new remote outpost? can someone give me a link to where i can download it?
#28 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[99888]
Neat man wait till i get back then we can suck in team melee =( anyways good work!~
#29 (...Blaze...)[99889]
woha, more comments. You guys own, make me wanna start on the next one tonight....heck, I think I'll do it!

Dag; I think he wanted more chiq pics, only one was left after my "clean-up":( Okok, I'll do the border thingy, and a few other things I know can be better...

Actually, the blonde itself is worth a 12, but she loses many points for:
A. Not being here to comfort me tonight
B. Wearing clothes

And Slip, where are you?? God didn't made me for team games, the thing I do best in teams is dying:(
#30 Crack[99890]
I don't get it......#24 is not me. Why do ppl have to impersonate. Get your own.
#31 |]agomar[99891]
Hot girls wearing clothes < Hot girls naked.

#32 Jin Kazebari[99892]

*runs around like a chicken with its head cut off*

#33 (;lagwagon;)[99893]

I like the style your br is done in ^^ Great writing, and quotes from Lord of the rings/Hobbit = own.

Just enough pictures to keep a visual of what's going on in my head too

That girl deserves a 13.9 you f00ls :P

this may be my longest comment ever. feel lucky

#34 random_digit[99897]
Hallo, 10.

P.S. Keep the style, it looks metallic-cool.

#35 |]agomar[99898]
Lord of the Rings > Hot girls with clothes on.
Lord of the Rings < Hot girls naked ( but it has to be more than 2 ).
#36 [99899]
great report man ;)
your pics were some of the best ive seen, very professional and smooth (reminiscient of yrm, only like the opposite.. both stylish and professional, but yours is sleek and dark and his are bright and comical)
anyhow off of that tangent great report
all i can say is that your writing didnt really grip me. you were crisp, but i never really got drawn in. i dont know how to describe it. above average in every respect however, 9
#37 SpZtcWoNdrGoose[99901]
Awesome report

I still dont' know what a "perfect" clone would be cuz ya kno i suck horribly at sc so gimme a break?

Hot chick is super sexy....maybe i was starin at her too long
that would explain the 30 minute read...sigh

Norwegians and their olympics, br skills and model gf's

nothing in it for a bum college student

gj !!! 10

#38 )(V)(aster[99902]
Dr.A I believe the word you are looking for is voice, In other words an authors ability to captivate his reader.

Great Read

Tolkien owns

Norwegians > me

#39 Shadow D'Arc[99904]
Only 97 to go. I WILL get 100000! Mwahahahaha! T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc

P.S. Now to read
#40 Shadow D'Arc[99905]
Oh yeah. Which is better-Clone before 5th peon, or 5th peon before clone? I tend to do Peon before starting my clone. Does this hurt anything in the short run? T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#41 Shadow D'Arc[100000]
WOOHOOO! 100000! Yeah baby yeah! I win! T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#42 Shadow D'Arc[100001]
Mark? Can I have a plug for the most bored person on the site? Please please please? T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#43 someone[100002]
um...can someone tell me where to get new remote outpost? or is everybody going to be assholes and ignore me?
#44 (;lagwagon;)[100004]
the 2nd one
#45 Shadow D'Arc[100005]
Blaze, you bastard. Only one hot chick in the entire thing. Not worth reading, Sorry. I read for the hot chicks. Hot chicks are kewl. T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#46 |]agomar[100006]
I'm happy to get 100005, since it will end up being 100000 anyway, with deleted comments and stuff =)
#47 Shadow D'Arc[100007]
That will be a LOT of deleted comments, Dag, and you'd only get like 999920 or something. I am REALLY bored tonight, so ha. T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#48 KroKEy[100008]
Someone-Goto to find the map.:)
#49 [SM]Strega~F[100009]
Hey Blaze, cool report man. Don't change your style except maybe on the pic borders. Some bits were hard to understand but that's because I have the attention span of a gnat.

#50 SpZtcWoNdrGoose[100010]
SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT A CLONE IS!....jeez i probably have done it before but i haven't been upto par w/my sc lingo

anyhow still a kikass report

#51 Shadow D'Arc[100011]
Cloning peons means selecting them all, r-clicking a mineral, shift clicking one of the peons to remove them from the set, r-clicking another mineral, and so on, to keep them from huddling around one mineral block, which gives a quicker return. Peon before clone gives you about 32 min when your first peon finishes, but I don't know about clone before peon
#52 Shadow D'Arc[100012]
Oh yah. T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#53 Roaddog[100013]
Shadow... I know how u got 100000

You went to some other report, spamemd it up, then posted here
You are a sad cheater

When those get deletd, youll learn ur lesson, just gotta know which report it was...
#54 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100014]
i'm not done yet, but i'll say it's cool how you put alt-text on the graphics in the beginning although all you said was no alt-text, it was still cool
#55 Shadow D'Arc[100015]
Roaddog, I SAID I would get 100K if I had to post almost 100 times tonight. Therefore, I did. You have no idea how excessively bored I have been tonight. And it's not hacking, I just abused the rules to the point where I got my 100K post. So ha. T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#56 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100017]
uh, hey, can i say "T_Mac is gay" too?

hehe, good br, kinda reminds me of the "I Hate Medics Chronicles" br that someone did a long while back, i don't remember who did it, or a lot else about it, i do remember this guy kept fighting this one guy named I_HATE_MEDICS or something like that, and the whole thing was br'ed and in one br too i think, it was cool, i'll have to go look at it again.
#57 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100019]
hey, does anyone know who did the i hate medics chronicles? i can't find it because i don't know who did it and when i go to search for it by title, it doesn't work.

good br, make the rest, and make them good, btw the chinese or whatever alt-text was cool (man with one chopstick go hungry, etc), keep that sort of thing up if you got more, or do something else if you'd like
#58 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100020]
hey, i just realized what you meant by 100000, nice shadow gw i wish i had that, oh well, there's always 111111, i hope i get that one
#59 yourrolemodel[100021]
i hate fags, this report is fuckin horrible. quit BRing you faggot.
#60 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100023]
oh i found out who it was, it's WilliamWC3, i just decided when i looked at his name, that it musta been him, i remember when i went to go look at those fanfics of his that i had remembered him for something memorable, but wasn't sure what it was...
#61 (...Blaze...)[100025]! You folks are insane, i went to sleep with 30 posts, now 61!

I can't respond to all this madness, just say thanks for all the positive stuff, and congratulations to Shadow D`Arc with 100 000 comment...

Collages are gay:(
#62 (...Blaze...)[100026]
And just a little addendium:

I've read Lord of the RIngs 7 times, the Hobbit like 5:)

Anyway, of to find some gosu collages to copy^^
#63 WaxAngel[100027]
wow, blaze is a cool BR maker now ^^
#64 @K-47[100031]
Owned, hard
#65 |]agomar[100032]
Ha, Blaze! 7 times? I read it EXACTLY that many times, lol - same with the hobbit, which I read 6x.

I guess we're both mega-cool. Or total nerds, depending ;).
#66 (...Blaze...)[100034]
Hey, hottie:) Sorry about that, but the games where moon loses are really gay, 8-min tvp beatdowns on remote blows:(

Dag: Heya, tolkien OWNS:) The movie looks GrrrEaT too!! I'm gonna read it one more time before the movie tho, just to make sure I remember everything perfectly:) We are not nerds, heck, both my ex and my current gf is reading LOTR^_^ We are just mega-over-sexy-cool guys:)
#67 (...Blaze...)[100035]
Hot: Just to mention it, Moon went 6-3 in zerg vs terran games total, that means playing close to good....
#68 HellBoy[100036]
Just so you guys dont misunderstand; Hotdog owns you all, except when there is "something wrong with the map" or "my mouse fucked up", so watch out for "The Big Book of Starcraft Excuses" by Hotdog VERY soon! :]
#69 iggy[100037]
#70 RubiksCube[100042]
Good Work Blaze, u own.

More bikini pics in the next report plz ;)

Norway owns, too, got a lot of friends there, but the only thing I can say is "God Jul"

#71 RubiksCube[100043]
btw Douglas Adams owns, you read all parts of "The Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy" ?

If you need an alternative to Adams, try Terry Pratchett, his books are neat0.

#72 ..()Hotdog[5][100046]
Du er grell arve , men hvorfor bryr du deg ?

Btw Mean with 6-3 zvt ? Make things clear , okok ?
#73 (...Blaze...)[100048]
iggy: since your kinda twisted, 1=10, so thx^^

RubiksCube: I promise more bikini pics in next, some really hot chiqs t_T, also in a later report you'll find a norwegian speaking guide, so you can communicate with your friends^^

I've only read the two first, going to city on monday to buy two next books. Thanks for Terry, I'll give him a shot:)
#74 Spuzz[100049]
Great work, I loved it. Keep posting these bad boys.

#75 Shadow D'Arc[100055]
I've read all of them once, or at least skimmed through all but the Hobbit, too hard to understand 5 years ago, when I was still a midget. Thankfully I was the set AFTER Barney and Pokemon. /me shudders and pulls a m-16. Ah well, Finally graduated, so I don't have to go to school anymore, yay!... T_Mac is gay, and Insomnia, it's one of my trademarks, so you can but only a few times, and you have to give me credit(Not really, but ya know), T_Mac is gay. This is my after work post while my clothes are in the washer, and the monkeys want me to be up in 9 hours to work another 8 hours, so...

Shadow D'Arc
#76 Shadow D'Arc[100056]
Oh yah, Breeze-When I said Shift, I was referring to Shift-clicking the wireframe at the bottom, not the actual workers, so there is less chance to completely screw up. Do most of the gosu players hit them all, send them to min, then individual selecting them to next patches? Ah well, might have to try it. T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#77 livingexception[100057]
IF game 4 is a s epic as you claim it to be...

With your style it'll be a 10, no question.

BTW: the phrase is "Bites the dust". The only dust we beat is out of rugs.

#78 Shadow D'Arc[100058]
"Bites the Dust"="Eats dirt"="Thrown to the ground"="About to get raped by Bubba the prison inmate". Keep them comin', Blaze, so long as you give me hot chicks! T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#79 (...Blaze...)[100060]
Shadow D'Arc: MTG>>>>>>>>Pokemon any day of the week, cloning is cool, me also graduated, you'll get your chiqs in next, promise^^

Living: t.t, hint:, just wait and see:)
#80 RubiksCube[100061]
bra jobbet på din andre battlereport... Mere bikini bruder i den neste vær så snill. Fortsett det gode arbeidet og kos deg med bøkene av Douglas Adams og Terry Pratchett.

#81 RubiksCube[100062]

Norwegian Language Guide, eh ?

I want to read more of the "Blaze Stories", so post more gogogo

Btw, where u live in norway, I am gonna go visit some places there in Fall.
#82 (...Blaze...)[100063]
Haha, sexy:) I got a few blaze stories lurking, just wait for next report...we say babes in norway too, not "bruder", that's something like....mmm...brides:)

GG on the norwegian stuff, bet you didn't wrote it:) I live near drammen, like 5 miles from capital oslo tT
#83 |]agomar[100067]
You living in Norway is the coolest thing since I lived in Holland =D. That is so awesome. For some reason, I've always wanted to go to Norway. Please buy me a plane ticket, and gimme the phone number of that girl who wanted to have sex ;)
#84 [100085]
screw your gf i woulda fucked the hot bitch from the movie store
#85 (...Blaze...)[100089]
I stick to gf, better, she is also more beautiful^_^

Dag: haha, nice:) Norway is thx, according to FN (UN?) we are #1 country in the world:) Gogo us:) Would be way cool if you came, then tell me first and we go pick up chiqs:)

btw, 109039219 for girl phone # :)
#86 hemohes[100090]
"you cant do a early expansion unless you have map control"
Now onto the rest of the report.
#87 Shadow D'Arc[100109]
Damn straight MTG>>>Pokemon. /me burns little brothers poke cards and laughs as they become nothing. I was pissed as hell when WotC stopped MTG production for that crap, and woulda bombed them, but, hey, they made MTG cards in the first place. T_Mac is gay. Keep the chiqs comin.

Shadow D'Arc
#88 WilliamWC3[100112]
hey blaze by FN (UN?) do you mean United Nations (the international organization that includes something like 300 countries) cause i didn't know they ranked countries (on a scale of 1 to 10?)... Anyway US is definitely #1 (production of chemical waste)

hmmm on second thought, in your country random video store employees offer SC battlereporters sex so yeah I'd say FN (UN?) is right on the money gogoggogo Norway
#89 Shadow D'Arc[100114]
Me come to? Please please please? Me wants to hook up with chiqs from any place other than the mutated land that is the US, stupid government, stupid bitches, me want Norwegian chiqs! T_Mac is gay, he can have Norwegian guys, heh.

Shadow D'Arc
#90 AlienEater[100118]
i dont want to read 90 coments so ill just ask, did anyone else comment about the tolken and LORS quotes.. those rocked.

#91 MistaSPakle[100119]
nice, need more pics
#92 (...Blaze...)[100126]
Wow, comments:)

WilliamWC3: Yes, Unitied Nations, and I think the rankings is calculated from BNP, life standard, etc... I don't know if they check video stores:)

Just come to Norway, and I'll hook you all up with video store chiqs:)
#93 SpZtcWoNdrGoose[100132]
Thanks Shadow D'Arc for explaining a clone. It works nicely :)

MTG kicks major ass, altho i probably blew a stack of cash 6 ft. tall on the addictive game. Hey i'm the champ of Long Island....well at least Nassau county.

Anyhow, models > nymphos at a rental movie store

Keep it up Blaze you kick ass.


#94 Raging~Kozak[100133]
Its been said but needs to be said again. Awesome report and I can't wait for the rest of the series. Alt-text was hilarious and the games are good. Keep em coming and good move sticking with the girlfriend. What is the use of training a new girl when you have put so much time into the old one he he :).

#95 Helpless_Victim[100134]
yes number 95!!!!!! who is T_mac? and your little warning that girls were in revealing positions isnt actually true. she isnt really revealing anything..............

anyway extremely well done report

(9'.')9vQ('.'Q) place youre bets!!!!

im bored
#96 willwinforfood[100135]
i really love your pictures. how did you ever do those ending effects with the slight tough of green/blue in the pics?

#97 Anti-Progress[100136]
Well, I didn't read the report, but I did read the little Blaze stories. Woo! I want a model gf too. But.....some of us just aren't that lucky, are we? Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to saying MTG rules! They just come out with to many expansions and story plots and stuff. Stick to the old school, thx.
#98 (...Blaze...)[100139]
hey, 98, me impressed:) Just wanna say very thanks to everybody for the positive comments, it is a joy to read here:-)

Oh, and lots of questions here, I'll try my best:

Helpless_Victim: Hehe, I think is against porn, so no nudity allowed. But my next report will have a double-digit # of chiq pics in it, I'm working on it right now. Also, T_Mac is a well known nh/nwtr player, known for his gayness. For more info, check the FAQ.

willwinforfood: Ending effects kinda easy, I just made a messed up picture, colorized it green or blue, and added a 15% transparent layer to the starcraft big deal.

Anti-Progress: Ya, I agree, stick with the old favourites. Last cards I bought was 36 invasion boosters, now I just play with the old favorites for fun anyway:)

#99 CrackHeadJeb[100140]

Great report, btw.

#100 Anti-Progress[100147]
I know this is a starcraft site and all, but lemme get off track a bit here. Why, for the love of god, would they make MTG cards that go against the unspoken rule of what colors don't go in decks together? And then theres the five color decks (the only good one was way back when the Five color green ruled everything). It pains me to see newbies playing black/white decks (no pestilence?! WTF?!). Okay, I think that's about all I'm going to say that isn't starcraft related.

Then again I don't have anything starcraft related to talk about anyways.

#101 Shadow D'Arc[100155]
Go go blaze! Dag will never beat out your comments on a single report record, if I have to spam for you. GJ CHJ, on #100. I stopped buying magic after a while(Got fired from my job, so I had no cash, heh), Black/White CAN be powerful, IF used correctly, but not many, which includes me, can. I prefer black/red or black/green, but can't do green cuz I traded most of my greens for Star Wars cards. Oh well, some of them could be worth quite a bit, and it was like 60 MTG for 300 SW cards, so anyway. T_Mac is gay. Pokemon is gay. Blaze's GF is hot. I had sex with Dref's sister, but I won't let her drive anywhere if I'm in the same 50 mile radius.

Shadow D'Arc
#102 Shadow D'Arc[100156]
Time for MTG/T_Mac related comments. Mwahahahaha....

I don't use white cuz I don't like the color. Blue is too weak, and its sort of like Terrans, you need too much micro(Counterspells and stuff), and macro(too many of everything else) to ever win. Green is fun, the bigass creatures, Red is the MTG version of the 4-pool; if it doesn't win quick, you are screwed. Black is my favorite color, so I use it, even if it does suck for the most part. Ah well, T_Mac is gay.

Shadow D'Arc
#103 (...Blaze...)[100161]
Hey, MTG

I lost horrible to a black/white deck with lots of "tricks", pretty gay stuff really. I don't like multicolor either, even if I play a green deck +red/blue splash:) I like blue, but then I like terrans too, even tho I suck with both (blue and terrans). I am seriously in love with white, but I don't like their "defending to death" ways:) My green deck own all in chaos thx, what about 16/16 untargetable on turn 3^_^
#104 Ling-erie[100162]
ban CHJ #100


nice report also, u're one of the best currently posting, good style, neatly done, good break up and nice woman pic. thx.
#105 Anti-Progress[100164]
I'm trying to use some of those Sacrifice-a-creature-to-do-damage-to-another-creature cards in Apocolypse in a red/white/blue deck. It really sucks, but it's pretty fun to use. My green/red deck I can't play black, I just can't, I suck to bad. My green/red deck always gets out a 4/5-6/5 creature, and 1-3 1/1's out on 3rd turn. My personal favorite color is white, just because the Mirage and Visions knights are so much fun to use. (I would make a few color comparisons with the races, but I suck with all the races, so I can't really do that)

ICQ# 25815588
#106 Anti-Progress[100165]
Okay, lemme just say that i was clicking and dragging my mouse and sorta moved everything around in my previous post, I put it all back in order (I thought) but ignore that "My green/red deck" in the third sentence :) I should really stop clicking and dragging in text boxes when I'm thinking.
#107 willwinforfood[100166]
when i played, i had a black and blue deck that made you tap everything and take damage. it was annoying as hell, especially with my counter spells and variants of em.

oh and:

"willwinforfood: Ending effects kinda easy, I just made a messed up picture, colorized it green or blue, and added a 15% transparent layer to the starcraft big deal."

make me feel dumb more? ^^; nah, thanks. i'll fool around with that idea a little. maybe i'll twirl an image a lot or something..
#108 Raging~Kozak[100168]
Holy man I haven't played MTG in years. I always used to play black/red as my main deck. Fooled around with others, but they were just not as much fun as evil and direct damage he he.

#109 (...Blaze...)[100172]
I only play MTG casual, don't earn enough money to play competitive, don't have the time either. Heck, I'm spending my time on these battlereports, how can I play MTG?:)

I had a very cool unlimited creature/ unlimited mana deck once, god you can do much cool stuff with that:) Only problem was that it took ages to work, and once I won 2-3 ffa's, I was main target in future games...:(

Ling-Erie: wow, thanks, nice to hear:) Now I feel inspired to go back and work on those pictures again^_^

willwinforfood: sorry, if you get lost, msg me for instructions : 109039219 (icq) / blazenaked (aim) ^_^
#110 Anti-Progress[100174]
I play casually too. But everyone around here wants to play all the time (school is starting, go figure). It gets old really fast, but it's still fun getting stomped.

Hey Blaze, you mind if I add you to my ICQ? :)
#111 Shadow D'Arc[100180]
Blaze, if I catch you on AIM sometime, I'll give you a sup, brah, aight? T_Mac is gay. Pokemon is gay. Competiton MTG is gay(I'm broke and no car, no competition around here, sucky deck). Casual MTG is cool tho. Ah well.

Shadow D'Arc
#112 (...Blaze...)[100186]
ofcoz, just add me / gimme sup guys^_^
#113 Ling-erie[100187]
what the hell are theses 113 comments about?

I can't find a continuing subject =o
#114 Anti-Progress[100193]
well......they're about a multitude of things Ling. First of all the br, then the map that it was played on (at least one person wanted to know about it) then T-Mac being gay. Now it has gone right into MTG and related topics (sortof).

#115 Franklin James[100217]
#116 Eradicate~Me[100252]
how the fuck are there so many comments, go get lives u wanker fartasses
#117 [100341]
wow, calling me gay, how did u come up with that one? shadow dork :(
#118 Shadow D'Arc[100349]
Cuz it's become a part of my routine T_Mac. Yur gay. Heh. My little brother would like you.

Shadow D'Arc
#119 [100467]
Shadow, gayness is hereditary.

Now we know why you're so obsessed ith Tmac being gay.
#120 Shadow D'Arc[100475]
It skips every other boy child. My older brother and younger brother are both gay, but not me, so I got lucky. Ah well.

Shadow D'Arc
#121 TeckMan[100481]
can we say grammar check? So many verb errors... Two dark tempar kills the tanks???? hello? conjugate your verbs correctly please :0
#122 CrackHeadJeb[100488]
From what I understand, English is not Blaze's first language.

That being said, the report is still wonderful and very readable.

#123 (...Blaze...)[100596]
Woha, this thing still receiving comments:)

I know there are a lot of mistakes, but as CHJ pointed out, it's not my first language. I try to do the verbs, but hell, they are bitches:(

#124 pureghetto[101216]
insane stuff. too bad I can't see the person doing micromanagement; must be tough.

heh i watched the replays backwards. rep3 rep2 rep1

oh well.
#125 Hmmm[101276]
Just a question... Why did HotDog have so many minerals in game 3? I watched the replay, and at the time he left he had 3000 minerals in the bank. Why didn't he get tons of vults and rines? Sure, the Lurks would've caused major problems for those two units, but it's a helluva lot better choice than letting all that money go used.
#126 pureghetto[101301]
perhaps he wanted sci vessels and tanks......who knows what that wacky hotdog thought?
#127 Fuk Bule[101382]
#128 TheDevourer212[102898]
Great br blaze.(and replays)
#129 J.A-Overkill[164439]
You've been warned!

Go to Hell you bitch

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