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"Anyone who can take 600+ casualties and win is a 100% pure, homogenized, accept-no-substitutes Grade A bad-ass."

#1 LuckyNewbie:P[98294]
Holy hell it worked
#2 [98296]
#3 [98297]
Welcome to your front page plug.
#4 X-KwOn[98299]
whoa, #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment after read
#5 LuckyNewbie:P[98300]
Front page plug?
#6 LuckyNewbie:P[98301]
oh, haha! i get it now! i love you mark
#7 ground-LOBP-[98302]
this sucks, and it was unoriginal, and you are ugly

funny tho

pretty cluttered, minimal errors

cod sucks (cleveland browns, cod)

#8 ground-LOBP-[98303]
btw gw white text on white bg
#9 GriFFiN[98304]
Hardly ever come on BW or here for that matter anymore, but damn good job man considering you used MSPaint.

#10 Satan'sCookies[98305]
Ground is a friggin moron... aside from that... THIS BR FRIGGIN RULES MAN~~~~~~
#11 badtz maru[98306]
good job
was that five games? i dodnt caunt
#12 Wangsonn[98307]
Good work lucky, and yes cookies, ground is a moron.
#13 ground-LOBP-[98310]
i see you people have no knowledge of the concept of "subtlety": 'Need to get something off your chest about how much this sucks, or how unoriginal it is? Or you just want to hack my computer? Feel free to email me at!'

and lucky's signature pic scares me
#14 ground-LOBP-[98311]
ill give, make that an 8
#15 LuckyNewbie:P[98312]
haha, ph34r the baby!
#16 Eradicate~Me[98313]
the cs picture is a 10 alone
#17 WarLeaderJustin[98314]
*nods to Erad*

CS > SC.
#18 WarLeaderJustin[98315]
but SC > sex, still.
#19 )(V)(aster[98316]
OMG there were 9 comments when I started reading, Now there are 19!!!!! Great read gg plz re ;]
#20 Testosterone[98317]
heh, nowwwwwwww i remember the games u were goin to report

excellent report, i love the flow of your reports, the humor always makes me chuckle (and sometimes lol), the style just rocks, ur one of my favorite reports

i think i was a bit rusty these games, but i dont feel i played that bad at all (except for last game, bleh), nate just had my number that night

excellent report though!
#21 Masterrace[98318]
#22 Frost[98319]
Good BR lucky, and stop spamming the comment section ground.
#23 livingexception[98320]
::looks at the straw weave picture collage::


::look at the massive MSPaint-produced 4 hour roof-of-the-Sistiene Chapel::


::looks at the conclusion and sees that Test got sweeped::

.......I'm converting. Test is no longer god of macro. I'll find a new person to commit idolatry to.

Seriously though, this was some awesome stuff. I want to learn how to the BG color fading, And make straw mats out of screen shots. 9 please, thanks.

#24 CaughtNaked[98322]
wow, good stuff. made me actually 'lol' a few times apused to the jus saying it type. games were good, cept the last, players are fimilar and the html/pics were grt. keep em coming newbie!

#25 `inevitable`[98323]
omg, nice pix and writing style. real funny, heh
#26 [SM]Strega~F[98324]



#27 Psyonic_Reaver[98325]
Dude if this dosnt score at least an 8. I'm calling ducky.
#28 ~_~[98327]
Lucky, this was really good, except the BR kinda got in the way of the funny stuff.

#29 [98328]

#30 'Final`Flare'[98332]
I'm reading game 2, and all of a sudden I realize that I'm highlighting the text =(

BG isn't loading.... D'oh
#31 'Final`Flare'[98335]
Hmm, some of game 1 is visible. All of game 3 is visible, but I hafta highlight the 2nd game.
#32 |]agomar[98339]
Great work . . . I'll give this a 9 beweled with emeralds and covered with hot nude girls. Good job!
#33 LuckyNewbie:P[98342]
Yeah, ground had the same problem. I don't understand why either. Best viewed under I.E 5.5 :[
#34 'Final`Flare'[98344]
Hrm. I dunno what version I'm using...
It'll prolly work on my other comp :]
#35 random_digit[98350]
Hi Lucky...! You have great br. Make me more. With more of the pictures with lines. Thx.

100 - 90 = 10

#36 N/A[98352]
maybe i'm just stupid but i can't find the replays of those games, plz help!
#37 Psyonic_Reaver[98354]
Maybe you could ask Newbie for them.
#38 -{KoA}-Insomnia[98355]
it was funny how i did have to refresh on that pick that did end up having a red x on it

overall, the whole report was real good
#39 Raging~Kozak[98365]
Looks really awesome LN. I really like your writing style and the pictures were awesome. Keep em coming

#40 MasturNate[98369]

Very very cool report. Your writing style is extremely good. Solid analysis of the games and your writing flowed really well.

Too bad that we didn't get some other games in...if I recall correctly, Test beat me 3-1 one night a couple weeks before this.

The composite shrunk-down screenshot was really good, and it's the only time I've ever seen anything like it done by someone not from Blizzard. Blizz used to do some of that, but they only had shots of nexxii, ccs, hatches and then they just paste them onto a minimap. Yours was much cooler.

Great report.

They really should have different types of ratings for reports, because at first glance this doesn't look any different than all the other reports that get an 8 or over, but your writing was excellent (10 no problem, only thing was I noticed a spelling mistake or two) and that composite shot should get mad points for technical difficulty.


-- Nate
#41 Spuzz[98373]
Great work, this was really fun to read :D

And nice use of some cool PSP tricks (that's what you used, right?).

Keep em coming.

#42 Mzal[98394]
Hello, I've been reading the site alot lately, and I have enjoyed reading Lucky's reports very much. They are funny, and to an emerging Starcraft player, they are very informative. The pictures are always top notch, and the full map picture in this report was amazing. Seeing how much I detest fan fiction but how I'd love to get creative, I have decided that in the months to come, I would like to start battle reporting. Since I'm new to this area of Starcraft, I have a few questions. 1. What type of games are 'observer' games? The only games I play don't have 'observer' slots.. I hvae to pick terran, destroy SCVs and lift my CC. 2. Are the players you guys are reporting on highly ranked and known players, or do you just report on any good game you find? 3. How can you meet you guys? :) You seem like a fun group to hang out with. I also enjoyed Breeze's best of 5 match report with Mr. X and Whear VERY VERY much.
#43 LuckyNewbie:P[98410]
Ground answered the first one (what observer maps) well.

For number two (who and when do you report), I just usually play a game or watch a game until I find one that makes me say "wow" afterward.

For question three (where da hell is this?), i mostly hang out in clan ~nohunters. Nobody ever talks there, so you can also try channels "c" and "clan x17" (no parentheses).

When you make your first reports, dont be disappointed if it gets a poor rating. I thought I was robbed when my first two reports didn't get a 10 :]
#44 [98413]
#45 [98414]
#46 [98417]
im tempted to read this so i can give it a 3 for that lens flare
#47 LuckyNewbie:P[98428]
I thought you were retired rater?
#48 Ling-erie[98473]
....and now you know why!
#49 Ling-erie[98474]

u made the news page.....

#50 '00Destructor'[98477]
The br was great, I would give it a 10 if it weren't for the fact that you had white text on a white background - it's very, very difficult to read.
#51 <font color="aqua">SupeRCoD</font>[98485]
Haha a fucking masterpiece
Get a life and start reporting some of my horrible games :)

By the way, I thought Nate's best race was Zergies?

<font color="aqua">SupeRCoD</font>
#52 [98488]
hmm,its not often i rate a br, dont u feel special

#53 [98554]
only officially
#54 EldritchEvil[121436]
#55 LuckyNewbie:P[123917]
wow, i put a lot of time into this
#56 IT_SNIPER[133873]
#57 IT_SNIPER[133874]
#58 IT_SNIPER[133875]
#59 IT_SNIPER[133876]
#60 Carrier(Rk)[145297]
Wuzzzzzzzzzzzup Guys!!!!!!!!! Is any1 in clan(Rk) here??? haven't c u guys for a ling time!!
school starts so i cant play no more .......... but i can play again after a while.............
well gl hf and c ya soon!!!!!! :)

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