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"Bengalaas! Any story with bengalaas kicks ass =]"

#1 GammaRayBurst[96598]
Well I really worked hard to get this done today. So hard in fact that it is now 5:23 am. I have to be at work at 8:30 am, and it takes half an hour to get there. So I guess that means I get less than two hours of sleep. yay. Enjoy.

#2 [c]Napoleic[96599]
I'm going to go out on a limb and say I liked this report best of all the strifeshadow reports.

The battle descriptions were unparalled, despite me never playing the game I understood and followed everything, the graphics were excellent, the links to the unit descriptions was brilliant, and almost everthing about the battle was awesome.

I think this is the best game that has been reported so far, which really helped a lot. However I do wish that the third race could have made an appearance. But still the non stop action and back and forth suspence kept me hooked.

This is one of the very few reports that I have read since 1.08, but I am glad I did.

GRB accomplished two things with his hours of toil: he rebuilt my faith in the battle report, and he made me want to buy Strife Shadow. Congratulations on doing what no one here has yet been able to!
#3 ChinaMan[96600]
#4 Khas[96601]
When I saw GRB on the list of new reports, I freaked out and said "Wow, I can't wait to read it!" Now that I see it's StrifeShadow, I'm not quite as enthusiastic as I don't have the game, but I will still TRY to read it!

#5 Khas[96602]
#6 MetaF[96603]
i like chinese people, but im afraid GRB was a bit wrong in one of his alt text. they come up a bit above the knee, about 1.3 cm above.
#7 Khas[96604]
I got about halfway through this before I stopped. It's not your fault, GRB, it's just that it's hard to follow a report of a game you've never played before. However, all your links did a good job of helping me trudge along, and I think that had I finished reading it, I would have thouroughly enjoyed it.

Your writing style was good, except for a spelling mistake (ffrom) in one of your pictures, there was almost no grammar problems.

Like I said, you really helped me follow the game, this should get at LEAST an 8, hopefully a 9 or 10!
#8 triped[96605]
I agree. This has been my favorite strifeshadow report to read, just because I like battles where lots of different spells are cast. (chronomancy, yay!)

Where will the total eclipse be? Because I think it might be partial in Illinois, where I am.
#9 Planetkilr[96608]
unreal. you made me seem like a good player.
#10 Planetkilr[96609]
oh yeah, and this BR was incredible. I did notice, though, that you gave me the credit for those wisp spells, but a lot of it was actually Blank.
#11 WarLeaderJustin[96612]
I agree with MrPimp, graphics are kewl.
#12 LockEmDown[96613]
Is it just me, or does every StrifeShadow report get a near-perfect or perfect score??
#13 Planetkilr[96614]
Thats because the more recent SS battlereports have been done by veteran reporters.
#14 Kralgon[96615]
gjgjgjgjgjgjgj ;)
#15 Dr.Zoob[96616]
Note: Planetkilr sucks shit. He cheesed me with a babbling-inferno-on-the-clif which cost me a FFA. IGP sucks too. But I'm surprised that they put up a very good game. I bow to Blank and Dio.
#16 triped[96618]
also i think that if Blank had cast regeneration on his rangers instead of using purify he could've taken down those juggernauts faster. Regeneration is awesome.
#17 [96620]
EuroTrashGirl@cyber ?
#18 Blank[96621]
;o I am thx, dio is nothx

And what the fuck is with the random anti-blank smiley in that one pic :[ PRO-BLANK POWER ;-< !!!!!!!!!!!

#19 the()vermind[96622]
in my day, reports by nobody, grb, and breeze didn't come out within a week of each other.
#20 Planetkilr[96623]
Thats why they made siege Zoob. and ramps up to the plateau.
#21 binjured[96626]
in my day, more than 2 ppl were in the ss channel every damn i time i go there!! NEVER ANY PPL!!! WHAT TIME ARE U GUYS ON?? ARGH!!! *pulls out hair*

anyhoo, good report... lemme ask ya GRB, do u happen to have photoshop w/ eyecandy4k or something similar? cause most of those effects are eyecandy effects :)

nice job, i like the report, i am surprised red pulled through that rush.. jesus i HATE sylvan early...

any why did they add that new accursed unit? I mean i realize its for balancing but the ac. owned as it was, if u knew how to play them anyways ;P

#22 N$aNe_Hillbilly[96627]
Wierd...I was just looking at GRB's old reports and wondering when he was going to post another one. What a nice surprise =]. 10 gogogo

And on a cool side note, I can play SS again YAY
#23 Zalbag[96628]
#24 BOBBY357[96629]
great report, GRB. amazing comeback game! i was on the edge of my seat the whole time :).
#25 MasterRace[96634]
When Strife Shadow coming out? :(
#26 Breeze[96638]
Hey hey as ever GRB brings us a super report :D.

The time you spent was worth it indeed... as my pal Persius likes to say, "He conquers who endures." ;}
#27 BADKITTY![96640]
Persius. heh.
#28 Dr.Zoob[96645]
Um... The map didn't have any raps on the cliff. I wasn't even teching towards siege, and since your infernos took my Mine, I couldn't get Ikon. Besides, you shouldn't be the one talking smart here. I wiped you out before I got killed by the 3rd player
#29 Dr.Zoob[96646]
#30 Shepherd[96649]
Great battle report, GRB, but however, I would like to give an advice about spirit eyes: Build them behind trees. It works much more wonders than building next to aether tower, because it is extremely difficult to detect, and at the same time, it will let you know when they're expanding, or moving troops. One time I hid a spirit eye INSIDE a base behind at tree, and it ended up telling me ALL information I needed to know to win the game.
#31 Dampiere[96654]
very good. excellent in fact. and i have never played SS before. but i guess, like C&c, like Warcraft, even Starcraft will *sob* go in time. so, congrats GRB on a very well done BR. and oh, i'll try to make that online Eclipse, thanx for the hookup, prolly wake some chick and make a lil something out of it ;)
anyways, be cool,
maximum respect,
and great job
May the Terrrans prosper
#32 Planetkilr[96655]
Well Zoob...I only turret cheesed once, and on the map it was on, there were ramps to the cliff. and two mines. although they may have added the second mine later
#33 Planetkilr[96656]
but seriously Zoob...does it really matter?
#34 Zileas[96657]
Great BR GRB. Niiiice
#35 [96659]
wtf it got wide:(

#36 Khas[96662]
gw Tmac fuck up the comments section more.
#37 Kralgon[96664]


btw Zoob, way to take a game personally you idiot
#38 Meth[96666]
ownage again.
#39 Chaos_Lord[96668]
WTF DOESNT anyone know of the Monty Python: I Like Chinese song????
hehe that is one of the funniest parodies that MP has done hehehe
ONE of the many that is :)
#40 ArcAne13[96669]
fock strifeshadow
#41 SCV~007[96670]
Can't bring myself to read it all, sorry. The game itself is too boring...

Hi Blank :=>
#42 Sere[96671]
Why on earth did Dio not make a single changling? His juggies kept getting pimped by meele/strike...
#43 Ling-erie[96672]
Made no sense at all

but i've never played the game so no suprises there. It looked real good though and GIVE ME THE GAME and good 2 c u reporting again and so on. if YRM got a 10, then this gets a 10, thanks.

#44 Dr.Zoob[96674]
Um, I don't take this game too seriously. Would you be pissed if someone rushed you while you were still getting your first tower, or when someone loads up four rangers into a divan chair and flies around your towers, when you have no anti-air and destroying everything? And as soon as you get to the rangers, they load up, and fly back to your defenceless base. THAT would get you pissed you moron. Takes away the fun of the game.
#45 Blank[96675]
hrm...... I think getting pissed at someone over a game qualifies as taking the game too seriously :) I can understand a second or two of frustration, but then you should realize "a duh duh, it's a game... I'll get over it" and be happy again :)



#46 Melfuaru[96676]
blabla the br is good but to bad the game sucks, the pictures prove its just another good reason to save the 40-50 bux this game will cost and buy WC3 when it comes out. this game sux
#47 Annihilator[96683]
Now to read it.
#48 GammaRayBurst[96694]
All right, I've been busy with other stuff for all this time so I haven't gotten the chance to comment on everyone's comments =P

Khas: I'm glad you made an effort to read it. That is more than what some have done, apparently.

triped: I like battles with lots of magic used too! that's partly why I chose to br this game.

planetkilr: i always try to make the players seem better than they actually are :P

Lockemdown: actually, there were a bunch of reports released right after phase 1 that only got 7s and 8s (and deservedly so, imo).

Dr.Zoob: everyone gets cheesed once in awhile. My suggestion is to forget about it.

Blank: POA forced me to put that anti-Blank smiley in (at gunpoint). so blame him.

the overmind: one heck of a week, eh?

haha i guess there's a character limit in the comment reply seection :P

#49 Kralgon[96696]
Zoob, it's called strategy. I guess you've never heard of the reaver drop in Starcraft.

And yes, I've been cheese rushed before finishing any towers. I didn't get pissed. I just thought it was gay and said "RE RE RE RE RE RE..." etc. and went on to the next game.
#50 Annihilator[96717]
#52 and #48! Hah, I rule you all! 48+52=100!
100th comment is mine...! kinda...
#51 AdmiralPlinko[96729]
GRB: Great br, the action was described very clearly and the graphics were nice as well.
This certainly deserves the 10 it got.

Melfuaru: Graphics aren't everything. If they were, we wouldn't have been playing Starcraft for
so long. Strifeshadow will also be cheaper than most games (although the actual price hasn't
been sent yet

Shepherd: aafghlkfagl;ffhkldspiriteyesafhskl;afhdklafafghl;j

JV: Text box for comments is fubared :( It goes off the right side of the screen, and there's no
horizontal scroll bar, so I have to hit enter to put the text on a new line.
#52 [96766]
This was an excellent battle report. I really like all the different spells that were used in the game. Really cool
#53 [96779]
And Dref saw that it was good

#54 Gamma Ray Burst[96784]
I'm just a little curious. How come Mark is the only one to have rated this? Seems like the other raters have checked it out too.

#55 Breeze[96835]
GRB don't ask ;[
#56 Kralgon[96846]
well, it looked like T_mac was just posting to spam with his anti-blanks. He probably didn't read it ;O
#57 BADKITTY![96926]
I agree, the graffix suck in that game, but the game itself looks really fun...


grafix_bad + game_good = TEXT ONLY BR!!!

who's gonna write it? cmon?
#58 Inssider[96973]
dio and blank both suxors
#59 Inssider[96978]
and zoob's a newb

#60 Inssider[96979]

:=> :=> :=>
#61 Blank[96982]
reply section newbler

#62 xld.aldogrez[97030]
that was nice

#63 [c]Napoleic[97080]
gammarayburst: /ignore [c]Napoleic

thanx =[

#64 qecc[97177]
Thanks a lot for this battlereport, GRB. This is the first time I've read anything about Strifeshadow, but I feel like I learned a fair amount about the various units and strategies for the game. It was especially helpful to have the links to the unit descriptions. Hope to read more from you in the future.
#65 [P]aradox[97272]
pimp report Gamma ^^

good job on most of the gfx, the eye candy effects were a bit overdone :/

using ps6? try playing with the blending options (r-click on layer)

again, damn good job
#66 Unknown[97658]
GRB = YRM just look at the facts
#67 |]agomar[100153]
Hi. 10.
#68 lampost5[156462]
hi attack

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