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"I have been frequently referred to as one of the "gayest" players ever to grace the barren lands of the Starcraft universe, though I believe that title was hefted upon me by a eternally hopeful Dagomar."
- mattzarella's Good Old Fashioned Fun

#1 testosterone[92017]
#2 Jester-C-Bomb[92019]
wow,, you refresh and theres 2 more reports, god i luv
#3 joe[92023]
wheeeeeeeeeeeeee im number 3 :) go jeb go go jeb go now ill go read :)

#4 Scosmokes[92024]
Good games so far. Detail where it needs to be.
#5 [He-Hate-Me][92036]
coolio, I like the ss's and stuff, very detailed br's keep it up ^^
#6 Cearas[92037]
I'd like iggy to come find me =[[
#7 [SM]Strega~F[92044]
I've said it once and I'll say it again - <i>baby go poo-poo</i>. Now this may not have anything to do with the BR but do you know what? Who cares!?! All you need to know is that it was done by CrackHeadJeb (or at least a very good rip-off) and as such should instantaneously receive a 9.5 - or a 10 if the little hand is on the 6...

#8 CaughtNaked[92054]
<i>CrackHeadJeb is my hero :} If only every other reporter would take a lesson from him...btw my HTML guide is coming out soon so go check it out, and dont bitch if theres typos because I was pretty stoned when I wrote it. Plenty of iggy bashing, plenty of paragraphs where i do nothing but worship my self to hopfully raise my self-esteem. I lowered it :{. Anywho, great report and now to read the next. (was there a typo in the title section, i see two chapter Is)</i>
<b>9.9</b> The final air attacked lacked a picture in game two I think it was...
#9 <strike>Strike Out[92055]
</strike>I am a sexxxy bitch, and so are you CrackHeadMoo!
#10 Supercod[92063]
Hahahaha double digits
I look down upon all you single digit lamers
#11 iggy[92145]
*inseminates cearis in the ass* ooooops
#12 <font color="#FF0000">Twip</font><font color="#452622">[92172]
I think the reason Test included 6 probes was to absorb tank blasts when he drops. It's the smart way to keep your units from blowing up as they hit the ground.

Now, I do want DrAwesome to win since I like him and don't even know Test (except for that ossum CS thing), but I was totally rooting for the toss in the last game. Sorry, Toss should win on islands, period. :P
#13 [92385]
yes godly dt
#14 the()vermind[92662]
both are supposed to get 10s? i thought it was only the last one, oh well, gj jeb, GREAT JOB
#15 archon6[96995]
only 14 coments? so dats wt u meant by leaving..
#16 Test_Trials[98137]
This was a very well written report with detail where it was due and a decent number of pictures. but a 10! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! Im sure it smells down there anyway so why do you keep kissing Crackheadjeb's ass. It aint healthy. I'd give it an 8 or 9 for effort as he made more than one report but a 10.....!
It aint perfect.

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