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"Never ‘REALLY’ piss me off."

#1 Testosterone[81398]
hah i got first now go read and comment
#2 [AsF]AzNSuNBoY[81399]
I like to refresh, but i'm still slow
#3 Basic[81400]
#4 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[81403]

#5 DrAwesome[81405]
post after me more thx ;l

omg great report. &!@# those pics were sweet. ACK quit making my reports look bad. FU

:) jk

I haven't even had time to finish reading yet but I can say already: more more more
#6 Cearas[81406]
early comment, so blow me.
#7 cheese[81407]
nice br testalicious, those photoflip pictures make me horny Oo
#8 cheese[81408]
nice br testalicious, those photoflip pictures make me horny Oo
#9 cheese[81409]
2 for the price of one!
#10 cheese[81410]
i mean 3
#11 cheese[81411]
#12 Cearas[81413]
I read it, lemme say one thing

Cheese is a fucking moron. Nice report. Pics and Details were excellent.
#13 DrAwesome[81416]
rofl gay dungeon master :)

u the man testo

btw: wheres the flash?
#14 testosterone[81417]
cearas dont bash the cheesemeister

dr, just didnt get put in on this one;)

#15 Starookie[81418]
Omg this owned....

But i knew who was gonna win when i first saw the names, imho :]
#16 awe 6[81421]
rock-solid...that biggie.jpg was a little too biggie, but i think if this got a nine that would be fine.
#17 Total~2bh[81432]
At first glance i was impressed by the photo's ..
after reading the whole thing im stunned. =)
#18 OuTSiDeR[81435]
Damn, fucking sweet game, fucking sweet pics

8-10, I'd say 9
#19 GammaRayBurst[81436]
Awesome br of an awesome game Test. Extremely well done pics, good, descriptive text, and an amazing game.

Gotta love empty space ;)


P.S. Get rid of those damn mouse cursors in your pics. They're annoying, and yet easy to get rid of. :P
#20 Shepherd[81437]
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET GAME! I thought Mark4 were goner in the beginning. . .wow. This deserves 10 for a very very good game.
#21 you idiot[81439]
you gave yogi berrra's quote to Don Ozark's credit... half of the game is 70% mental
#22 btw[81440]
good quote from TAXI
#23 (...Blaze...)[81451]
test you are my hero now!

killer report, i loved it. Nice to se a report with the good old players again..

i think i'll wait a while before i post my report, or you and DrAwesome will make it look even worse :-(

#24 badtz maru[81452]
good way of scarin hopeful brers outa attemptin
your coolness gw prozerran really saved marks ass in begining
#25 GoZuLu[81454]
WOW, I wish I could play and report like that ....

... but I am only a Dane.

GoZuLu (See, I got small and capital letters in my name ;=)
#26 SlingsNArrows[81455]
Test = Godly reporter ^o^
#27 testosterone[81457]
thx everyone for comments=D

hey "you idiot" i think i already used yogi's quote in my last br and this just reitterated it
#28 Astic[81460]
haha basic.
#29 cheese[81461]
ok spank master
#30 cheese[81462]
thx for the complement cearas buddy

i love you
#31 Illgetdroped[81469]
great br.. i mean really good, and i think the sad thing is that i got dropped from the game before this one.... my cpu bad but im geting dsl very soon on 29 of this month... then watch out ppl...
#32 PrincessCollsy[81474]
wow...pretty pictures :o)

#33 starlore~[81475]
This should get a 10.
Good players
Good teams
Non temple map
Nice writing
Nice Pics.

Non-temple map.
#34 DrAwesome[81479]
you kick ass testo
if you get all 10s and maybe 9s for this, you could rise to a higher place on the statistics than spine. Of course you have to come out with another 2 reports ;)

lol yay for droped's dsl
#35 Raider[81481]
Great report on a great game. This is exactly what Preator advocated for a good report.
<font color="red">10</font>

#36 Monty Pylon[81483]
Great game and great pics. One thing, one of the pics cut inot the text and I thought you might want to patch that up. Still a great report and a definate 9 if not 10.
#37 america~jin[81487]
Great game, great BR.

This shows how rad private games are with players that actually care about their partners. FLS won this game due to his constant assistance to Mark4 up to mid-game.

I play pubbies mostly and it's hard to know if your partner is worth the investment of being a his defender rather than countering and hoping for a lucky 2v1 win.

Nice job to the reporters and players.
#38 Equalisatium[81488]
Dr. Awesomes was awesome, but this one tops it. Great job. 10 would be my judgement. 9 if you are nitpicking.
#39 joe.smurf[81489]
kick ass report man i know no one knows who the hell i am but hey i read this shit all thew time im a loser im sitting at school wqasting time and procrastinating at the simplest work ever to read awesome shit like this fuck how u make those pics so freakin Anti-chobo omg i was gonnna make another BR (cus my first one sucked) but now im just gonna ,.. not write one cus it would be embarrassing
i would feel like the moon being eclipsed by your Godly Bring ( am i kissing enough asss ? ) kekeke j/k man good BR please ghet a 10 !

#40 BUU[81490]
j/c how the hell do you get rid of mouse cursors??

and for the pics.. did you just stick the pics on a bground, and did you draw/make the bground yourself?
#41 BUU[81491]
oh ya, kick ass report man!
#42 Wangsonn[81502]
god testy rocks
#43 Plain[81509]
damn own harder w/ BR's. jeez u own. pics are hardcore ownage as every1 has already said. makes my pics look like crap... no wait they are crap :P do u use 3d max studio? thats what mr.breeze uses. anyways gj on the report ;)
#44 Fractal_Wave[81514]
Holy fuck. Holy Holy Holy Fuck.

This report ruled as much as the rave I was at on the weekend.

Test, you rule.

All the best,
#45 Testosterone[81516]
thanks for the comments everyone, i really appreciate them

mark! thx for front page! i wouldn't mind if u rated it though:)

frac, hot damn, you rule=D
#46 [81518]
Its getting a 10 too. Wow, this report was awesome.

#47 Khas'andro[81520]
"Too" as in reference to my fan-fic? =P
#48 [81525]
Freaking gorgeous graphic, and a great report!
#49 [81537]
holy bejesus nice report!

that game was awesome, and that's why I stayed and played it out (and be half hour late to my roommate's bday dinner party =P)
#50 GameOverZ[81538]
#51 KingJamesXXX[81541]
Great pics and writing. Talk about back and forth! In the end, it was the expansions. Basic especially pushed too hard early on - there is the one minimap where both he and Peon only had one base with minerals.
I feel like lifting after reading this report. The final pics with the mass goons and M&M were inspiring. And that line about the "Office of Redundancy Office" was PRICELESS.
You rule.

~The King

Incidentally, has anyone ever been in a 2v2 where the toss lost? Just wondering...

#52 CynicalMagician[81544]
Wow. Just, wow. This was an absolutely superb br, with awesomely outrageous imaging. I loved the 7 pool man, that cracked me up. You had fucking sweet bordering the whole way through, and I liked how the colour scheme matched the map. Very cool.

Games like these are why I prefer playing 2v2.

In short, stunning.
#53 CynicalMagician[81545]
Oh btw, this report is basically the reason that I'm going to pick up the keyboard and start writing another BR. Way to restore my iniative by showing everyone what a fucking good end product looks like =)
#54 Fractal_Wave[81549]
What Cynical said.

All the best,
#55 [81550]
What Fractal said.

Oh yes, this definitely gets a 10.
#56 Violet[+]Fluid[81553]
Wow, the pics were awesome, I even let the hamster i use to load them share the fun of reading this BR. Nice Job.

#57 [81555]
"Incidentally, has anyone ever been in a 2v2 where the toss lost? Just wondering... "


anyway, if i was with peon we'd have done unstoppable hydra/bat +overlord spinning, BE AFRAID

#58 JFeTT[81556]
Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
#59 RaZaGhAx[81557]
Now THAT was a report =]
Own! Btw what font did you use for "mausoleum" and etc?
#60 --Gemini--[81558]
(translation: My hands are so raw right now I can't type, but if I could, I would nominate you for an Academy Award)
#61 Testosterone[81560]
thx for comments everyone, lots of positive feedback = good

cm- hah, that is good b/c i love ur writings, u rock

razaghax- "serious doubt" is the font used, its was in a bunch of fonts that a friend sent me

thx for comments and rating t_mac/snowsquall, i appreciate them

thx for comments everyone else, glad everyone seemed to like it
#62 [81561]
ok, finally read it all of it, having to stay late at work.

Best report I've read in a long time. Great looking, and that was a HELL of a game. woohoo
#63 Sp|nE[81562]
i didn't read it. it was good though......i think
#64 Fractal_Wave[81564]

You're still alive? Who knew?

This report owns.

All the best,
#65 TheRubberDucky[81571]
wow, that reminded me of YRM =D
#66 [ScV][81582]

This is the reason I started writing BRs in the first place

You are my hero

Good to Go
#67 [81585]
Of course I'm still alive! I just dont have a lot of time to read forums and comments these days........
#68 [81601]
#69 SCV~007[81603]
Nice indeed. Not much to add here... 10.

"Mark takes the loss and moves on
to Basic's natural expansion with his templars."

Not sure if that was intentional, but it was damn funny ;)
#70 _Insanitarium_[81610]
Testosterone Battle Reports: They're Grrrrrreeaat!

Great Job man

#71 GameOverZ[81613]

I'm the only one who said 'fantabulous'?

Eat a bag of hell, y'all
#72 HKRules[81618]

TTBoy is still alive too????
#73 Templar569[81619]
Helluva game, helluva report!

BG2 has been eating up all my comp time the past month, but after reading this report, I may have to go fire up my BW CD and play!

Great job!
#74 WTF[81634]
Who rated this 9?
#75 Khas'andro[81638]
My bet is on Bob the Newt
#76 [81639]
no it's not bob
#77 <font color=yellow><b>Protophobic</b></font>[81648]
<fone color="yellow"durn bomit durn maybe morbit for... ;)

#78 <font color=yellow><b>Protophobic</b></font>[81649]
<font color="yellow")durn bomit durn maybe morbit for... ;)

#79 <font color=yellow><b>Protophobic</b></font>[81650]
<font color="yellow">durn bomit durn maybe morbit for... ;)

#80 Prester John[81674]
Good stuff here! You're right, it was a great game. Who doesn't love a comeback? I didn't see any spelling erros, either, despite your worries.

I don't think I've read a report by you before, but I'll definitely pay attention the next time you write one.
#81 drefsab[81682]
Very pretty
#82 SnowSquall[81683]
#83 <font color=yellow> |]agomar[81709]
Own more plz thanx gw.

Jeez, man, this br rox my sox. You're kinda like me though: spelling and little errors. Who cares when everything's this good. Woohooo 9.8.


( Oh and very sexy game )
#84 [81748]
I finally read this. OWN!!!!!!


#85 nice[81758]
#86 =[81759]
#87 Cearas[81826]
Yay, that scarecrow pic owns
#88 Lady Paladin[81918]
awesome.. awesome.. awesome!... I always learn something from well written BRs..
#89 ']['amaraw[81935]
GW, the game and the BR OWNZ.
#90 [SLF]Harlequin[81966]

#91 -MindCry-[81983]
That was the best report/game ever!
Pro, I love your terran. Teach me :P
#92 pfft[82087]
Bloody nice report.
Keep up the gw !
#93 Falcon[82116]
SnA is a fag
#94 ladeda[82117]
#95 Falcon[82118]
make me bitch
#96 <font color="blue">CaughtNaked</font>[82119]
pics ++
story ++
detail +
use of HTML ++

9 + 1(for me being #100) = 10 kicks @$$, we need more of these!

#97 Falcon[82120]
meet me in NH this weekend! we will 1v1 obs welcome.
#98 X-Slave[82125]
I got an orgasm just reading that.
I`d give it a 9.9(-0.1 for the cursor pics)
#99 Spuzz[82213]
Friggen awesome. It was a real nail-biter of a game and you portrayed it just like that. It seemed like I was there watching the whole thing! Keep it up dude!

#100 </table>[82282]
#101 Genesis[83476]
<marquee behavior=alternate>Ownage</marquee>
#102 testosterone[83489]
cool looking comments section

thx for comments everyone:)
#103 ...[84208]
Last comment perhaps? Probably not, but I don't care at all 8)... as random top ten commenters "said", //()()...
| //||| @gain
#104 HomicidalSadist[86464]
Hey, man. Great report. Nice piece of work!!
#105 xld.aldogrez[95229]
if i didnt already comment on this...gosu
#106 THE SECRET PENIS[104996]
#107 Asmodues[142905]
no you dont
#108 [154057]
we all do.

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