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"Don't just read the book of Heartcutter. Practice it."

#1 [79973]
#2 GammaRayBurst[79974]
K, I own.

Now for the comment I meant to do as first:

When I was writing the br, I thought of something really clever to say as the first comment. But I forgot what it was, so I'm saying this instead.



#3 GammaRayBurst[79975]
Doh, the rollovers are still screwed up. Good thing I can edit this shit. Also good that its 12:00 am and no one is on :P

#4 Napoleic[79977]
Hah I got to read this long before it was posted so there!

one thing that makes this report so special is the detail of the descriptions

oh yah and first non author!
#5 _dev_null[79978]
5th that was bloody amazing
#6 _dev_null[79979]
well 5th really but 2nd non author kaka
#7 _dev_null[79980]
well actually 1st commenty that counts since Napo ir grb-bitch/report-tester err yeah

FIRST BABY kinda =/
#8 GammaRayBurst[79984]
Javascript is my nemesis, but it is now my bitch.

At least for this report.

#9 ::nobody::[79985]
GRB has spoken...all unworthy readers may now commence with the sacrifices in his honor! :D hehehe

nice report GRB, thaks for giving me a peek at it before :D

#10 testosterone[79986]
holy fuck 9 comments already

grb believe it or not just about 1 hour ago i searched ur name and read some of ur old reports, wondering if you would ever do another one

hah, kick ass, this will be perfect to read in school tommorow! woohoo!

cogito ergo sum
#11 testosterone[79987]
oh yah and ps its about time a really nice report came out from someone that is different than the akjgkjag, CODIENE ANYONE?
#12 testosterone[79988]
hahah in that 2nd pic of the sun thingy you have a reallllllly long arrrrrrrmmmmmmmm hahah
#13 Fractal_Wave[79989]
One word booty of a report mate

All the best,
#14 ~ISuCK@-SC~[79990]
Good br yo, it looks really nice + good games + good detail. GW~^^
#15 Oddity[79995]
"Le Wow"
#16 Wangsonn[80000]
grb own
#17 SlingsNArrows[80001]
Why would I care if you drank or not? Hell, go to it ^o^ I like to see smart kids get dumber - makes a semi smart kid like me have a better chance at the big $$$$$$ ^o^
#18 <font color=yellow> |]agomar[80002]
Ownage . . . 9.5! The games were not the best but the sheer quality of the br made up for that.

You look kinda nerdy though in that pic. Show us a real one!

As I said, ownage.
#19 [80003]
Damn this is a tough one. The writing was superb. The graphics excellent. The games well above average and worth reporting, the second one a notch above the first. The alt text joke tho'...didn't have a decent punchline. I was hoping for all to be revealed and for me to die of laughter =[. And one other tiny little thing. I didn't really like the background of dark aqua with a black font. Made it just a tad bit hard for my weak old man eyes to read. So, I'm going with a nine, but it's like a 9.49 if that makes ya feel better =D. Anyway, great report!
#20 FlameBlade42[80004]
Um. . .Mark4. Do you know about Monty Python? If you knew about them, you probably would be laughing so hard. I mean, if you knew all of actors in that show. . .you probably will laugh so hard at alt-text.

Mark4, you're too good for us, and we don't want you to die, right?

Nice report. Actually. . .I only read alt-text because I knew where it came from. . .Lemme read the report.
#21 [1]=)[80005]
kak. muah! !=/
it's early and i'm tired.

nice BR. =/

:1 happy one
#22 [80006]
GRB, I haven't read this yet, but Mark4 is right, change that text color to white or edit your background image so that its a bit brighter. There's a lot of text to read and I think it would be easier if the text stood out a bit more... looks great though, I will be checking it out soon.

#23 Shepherd = FlameBlade42[80007]
I got owned by writing down wrong username gw, myself.

Too many forums owns me. . .

Excellent report. . .
#24 GammaRayBurst[80008]
Slings: I'm an astrophysics major, i'm not gonna be making any money regardless of how much i drink :P

Mark & Dref: Hmm, I'll see if I can lighten the background up a bit... (thanks for front page news Mark :)

Everyone else: Thanks for the comments guys, I love em!

#25 GammaRayBurst[80009]
Well, I tried lightening the background, but I forgot that I would have to change the background on all the images. I don't think its that much of a problem though. If you are having a hard time reading it, increase the font size in your browser. I can't change the font color to white, since Maverick is white in the second game. I tried, but I think I will keep it like it is.

#26 necrosausage![80011]
sorry i only read alt text but im sure the report was ok as well

monthy python owns
#27 necrosausage![80012]
and yah mark reading it istn funny but i saw that sketch like sooooo long ago and remembering it was funny
#28 [80013]
Ok, give me the german translations then.
#29 GammaRayBurst[80015]
It's gibberish! It doesn't really making any sense.

But if it did, you wouldn't want the translation!! It would kill you!

#30 Fractal_Wave[80018]
Hot damn that's nice hair you've got mate.


All the best,
#31 ~Psi-Channeler~[80040]
Nice report, Monty Python owns =D

#32 testosterone[80042]
hot damn, with this here new gijjy maflidgy you can actually lighten it while it is posted!!!1 all hail jvvvv
#33 testosterone[80043]
fractal i say hot damn and you say hot damn, we all say hot damn, HOT DAMN
#34 [80044]
nicest br i've seen in a while, 10:)
#35 CynicalMagician[80045]
I used to say hot damn. Then I found out you did, test.


btw grb nerdson, this is an excellent br. Almost as rollicking a yarn as that first nerdson story, the scarlet letter, or some such like that. So then he says to me, would you like some cold beef? And he goes right over and gets some cold beef and he sits down and eats it, just like you or I would! The Duke is a real thinker he is too. I asked him what he thought the future held, and he looked me straight in the eye and says, "france is in for a hell of a time." He's always looking toward the future he is. As sharp as tacks, that one.

The english are great fellows, they know how to eat over there. The air is heavier and you can eat 6 times a day. The climate allows it. You can't do that over here, but it's partly because we haven't had as much time to evolve as they have. We've got a lot to learn about food preparation that they already know! For example, they cut a beefsteak half again as thick as we do. They can afford it. It's a really affluent continent really, except for all the revolutions and such. But not nearly as bad as here. Well, except for the bad parts. I quite liked it.
#36 Mogalin[80046]
All that for a 27 minute game?
#37 CynicalMagician[80047]
yeah, it was a long comment on my part mog, but I wanted to do it right.

see? now we're both being assholes. =)
#38 binjured[80053]
HO-HO-HO-HO!! It's nice how 1/8th of the pics loaded... but i dont care, alt text kept me going :P

GRB, I'd just like to say that you look like a chicken with its head cut off in that 1 pic, just with the head and nothing like a chicken, or any other poultry i can think of, damn... ill go away now =[

#39 WarLeaderJustin[80065]
By the comments, good job once again, GRB. I wish it would load on my 56 K :(
#40 WilliamWC3[80073]
I got a new mouse for christmas with one of those scroll buttons on it. I think you broke it.

Helluva report. Keep em coming.
#41 Cearas[80075]
Whoa, cool.
#42 Starookie[80078]
However, they are still firing uphill, so their efficiency is still shit

lolololololol Someone quote the damn thing

I laughed out loud during school and got in trouble :[

Btw, you own.
#43 GammaRayBurst[80081]
William: You are one to talk about battle reports breaking people's computers, aren't you? :P

Thanks for all the good comments guys.

Thanks for the 10 Tmac =)


#44 Napoleic[80085]
Hey WLJ, I have a 56k and it loaded on my comp just fine. Plus I never get any bnet lag, I d/l like 5 kb/s, it really isn't that bad at all. I think most ppl's problems with 56k is their internet provider. Try a new one if yours sucks so much.
#45 Cearas[80086]
WLJ's JewMac censors naughty language pictures, his parents netnanny program seems to own him.
#46 BUU[80099]
Kick ass report man, it = ownage. But i can point one flaw.. atleast in my mind, your writing isnt really humerous, like bob or spine.. Its good descriptive writing, and its awesome for the games, but 30+(or however much) pages is a little hard to read with just the plain dry descriptive details. It was however an awesome report!! Keep in mind this is just imho, and what i thought after reading it.

Also, anyones whose comp wont load the pics, (like youve turned them off or something), would be REALLY FRICKING confused by the alt-txt....
#47 Polock[80100]
Man, your hair is crazy gee
#48 DrAwesome[80101]
great report GRB! Two great games with great pics and great writing. WHat more could I ask? :)

#49 .Praetor[80106]
I would have given it a 10, but there was that 'up the ass' thing. Bleh.
#50 Winter^Foliage[80133]
AWESOME Report, this is my first comment so feel happy! You earned it (as if i was of some importance...)

also, taht'd be cool if they had a starcraft cereal no?
#51 Falcon[80141]
ahahahahahha GRB looks funny with his hair and all :P
#52 Hawk[80143]
#53 SixtyWATZ[80147]
#54 testosterone[80150]
lol, everyone is commenting on ur pic instead of the report:)
#55 ~(EW)~NH111 aka D2_Rules_wlag[80152]

Nice REPORT GRB. I liked it. Sure the jokes erent the funniest, but the report seemed to be of very high quality, you seem to be a very good writer.

#56 Cheese[80187]
Loved the report by after looking at that pic of you I dont think I will ever read any of your BRs again as maybe one day you put a pic in the actual report and that would be too damn scary.
#57 GammaRayBurst[80197]
Heh test, I figured people would. Fine with me :P

BUU, my writing isn't supposed to be humerous. Occasionally I try to throw in something stupid that is a little funny, most of the time it is straightforward battle report.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them (even the ones calling me a nerd :P)

#58 Joe.Smurf[80212]
Kick ass GrB nice report i wanna be liuke u when i grow up ^^
#59 SixtyWATZ[80213]
anytime u want to be called a nerd grb just hop on aim
#60 SCV~007[80218]
Alt-texts: I laughed my ass off after i read the first two.

WilliamWC3 complaining about a report being too big: LOL gj

Will i ever read this report: Dunno, maybe when i have summer vacation i have time to load it.

GRB's picture: Lookin good (Prolly better than you flamer boys -_-)
#61 Nautica[80223]
Best damn report i've read in an extremely long time
#62 Somebody...[80236]

#63 bambus57[80238]
damn good br,good writing &graphics.just so f*$#ing good. thats all there is to it.
#64 VisualJ++6.0[80266]
uups.. my 9.9 repeating messed up :/
#65 DontLagUFag[80267]
hihihi....i dont read battle reports much..ive read maybe about 10 ever..but this was the BEST battle report ive seen. the pics were set up verry nicely and good details in the writing! oh and nice lil commentary on the pic alt tags haha.
#66 Mr.Minty!![80275]
hah great report! um one question... why the hell does that one picture with the dropship/rines/nexus warping in make you go to the top of the BR? it really pissed me off cuz i thought it would do something cool and then it made me lose my place.. oh well gj on br!
#67 Muerte[80279]
Does anyone else get garbled and unreadable text in this report? Ok, so why the hell do I?
#68 [80288]
<<b><font color=yellow> Juice</td></tr><tr valign=top><td colspan=2>

<<b><font color=blue> Look ----> my gosu html</td>
#69 <font color=red> juciey </tr>[80289]
<font color=green> keke im html god ?</tr> <font size=52>
#70 DarkMage[80298]

nice report, i cant think of anything to say about it that hasn't been said, so the rating will have to suffice.

#71 Cearas[80346]
. . . . .
#72 WarLeaderJustin[80348]
I couldn't get my hands on a DSL connection up until today. Ownage report to the tenth degree.
#73 UDontKnOwME[80589]
Just to let the idiot above know... The guy's name is NOT Monty Python, its Monty PYLON. What an idiot. But I can't say anything. O wait, I just did :).
#74 GammaRayBurst[80613]
Whee comment 75 is all mine. Kind of depressing that this is still number 3 on the gold br list =(

#75 [80733]
#76 mlylecarlin[80751]
Monty Python alt text joke owns. 10. I didn't even read the report, but I'd give you a 10 based on the alt text.

#77 infesteD~legGo[81333]
VERY BR even though we lost =( the finals BUT GJ on the BR d00d looking foward to ur next one!!!!!
#78 SHIFTEE[81334]
VERY GOOD***----typo
#79 testosterone[81414]
hi grb
#80 testosterone[81415]
hi grb
#81 Katome[98468]
Ah, how nice, simple pictures, straight-forward writing, and good detail :) Complexifications confuse me -.- One of the better BRs I've read.

9 (I dunno why people do this, or why I do this, cause we can't rate :/ But I feel somehow that everybody should know what I think ! So there.)
#82 badme[150695]
Heh. This was actually the first report I've ever read, so it really was a trip down memory lane. Awesome game, awesome reporting.

I'd have said 10 :0

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