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"It's really a historical moment in my life, this game; I feel strongly that it has altered the course of my intelligence flow for good. Brooke, who is the aforementioned village idiot, took her first turn with pride. She placed down three letters - A, W, T, following an N, which spells 'NAWT.'"

#1 [78386]
Holy Crap I am GOD after all. :-D (just kidding)

I added a feature to the report viewer, to search for this tag..


And if it finds it it loads that file in externally as opposed from reading from the database.

I did this all for your awesome report DrAwesome.


And what was that you said about BR.COM again????!!!?
#2 Fractal_Wave[78387]
Jesus shit this is solid gold.

And I hate to break it to you, but I don't play my name shouldn't really be there


All the best,
#3 Fractal_Wave[78388]

I won! With a nuke! Wheeeeeee!

Dr. Awesome rocks

All the best,
#4 [78389]
Oh the reason I did that FILEREAD thing for those of you that don't know is that normally there is a 64k limit to reports. But now its unlimited if you use the FILEREAD[path] tag.

AWESOME REPORT! I sent news to the major SC sites, in case they want to make it a news item.

see ya!

#5 Sexy^Orangutang[78390]
damn...this is tight. finish the zerg and toss quick man. And have a seperate animie chick for each cant get enough animie.
#6 Kili![78391]
OMG this was cool.

#7 the()vermind[78392]
GLORY TO GOD, HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME? Ha ha, the wonders of java never cease to amaze me. But this really does deserve the ten, and I look forward to seeing this as a news item on
#8 {~TRIS~}[78393]
well done.... FUCKIN BRILLINAT!!!!!!!!!!


nah well done 10/10 u deserveit!

#9 poipoi[78398]
#10 znzf[78401]
i died in this br WAYYY faster than I would have in a real game
since i either 2 rax or depot rax gas i lost and refused to play again =D
#11 [SM]Strega~F[78403]
Whoa! The apprentice has outgrown the master. (Meaning that this was better than Drefsab's "Decisions decisions" report) You're still great Dref, no doubt about that, but this report made you look like horny monkey without any hands!
#12 [78404]
Hmmm, I only had time to skim through one path. Will definitely read the rest later. However, I don't want to miss the opportunity to give this a 10 so I will go ahead and do so now.

Will comment more later after reading it more carefully... :)

#13 StyxxA[78405]
All pure vast glorious extramagnificent GOOD STUFF.
It rocks! Keep workin' on it.

Merry Christmas, and don't spend all of your life on SC...
#14 Astic-X[78406]
wtf no early exp.
#15 DrAwesome[78407]
ahahahah YAY! JV YA! /me sets up small shrine and bows before little Johnny_Vegas statue. thanks alot thats very cool that you did that :).

Sorry I'll add the early exp option to the other races crazy :(.

Oh and uhhhhh whoops fractal hehe

#16 [ScV][78408]
I am owned.

I think i might just give up bring now. There's just no equal.

10s all the way.

Good to Go

#17 death_head[78410]
I can't believe I let that reaver drop into all my tanks! D'oh!

If I was a rater you would get a 10 from me, but I'm not so you only get two.
#18 Templar569[78411]
Wowsers. Dr. Awesome, thy name is truly well earned. And the fact that I got to beat someone who I'd never be able to beat in a real game was the icing on the cake! :)

Incredible. Seriously. Make more. Seriously.
#19 Cearas[78414]
I schooled IllGetDropped. Gollies/tanks > his sorry ass.

This must have been an absolute bitch to write, one damn good BR though. Solid 10. I see no faults what so ever. Cant wait for the other bits to be done, I went random at first but realised only terran worked. =[.

#20 DoomDragon[78415]
Simply amazing. I had been hoping for a long time after Dref's BR that someone would do something like it again... and here that hope is!
Not only are the terran choices cool, but the possibility of adding even more stuff in is even better. A constantly growing BR, as people suggest more and more things.
This report <i>definately</i> deserves straight tens.
#21 Wangsonn[78416]
lol crazy GJ DR.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#22 Cearas[78419]
yay I school Illgetdropped with BC's.
I will be here for hours playing all these scenarios.
#23 garett[78420]
whoa nice
#24 expostfacto[78421]
most creative thing I've seen in a long time.


#25 ~Psi-Channeler~[78422]
Coolass report.
#26 Rabid_Raccoon[78423]
heh heh. BC's rock! when's the next one coming?
#27 `CraZzY`[78424]
WoW, great report, now we can all say that we KICKED ILLGETDROPPED's ASS!!

#28 Warhulk[78426]
It was cool to be Fractal_Wave's red-headed step-son! Sorry ILLGETDROPPED, didn't mean to rape you!

ILLGETDROPPED's record has a buttload of losses piling on as we speak. I honestly lost 2x before picking a winning strat. In real life I would have lost everytime playing anyone in this BR!

10 10 10 10
#29 iscrewsqeaktoys[78427]
YAY gg illgetdropped. tank/gol > you:p

hehe this report owned.. 12 anyone?
#30 Dog101[78431]
This report totally owned. cant wait for the protoss and zerg campaigns.10.
#31 SCV~007[78435]
Very good "report" =) I enjoyed it alot!

I was a bit frustrated however when my tech to Siege Tanks turned into my death to two reavers. WTF. What loser controled my forces anyway? Not even I would lose to two reavers if I had 20+ marines and 2 tanks (not siege) :(

I suppose I'm gonna die some more when I try every option I could have made...

Anyway, good work! Definately a 10!
#32 MechaJamie a.k.a Cornholio[dx][78438]
This report is a 1!!! I can't believe I lost to illgetdroped about half of the games. That is absurd! Although, I do have to admit that my micro was a bit off and his production was solid. I think he hacked those games, too. Any suggestions as to what I could have done better?
#33 derek[78439]
10 10 10 10 10

if anyone gives this a 9...
#34 Phoenix-S-[78442]
Oh my god this is awsome. I won my first try with tank/wraith/M&M. ^^
#35 LuckyNewbie:P[78444]

all i can say is

<h1>DrAwesome is <i><u>GOD</u></i></h1>
#36 Iodized-Salt.[78445]
it was realy good but i have to ask if there is a way to lose?
the choices were real easy,or maybe it was my godlike skills?
#37 the()vermind[78447]
Why was I so stupid to post my own br after this one? This br is definetely better than anything I have, or will ever do in my life time. Anyway, congrad again, and make the other storylines, go go go!
Also, if you thought this report was good, I reccomend that I bring you down to earth by reading my own br
#38 Illgetdroped[78449]
hhaah i just finshed reading this.. great br.. damn u must have spended some time on this.. it took me a day to read this hehe... and wow so many ppl beat this game. hehe this is a truly 10 deserved after spending so much time on this... GJ and i am honored that u put me in such a great br.. gw
#39 [78450]
just wouldnt be a choose your own adventure br without me? :D
#40 ThanatoZ[78457]
Wow, nice job. :)

Now, if someone wouldn't mind rating MY report... ;)
#41 PrincessCollsy[78460]
whoa, nifty report. kinda funny seeing my name pluged in and then seeing "him" and such, but i'll deal. and i suppose all the guys enjoyed the chick..hmm... oh well, it was still fun to read. nice work :o)
#42 SlingsNArrows[78461]
I didn't like it - You did it very well... I just found it boring as hell. GJ tho
#43 [ToJ]Kralgon[78464]
How come I can't get a dropship after getting the early academy so I can drop some M&M's into his min line? why?

That was an awesome report!
#44 Falcon[78465]
gg Droped, your no longer the challenge you always have been, now make some korean player so I can go bragging bout it =)
#45 Illgetdroped[78466]
and dang those chicks are hot!!! hehe
#46 Phobos_ColZ[78467]
Oh. My. God. This is godly. This is Hall of Fame material. Make more. Or I will kill you. Pretty please with sugar on top.

As ever,
#47 Hostile~SCV[78468]
This was fucking awesome.............

Hostile~SCV's Triginometric rating- 20sin(30)
#48 Scarab[78469]
#49 CynicalMagicain[78471]
rock the casbah roughly 2398 times.
#50 .High+Templar.[78472]
It was awesome except I got beat by someone I would own in a real game :D
#51 'bengalaas'[78473]
#52 --Gemini--[78474]
I schooled Illget with BC's! BC's rock hard, man!

Hey, what's that up in the sky? I think it says...






#53 corbalt[78479]
hmm.. i dont think tank/gollie should have won it while tank/vult kills you. I would have one in my first try if not for that fkjahdkfjsjhdfgdfksdfg

everyone knows vults are more cost effective vs toss ground than gollies.

nice BR though dude, make a toss one soon :]
#54 [SJ]MxPx[78481]
Asdf... Me > illgetdroped by nuke THX

good report yo~~~
#55 GeNOciDaL[78483]
oh shit that was damn awesome man the nest of the best great work dude
#56 Illgetdroped[78484]
woo i never though id get owned by a nuke hehe
#57 teck.lika.hore[78485]
really good work, also funny how if you don't put your name in, it says Illgetdroped vs DrAwesome. Good work with the whole deal. 9.8 cuz u didn't finish zerg or toss

#58 Cearas[78494]
DrAwesome is an AQD3, reply to your comments man.
#59 DrAwesome[78498]
wow mixed reactions :D cool.

thanks all of you for the (mostly) positive feedback!
The problem with doing this was the fact that some of the options, no matter how good you are, have to lose. I notice some comments saying things like I could have beaten him with that; and you probably could have, but I think you understand what I was doing here.

damn, people want me to do the rest. These things are insanely boring to do :(. But I will definitely get started.

Maybe I'll change the name of the competitor in the next 2. Hmmm, maybe I'll have some sorta contest :D or maybe I'll just do Maynard so you all can say you beat him.

Guess I'll have to add T_Mac to the next one! And collsy, I'll make it an option to be a girl ;) and have a separate ending for the ladies (anyone know any anime guys?)

btw I'm outta town for the holidays so I may not be able to respond often.


#60 SarcasticSage[78499]

BTW i didn't know Fractal had so many children....


#61 Rontu[78500]
I beat Illgetdroped with tanks and gollies. I cant believe that my gollies even killed a shuttle cause they have the AI of a larva.


this deserves a 10
#62 livingexception[78502]
You know why I'm giving this a 10? Because even in a chose your own adventure game, I STILL CAN'T WIN WITH TERRAN. AAAAAARGH! 1+0=10. Someone tell YRM to look at this.

#63 alph[w]olf[78509]
Holy shit... this is the best report I have ever read, ever! Never will there be a better report! Best report ever! Damn, this is sweet, it must have taken you years to write. Well obviously you get a 10.

#64 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[78510]
BCs > Dropped
great job man more goog
#65 [78516]
hehe DrAwesome, now you see the difference between the way you did it and the way I did it. There is no perfect way to pull this off. Personally, I would prefer to have it based on a real game, even if there are fewer branches. That way, if things get screwed up, we can blame it on T_Mac... :)

This still fuxing rocked though. I believe you when you said you spent a lot of time on this. I spent a lot of time on mine, but when I say a lot of time, I mean like 3 days. Most of my reports are done in 3-4 hours tops. I can't even imagine spending three weeks on a battlereport. Props to you for working so hard on this and creating a highly realistic branching battlereport right off the top of your head. I am duly impressed... 10 still stands... :)

#66 --Gemini--[78517]
Time to add some series comments here.

On second thought, I'll add some serious comments instead(see how I make fun of my spelling mistakes? Wahahaha!).

This reeks of countless hours spent staring into the glowing moniter. I'll bet my left kidney you had a neck cramp when this was done.

Note to self:
Go to DrAwesome's house, kill his immediate family, kidnap him, make him tell me his secret, then kill him and steal his idenity.

Oh, wait, I still have this Bill Roper one. Who wants it?
#67 corbalt[78518]
bleh i didnt mean to say *I* was "good enough" to win with different unit choices. If a person with a constant skill factor goes tvp against someone with a comprable skill, he is more likely to win vs zeals and goons and templars with tank/vult than he is with tank/gollie. =[
#68 mikkeydarat[78524]
Even I, the *newb* fucking RAPED droped.

I own


add toss an' zerg

#69 Falcon[78536]
sorry to tell you DrAwesome that gateways don't have lights "2 gateways with blinking lights"
#70 [78560]
Hi I rate


#71 'Bengalaas'[78569]
How can you lose with tanks/vultures against toss :(

Illgetdropped > me

Tank Golli > Toss :-/
#72 bhelliom[78598]
sup dra!! dood that was pure ownage :O make toss since i am p play ^_^ msg me on bnet yo~~ we havent played in quite sometime... 10 for SuRE!~!
#73 CaughtNaked[78599]
DrAwsome, my penis salutes you.
#74 [SCA]MajorManny[78601]
Dude this report rocks keep at it and hehe (make the toss first PLEASE) I dont mind if u use my name in it. :-)
Peace and love
Happy Holidays!
#75 -=GriM_ReAPeR=-[78604]
This is TgTbT


O and, i never send a ghost ALONE to nuke, ALWAYS make a frontal assault, with even 12 marines, that gets there screen out of the CC.

Well done
#76 HotChick12345[78606]
I think Dr. Awesome is THE hottest guy on the internet, instead of finding an anime guy he should just put his picture so I can WORSHIP him when I own during battle. He deserves a 9897987875876 for this, it is the MOST amazing thing I've EVER seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!! Marry me Dr. Awesome!!!
#77 Omega_Gun[78619]
Not Bad.

Finish the toss and zerg already.
can't have everyone waiting in line.

SC Rules!!!!
#78 {DD}Fatboy[78620]
First of all, kick ass report, throw it into a book and it will probably sell, this was waaaaay better than those crappy choose your own adventure books at the library. SEcond thing, this was kinda creepy. I played an almost identical game against illgetdroped about 6 months ago, with me ending it with a nuke. just thought i'd point that out. remeber that game droped?
#79 necrosausage![78624]
wow im fractal's son

(goes out trought the door, you hear a scream "noooo" and a gunblast, then something falling over"
#80 CashMoneyCrackr[78633]
Dude this BR is by far the best that I have ever read before. I liked that anime chick at the end of the Terran race. I like the idea of nuking the expansion with the EMP right before the nuke is released. I never thought of that before with Terran since my race to choose is Toss in most cases. Thanks for the tip I will do it now.
Can't wait to read another of yours
#81 Frost!^^[78635]
#82 @K[78638]
ownage stuff?
#83 Sil3nT[78664]
1. Did I play this game?
2. If so did I win?
To confusing to read so I dunno..
#84 WarLeaderJustin[78669]
This may be coming a little late, DR., but this BR facking owned! :) Please make more of the campaigns, that was truly awesome. And this deserves more than a 10.
#85 PuLLoTo[78706]
Wheeeeeee I won i won!!!!

#86 pines0ul[78719]
nice DrA :].. i won with an expo nuke :D
#87 pines0ul[78721]
DrA plzplzpzlpzlz put me in the next one :)..make me the suicidal peon scout and i'll love u foreverrr
#88 Total~2bh[78730]
Some more pcx would be nice.
but othert than that i was impressed with it all..
and was a nice change from the usual.
how do they get speed upgrade with 2 gate b4 gas and i only have 1 rax? hhooowwww?!?!?!?!?
#90 oh and btw why cant i expo b4 my main[78759]
runs out of minerals? wwwwhhhyyyyy!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
#91 GaynusUpTheAnus[78760]
nice work man. What happens when droped plays? illgetdroped v illgetdroped? :O make me the hero next time and make it impossible to win ;)
#92 MatrisKing[78787]
::Sigh:: Draw gets all the ladies just for makin a BR... I get no credit for all the writing and pics and concept or anything. Hard life I live. I get draw started on SC, he gets women and 10s and I get left in the dust. Well fine draw, see if I put you in my next BR: "Horny Newbies and other comical paphernalia" :P But yeah it was a good BR and you used those big words (kinda like "charismatic") to involve u in the plot and allo that. 10 indeed, gj, gw, etc. That is all.

#93 [6]LeADeR[6][78829]
i didnt know u had put out another br dra, just saw that u had done one at SCL... This is really great, but being a vanilla player, i didnt really know who IllGetdropped was til researching him =).. Bhell is right, its been a while since we played. And plz dont mind pines, he wants a piece of your popularity ^^.. Great work, i cant wait to be able to random ..

#94 DrAwesome[78843]
ahahahah Matrisking, I can't wait for your BR. I'm sure you'll get all sorts of ladies with it ;). Oh and [6]leader[6] next time I'll use some more worldly known names. And next time I have access to SC, I'll message you guys.
#95 badtz_maru[78949]
oh shhit was i supposed to make that
enginneerin bay or academy?
oh shhit im fracts basturd son?
damn i died = bah good report

ill rue tha dey
#96 badtz_maru[78950]
oh shhit was i supposed to make that
enginneerin bay or academy?
oh shhit im fracts basturd son?
damn i died = bah good report

ill rue tha dey
#97 badtz_maru[78951]
bah clinkin button twice blows sorri
#98 Twip[79013]
I was about to comment but necrosausage already stole what I was gonna say. :(

(comment #82)
#99 ....(variable[79021]

when ppl spend a lot of time on a report, it really shows. very impressive :)

(i'm also happy cause i got a win the first time through... guess this mirrors real life - neener neener neener!)

god i'm a dumbass...
#100 [79052]
Awesome... Doctor. Man, my puns are bad today.
#101 "></font>[88646]
this should unbreak comments
#102 DrAwesome[88651]
wee unbroken
#103 -MindCry-[91581]
I was loosing so i disc, hehehe :)

#104 the()vermind[91901]
I am from the not so distant future, you're a rater now! (or pretty damn close to being one) RATE MY REPORT!-my not to distant future self
#105 LC[93580]
#106 the()vermind[95270]
you're actually a rater now. When I die, my last words will be, "I wanted to be another drawesome." LAST 5/30/01
#107 the()vermind[95839]
to explain the quote, napoleon's last words were, "I wanted to be another Washington." Washington, George Washington, get the point?
#108 jhon[97134]
this site suks
#109 stibecikdbewvue[110962]
hi, this report was complete and utter own when it came out and still is too bad pics are gone ;)

hey "jason" try flaming twice in a row w/o using the same ip next time man, gg
#110 firestone[111641]
that was hands down the best BR i have read i am a big fan of choosing your own adventure'

if there was a highier rating i would give it to you
#111 Kili![112652]
I said 9 about a year ago...

#112 The.Darkness[116242]
all i say is...
wow man
nicely done
very well made
#113 jimmy[130712]


"After the battle, you call the pretty young medic up to your office for some "punishment". :) "

Hmmm..... pervert.

Ah well. 12.

- jimmy
#114 striz[141712]
nuff said. but here's a simpsons quote too:

'I wonder where all the technological wonders are NOW?'
'Wonders lisa? or BLUNDERS?'
'that was implied, dad...'
'Implied lisa? or IMPLODED?'
' him stop...'
#115 TwistedNEcro[148566]
Nice. Tight. Great. L331. Fantastic. Uber. Tight! Awesome. Cool. TIGHT! You get the point.

You get a 1523434325454543543532141378423687516835432.

#116 [163692]
the two of them listened as it played back After a couple minutes it bingo racing results off the sports page and circled the date with a pen that bingo free Christ its a miracle I was even born! (mutters under his breath bingo online George waited until most of the other students had left before bingo game and over again as I lied in my bed at home It was very therapeutic And bingo internet Since when were roast beef sandwiches 30 cents and an ice cream sunday bingo play everything on his lunch tray to wobble around play bingo You remember me online bingo defeat.

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