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"Newb Eye for the SC Guy"

#1 Testosterone[73568]
sorry for bad 1st post :(, I spent a lot more time on this one than I did on the first one

hf and plz comment
#2 S!aVe[73569]
2nd! .. well probably not after i post this ..!:(
#3 frost[73570]
good BRs. Im kinda sick of this game though waiting for SS or War3 or something.
#4 ][~tao~][[73571]
u write really very very well and i'm quite impressed by your BR skills. keep up the good work and get ur ass online some time so we can play! Lataz
#5 [73572]
Bam! 10

Those images and the flash just were hardcore man. Tripleheader tourney final using my tourney manager. wooohoo!

#6 ProtectorofAiur[73573]
good god, that was a nice report.

that flash was really cool too.
#7 ProtectorofAiur[73574]
oh yeah, lol @ the post game interview :D
#8 TheLostGuru[73575]
Awesome BR... thought you swapped the upgrades for the zerg overlords... ^.^

Ventral Sacs should be lift upgrade..
Pnuematized Carapace should be speed. :)

Me again, some odd fellow who likes making sure stuff is right... don't hate me cuz I'm into correctness. ;)
#9 Oddity[73576]
Alt-text owns
"The difference bewtween insanity and genius is measured only by success"
Someone write that one upside down for me.

-Elliot Carver(from tomorrow never dies)
#10 Napoleic[73577]
Damn is it just me, or does it seem that every br released these days is either less than 3 or a 10? I guess that anyone who cares enough to try to br figures they may as well go for it all.

Ownage br Testosterone, and I loved the flash. Nice timing with the music, that was sweet. The Alt Text was cool too.

BTW Way to go Mantra! He picks zerg to your toss first game so you shaft him just as bad last game, gj! Lmao at off bunker, I think that was a sweet ending, poetic justice!
#11 Kili![73578]
WoW. The flash really owned.
#12 Astic-X[73581]
haha jewed by a jew rofl you got raped pylon btw how did you let a import carry home a tourney? pls tell=[
#13 znzf[73583]
last game
just makes u think
why didn't the guy cancel hatch and put it at choke ?
mass lings + speed or lurk some kind effort in a tourney game u expect at least =(
#14 [73584]
BR. Good. 10.

On the contrary, I thought the last game was the best... :P

#15 iscrewsqeaktoys[73585]
own more please:)
#16 TheBizarreFungi[73586]
Great Report!

I think Mantra! should be terran more often.

#17 Falcon[73589]
I was reading it and it wouldn't load for me but i didn't give it a change either=[ The report looked great by how far I read, Ill finish it later and post again
#18 [73590]
most of the images and the flash dont load for me
#19 [73591]
most of the images and the flash dont load for me
#20 [73592]
wow i guess you dont have to double click "add comment"
#21 [-Loser-][73593]
Awesome, another good report to save the day from the..."other" reports

#22 Eradicate~Me[73595]
only like 3 pics loaded for me

but the flash was enough for a 10
#23 Digityl[73597]
cool br. i like series :) nice writing too man...overall excellent job!

#24 Testosterone[73598]
thanks everyone for the comments, geocities is having problems right now i think, it is loading really slow, next time ill try to find a better server :(
#25 blackadder[73599]
sorry if this is a newbie question but couldnt mantra have made the bunker just a little bit away from the building hatch and pylon wouldnt have noticed at all. building hatches have like 1 vision or smthing
#26 [bad]derek[73600]
my modem is now a mere shell of its former self

#27 Derek[73601]
j/k 10
#28 Bahhhhh[73602]
7 few pics loaded for me and the flash didn't either.
#29 Bahhhhh[73603]
7 few pics loaded for me and the flash didn't either.
#30 Bahhhhh[73604]
7 few pics loaded for me and the flash didn't either.
#31 Bahhhhh[73605]
7 few pics loaded for me and the flash didn't either.
#32 Sid6.9[73608]
Awesome, simple a grade A piece of work.
#33 Testosterone[73609]
I could re-do it using the server, but that would kinda be stupid? i dunno
#34 Spuzz[73610]
Excellent report. I wish my pants would dry.

Write more.

#35 Skyblazer[73611]
VERY nice report! Even better after Geocities decided to speed up. gj.
Hope you continue writing more brs!! :)


#36 SlingsNArrows[73612]
ownage ;o)
#37 CynicalMagician[73613]
This was tres cool. The pictures were very nice, the flash was neat, and the games were good. There were a few minor typos and inconsistencies, but they didn't matter.

Oh little tip: when you're doing scores shots, you don't need to include the scores of observers. It's basically wasted image.

Finally, I laughed my ass off at #35. Go spuzz.
#38 TDM[73624]
I have not read yet, but STRAIGHT 10'S ON YOUR 2ND REPORT!?!?!??!?!?!?! Must be good. I'm gonna read.

-The Drone Miester
#39 JFeTT[73625]
What's the name of that song on the flash?
#40 Skyblazer[73626]
Incubus - Stellar
#41 Fractal_Wave[73629]
Damn spiffy. DAMN spiffy.

You didn't use my gosu span text. I hate you now.

Btw, the reason kamakaze pilots wore hemelts is for radio.

All the best,
#42 GammaRayBurst[73630]
One hell of a report test! Monty Python owns too =)

#43 ~Psi-Blade~[73631]
ownage that flash revivled that of breeze i think we have a new challeger for breeze gogogog testorone 10 without a doubt
#44 TDM[73632]
OK, I have read now, that report absoluty, completely, without a doubt, O-W-Ned. Bt the flash didin't work for me. Flash > me. Oh well, still deserves 10. Rockage.

-The Drone Miester
#45 Eradicate~Me[73639]
Your starting up your "Unactive" streak from brood war again tdm!


hey that rhymed!


#46 [73644]
Quite nice. But you should pray that Praetor doesn't read this. =P
#47 Testosterone[73653]
wow thanks for the comments everyone =D

grb where ya been man? been looking for ya :)

fractal thanks, u da man

cm thanks =D
#48 [73656]
flash and alt text made this godly:)
#49 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[73660]
I liked the Pictures
#50 RoadRunner{SLR}[73662]
OMG that last game was so lame. good series tho, and very nice BR. :)
#51 PrincessCollsy[73668]
ooo..pretty :o)
#52 Darth Sidious[73669]
good report indeed.

of course the last game was the best, terran rules.
I also liked the texts behind the pictures :)
obviously the flash kicked ass.

(and to everyone who complains only a few pics loaded: click back and then forward to load the rest, or right click and choose load picture.)

#53 {ahc}overmind[73671]
i have posted my first battle report, {ahc}overmind wishes to ask tstoremome what he uses to edit his pictures, which program
#54 assram[73678]
Great report!

Nice timing with music and the alt text owned :)

keep it up!
#55 RaZaGhAx[73680]
{ahc}overmind, I'm pretty sure he uses photoshop =) this BR was simply stunning...

#56 Testosterone[73686]
overmind using the 3rd person to talk is annoying :(
i used photoshop 6.0

thx for the comments everyone :)
#57 Help[73693]
What is the name for channel nohunters?
I always try tons of different variations but they never work!!!!
#58 The Lakers[73695]
good pics but writing style was a bit...crude?
but these days nobody seems to care about the text and care for the eye pleasers
#59 Silent Strike[73708]
Haha, regulation. Yet another time an import takes down a zerg player in the final game of Newbie McNasty's tournament with an offensive tower.

Die zerg pickin hoes ;).

#60 Khas'andro[73720]
Help: It's "clan ~NoHunters"
Great BR man, flash rocked!! ALT text was cool, those were some damn funny quotes
#61 Pokemon=Bad[73728]
Uhhhhhhhhh i am confused, how the hell did that get strait 10's? the battles weren't any good, and the alt text was ok. The only real good thing about the br was the flash...... if u judge it just on the flash gj 10. But for content, or lack there of, 10 is way way too big of a number.
#62 anal-banana[73749]
<b>Everybody that was either playing or observing made a comment about how they used to play this map way back when. I don't know what the hell they were talking about as I played BGH comp stomps way back when but to each his own.</b>


That was freaking hilarious :)
#63 (DL)Spam[73751]
"Nietszche is dead" -God

The only Alt text I happened to read, and it was by pure accident. But it was also the best line in the entire BR (minus the other alt texts which I will now go back and read in case there were more gems like that instead of the normal alt-text dribble)

Excellent report, deserving of its 10
#64 conrado/drinkcola[73752]
undoubtly one of THE best BRs i've ever read. GJ!!
#65 :-:AeroL:-:[73753]
godly report.
I think 11's should be included for godly reports like this
11 gogogogogo!

#66 Rim[73757]
WOOOOHOOOOO! Bobby triple posted. Don't you ever flame someone for doing that again you fag! WOOHOOO Bobby is not a god!!!!!!!!
#67 Tariq[73766]
"jewed by a jew" guess this is why crazy's calling people jews now.

#68 +AnathemA+[73772]
#69 !warstrike![73774]
Nice report. Great flash (prob even better if this machine had sound :P). I just don't think it is quite the match of many of the other 10s on the site (9s certainly though).
#70 Heartcutter[73775]
Fun read. I enjoyed it.

#71 Inssider[73791]
Heh, nice job. Pics were pretty, writing for the most part flowed nicely, but I agree with CM about grammar/spelling. Not that huge of a problem though. Excellent work.
#72 TH-LittleBro[73801]
Your BR owns Test!!!
#73 ^Nuitari^[73806]
Calvin and Hobbes quote. Give him a 10 NOW.
#74 <font color="bronze">Dukie</font>[73820]
NICE!!! i liked reading this
#75 [73590]
#76 Dukie[73822]
Sorry didn't mean to do that bobnewt thing i was just experimenting and i think i did it in the wrong place sorry again.
#77 Clay.Camel[73847]
woow man.................what can I say that hasn't already been said?

your BR owned...............I put a link to it from the TH site also. about those Chiefs eh? loosing to the Broncos :(

#78 Clay.Camel[73954]
I mean loosing to the 49'ers..............duh
#79 [73994]
Great work
#80 Testosterone[74031]
lakers: thanks for the comments, any respectable criticism is appreciated

spam: thanks, glad u liked it

conrado: thanks :), read williamwc3's for even better ones

aerol: wow, glad u liked it so much =D

rim: thanks, glad u liked the alt-texts :)

tariq: thanks for the comment

ana: your neater ;)

warstrike: thank you for sharing your thoughts in a reasonable and respectable way

heartcutter: yay a comment from hc :) thx

inssider: thanks for the good feedback, it is much appreciated

littlebro: no you own ^^

nuitari: a fellow calvin & hobbes lover! yay

dukie: thanks for the positive feedback :)

clay: thanks for the comments man, the chiefs are just toying with the rest of the league...i hope

YRM: thank you very much for the comment and gl with strifeshadow

#81 Krebster[74178]
incubus is crazy
#82 <font color=gold> |]agomar[74472]
One word:
Well, two
wait, more:

Almost as sexy as me.

That's 5, but all very, very true.
#83 Villan(MT)[74829]
testo do u have icq i want to talk to u number please
#84 SJE-Jonny[74878]

#85 Hi[75349]
Hi, I liked it!
Hey Mr. Penguin!
#86 Cearas[77877]
not bad.
#87 xld.aldogrez[91880]
The pics don't even work and it's still godly, now you have 90 comments =]
#88 xld.aldogrez[91881]
The pics don't even work and it's still godly, now you have 90 comments =]
#89 BADKITTY![92584]
pics dont load, but I like that in a BR. The writing is more than sufficient, great detail, way to go!
#90 Kelladros[100610]
looked really good but the pics didn't come up for me so i didn't feel like reading it.. sorry.. i guess..
#91 croakonut[110013]
the pics didnt load , the flash didnt load and i cant read.. but its a bloody good report , i give it a 10 :)
#92 noga[112395]
i think if my computer wasnt so FUCKING slow i may have been able to enjoy this report to its fullest. nonetheless, ill go with th crowd and give you a 10. I cant wait till this lasagna finishes cooking...mmmmm
#93 ZerG~LinG[113791]
Restoring BR's is just pure own.
I never got to read this b4, so this was a storming great read.

CHJ for rater/God
#94 EldritchEvil[117072]
Last post.
#95 titans-thesoby[119022]
alt-text kix ass must have logged endless hours in this monster!!
#96 hidden[138008]
final last pos muhaha... k...

1 of the best reports ive ever seen
why am i even posting this....

there is 1 link thats broken, at the start somewhere

hmm 98 hu?
#97 hidden[138009]
you know what would be fun?
#98 hidden[138010]
to get 100 comments on this kickass report :o
#99 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[138870]
#100 Murph33[142359]
#101 Minatour[142368]
Hey nice br i just read it i saw it was a perfect 10. . . lol i just now read it yay i would like to learn how do do the pictures yay,
#102 angelzx[145110]
cool one

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