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"I'm not even typing this message, I have 1,000 monkeys with 1,000 typewriters going to town until my translator finds the monkey with the rite message (see he made a typo)."

#1 znzf[72506]
First, thx
i read the whole thing too
#2 teck.lika.hore[72507]
William..........................................................................I soooooo hate you. My flash not only was way worse, but it didn't even show up... and you post THIS. DAMN YOU AND YOUR SKILLS IT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL. Jesus gj on this report I bow down to superior skill... could u tell me by chance what u do to get your flash to play right? it won't work in mine... plus, how do you do buttons that make the movie go and stuff... i rate this 100000

#3 Sp|nE[72508]
timing owns you
#4 LuckyNewbie:P[72509]
4th!! now on to read
#5 JPaikman // ObiWanJebroni[72511]
Welcome Back, Will.

The Road Goes Ever On

JPaikman // ObiWanJebroni
#6 Eradicate~Me[72512]
6th now to read!
#7 Punck[72513]
OH...i thought you were dead...
#8 Fractal_Wave[72514]
WC3! WC3! WC3! WC3! WC3! WC3!

#9 LuckyNewbie:P[72517]
I dont care how the rest of the report goes, the introduction deserves a 10 alone
#10 Fractal_Wave[72518]
One ninja of a report WC3. Excellent flash and use of span text.

WC3 for president.

All the best,
#11 Eradicate~Me[72521]
holy hell this is just some kind of ownage that hasn't been discovered yet
#12 Wangsonn[72524]
gw :D
#13 Scarab[72526]
#14 CynicalMagician[72532]


I haven't laughed that hard at any one section of a report since EELM. Oh my lord that was funny as hell. Gooooo WC3!!
wow kickass, sweet intro etc etc nice.
#16 garett[72535]
yay gogog
#17 WilliamWC3[72537]

Tech.lika.hore: Sorry, it had to be someone. Your report shows a lot of promise. I felt bad posting mine after it but thats just how things go I guess. Anyway, thanks a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Fractal_Wave: Thanks, glad you liked it. You're the span master.

CynicalMagician: Cool, glad I could amuse you.

Everyone else: Thanks for the support guys. This report was one helluva long time in the making.
#18 Phobos_ColZ[72541]
Gosu. 10. Thats all I can say.

As ever,
#19 -SD[72544]
Ill be soooooo smart and post my report right after this one =]
#20 Dog101[72550]
one word. OWNAGE! 10
#21 zergswarm101[72559]
i think my modem just imploded
#22 PrincessCollsy[72562]
oh, shootskies, i don't know which one to comment on...oh well, once again, pretty pictures :o)
#23 Sid6.9[72582]
This is all I have to say in my best Cartman impersination...

#24 Napoleic[72590]
Nothing loaded at all for me...

but Im sure it was good (sigh stupid pos modem god I wish I had my cable back :( :( :( )
#25 [72591]
Ok this reports sucked. Do you even know what details are? Start to use them fucker! I mean you don't even have nice pics.. And please use players that noboy knows ok? My god if there was ever a BR that deserved a 10 this is one of them.


#26 Napoleic[72606]
Well after reading more comments I was motivated to try again... took about 10 mins but I read it all and saw the nice pictures... very good work.

I'd say this easily gets a 10. It really reminded me of the Fractal triple-0 report. I think you guys should develop a rivalry where you release 10 level reports once a week in an effort to top each other :)
#27 Fractal_Wave[72627]
Don't tempt me.

I'm better looking, contain less sodium, and shake, not stir.

WC3, on the other hand, is faster, strong, and farther, and contains 5 rings, each represent...oh wait, that's the olympics.

He's DAMN COOL, will that do?


All the best,
#28 Jamellan[72632]
Cool flash intro!!! But fu for making me downlaod all that!!!!!! :D

I really want to learn flash GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sorry for throwing a fit in that 2v2 game :P
#29 [72634]
why am I commenting here again when I had done so in the game 3 comment section?

#30 SlingsNArrows[72636]

ya, well anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the flash ;o)

kekekeke monkey boy
#31 Doom-[72639]
Hey i was wondering why its so damn hard to get the color green!!?? I mean Green is by far the best, mainly when your terran because you firebats look like walking christmas trees.
#32 ProtectorofAiur[72640]
wow this is one of the best BR's i've seen, really nice job.

shame it's not getting all the comments it deserves, maybe it was a slow day yesterday.

man i play a lot with nate and paikman, where the hell was i when this was done :P
#33 (...Blaze...)[72641]
I want you to have my children WilliamWC3...

godly ... reminds me of your old stuff


#34 Snork~Dimmy[72642]
you return to the world of BR writing.....
this one has stunned me, all i can say or try and utter is "OMG", GFJ
#35 SCV~007[72643]
This didn't suck
#36 gchucky[72644]
whoa. 9. :D
#37 SCV~007[72645]
10? Yep.

The only bad thing is that now I have to seek mental aid, but that's ok. The best report since your last one =)

I hope that flash isn't very importand, because it won't load in my slow ass modem no matter how long I wait.
#38 WilliamWC3[72647]
Sid6.9: In my best Cartman impersonation: kick ass

Fox: kek, glad you liked it

Napoleic: Thanks for letting it load. once a week? *falls over clutching heart*

Frac: hehehe, battle to the death

Jamellan: its k. EELM gogogogogogogo!!

FLS: because you're cool and you know that cool kids comment mulitple times.

Doom- : you can only get green on desert maps, instead of yellow I think (or maybe orange) and on snow maps instead of white.

POA: ya, thats right. it must have been a slow day. Oh well, I'm not doing to bad if you add all three comment sections together. Thanks and I don't think you were online when paik and nate were playing each other.

Slings: Thanks, what is the story on TNR anyway? I don't have a job to do although I'm willing to write humor / do graphics / write code just give me a clue.

SCV~007: Thanks, my flash was tres gosu though. Oh well its about 2 MB so if you don't have a decent connection I can see how it'd be near impossible to load.

You know what I heard? I heard that today was Official Go Out Into the Streets and Help the Homeless to Use a Computer and Comment on My Battlereport Day. Anyone else hear that?
#39 Larry[72650]
well i was just sitting there on 3rd and maple when someone made me comment. say anyone got any booze?
#40 -SD[72660]
a WilliamWC3 report and only 40 comments?! WTF is wrong with you people we need to beat Prozerran's record of 600+ people gogogogogogo
#41 LuckyNewbie:P[72664]
im goin im goin
#42 RandomNHer[72665]
This didn't suck
#43 LuckyNewbie:P[72666]
what paint program is this?

jpgs that one can actually see?!? where!? where!!!
#44 Sonneillon[72667]
I agree... this does need to beat FLS's 600.

Great job William.

Now, for the rest of you fat heads, comment!
#45 -SD[72668]
Am I allowed to spam? and 100 post? hehe
#46 Fractal_Wave[72670]
BTW WC3, if this tops my 120 for Single-0 I'm gonna be very angry.


All the best,

#47 -SD[72672]
Its gonna top 700

#48 Silent~Death[72675]
Come on people we can doos it!! we are only 652 away!!! =P
#49 teck.lika.hore[72685]
#50 [ToJ]Kralgon[72690]
awesome... don't need to say more
#51 TheCoolGuy[72691]
WHOA!!! this is like better than mine, good job

i should start improving hehe.

#52 Silent~Death[72698]
allright only 648 to go to get 700!! keep on commenting!
#53 Doom-[72700]
No ive gotten green on winter maps too. I give your report a 5 because you could be doing this for a job instead of wasting your time -_-.
#54 Silent~Death[72715]
shut up Doom- but thanx for commenting only 646 to go!
#55 <font color=yellow><b>Protophobic</b></font>[72738]
<font color=yellow><b>Yo ;)

It's a great report yo, i am fascinated you stayed alone in your room without being sociable long enough to get it done. ;)

Bravo! ;)</font>
#56 Napoleic[72744]
Hmm, maybe once every 2 weeks? A month? I'm sure we can work something out...

What if I Promise (bottom of my heart, pin the eye and the whole kit and kaboodle) to send money to whoever I think made a better one?

So what's your addresses?

(Muwa hahahaha)

(Please ignore that evil laughter)
#57 CornedBee[72746]
MasturīNate surely can't do pseudo-code. Of course this has to be:
if(!CGame.bFriendlyObservers) {
this->KillObservers(RipBallsOff); }
Note that I am a far better pseudo-code programmer than MasturNate.
Oh well, forget it. One thing that really amazes me is the background. How did you make it change??
#58 SCV~007[72748]
I've read worse.

(I'm trying to provide you with a few more 'random NHer comments' to include in your next report. Hint hint.)
#59 zergswarm101[72753]
wow um not much to day here but

#60 zergswarm101[72754]
my spelling is bad :(
#61 Silent~Death[72762]
good good only 639 more to go to get 700 we can doos it!
#62 Spuzz[72781]
Crikey. Friggen awesome! Only one forgot to include "sex", as indicated by the title. Oh well, excellent stuff! I'll click on part two a little later, right now my modem is begging me (with tears in its eyes) to give it a break.

Once again teriffic job! :D

#63 BigBoss[72858]
Damn this was AWE!!!some.
Make MORE, more, more, more, more
#64 mlylecarlin[72886]
good report, but there's something very disturbing about seeing the name MasterNate 500 times on the same page.


#65 SCV~007[73085]
I just saw the flash in school, pretty good. Ofcourse, thats without the music and 256 colors and with 1/3 of the frames in the move, but still =)
#66 CutteR.[73101]
Proto you fag, all was good until i was scrolling down the replies and out pops yellow text. you fruit. you biatch. you dork that thinks yellow text is easy on the eyes....gah, ill beat your ass...server 421, this monday...try to come sober
#67 [73117]

Comment whore title competition gogogogogog

you need at least 500 non-spam comments though. Else I had about 800. =)
#68 [73118]
and of course, many thanks to :+:BGH:+: for putting me over the top.
#69 Fractal_Wave[73171]
FLS, you & BGH were probably the same person all along

WC3 for president!

All the best,
#70 merlin[73174]
damn.. nice
#71 Wowie[73176]
Wowie, that was neat
#72 Templar569[73263]
Like I said at the third one, these were great reports. Reports like this are why I while away my lunch hour at this site. Kudos!
#73 :+:SlipKnoT:+:[73331]
I liked the colorz
#74 Jinxy[73513]
Fantastic report. Works best when I read it at school, not on my crappy 33.6 Kbps modem. :p

How long did it take you to put this together anyway?
#75 W ickedPirate[73560]
#76 wallysmith[73762]
good shit
#77 ZerG~LinG[120252]
Last on all WWC3 reports (tm)
Da LinG^^
Best report there ever was. no shit.
#78 JPaikman[124764]
Hmm? What's this about the last comment again?

#79 ZerG~LinG[125799]
It means: Last comment :o
#80 Smeagol[152107]
#81 OverTheUnder[154166]
muahahahaha bring it ling:O ( :O > :o)
#82 sTe)titan(sTe[164269]
Kek, hawt report.

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