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"One drunk Ukrainian can do anything!"-

#1 LuckyNewbie:P[72011]
#2 SCV~007[72012]
Not first but namn early =)
#3 SCV~007[72013]
ASDF i cant even spell =(

2nd anyway :P

And that popup warning was pretty gay..hehe.
#4 willwinforfood[72015]
3rd? i go read
#5 willwinforfood[72017]
pretty pictures.

8 or 9?
#6 DrAwesome[72019]
omg ownage... i loved this one. =]
#7 LuckyNewbie:P[72021]
My first br that hasn't gone horribly wrong in one way or another. I stand relieved
#8 testosterone[72022]

#9 Shepherd[72026]
Descriptive, and pretty pictures. A lot of revelant pictures, and details. Nice humor.

10 in my book.
#10 gchucky[72029]
whoa. nice. 9.
#11 Eradicate~Me[72032]
Lucky we 1v1 asap..btw ownage report, where u get those borders from? adobe?
#12 LuckyNewbie:p[72034]
Paint Shop Pro 7
#13 Always_A_Newbie[72036]

#14 [72037]

I like the first game better though. It seems that you could do better then game 3.
#15 Roaddog{WP}[72039]
#16 LuckyNewbie:P[72040]
#17 Corbalt[72041]
Yay go lucky, man you write brs fast=]. Game 1 was definately the most BRable, cause of all the bloody storming pics (which you captured nicely i think) and cuz i won=]. Go lucky i really think your getting better at writing brs.
#18 Dog101[72043]
very kewl. humor and good picks.9or10
#19 LuckyNewbie:P[72047]
good for 2 day br eh? =)
#20 The Lakers[72051]
8 cause the last two games kinda...sucked? not that u coulda done anything about that...
#21 Doom-[72054]
Those 56k losers, i mean 14.4k aol owns them. I just went afk and played my playstation 2 while your br loaded.
#22 WilliamWC3[72056]
gosu report.

#23 CynicalMagician[72058]
I loved the cardboard box quote at the start of game 1. hahaha
#24 Wangsonn[72064]
lucky newbie for prez
#25 LuckyNewbie:P[72068]
#26 [72071]
#27 Nyo[72072]
God i wish my ace was as good as corbalts =[.
#28 SlingsNArrows[72083]
good report, gj cor, way to goooooooooooooooo!
#29 NewbieMcNasty[72093]
solid 9, btw I'll try and run another 16 or 32 player tourney sometime this week. Msg me sometime if someone wants to battlereport it.
#30 Larien[72097]
Well done, Lucky. You missed my name tho - Blood[TFB] ;o

Looking forward to winning the next tourny you host newbie =)
#31 LuckyNewbie:P[72101]
I will mcnasty! i will! =D
#32 -TopGun-'[72110]

I haven't read your report yet; I've saved it on hard drive for later consumption. But from eye sore I got, it's...well, as T_Mac put is, "nice". Good job; might honour you more after reading :o)

BTW, my fucking ass-power 56K modem own ya mahamster! Blerugh....didn't tech-age get to America yet (is it Canada)?

Be real & peace.
From the top,
#33 LuckyNewbie:P[72116]
We dont need faster 56k modems, clean streets, actual education, etc... We have thermonuclear weapons, remember?
#34 [72136]
oh and I forgot to comment when I rated a few hours back.

PS: I just ran 2 miles
#35 Sexy^Orangutang[72141]
#36 Snork~Dimmy[72183]
didnt even hurt my hamster, that warning was a tad annoying though, nothing ground-breakingly new either, still pretty good though
#37 Napoleic[72194]
Good solid report, nice series of games. I agree with the guy that said that game 3 could have been better done judging by game 1. It was nice overall though nw
#38 SCV~007[72200]
#39 Snork~Dimmy[72201]
kekeke, read it again, i liked the map introduction shot at the beginning of each game. ^^
Easy 9 all around the board
#40 Z[72208]
nice report... good pictures
but 2 bad u didn't include more map shots
also i kinda missed more preciese micro discriptions
but hey, i always whine :)
8 in my book
#41 [72221]
Good writing, good pictures, good scheme. I liked your idea for the frames, but I think it would have looked more, i don't know, symmetrical? if the frames were all the same size. That's just personal preference though.

Oh, one more bitch. I'm tired of the 56k warnings now. That's getting old. Again, that's just personal preference... :P

Easy 9, good show<i>!</i>

#42 <font color=gold> |]agomar[72223]
OWN! Nice games, solid 9 =D

I like to think I inspired you to write another, but then I'm probably not that important ;(
#43 <font color=gold> |]agomar[72224]
You're right, Dref,

#44 [72230]
oh and i forgot to comment when i rated yesterday

ps- i just took the bus home 2 miles from school
#45 Eradicate~Me[72233]
Lucky ur reports own but u never seem to get more than 50 it just me or does that not mean a damn thing?

#46 [72235]
as long as no one is commenting below me he won't get it. =/
#47 shockwave[72236]
Oops we're getting dangerously close to #50.

Strat note -- if your opponent is going goon/templar, just switch to mass lings until he starts merging his templar, then switch to mass hydras. Hydras are going to get severely mowed down by goon/temp...
#48 ~DEon~[72245]
Strat note -- if your opponent is going corsair/dts,
just switch to mass overlords.
#49 LuckyNewbie:P[72246]
Thanks guys... oops!! #50!! =D
#50 S-Kane[72247]
<font size="24"> NICE! Lucky = The next Hall of Famer! </font>
#51 HKRules[72248]
Dang I love my school's two T1 connections: the whole BR downloaded in less than one minute!
By the way, people say that the only entities living after a nuclear catastrophe are the insects - gnats...
#52 hmmmm..[72249]
well besides u being a gay mofo talkin all that shit about dialup modems... it was a good br.

try not go be so gay next time ok? thx gw

btw u r lame
#53 Illgetdroped[72250]
nice report. from ure friend illgetdroped
#54 Illgetdroped[72251]
lol sorry lucky fro dropping that other time, i got my old cpu back and its gayer as ever, drops from from every game, i am finaly living up to my name. damn it!
#55 LuckyNewbie:P[72252]
Oh no, please dont be so offending, and please dont leave your name, it makes me scared. Fuck off.

thnx for comments guys.

#56 Snow...[72265]
gj on the report. it had some cool pix there. i say a 9, not a ten because game 2+3 didnt seem to long (maybe they weren't). game 1 was the best IMO. <i>SOME</i> pix that werent necesirary like a DT being killed by 10 hydras+some lings. and i'm just making a suggestion ( u wont listen to me but what the hell ), u could make the border smaller cuz that made the pix alot bigger. but it was a really good br... and easy 9 deserved for it. hope u make some more good br's like this one soon!
#57 =/[72293]
MY HAMSTER IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#58 <font color=gold> |]agomar[72294]
I figure you won't mind if I spam . . . .
#59 <font color=gold> |]agomar[72295]
'Cause now I can claim the legendary <b> 60th COMMENT! </b>

woohoo, total ownage.
#60 A6-Van[72320]
I watched all 3 games and they were all equally good.
I am now a fan of Corbs storms.

btw im 1-0 vs corb 1v1!!
(heh sorry corbalt i jus had to add that)
Corb > me, i just had a lucky game i guess.
#61 [72322]
hey I think that dt pictures were halirious
#62 ])rAgonRage~DA~[72325]
3rd in tourney, kicked LuckyNewbie:P Out, yet NICE REPORTING. 8-9
#63 Corbalt[72333]
Actually ])ragonrage~DA~ i believe having lost to the 2nd placer makes you 4th in tourney =p im not positive though..

btw i love the dt pics too FU IF YOU DONT LIKE MY COOL SEXY DTS FUFUFUFUUFUF =[[

64th :(
#64 CopyRighT2k[72368]
Hehe, great br Lucky, that was a fantastic read.
But I can cane Larien any day :)


I'm a newbie, those guys are fantastic!!!
#65 Wo|f[TFB][72378]
Nei dere sux!
#66 Wo|f[TFB][72379]
English: OMFG,.. Blood[TFB]aka Larien sux =[
#67 shittsmeller[72397]
<Font Color=#19A165>I</font><Font Color=#1FA561> </font><Font Color=#24A95C>t</font><Font Color=#2AAD58>h</font><Font Color=#30B154>i</font><Font Color=#36B550>n</font><Font Color=#3CB84C>k</font><Font Color=#41BC47> </font><Font Color=#47C043>t</font><Font Color=#4DC43F>h</font><Font Color=#53C83B>i</font><Font Color=#59CC37>s</font><Font Color=#5ED032> </font><Font Color=#64D42E>w</font><Font Color=#6AD82A>a</font><Font Color=#70DC26>s</font><Font Color=#76E022> </font><Font Color=#7BE41D>o</font><Font Color=#81E719>n</font><Font Color=#87EB15>l</font><Font Color=#8DEF11>y</font><Font Color=#93F30D> </font><Font Color=#98F708>o</font><Font Color=#9EFB04>k</font><Font Color=#A4FF00>.</font><Font Color=#9EFB04>.</font><Font Color=#98F708>.</font><Font Color=#93F30C> </font><Font Color=#8DEF11>d</font><Font Color=#87EB15>e</font><Font Color=#81E719>s</font><Font Color=#7BE41D>e</font><Font Color=#76E021>r</font><Font Color=#70DC25>v</font><Font Color=#6AD82A>i</font><Font Color=#64D42E>n</font><Font Color=#5ED032>g</font><Font Color=#59CC36> </font><Font Color=#53C83A>o</font><Font Color=#4DC43E>f</font><Font Color=#47C043> </font><Font Color=#41BC47>a</font><Font Color=#3CB84B>n</font><Font Color=#36B54F> </font><Font Color=#30B153>8</font><Font Color=#2AAD57> </font><Font Color=#24A95C>o</font><Font Color=#1FA560>r</font><Font Color=#19A164> </font><Font Color=#139D68>9</font>
#68 LuckyNewbie:P[72399]
quit showing godly html skills shittsmeller, ur making my report look bad
#69 ])rAgonRage~DA~[72401]
Wow, Loving that html shitsmeller. I think your right Corbalt, but I'll just pretend I came 3rd. =D
#70 Matrisking[72415]
Not slow ass computer... slow as INTERNET connection is more like it :-D that is all.

#71 L2S[72429]
1. Pop-up at beginning= hilarious ( my hamster is named John Smith)

2. Great BR

3. Gosu Pics

4. 9.5

#72 L2S[72431]
p.s. John Smith passed out after the first BR's pics loaded :)
#73 phoenix[LoD][72440]
Nice work, lucky.

A quick suggestion would be to go through for grammar mistakes on your next BR. They don't hurt too much, but they can start to add up and become a little distracting.

Good work covering the action, but don't forget the macro. Might want to include more description of tech and construction for each players. I noticed a few fully-running expansions and corsairs appearing from nowhere. Maybe that's the effect you wanted, though. I'm a detail-monster, so don't worry. With three games to report, it's probably impossible to include the level of detail that I like to see.

Good work on the pics. The drop attacks on Dire and the storms from Game One were displayed nicely. Good consistency through all three games. I liked some of the pic arrangement, too. The map into's to the games were well put-together.

Well presented, flows well, and I enjoyed reading it. Good work.

#74 LuckyNewbie:P[72493]
I tried to go and zap all grammer mistakes, what did i miss? (so i can better next time)
#75 Juvenile[72510]
Great pics. Great JOB. There have been better but this is also the cream of the crop.
#76 [ToJ]Kralgon[72676]
I won't add anything except... NICE!!

"With some clever micro he is able to steer the probe around the base, and to his credit he gets a kill, for his own personal amusement. One can only imagine what would happen if you gave this man a cardboard box."

quote!!!! gogogo!
#77 genner[72855]
Man this page lags even when viewed from behind a network with multiple T-1's it still took 30 seconds to load. Good report bad use of bandwidth.
#78 SadsquasH(TE)[72860]
kickass report newbie =o

funny alt-text
#79 Taco[73031]
What's a footprinthead?
#80 Taco[73032]
#81 LuckyNewbie:P[73260]
30 seconds to load... cry me a river :P
thnx for comments
#82 Finland[82891]
Where can i find psp7 crack????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
#83 [105085]
omg I made it to the semis of this tourney?
#84 LuckyNewbie:P[122008]
and now, because of a HD crash, the pictures of this are lost forever to the annals of time. So sad :[

#85 NFT[124099]
Try web archive? I forget the address though.
#86 LuckyNewbie:P[142034]

and no, pictures aren't there :[
#87 [153312]
Luckily they were on zip_disk's hard drive. Wow man, wow.
#88 wakiki[153376]
I see why you are a rater. :)
#89 Chris[153411]
One of the pics is still broken.
#90 [153417]
Which pic is that? I'm pretty sure all are there. If its the last one it might just be your browser can't display bitmaps.
#91 [165497]
The most obscenely distracting borders ever. Nice br though!
#92 PeaceableGhost[165514]
And I find the report thanks to Dag's comment. Nice work.

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