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"Vultures own Goons"

#1 Bane[58871]
#2 ~13~ShAdOwDrAc[58872]
Damnit, second. Now to read it..
#3 Talon[58873]
#4 Bane[58877]
Hahaha, I must have just gotten Flash Media Player somehow because I couldnt see them in your last report. That was hysterical man! King-Lewis is the YRM of Flash Player =]

I really don't care about your English any more; it seems to make it even funnier. That last thing made me think of "left field Bugs Bunny, right field Bugs Bunny, pitching Bugs Bunny, catching Bugs Bunny" haha
The pics were great, the game was great, they were well-known players, etc. Extremely nice job!


#5 Talon[58879]
"Directed by King-Lewis"
"Produced by King-Lewis"
"Story by King-Lewis"

hahahahah :)
#6 T_Mac[58880]
Damn your flash owns, can i be in episode 3 too? :p
#7 ~13~ShAdOwDrAc[58881]
1. This report was a load of
2. Crap. This had absolutly no form of
3. Goodness. In doing this report, you have
4. Damned your eternal soul for all time, and have
5. Created a work of art that is
6. Very weak, and it had a plot line that was not
7. Very good, and this deserves nothing less than a
8. 2. This was a piece of crap and does NOT deserve a
9. 10. Write even better next time!

Now, read only the odd numbered lines.
#8 Snifit (SisterRay)[58882]
The ending credits were hilarious :)

Good job on the report too.
#9 probe[58883]
shadow = gay comment

cool br:)
i agree with talons comment
"Directed by King-Lewis"
"Produced by King-Lewis"
"Story by King-Lewis"

hahahahah :)
#10 ProtectorofAiur[58884]
yay my penis remains attached for a few more weeks!
thanks lewis :D:D:D

btw shadow: fuck off
#11 Casper...[58887]
tmac turtled and died ho hum.
#12 SixtyWATZ[58888]
Great Report Lewis. This was better than the last one. Spell check needed however but i could see how you would want to get this report out very fast. Yeah flash does own. For really funny flash movies visit

I give it a 10 a FACKIN 10

#13 Bold[58892]
Lewis this owns all BRs :O. Flash god =]] My penis just about fell off too poa.
#14 King-Lewis[58897]
KEKEKE ! thanks all for the postives comments. Players for Episode 3 still havnt been decided yet. All the ppl i know can be in it execpt T_Mac. I'm sorry mac but in order to continue playing in this serie u needed to win. You just killed ur caracter ! I cant reintegrate him now.

Tell me if ur intersted to play in episode 3.
#15 Sp|nE[58898]
#16 Warfare[58900]
Can you make the opening text scroll just a tad faster? Otherwise excellent.

#17 CynicalMagician[58901]
kickin. Fun flash, good game, good everything etc blah blah excellent blah blah gosu...

one thing: try to make the collages less.. umm.. busy. they seemed to overlap a bit, and when you used that fade effect from 1 pic to black to another pic, it seemed a bit odd.
#18 King-Lewis[58902]
Warfare, yes i can but it need to fit with the music otherwise its ugly.
#19 AnotherPerson[58905]
Your movies may very well change the future of battle reports.
#20 Lord Venom[58906]
2nd foreign guy that made a kick@$$ BR

I have yet to ascertain Breeze's native lang though. OHH!
#21 Mogalin[58907]



nobody makes this good of br's
#22 [58909]
Report owned! And yeah those credits at the end where hilarious. hahaha

Lewis is Grand Master "Macromedia" Flash
#23 [58911]
I gave it a 10 btw
#24 Hornper[58916]
Report owned, story owned, movie owned.
But for some reason the pick with the first dt closing in on the ramp wouldnt work for me, did the turret complete or not ? =)
#25 ::nobody::[58918]
good lord! that was complete and utter ownage... my jaw is still on the floor.


#26 Neo-TrunkZ[58922]
All hail King-Lewis!!!!
#27 DoomDragon[58924]
Cool reports :).
The comments are the funniest part, and the flash sequences are the coolest.

#28 garett[58925]
poa vs probe in episode 3
#29 Cyan aka soulplitter[58929]
Well then ,T_Mac you been playing in NH's? cuase ive ben owning in there a bit too mcuh lately. Ill be the king of it soon.
#30 [58945]
Dang now I realize why you sucked so bad in that game we played! You have spent too much time making fantastic BR like this and have let your SC skills turn to crap.

Oh well. 10

#31 King-Lewis[58950]
)(@#!*()@#! WHOOP! i was cliffed during all game !! HEhehe ok i sucked =/, they were good tho.

Thx for the 10 btw :P
#32 [58952]
yea lewis you suck!
#33 S_Warrior[58954]
#34 Loonymaniac[58959]
This one owns all.Haven't seen a single br that has a flash movie......But i sure pity those 56K users who will take nearly forever to DL all the animation and pics.
#35 Snork~Dimmy[58961]
ownage, utter ownage.
btw loony i have a 56K and it loaded suprisingly quick for me.
<font color="red"><b><font size=18>10+++</font></b>

#36 Snork~Dimmy[58962]
bah, forgot to close off font color tag.

#37 TerranTurtle[58966]
This BR was cool, Lewis. I liked the SW theme. SW and SC...ahhh. BTW, I'd like to be the bad guy in Episode 3. I can be an imperialist terran snob who loses. :)
#38 Breeze[58967]
=] Woooow....

I wish I could express better what I feel after seeing this BR... well I'll tell you in Bulgarian, I don't care no one will get it!!

SUPERZDRAVO!!!!!!!! Izkefih se maksimalno!!!! :))))))))

Keep up the good work!
#39 smackemupagus[58968]
to better express my feelings about this BR, i'll tell you in canadian.

le 10,eh? :)
#40 [58972]
I immediately tried to give this puppy a ten after reading it, only to find it already had five tens. Ownage report Lewis. You are a frickin god. These reports kick so much ass it isn't even funny.
#41 King_[LSRS-13][58978]

#42 BW-sux[58980]
Ownage, ownage, ownage. That was just well... ownage in large drums.

#43 CrazyTheFirebat[58984]
OWNED!!! Thats all I need to say. Bye bye.
#44 BackStabingLiar[58985]
I give it a 10 a FACKIN 10 too
#45 DFA[58986]
Excellent report, Just to help the next one, the scrolling of the text was a little to slow, the music ended before the text was fully read. besides whoever needs to read that slow needs a little schooling help. About the grammer, well duh, it's a frenchy report people, it's suppose to be like that.

A well deserved 10!

#46 WarLeaderJustin[58987]
#47 <font color=tan><font style=veramda>Psi-Channeler</font>[58988]
great report =D FIVE <i>well deserved</i> <b>10s</b>

<font color=green>son of a fuck.</font> that was good.

#48 necrosausage![58994]
that TerranTurtle quote owns

godly report, lemme be in episode 3 plz thx gw :O

already got 5 ratings... cant rate it... =[
#49 [59000]
testing my tag =o
#50 CraZy[59006]
This report makes me want to throw d2 out the window.

but i wont :)
#51 Activus[59007]
Just incredible... And Cyan, I hope that was sarcastic :-OOOO
#52 JawaAvenger[59009]


Okay, I think I've said all I needed to.
#53 King-Lewis[59011]
Hmmmm Thats two ppl that tell me the music finish before the scrolling text and i dont understand why. I guess the text scroll a bit slower with ppl with slow computers. It fit perferctly with my computer. Ill try to find a way to stop the lag in the next one.

#54 wangsonn[59019]
I would give it a ten just for the SW music.
#55 Oddity[59021]
Lewis, the text scrolls fast on fast cpus and slow on slow cpus, it took my cpu about 10 mins to scrool through that(133Mhz sux), there's nothing really that you can do about it unless you can find a way to lock all the cpus that read it at a certain speed(i know emulators like ZSNES do that). But i doubt you can do that in flash since it runs inside an internet browser.

Great br tho.
#56 m1ndcontrol[59024]
Great job frenchy! I love your BR's, this one rocked!
#57 King-Lewis[59025]
Yah addity but maybe if i make it scroll line-by-line ( alot more work to do tho) there will be no lag. coz now i think it can lag on slow computer because i make the whole text scroll out of the screen even if u dont see it.

bah we'll see.
#58 Phobos_ColZ[59032]
That was a kick-ass report, except for one thing. There were more spelling mistakes in there than in a Mike Tyson speech. Other than that, it was very good, but the spelling errors kinda took away form the enjoyment.
As ever,
#59 Vegita of Pooh[59040]
ack, although the game was good, the images were ok and the flash was funny as hell, you gotta maybe work on your formatting a little, since it was kinda...... blah, white text on black background with plain images here and there. i dunno, it didn't seem to have that quality that makes me get into reading a br, of course not many brs do, maybe because I just don't like reading stories and what not. But that's just me ^_^

About the text scroll. If I put it on low quality it'll scroll through it fine but under high quality it goes slow. This isn't unexpected in Flash though, since a lot of text moving at once does slow down even on faster computers, and it can't be helped unless you make the movie default on low quality or make the movie itself smaller or make all the text one image in a different program then copy the one image into the movie (i think that might help, not sure though, it'll increase file size though)
#60 Blank[59057]
everything worked fine for me :O

Ownage report :) I luv frenchy's

#61 jeezumcrow[59064]
nice game, and reporting and the whole html and flash movies helped make this a really good read!

yea i thought this deserved a 10

good job :)
#62 ChinksWithGuns[59073]
Pretty. Too bad I'm in fucking Kentucky, with this piece of shit computer with its 28.8k modem. This son of a bitch took 15 minutes to load. FUCK! Anyway, well worth the waiting, great report all the way. Gets a 10 in my book, although there are a few things you have to change.

First of all, it woulda been sweet if you synchronized the scrolling text with the background music. When the background music stopped and the text kept going, I was kinda pissed that it didn't go like Star Wars. Your grammar is of course a tiny bit of a problem, but understandable IMO, just needs a little work. Last thing, your pictures were a bit blurry. When making the collages, it looks a lot more attractive IMO when the edges of each screen shot are clean and straight. I didn't really like the blurry edges thing. Also, when making a black background for a collage AND a black background for the report, try to make them the same black. It kinda looked funny for me when the blacks were different colors.

End credits owned major ass, two flash thingies in own report was a really cool idea. Great writing, nice game. The yes/no detection thing didn't work for me (sucks), but it was a great BR. I could kiss your ass some more, Lewis, but then I'd get frenchy ass juice all over my lips.

Peace out,
#63 }{i[59075]
Well-done report, but there was lots of grammar problems like people mentioned earlier, and I don't think you put enough details about the battles in (basically 2 pictures described each confrontation... not enough words), so I thought all the battles were quite vague =|

Other than that, it's tight
#64 [59076]

This was fun. I liked watching that game. The scene where the dweb was spread over the minefield was fuxing cool.

Cool flash, cool star wars parody, english still needs work... ;-) Good thing I didn't get a chance to rate it cuz I would have given it a 9 and then would have had to face the wrath of the community... ;-)

#65 King-Lewis[59079]
Chinks, the problem with the scrolling text is due to slow computer and i cant do nething about it ....

anything above P2 work pretty well i think.
#66 +AnathemA+[59089]
damn that's alot of comments, of which i read none. while this br was badass... the tense, mood, person, and number of almost every verb were wrong. seeing as how my opinion is worth less than a hill of moose shit, i'll probably just be told to shut up because lewis is old school and cool and it was a nice br.
#67 Fractal_Wave[59102]
Lewis is one cool dude.

All the best,
#68 <font color=yellow>Protophobic</font>[59108]
<font color=yellow>My penis would have fallen off had i not made a comment on this BR
#69 Silent Strike[59111]
Lewis = my fuckin god
#70 crazy[59114]
#71 JPaikman // ObiWanJebroni[59115]
This Rules.

The Road Goes Ever On,

#72 SlingsNArrows[59117]
Cool report. 10? eh.. whatever
#73 Eradicate~Me[59122]
Oh yea, #74! I own.
#74 Satanic_Toaster[59143]
#75 est meilleur !!!
Man, T'es le roi des Repporter !!!
G hate de voir ton prochain !!!

<marquee>12/10 minimum !! </marquee>

#75 Pheonix[59175]
Lemme plz be in the next episode :)

#76 PeonLover[59205]
Anybody who can predict a 10, and then gets 5 10's is god.

Congratulations Lewis, you are my new god.

Sorry, Fox, but anybody who can do that is amazing.
#77 Sandman_[666][59220]
YES Comment #100
#78 [59234]
Great theme hehe..

#79 SixtyWATZ[59250]
Its probably too late now lewis but if u read this tell peeps that by right clicking on the flash movie and picking low quality, the flash movie will scroll much faster for those peeps that have slow comps. You probably wont read this, but if you do you can say "Oh yeah thanks Watz"

PS i did not take time to read all 80 comments so if someone already said this im sorry
#80 King-Lewis[59255]
sixtywatz "oh yeah thanks watz" :P hehe but like you said, you should have read the comments, someone already mentionned that :P

thx anyway.
#81 Hostile~SCV[59266]
I agree with Dref... 9. Very good but I wasn't able to get into it as much as I have some other godly BR's.
#82 Odball[59270]
Glorious report! i don't care what all the other children say about it! It was glorious! In fact, I'm going to go and practice now so I can *hopefully* be in a later episode!

Just Glorious!

#83 testo[59284]
report kicked ass.....
flash kicked ass.....
game kicked ass.....
you kick ass.....
excellent report, as a bw/sw freak it cant get much better than this :)
#84 Terenas[59535]
Your bw is good but you suck at flash , perhaps you need some lessons. Everything basic shit flash thingie's. What I wondered why don't you make a preloader. Oh you don't know how to do that ?
#85 Elendale[59576]
Wow... that report owns... Not sure if it is perfect 10 material, didn't seem to mesh together quite right (flash=godly, text+pics=not quite as godly). Not sure. I can't wait to see the next one! Hopefully it will put this to shame! I would play... except its not quake or d2 so i would be horrible :( Oh well. Maybe when warcraft 3 comes out...
-Elendale (very very good report. If only they were all this good)
#86 King-Lewis[59679]
Terenas: Im just starting using flash, so no i dont know how to do alot of stuff. DUH i'm learning it on my own and noone showed me how did kick ass programm is working basically. So give me a *&?&*(&? break, ill get better.
#87 AzN_Ds[59708]
Sheeshes FucK! Where the terran Power......damn you peeples dunno how to use them effectively and shit
Dweb ain't nothing......
C'mon man! there's strat out there for you to find a way to fucking uh.....beat a Corsair+Goon+Temp combo?
du ma may......!! Terran *WiLL not lose to protoss like that! damnit......L8taz Peeples Payce
#88 Wedge88[59808]
"George Lucas for the orignal concept"

hahha, that, and the jawa thing and the rest of the Star Wars stuff and the flash = 10.
#89 CriziS[62078]
<font color="blue"> Vive le Québec! =D </font>
#90 ScaleTFull[63510]
Azn_ds, bah, you give a bad name to all Asians (note, not AzN's). When you can beat a toss of Kobold's kaliber, then start complaining.

Great BR Lewis.
#91 The-Kod[63591]
Best BR i've ever read. I like the star wars theme. hilarious. i cant believe this only got a 10 =P
btw lewis, i think u just started a new religion =D
#92 maria jhniuhiytfi[102173]
#93 [138604]
#94 Chris[153309]
How did this get that many tens? His english is worse than my mothers.
#95 Convider[156691]

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