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"why own, when you can embarassingly sodomize?"
- mattzarella's The FFA Effect

#1 Bane[54664]
Okay, I spent too much time on this =[ so the least you can do is comment, thx =]

<font size="4">Enjoy!!</font>

#2 [GoA]~ToasTeR~[54666]
yay! my first comment in the top 2 !!!!!
now i'll go read it
#3 [54667]
OMG OMG OMG OMG This report ownz so hard. Those new tricks you learned Bane look like something that only Will, YRM, and Nobo could pull off. This is hands down the highlight of my day.

Everything about it. You had details for a 7 FFA. Nobo lost early, but only because everyone fears him and if they let him power GAME OVER!!!

POA build Ultras!!!! But lost!!! =[ #)($*$# more lings POA =P

I am just awestruck. Bane you own. I really want to rate it, but your my partner.


#4 Bane[54668]
Hehe, thx Fox, you own too =]

#5 Wisest~Yoda[54670]
woweeeee good stuff
very very good
err sorry about the bengalaas murder thing mebe you forgive me now?

#6 [54671]
I just read it again SUPER GOSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultras + Nobo + Bob going AFK + Bane's Nuke = The things Hall of Famers are made of!!!

Wow! /me tries to calm down, but can't because this report is to good.

#7 Bane[54673]
haha fox, you're at work too aren't u? what do u do over there all day? lol =]

yoda: maybe if you kiss my ass for another month or so ill forgive u for killing my bengalaas... =[

#8 [54674]
I fix things. Mainly servers and any software problems. But when nothing breaks, then I don't have to fix it right? I never have to fix things!

Having fun at while making money is good!


#9 Bane[54676]
damn i gotta get ur job...bleh ok ill stop spamming my own comments now and go to bed or something... =]

#10 bane you are my hero[54677]
i worship you for 6 hourse daily
plz dont hate me
it was an accident really
i meant to attack a marine... or something ya

later ;P
#11 [54679]
I saw that attack Yoda. You killed the bengalass on purpose. Yes Bane a nap sounds nice.

Sleeping and getting paid =]

#12 Bane[54680]
lol, no i meant me, Fox

I'm going to sleep not u hehe =]

ok now im really going to bed /me zips mouth shut.

#13 CynicalMagician[54687]
GW bane, very impressive. I'll be disappointed if you don't make HOF either on this poll, or one of the upcoming ones I can't say flawless, because nobody's images are still a tad cooler, but this still deserves a 10.
#14 Talon[54693]
Use MORE faces in your alt-texts plz
#15 Talon[54694]
thx gw
#16 wangsonn[54698]
Good report. I went into a daze looking at the nukage of those hydras. So beautiful..
#17 Phoenix-S-[54703]
Gosu, 9.5 8)
#18 SlingsNArrows[54704]
I read Bane religiously. Now I know why :o) He does teaching and comedy with the greatest of ease. wonderful, a pic didn't work for me tho :o(
#19 ProtectorofAiur[54706]
bane very nice BR =] i just wanted it to be BRed cuz it was kad's first game back in a loooooong time and he loves ffas AND he won.

btw the title of this br shoulda been "lets all attack POA" i mean i got attacked like 2039809 times and nimrod's vindictive ass plays in an ffa with the intent of being gay and singling me out and making mass infantry in an ffa. asdf ok my bitching is over. i had high score when i left =P
#20 ProtectorofAiur[54707]
cool i just realized i'm in 3 consecutive BRs. own
#21 [LoR]-Napoleic[54713]
Haha Bane and POA > all! Sorry everyone else but POA was my fav to win when he whipped out the ultras! That and he was attacked 2949939 X 9 times. GW anyways.

Great report too, reminds of the Dr.Z captain FFA. That was also too good to be true. You both make me wait eagerly for each new report. HOF for you!
#22 [54714]
im giving this a 1 cuz you totally brushed over the epic queens thing.

it was fucking epic.

btw i was allied with everyone but kad and poa all game.
#23 [54717]
Bob dies early with his loser queen strat. 10.
#24 [54719]
hahaha, that was good...

Never pick Bob to win an ffa unless he's going mass DAs.

The only problem I had with this BR is I knew who was going to win after reading the first couple of pages.

Other than that, nice pics, nice writing, nice 9...

#25 [54720]
haha Fox, you have my job... 'cept I do it in a hospital so if I fall asleep and someone codes because one of the servers went down, I face criminal prosecution... :-)

#26 Flisk[54725]
Can Kadabra <i>ever</i> lose a ffa that is gay?
#27 BW`Gamer[54727]
Great Report.
But how do you do those neat-o frames on the pictures? I'm also having trouble getting my text to wrap properly around the pics. =(
#28 Casper...[54728]
Nice BR Bane. Kad using guards and defilers, POA going ultras and Bobo going queens. Haha. Amusing.
#29 Spuzzz[54731]
Good report, although I didnt see any templar represented.
#30 Garett[54736]
last time i ffa'ed with quad, i beat him with 45 tanks 3/3 tanks
#31 garett[54737]
cool i said tanks twice
#32 ChinksWithGuns[54739]
get some different nuke pics
#33 BW-sux[54744]
Ownage. Infested terrans... the last time I saw those was back in my days of single-player SC!.

1 problem thought. Yellow on white hurts my eyes.

Wanna be in my prospective rater FFA Bane?

#34 ProtectorofAiur[54746]
kad has some sort of "don't attack me mystique" in ffas that usually gives him the win. kad loves ffas so we've played together in about 6 (some on dc, some on primeval and other large gay maps) and in almost all of them i had the high score but died to kad because of his patience. anyways i'm so lovable i don't know why everyone would want to attack me, maybe it's my whorish 6 hatches before pool ffa strat =]]
#35 Hostile~SCV[54747]
If GRB's report got 2 10's, this should get 10's across the border, no question about it. I think I've pretty much said all I need to in that one sentence.

Impecable job, Bane.
#36 Marie47[54755]
Excellent report! Great job :D
#37 Quadmaniac[54764]
no you didn't, garett, the only reason you won is because you and melvinator were blowing each other and you guys were allies
#38 garett[54765]
quad, wtf name are u on now? (aol)
#39 pathetic[54767]
horrible report eat shit fox^1
#40 GRB[54768]
Amazing work Bane. A 7 player ffa, and you captured it perfectly. Interesting map, use of a wide variety of units. I loved it!

#41 BW-sux[54771]
Quit flaming, newbies. I'd like to see you write a report this good.

#42 Mogalin[54772]
Grr if u just learn better text effects and maybe a bit more descriptive writing people will rock you out some 10s
#43 Bane[54773]
haha, thx for comments guys

All very cool ppl =] except for whoever this pathetic idiot this the same one that said something bad about Fox's report under the name "okay"? Hmm..

#44 Ways[54776]
Very cool - and I didnt see storm! Very, very cool.
#45 -=~KaDaBrA~=-[54780]
Heh bout time this got posted. I liked the part where I kicked ass and won. It was a rather sorry ass win though. I got about as much action that game as a hooker in a monastary. Oh well, its always fun to kill off poa after he has struggled so hard to live against 3 people. Nice job btw bane. You did a great job putting the report together.
#46 King_[LSRS-13][54782]
If I was a rater, I would give a ten. How did you do those text effects and stuff? Probably with something like Photoshop or something, right? If my sister's boyfriend would bring his over, I could hopefully figure the damned thing out so I could do as good special effects as you. Ok, I've kissed enough ass for today, but I really do wish he'd bring that mofo over.
#47 $h@dow[54783]
I really thought how you did it was cool. You explained all the tech buildups and did screenshots of the battles and basically showed all the action and did a good job. 7 Player FFA?, that must be hard to do. Good Report, 9 you deserve.
#48 Deranged~SCV[54784]
Hey king...make ducky-style threats to his life...that usually works for me IRL...OMG BANE U ARE MY IDOL YES YES YES U R IDOL IDOL IDOL!!!! BESTEST BR SINCE YRM'S WW3 FFA'S!! WOO WOO WOO!!!
Heres your marquee.

<marquee>*Does the mad Bane-is-my-starcraft-and-reallife-idol dance and shakes his booty*</marquee>
#49 ChinksWithGuns[54786]
Stop w/ your marquees.
#50 Starookie[54787]
Damn, nice report bane! wait til i get better, than you can br me ^^ =p
#51 Quadmaniac[54826]
heh, starookie
#52 10[54880]
#53 @_Loser[54885]
Great report, but I just had a great idea! Nuke Ultras at the end next time!!
#54 ProtectorofAiur[54925]
omg i just reread this and it was soo fun to read. Bane rox -- btw i never allied with anyone, it was quad that had allied bob in that pic when they were doubling my expand with goons and broodlings (grrrr). bob was funny as hell during the game, as he is in all ffas i have played with him, he would send msgs to all sayign "hey this is only to you, lets ally and attack your neighbor" ffa ownage
#55 PrincessCollsy[54930]
Hey, this was really neat. I don't usually read battle reports, but this one caught my attention, and I actually read the whole thing. Awesome work.
#56 -=~KaDaBrA~=-[54986]
Hey, this was really cool. I don't usually kiss someone's ass till it turns red, but this one deserved my attention.

Hey poa, we need to get bob and make another gay ffa.
#57 ProtectorofAiur[55030]
no kad you need to report that 2v2 where ProtectorofAnus and Cockrot owned all = (actually make the Cockrot character not do anything while the POA character owns)
#58 QuadManiac[55038]
Bob was allied with me, he tried to backstab but paid the consequences.
#59 QuadManiac[55039]
Bob was allied with me, he tried to backstab but paid the consequences.
#60 Melvinator[55066]
Hehe, nice BR. Quad forced me to read it but now I'm glad he did. GO BANE!
#61 <font color=yellow> |]agomar[55097]
Great br!!

WOnderful pics but detail, enthusiasm and writing style were not as good :|. I'd give this an honourary 9 =D
#62 [55099]
Whew... great report!
#63 -=~KaDaBrA~=-[55150]
POA, ill write my report after you get in another ffa with me
#64 ProtectorofAiur[55315]
done and done, lets ffgay!
#65 <font color="red"><S><B>Khorne</b></s></font>[55375]
Heh i so knew who was going to win that. Kad ownz FFA. Well at least when i last played with him dont play sc that much anymore playing everquest.
#66 <Marquee>AlexanderYoshi</Marquee>[55896]
Nice Work Bane.

#67 Spuzz[56127]
Cool report, I finally got around to reading it. Nice pictures and details, especially considering how hectic it was. FFA's have got to be the hardest games to report. :)

By the way, just for clarification, I don't know who this "Spuzzz" guy is that posted above...small world I guess.

At any rate, keep it up! And answer your God-forsaken e-mail dammit!

#68 Bane[56129]
i did answer it =]
#69 WOAHEE!!!!![56645]

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