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"More babes! More money! Cooler weapons!"

#1 Sp|nE[30930]

god im special
#2 T_Mac[30931]
Yes you are

first non-special comment!
#3 Addity-X[30932]
first non-author/non-special comment?

See mac, the real gosu players can tell that a 41-0 guy in their game with only a 1310 rating probably cheats. If u wanna crack 1300 u gotta spot the cheaters and avoid them, if these guys had any type of sc skill u may not have won so easily.
#4 Addity-X[30933]
p.s. gj, gw, GOSU! :)
#5 T_Mac[30934]
Well, DUH, add, I dont EXPECT to win vs two players! And im hoping to hit 1300 i dont hafta win 2v1 :p

And his record wasnt that obvious, u can check the url i gave, but it was like 22-4-2
#6 Baxter-O'Bixby[30935]
Kickass game, T_Mac! Back in my newbie days I fended off a 2v1 assault by expanding all over the map, and ever since then I've sucked in every game I played.

"Gayer than Mark4 in a barn full of antelope".... ROFLMAO!
#7 [30939]
omg this was really really funny.
#8 T_Mac[30940]
Omg bob, im gonna sex you so hard tonight! weeeee 8 !
#9 Elvenesque[30943]
not so bad yourself, T_Mac :) at least not on the humor part neway. and oh, btw, in response to the general accusation of nearly everyone on this earth being gay, i'll say this: i don't really have anything to say, i just thought it was funny.
#10 Blank[30944]
At this point, I knew they were double teaming me, and that they were gayer than Mark4 at a barnyard full of antelope.

ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've never seen a barnyard full of antelope, but man what an analogy :]

hehehe, ownage report, to bad you must DIE .... err...

you probably lost points for playing that 800+ player :] huk

Blank, wishes his comp worked so he could smurf Aluren~ on one of his ladder accounts ^_^

#11 k0lgaN[30945]
You could report the peeps if blizz would consider what they did to be abuse, I dunno :o
#12 [30948]
I reserve the right to edit this report to remove any references to me and instead insert references to T_Mac's prison cellmate.
#13 Mr.Mediocre[30951]
hey guys, no sexing without supervision. I hafta be there and make sure you do it safe and stuff.
#14 T_Mac[30955]
Die mark!
#15 Drefsab[30970]

This report was fuxing hilarious<i>!!</i> Tons of quotables in here...

#16 [30977]
haha that was funny yesterday, all of a sudden bob (i think it was him) tells us to do a /whois on you

aluren~ is currently in game "1310 free points"

we had a cool discussion about how gay u are and how low u sunk :)


#17 DFA[30980]
WOW, i'm shitfaced,.,.lol way to go t_mac... errr i need another beer............

<u><I> DFA </u>><i/>

my html is basic i know but wheeeeeeee
#18 [30984]
You notice T_mac never mentioned whether those fleshy teenagers were women or men.
#19 T_Mac[31013]
Doh, was that you who gave me the 5 praetor? Sigh, no gold for me :(
#20 C_Time[31032]
T_Mac, man what a gosu game . . . hehe
Nice br, but stop acting so GAY! and maybe you'll get better ratings next time =)

(heterosexual orgy? *shudder*)
#21 OogLenZDa'KlauN[31077]
jeeezz you gosu freek!!!!

how do you pull it are you just good or are they both chobo o well ..... :)
think about it and where the hell are those screenshots i dont believe it :D
#22 Persian[31330]
Tmac you rox! I love you so much, maybe we can start having sex again soon. But if you can't tell by me commenting, I'm back! I also checked shock's and noticed I was holding up the nwtr league... You can have a win if you want since I don't care and don't want yav to "hurt me."
#23 [96199]
ahaha im gay

this was 6.7, but after i became a rater i came back and gave it 8, a gold for me :O
#24 Eradicate~Me[101577]
I think ill have to agree with that
#25 CrackHeadJeb[101601]
hahahhahaahah, yes, this deserved a gold
#26 Eradicate~Me[101672]
haha commented on this the day before u posted your br chj ;o
#27 Hype[101696]
good to revisit this piece of art =]
#28 Twip[101703]
Wow T_Mac you're gay.

#29 Polock[101800]
MAN S3x0r !!!!!!!!!
#30 Polock[101801]
this was pretty damn funny, jokes about man juice and butt s3x0r always sooth my mind!! +++++++++
#31 Shadow D'Arc[101827]
T_Mac is gay. Half decent rep BTW.

Shadow D'Arc
#32 hj[101835]
#33 SuperCod[101913]
#34 alex_h[102445]
hi im new to this site but in one 1 report comments board ive read atleast 100 pseudo-homosexual "joke" comments. hmm.. well im gonna get on ive had my fill of homoerotic post readings.

and.. whats with the use of korean words. you guys could atleast pretend your american xenophobes. jeezus

p.s. im a newby but ill play any of you. you'll prolly kick my ass middle school style but whatever. atleast im not a full grown human being that devotes every waking moment of my life attempting to wittily slip homosexual inuendo into conversations on a game board based on a game meant to appeal to 12 year olds.

#35 Furious[106200]
STFU its a funny as just need to lighten up and get a sense of humor!
#36 [146629]
nov.15/03 w00000t
#37 PeaceableGhost[149416]
I love commenting on old brs...
#38 [166687]
hahahha Jan.21/09

I was slightly less mature back then. Slightly.
#39 [166688]
#40 [166689]
#41 rook02[166690]
#42 [166691]
#43 [166692]
#44 [166693]
There it is! Bahahaha

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