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"I_Hate_Medics can only sum up his troubles in one word: fick"
- The.Confessor

#1 YES!![29141]
delete the others

unless everyone hates this, in which case pretend you never saw it.
#2 WilliamWC3[29142]
Ahh thats rich.
Netscape doesn't support iframes. if you want to see my real report and you don't have ie go here:

<a href=""></a>

#3 JPaikman[29143]
Crap, the tradition just got broken....

#4 S^O[29147]
score, 4th comment on a wc3 report
#5 S^O[29148]
now, to read it...
#6 [29149]
Hmm well I am at home now and it the IFRAME your using seems to make me scroll left and right. But maybe that's cause the whole report hasn't downloaded yet. dunno..
#7 WilliamWC3[29150]
JV let it load. You shouldn't have to scroll left and right. I dunno. You may have to refresh 12 times though.
#8 wallabystein[29153]
hmm.. pretty annoying, doing all the scrolling.. but maybe that's cause I got really annoyed at the layout and just left before it loaded
#9 Hellish`Glory[29154]
blah! its to wide and has to many pictures
#10 WilliamWC3[29155]
Its the exact same thing as the last report. You just have to wait for it to load. I assure you it is no wider and there is no more scrolling involved in any direction whatsoever and absolutely with out question and indeed irrevocably so. In other words grrrrrrr
#11 Mr2jt[29158]
Wow, I think u should have put the reports in seperately... but the pics and everything loaded for me. Took me a while to read it though. Good Job!!
#12 TheCabbit[29164]
Yuck, I don't like those frame things... hard to read =(
#13 TheCabbit[29166]
Good LORD, I'm sitting here on my fancy cable modem and that took me 5 minutes to load. Dood, you have too much time on your hands =]
#14 TheCabbit[29167]
Kay, all better, me likes. What'd you use for the HTML/Pictures?
#15 Tariq[29175]
WC3 where did you get picture publisher 8?
Got a url you can give me?
#16 Evire!![29180]
Ultimate Frisbee Rules.
#17 WilliamWC3[29181]
Tariq: got it with my graphics card a year and a half ago (matrox millenium). You can probably do all the same stuff with adobe or corel. PP8 is pretty cool though. Its made by micrografx so I would try there. I don't know what their site is but you can probably find it.
#18 SSD4[29188]
Posted in seperate battle reports would of been better, over 6 megs of pics almost =[.
#19 Silver`Thunder / FeaR`FacTory[29192]
I finally had time to read the report today and it is awesome, a definite 10. Very acurate game description (i know cause I watched 3 of the games), cool graphics and animations, and an amusing epilogue.
Who knows when the next WC3 report will be cause both bullshitters (WC3 and Jose) uninstalled starcraft and insist on using chat programs... utter bullshit!
#20 TheCabbit[29194]
I use Adobe PhotoDeluxe, works well, but I dun think i can make that pretty lettering =(
#21 Silver`thunder / Fear`Factory[29195]
and one more thing, people, stop bitching about the pics, and inability to load on your comp, etc. :-)
AND vote for WC3 for hall of famer next month!!
C'mon guys, don't let The Rubber Ducky and his nonsense beat our friend Will!
#22 WilliamWC3[29198]
Mr2jt and SSD4: Yeah I kind of figured that by the time it was finished but I really don't think it detracts from the report except for load time. 6 Mb? Suck it up. Anyway bigger, better, more rediculous. Next time I'll try to keep it under control.

TheCabbit: Fancy Lettering Rules!!

Evire!!: Ultimate Frisbee Rules!!

Silver`Thunder: You are such a bullshitter. Stop voting for me from everyones computer.

I'll chat more later. JV delete those other reports so people stop yelling at me because the pics won't load.

#23 SuperGeneral[29199]
Kick ass, Iframes rule :)

definate 10, and btw, 15 seconds on my cable. Suck on that :).

#24 JSH[29203]
Letting this report load allowed me to do those household chores that I needed to finish.

It was worth the wait!
#25 whoopeecushion[29204]
unbelievable, awesome man, just let it load all the way(like 20 sec for me)and u wont have to scroll left or right
#26 S^O[29218]
if u want jpaikman to win, then have him play me....ill be waiting to loose...
#27 Baxter-O'Bixby[29222]
Anyone ever noticed how great WWC3's alt texts are? I have to make it a policy now to read them all.

"Dig, dig, dig... ah, crap."
#28 anal-banana[29243]
This is the _best_ BR I have ever seen on this site. The best ever. Period. Wow.
Pictures were great but not overwhelming. The writing style was clear and read well. The flow of the battle was easy to follow.

Very, very, very good. I'm greatly impressed!
#29 JPaikman[29252]
Hey S^O

I don't know about that. I suck :-)
Wilheim Owns.

#30 [29279]
You should have broken this up into different reports, because a couple of them would have been standalone 10.0s.

I've been working on that little project with Zileas and Artius and Auspex. Haven't played Starcraft in a while.

This report took about 4 and a half days to read, but the graphics and story were great. Too bad you didn't get this in sooner this month or you might just have closed on Bob, FLS and Drefsab. There's always next month.
#31 -BF-Teacher[29283]
This report kicks ass... makes my PaintShop Pro pictures put a bad taste in my mouth! One of the greats!
#32 Barage[29291]
wow.. YRM working with Auspex? If the outcome was pong it would still be so gosu I wouldn't be able to even touch it :P.

Well, Dref does deserve to be HoF still.. so just give him January while giving Will Feb. There, everything settled :)

#33 HardDrive99[29292]
Great report Will... I actually liked combining all 5 games into one report. Made it an interesting read from start to finish. And load times... no problem but then I'm sitting on a T1 here. 8^)

It was a pleasure to read as always.

#34 Krebster[29296]
If you just post the mini map on the TvT game you would still get a ten that was the best one i've ever seen.

The last stand pic was cool too.

Come to think of it, every pic was cool, and the action was relayed from the battle to the reader quite well.
#35 JPaikman[29302]
Man, bonus points for all the people in the "Last Stand"

#36 VRAM1974[29304]
Ok finally I got to read it. Well actually, only the first game in the first round. But I agree/disagree with YRM. Yes, you should have made them all standalone, and set the record for most consecutive 10's. But then later after all the fanfare died down you could have made the I_hate_Medics chronicles all in one as the most kickass BR ever made. Anyway, I guess if they were all standalone 10's then what we got here is a report with a 50/10 rating, lol.
I think WC3 is better than YourRoleModel currently, but then again you can't really say that for certain, since you have proved you spent a hideously sick amount of time on this report. Anyway you're both authors I look forward to reading.
And just my standard anti-NN quote:
"Netscape sucks ass, I fucking hate it, burn in hell Netscape"
#37 TheCabbit[29328]
Errrr... anyone know how much PP8 costs? I want I WANT! =(
#38 ][Scorched][[29344]
Well yeah, I'm impatient and didn't refresh (Just went without 50% of the pictures, AND I had to scroll left and right, AND it was hard to read the gray font on whit background, BUT, this(these?) was(were?) the best report(reports?) I've read in QUITE SOME TIME. Great job WWC3!

#39 IceKiller[29397]

Just that, great work Willie, you are the MAN!! or the zerling or the zealot, what ever...

Great pictures... (off course ISDN...), amazing narrative and outstanding story.

Congrats to the players involved on this non-sense series of destruction... good stuff. ;)


it deserves 10.5... cya Willy.

#40 Talon[29416]
#41 Bloodangel[29452]
Man that was awesome.
To put the whole exploding/deflating drones to rest I think that If theyre carrying minerals Boom if not Phhffft
Well I hope that confused some of you.
#42 ::nobody::[29472]
grrr... William, ur taking all my steam =) (and my favorite person to BR, medics) I guess this means i'm gonna have to churn out another good one to shift the spotlight back to me =P j/k man, this reportis a fine piece of work. I loved it (im still not done) and have the utmost respect for you...I will still try and one-up you though hehe...This was excellent man, keep up the good work!
#43 tff~skull[29635]
good call ::nobody:: I thought this was a fine work of art,i saw plenty of hard work in this. If a picture is worth a thousand words,(and this had a lot of pictures)how many comments are here now? good work here man keep them comeing.
#44 Caos[29709]
It load fine on my 56k modem here in Brazil. It took a while but didn`t have to refresh.

#45 Kenaniah[29710]
Crimony! Long report! I could get fired for reading reports like that! Pics were cool, and the story kept me patient enough to read most of the BR. Wish I had my own Comp...
#46 Caos[29712]
Hey WilliamWC3,
I want a battle report about your dog chasing a rabbit or any other animal around your.
You say you would BR anything.


"My bunny is enraged and there`s no way I can stop him now"
-Nando, my favourite Guardian Hero, about his magic bunny, Nando.
#47 dnasty[29838]
Took almost a month to complete this BR? Well I say its a month well spent! This BR is almost the Tony Hawk-esque 900 of BR's! Keep up the good work dude.
#48 Djarnis[30068]
Nice work.
But you might want to consider using another text color in the beginning, purple on an orange background isnīt easy to read.
Otherwise supercool
#49 Sp|nE[34694]
mesa give you 50th comment
#50 LCS[34914]
#51 Tullius![36537]
Awesome battle report!! But Dagomar still rules. he is super gusu (not gosu, hes better then that).
#52 {t4r}KronosIII[40647]
#53 CrazyTheFirebat[58629]
Wee! WWC3 BR's should have a rateing class of there own. I officially non-officially unofficially and super-ficially(sp?) rate this a 75 to the 5,000,000,000'th power. How much is that? 42 Hundred million billion trillion thousand three hundred and 42. Thats alot.
#54 CrazytheFirebat[76502]
Nevermind, I actually read it and well, it sucked.
#55 mattkid[83858]
#56 mattkid[83861]
let me try dat again
#57 mattkid[83862]
ooger booger =(
#58 isuckdontclap[93523]
i have an ultra-souped-up 56k modem, that is no longer manufactured and maybe was even a prototype, anywho, this report took about 2 1/2 minutes to load, and about 1hour to read, I ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT OF IT (not the loading you @#%@#% blue collared tweekers)!!! It was nice to see a matchup of players balanced nicely between newbie and pro. Great pics, HILARIOUS ANECDOTES, well set up, nice fonts, backgrounds, special battle highlights, damn, this is a definite 10+!!!!! Kudos to Obiwan and IhateMedics for entertaining us so thoroughly.
#59 -{KoA}-Insomnia[100024]
Die! you took comment 61! Die! i know, ur comment is probably pretty old, although newer than the rest, well, mine is the newest so far, yay for me!
#60 stonecoldnewbie[102265]
fuck you

who has the latest comment now ?
#61 ZerG~LinG[111293]
Last comment one on of the 10 greatest ever reports.

#62 Adrenaling[112842]
#63 Roaddog[113917]
#64 [113998]
one of the 5 best, I'd say. WC3>all.
#65 ZerG~LinG[120247]
I'd say 3 best WC3>all
AND LAST COMMENT ON ALL WWC3 reports now dickheads!
#66 Centurion[120865]
Last but L0tard will return...
#67 Centurion[120866]
forgot to boast it but i also got comment 69...?!
#68 JPaikman[124763]
Funny, people still read this stuff.

#69 ZerG~LinG[125800]
Paik, the WWC3 legend goes ever on...
#70 Convider[132843]
im last! not you...
#71 Sorbent[133325]
And now I'm last... for this report anyhows
#72 [134530]

#73 Eriador[141350]
#74 Panther855[141717]
TheBottom™ is mine...
#75 striz[142339]
the HELL it is, panther...!

#76 WrAth[142376]

I'm the man now dog!
#77 fenneth[142399]
Last. June 12 2003.

Damn that was good.. and i never played starcraft
#78 SCN[142408]
#79 Triped[142530]
#80 WilliamWC3[142684]
lol guys whats going
#81 BlueRiBBon[144871]
William :}. This is favorite report on Come back and shower us with more of your godliness please :}.

<3 the Chronicles, best report ever ;}.

#82 Holzhammer[146951]
hehe, last :D 02/12/2003
#83 TwistedPaladin[148279]
Nice job, dude! Anyway, just wanted to say that it loaded fine for me, I didn't even have to refresh at all! Not to mention I didn't even have to scroll left or right, just down.
Note: I looked at the status bar on the bottom of the screen and it said something likie 56 images left to load and it was around 1/2 of the way done! =D
#84 Napoleic[148290]

how many people thought sc would be dead by now?
#85 Berra[149620]
It will never die...
#86 HaLire[151601]
It's August of 2004, and SC is still alive an kicking. Also... I have just read the report(omgwtfnewb) Incredible.
#87 wallysmith[158550]



great report btw
#88 XGP[158656]
6.25.05 Sc>You

Killer report..;)
#89 PeaceableGhost[163458]
Hurrah for finally downloading fonts....
#90 sTe)titan(sTe[163536]
last ggthx
i love this report
#91 lnept[163538]
June of 2006

starcraft more alive then ever
#92 Greth[167060]

We now live in a world that has Starcraft 2.

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